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okay, so I know almost everyone hates writers block, right? I’ve had a lot of troubles with character ideas especially. So here’s a thread where we can pool our character ideas together!! If you have a weird character idea that you’ve never used then post it!! It could be a fully developed person or just a weird characteristic. No specific genres, Just be creative!!  

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I have this one character who's story won't work out, so I guess you can use her. Here's her charrie sheet:

name: Winthrop Star Leanne (I know, it's wierd)

age: 15

gender: female

appearence: light, light brown skin with a few freckles, long, curly black hair (usually in a ponytail), dark brown, almond-shaped eyes, always dark clothes.

personality: quiet in a mysterious kind of way. Fierce and likes to be by herself. doesn't talk to people much, and usually acts like she couldn't care less. not at all attention-seeking- pretty much the exact opposite.

past: only child. parents devorced.

other: yeah, so I don't like the plot line I gave her story, but I want her to be put to good use. Treat my Winnie well! *sniff*


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