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Curse of Renovamen

Curse of Renovamen V2
Yep, I'm bringing it because it died long ago because I didn't expain it was a rest floor and became stuck because I didn't know how to incorperate it and school wasn't helping. so I'm reiving this harder than a Meat Effigy from Don't Starve (Had I had my way I would have done that but I can't because RULES!)
An old man steps onto a crate in the town square and begins his preach.  
Hear my warning and don't go to the Northern Lands. 
For there lies the Tower of Renovamen
Tower of Renovamen is a very interesting one.
There are legends of great treasures and glory to those who make it to the top
Don't listen to such bribes! 
For there you're soul will be anchored! Those who enter never leave! 
To go through extreme pain and suffering, only to find out that not even death can save you from the misery. 
To die, again and again. To feel every second of it. Only to wake up in the first room. Beasts with fangs and claws. Traps that melt off your flesh. The endless limbo of suffering. 
No glory or treasure is worth such agony! 
The Curse of Renovamen is nothing to mess with.
Only those who make it to the top can be free of the curse. And make off with the treasures that lie within! 
Or so legend says.... 
You listen to the Old Man but you brunsh these off as rambling. A tower that prevents death. Please. You're too old for such fairy tales. But you have notice that those who claim they'll go never come back. And promise of treasure? You decide to not heed the warnings. 
Now rules
RULE NUMBER ONE: DEATH IS NOT FINAL. You'll wake up in the first room, unless you have found an artifact that revives you. 
1b because I'm not reordering the rules: Every four floors there will be a sub floor. this is where you buy stuff, rest, and chill with the passive inhabants of the Tower. 
2, no Opness, it's unlikely that you'll be able to make it to the top unscathed. 
3, be realistic, no one can one punch a beast to oblivion. 
4, shipping is fine but don't overdo it. 
5, jerkness is allowed but if you die, you "friends" will most likely raid your corpse than carry you with hopes of revival. 
6, You don't have to be human, I'll allow all walks of life. You could even be a beast with hopes of seeing the outside world for the first time or plan the demise of those pesky intruders. 
7,  Skills,  you can make them up but they can't be overpowered. There more powerful the move,  the more energy it'll sap from you. You can gain skills by reading Skill Books but if you already have max skills. You need to disown one to gain another. 
8, perks,  these are you natural born abilities. Unlike skills,  once you decide them,  you are stuck with them. You can have up to 3 perks but one of them must be bad.
9. Enemies might be closer than you think
10. Have fun. 
11. Please so this won't sink. If you see that this has no comments. just bookmark it. I don't want this to sink to the bottom and never find it again. To top a thread you wait till the first comment is posted then comment so you don't waste comments. 
Swordman: This class is good at offense. But needs to be light for their speed so they lack defense. Starts with rusty sword and heath potion. Can have up to 5 skills at a time. 
Mage: a great support class, has offensive and defensive spells but lack physical strength and endurance. Starts with Spell Book (make up what kind of mage you are),  wooden staff and a heath potion. Can have up to 10 skills at a time.
Tank: has good defense. Doesn't hit as hard as swordsman nor has as many skills as mage but is able to haddle more pain. Comes with leather tunic, rusty hand axe, and a heath potion.  Can have up to 3 skills.
Archer: good at range attacks, but frail. Comes with worn bow,  20 arrows. (Arrow can be retrieved but the thing it is in needs to be dead if you want them back!)  A dagger, and a heath potion. 
Priest: like mage but focuses on more defensive skills. Comes with Holy Book (like Spell Book) wooden staff,  and heath potion. 
Magic Gunman: expert at guns. But defense is weak. Comes with rusty magic gun,  magic bullet,  and  heath potion.  can have up to 5 skills.
If you want to come up with your own class,  just ask! 
Character sheet.
Perks: (Up to 3)
Reason for going to the Tower of Renovamen:
My character: 
Name: Stillo (I shall bring him back) 
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Flavusdens (A yellow reptilian race) 
Class: Magic Gunman
Perks: Ayer Draco Fortuno. The more he fights, the more damage he does. However, the more he fights, he becomes more unstable he becomes. He can calm down if he stops fighting.
Scales, due to being reptilian, his scaled skin provides a bit of extra defense, but not that much. 
Skills: Rapid fire: increased firing speed.
Bio: His past is unknown, but it's clear there was a special someone he lost. He's looking for another chance to gain back what he lost.
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Now to post the first comment

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Float boi. Float.

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We shall ride! Onwards towards the top! Further on and further up, as a talking crow (I think) once said! ONCE MORE INTO THE BREECHES DEAR FRIENDS, ONCE MORE!  

Name: Damian. (Pronounced DAME like the woman, EE like the letter, and AN. Like the name Ann.)


Age: 17


Gender: Male.


Species.: Revokem? I was thinking he's a hybrid of two different hybrids, so he is something, but not a species that could ever survive or, like, reproduce.
Apearance: Hmm..... similar the the Beast from Buety and the beast (The animated movie) Except more horn and Minatour like than that. Let me describe him. 'Bout six foot five. 'Twas a strange creature, fur and sinew only, with a lionlike, goatlike, fiercelike face, with large fangs poking out and down his chin. He walked on his hind legs, but on his furry, padded toes, much like a wolf. His chest was smooth and slim, with the grey black matted fur covering it. Strong but wiry build. He was tall and slim, a thing of lightness rather than strength, though in times of peril, he could certainly stretch himself to sort-of-not-really feats of medium strength. His voice is deep and smooth. Hey, think clich'ed dark melted chocolate if ya want! The overall appearance, combined with his slightly retractable small claws on his humanlike hands, was of a strong, tall, and gnarled willow tree, bending only under extreme pressure. That is exactly what he is going to face in the Tower of Renovamen.... 


