Dearest CBer, you

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Dearest CBer, you

Dearest CBer, you have been chosen for the maiden voyage of the HMS Dark Waters. There will be food, water, and much entertainment. We will not allow any weapons whatsoever, so please don't get arreste- i mean, bring any. to accept, please fill out the following form:





Packing list:


Signature for liability (not actual signature, just write your name.):


Sincerely, Aquae Tenebrae and Silent Shadow Walker.

If you couldn't tell, this is the Dark Waters ski lodge. Pls join. 

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Name: Darkking

Age: Who knows?

Appearance: I am almost always surrounded by shadows that swirl around me, obscuring most people’s vision of me. I have metallic blue hair, porcelain colored skin, eyes so blue that they are almost black with tiny specks of white in them so it looks like they are a starry night sky, long black gloves that go under the sleeves of my navy blue hoodie to his elbows, blue jeans, combat boots, 2 swords on my back, 2 daggers in each boot, 5 daggers on each hip, and a black crown that looks like it is made of shadows bloating above my head. I walk extremely fast and my friends often grab onto my arms in an attempt to slow me down, I am also taller than average.

Personality: I seem emotionless to people who don’t know me but around friends, I am the most outspoken, funny, happy, joyous, emotional person to ever exist. I fell others emotions strongly and tend to subconsciously act like them a bit. If I’m with a brave person I tend to act more daring, if I’m with a witty person I tend to make more observations, etc. If Mor is killed before me I become very gloomy and generally depressed, if I witness a murder my tolerance for living beings, in general, would decrease until I become snappish towards everyone and I become completely depressed and unable to enjoy anything.

Packing list: PPPPORTAL CUBE, books, my Bluetooth headphones, my Chromebook, my computer, my phone, my iPad, my chargers, ya know, just in case. Swimsuit included in portal cube along with fancy clothes because why not.

Powers: I wear gloves because anyone I touch with my bare hands (excluding myself) will turn to dust or stone almost immediately (why I wear gloves). I can shapeshift to have wings on my back but that is the extent of my shapeshifting ability.

Signature for liability (not actual signature, just write your name.): ~Dk

Other: I never get seasick, boats are my life


Name: Mor

Age: looks to be 15 but is younger

Appearance: Mor usually has golden blond hair with purple eyes, she is a foot shorter than I am and she usually wears a red shirt and black shorts. She is quite tan and almost always has a mischievous sparkle in her eye. She has white wings and red cat ears and tail. Her tail has a bell attached to a white ribbon that is tied around it and her ears have 3 piercings on the left, 4 on the right.

Personality: Arrogant, cocky, funny, caring, a great friend to be around.

Packing list: Camera, she has her own portal cube that is in her backpack with the necessities and a bunch of batteries and storage discs for her camera. Swimsuit included in portal cube along with fancy clothes because why not.

Powers: She has the ability to calm emotions, she has wings so she can fly and she can shapeshift into a small red cat.

Signature for liability (not actual signature, just write your name.): ~Mor

Other: Can get a bit seasick but it's not that bad and it only lasts for about an hour

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Ok here's my sheet:

Name: Codesmith

Age: 16

Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: I have dark brown hair that is shoulder length, and dark brown eyes with cinnamon colored  glasses. I normally wear cheesy Star Wars t-shirts and jeans. I always carry a huge backpack with books inside and a laptop. I also have a utility belt with gadgets on it. For a fancy occasion I might wear a plain yellow or blue peasant dress.  

Personality: I'm a social introvert. I like deep conversations with a few close friends but also will happily spend time by myself.  I'm a total bookworm and am found of quoting anyone from Shakespeare to Yoda in conversations. I'm smart and funny. 

Packing List: A library of books that can magically shrink into my suitcase, my flute, clothes, a half finished time machine, my laptop with all the Star Wars movies loaded on it and all my Python programs, guidebooks to every magical land ever written about, and a swimsuit.

Powers: N/A but I'm extremely good a building time travel machines.

Signature for Liability: Codesmith

Other: I'm bringing my CAPATCHA: Mushroom! 

Mushroom's character sheet:

Name: Mushroom


Gender: girl, her/she

Apperance: She is a small, brown, cute mushroom.

Personality: sweet, kind, and loving. Likes dark, damp places.

Packing list: some soil to pluck her roots down in, plant food, a pair of fuzzy dice, and a book of crossword puzzles.

Powers: N/A unless cuteness is a power! 

Signature for liability: Mushroom

Other: N/A

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The travelers met at the harbor, not entirely sure how the trenarvit they got there. "Where-", asked Soren, her wings flapping nervously, and was echoed by several others. "We're at the CB harbor." said one of the AEs, recognizing it from some long-ago ski lodge they had read. "How do you- Ya know, i'm not gonna ask how you know that." said their CBer, slightly freaked out by this AE's new independence*. As they looked around, they realized they were on the dock of the biggest cruise ship they had ever saw**, entitled the HMS Javelin.

