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Academy of Magic

Academy of Magic RP 

I only started yesterday, so this is my first RP on CB. Thanks! 

You sit in your backyard, your mind completly blank. Mom's shopping, Dad's working, and your younger brother is at a playdate. You are about to turn on the TV, but you here the mail guy. You run to get the mail. All thats there is a yellow piece of paper with your name on it. You rush inside to your room and read it: You have been chosen to attend The Academy Of Magic. Please bring nothing but a couple of important possesions. Everthing else has been taken care of. Please note this school has dorms, and you must stay until you graduate (With the exception of religious holidays). No deaths are going to happen, and you will love this school. Your schedule and form are below. Please complete the form. 





Camp Half-Blood Cabin ( If you haven't read the series, skip this question) 




Touch your favorite posseision and say magic three times to get there.  

You quickly complete the form and collect your possesions. Then you say magic 3 times. 

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(June 11, 2018 - 1:30 pm)

Nice to meet you, Caramel Star! Can I call you Carmel? Call me Neko! I can't fill out the form now, but can I reserve a spot?

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(June 11, 2018 - 4:13 pm)


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