Class: Swordsman. WHAT HO, MONTOYA!


Perks: (Up to 3) Natural agility, think Yuyan archers agility from The last Avatar. An affinity with languages, after a few days figuring it out, he'll know enough words to communicate eloquently. He's also very good at medicine, and wears a pouch of healing leaves on his belt. If that's okay, Writer?


Skills: He's a good swordman. Not ridiculously so, just a bit more than average. 


Bio: Born by an interesting union between a Satyr and lion-goat-Beast-hybrid thing that was born out of another unfortunate union between two people hyped on the Pond of Love. He really should've known to stay away from those places after that. So, both his parents didn't really want anything to do with him, so he was raised by the other Tower's lower level inhabitants. Both the friendly and not-so-friendly. Big fangs are valued out there. So he's been wondering about the outside world, and decided that since he is basically alone in his hometown level thing, he might as well leave and seek his fortune in the famed Outside World. remember, a lot of people got stuck in there and are living there now, so he's heard the words 'outside' spoken with reverence and longing. Also anger. A lot of anger. So yes! 


Reason for going to the Tower of Renovamen: He lives there, but in the lower levels. He's a creature that could only be produced by the overactivity of magic and, uh..... ever heard of Love Pools? (This is from a book, if it is not CANON IN THE RP, PLEASE TELL ME AND I WILL CORRECT IT! Thanks!) A small sip and the first thing your lovely eyes will catch sight of will be your. Erm. Partner? Does it, does it count as one if you do it once and then leave embarrassed? It..... Never mind, sorry. OKAY, BACK TO TOPIC. So he's going to leave the Tower soon, as he feels cramped and out of place, and no one person really raised him, so he's used to being alone. He's curious about the outside world. He's trained for a while, so he thinks that he can take the Tower's challenges. However, he wants to get to the top,as once you've mastered the traps below, he reasons, even if he fails, he can always go back down and get to the outside world. Yes, he's never heard of the Curse. Hey, he doesn't get out much.
Hey Writer, I was thinking that the animals that are born there can lean the Tower? Or does the magical forced bonding in the Tower carry over down the generations? I was thinking that if animals born there aren't tied to the Tower, they will become tied if they die there. Whaddaya think, Writer? Also, since this is a bit of a long post, I think I'll post hi personality later..... or should we leave it to be seen? If so, he's gentle, calm, and wary of others. Analytical and smart. He is reactive, not active. He will wait and see first, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't in the Tower. His voice is calming, soothing, (Possibly helps with your Charrie's flare-ups, perhaps?) and speaks like a scholar. He doesn't throw around long words, just speaks eloquently.
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Perks. The perks! There's three and not one bad..... You will need to disown one and replace it with a bad one...

The way the Curse works is once you enter. You can't leave till you reach the top. That applies to any creature that enters the tower or is born there. Which is why as you go up. The stronger the monsters because only the stronger, more powerful ones can survive the upper floors traps, tricks and each other....

The love pool? I don't think the master of the tower will have need for such a thing... But maybe someone spiked the punch with a potion at a party...

Great my mind is going places I don't like....

Posting this before it's too late and my mind corrupts! 

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What? Are you reserving?

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Ok... So basicly it's a dungeon tower that traps the adventurer inside by not allowing them to leave the tower till they reach the top and they can not "die" so they fell every second of pain till they lose consciousness and wake to find themselves in the starting room. To get to the top you have to go through multiple four level tiers of the tower.

There are two deaths that grant freedom from the mortal realm though... Old age... And something more.... Self inflicting...

I hope this answer any questions. Ask me if you still have questions 

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So is it an RP?

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The urge to do a sarcastic comment has never been so strong 

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Resist. I know you can do it.


YES, PERKS! Sorry 'bout that! Can't be that his physical appearance can often make people fear him......

Okay, so replace MEDICINE with....... If he is afraid of something, like, that kind of fear you used to feel when you imagine hands coming out of the dark doorway to the rest of your house, winding down, bending at places they shouldn't, winding through a darkness not quite on par with theirs, reaching towards you, towards your bed, as you lie silently there trying not to breathe. But you know they can still find you. They're searching now, feeling the covers. They're feeling your chest. They're going to reach your head soon.

THAT kind of fear, basically, if he experiences REALLY intense fear, then he will go beserk and try to kill it. He will often die from that, just saying. Good enough to balance? Intense fear = Beserk rage at it. 

After all, isn't it better to step through the black doorway to face the fear than let it come to you?


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Much better.

Character approved. 

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Cool. Could I make a class?

Name: Hyra
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon anthro
Class: Blade Wielder. No magic. Wields all sorts of sharp things, comes with two simple blade sheilds that are strapped onto the arms and a small health potion. Can pick things up that are left by other characters and enemies, but can only hold 5 things at once. Can have 5 skills.
Perks: Fast, strong, can collect stuff.
Skills: Agility, strength, uses her agility as defense.
Bio: Was born in the Tower.
Reason for going to the Tower of Renovamen: None really.
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You need a bad perk if your gonna have any. Also. Why the whole 5 items at once? It puts you at a disadvantage and anyone can loot corpses. What were you planning with this? I like the weapon idea but I don't really see a need for this class. Each class needs to be unique from one another.

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