On the gangplank, there appeared two figures, one of which had cat's ears, claws, and eyes, the other just being a dark shadow. "You forgot to put on your disguise!" muttered the shadow to Catsclaw, annoyed. "Oops, Sorry!" said Catsclaw, and quickly pulled on a mask and cloak of a dark, shimmery, water-like material. "Hello, fellow humans, AEs, CAPTCHAs, and semi-humans. I am Catscla-" he was interupted by a hiss of "No, you're not!" from the shadow, and Catsclaw quickly corrected himself.

"I am Aquae Tenabrae, And this is Silent Shadow Walker, or SSW. We will be the joint organizers of all events on this cruise. Alright, you may board now. Not you." he said, as he pointed to a passerby, who looked creeped out and just hurried on. Silent Shadow Walker gave him a sympathetic glance, and rolled his semi-visible eyes at Aquae, who seemed to be slightly... eccentric. the travelers*** filed onboard, following Aquae and SSW. "Wait- What does this have to do with Dark Waters?" asked Darkking suddenly, but was ignored, though Aquae seemed to smile, slightly maniacally. After the half hour it took to get them oriented, they were off into the wild blue yonder, with shouts of "Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way...****" echoed behind them.


*The AEs, obviously, weren't surprised at all. 

**Except for that one AE.

***and a random cat that Aquae didn't seem to notice... or maybe he just liked cats.

****Certain people think that Christmas songs are never too early. Bah, Humbug.

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Hermione's converses tap on the dock as she walks out to the cruise ship, the SSW Dark Water. Pulling her headphones around her neck from her head, she gazes at the slightly choppy water under the boat. Someone races past Hermione, almost knocking her suitcase into the water.

"Hey, watch it!" Hermione calls after the culprit. It seems to be a fifteen year old girl. The girl turns, her purple eyes flashing in the bright, coastal sun.

"Sorry!" She yells back.

"MORRIEL I SWEAR...!" Darkking charges over to Mor, whose eyes are glinting with mischeif. Hermione struggles to drag her overturned suitcase back into rolling position. Darkking chastizesMor quietly, then turns to Hermione to help her with her suitcase. "I'm so sorry, she's just really excited. She hates boats 'cause she gets seasick really easily, but she loves water..." Finally, the two get the suitcase in order. All together, they give their tickets to the ticketmaster and board without further turmoil. When they see the interior of the boat, they gasp. It is huge. Bigger on the inside, thinks Hermione, as every true Whovian would. Mor giggles.

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Whoops, Aquae's post hadn't shown up yet. Forget mine.

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Note: Mor's my CAPTCHA so she speaks in 4 letter words, sorry for the confusion

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I put 'Sory'. I rightfully blame Autocorrect.

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"ALWAYS BE AWARE OF AUTOCORRECT!" - Smartphone hour (Rich set a fire) from Be More Chill

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Heyy, Silent Shadow Walker? Where are you?

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Day 1 Part 2


The CBers, AEs, and handful of CAPTCHAs settle into the main viewing room. The thick glass walls allow the guests to watch as the cruise ship passes dolphins and other marine life by. One CAPTCHA, Mushroom, sets down her flowerpot-shaped suitcase down with a quickness and races to press her cap against the glass to watch the glowing jellyfish. Chirping happily, she bobs up and down with the jellyfish as they pulse their way through the water. Suddenly, Mushroom is scooped up from behind.

"Silly Mushroom!" Codesmith flicks Mushroom's cap gently. Mushroom giggles. Suddenly, everyone's attention snaps the the center of the room where a hologram is flickering into existence. A catlike figure with dark blue fur smiles from the projection.

"Hello, passengers. I am your... Host, Aquae Tenebrae. My associate, Silent Shadow Walker will be with you shortly to instruct you to your cabins and such. In fact, if I am not mistaken, Walker is in the room with you now." Everybody, thoroughly unnerved, looks around. The hologram fades. The shadows in the room grow darker and longer, then black streaks rush to the center of the room. A shadow in the figure of a person grows, and the shadows return to normal. A few passengers look as though they're about to have a nervous breakdown. The shadow smiles.

"Greetings. I am Silent Shaodw Walker. Let's get down to it. I the Shore room: Gracia, Hermione, Agent Winter, and Moriel. In the Offshore Room: Dewdrop, Mushroom, Codesmith, and Viola?. In the Doledrum Room: The rest of Sage, Secret, and Reese. Finally, in the Oceans Deep Room: Rogue Wildling, Nihil, Soren Infinity, and Darkking. If you were not mentioned in the list, go to the Oceans Deep Room. There are directions to you rooms on your tickets. Good evening." The shadow person fades, leaving the CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs to fend for themselves. Mushroom looks up at Codesmith and chirps excitedly.


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SSW, are you The Writer?

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