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In the 1950's, United States naval vessels rushed to a relatively unknown island in the northern Atlantic, well within the arctic circle. Soviet Union vessels soon followed, but when they arrived, for one of the first times in the Cold War, the sides both decided to blockade the island. Soon, researchers and reporters investigating the island began to mysteriously say that there was no cause for alarm relating to it, and it was for routine training. 

Soon, the island began to disappear from cultural memory, possibly to never be heard of again. 

However, in the year 2024, a Swedish fishing boat's lone occupant swore to have seen a massive sea monster rise through the thick mist around the island. She was generally discredited publicly, but major world governments soon grew uneasy. 

On February 8th 2024, a party flew by way of helicopter to the island and were only told to investigate, quote, "unusual wildlife activity pertaining to crustaceans, molluscs, arachnids, avians, and potentially mammals" It was top secret, and some members of the expedition fear it to be some type of clandestine espionage mission. But if you've guessed by now that something very strange was happening on the island, you would be right. 

The party of helicopters landed in the centre of the island and set up a base. And then the story began...


Character Sheet:


Age: (18-22):

What Slot are They Filling: 

Gender and Pronouns:



Possessions Brought:

Fears, especially of animals:  



Rules and Regulatory Information: 

1) No magical powers or so forth. 

2) Avoid any kind of stock characters or cliches, please.

3 Try to make the cast of characters as interesting and diverse as you can.

4) For the second question on the charrie sheet, see below. Say helicopter number and the number of their prompt in the helicopter. 

5) Up to 3 people, but only 1 main character or villain. You can create more if a second or third wave of supplies and characters joins the story. 


MC= Main Character

SC= Secondary Character

BC= Background Character

V= Villian

SV= Secondary Villian 

Helicopter 1: 

-1 MC. Final year biotechnology student. Socialist activist. Lives in London.

-2 SC. World traveller, has a love for birds.

-3 BC. Military guard. Not yet seen combat, but is fiercely loyal. 


Heli. 2:

-1 V. Industrial spy, has received a tip from their bosses at a pharmaceutical company to investigate this island and bought their way in.

-2 BC: Military guard, similar to Helicopter 1 #3. 

-3 SC: A high ranking general. Must be 29-40 years old, ignore the normal age requirements.


Heli. 3:

-1 MC. Technology/equipment manager, must run all of the technology and so forth for the mission.

-2 BC: Military Guard, similar to the two others.

-3 No third person due to computers and other supplies.


Heli. 4:

-1 BV. Greedy startup owner from LA.

-2 MC. A police detective loaned to the military for this case. Slightly scared but very bright.

-3 BC. A hunter and survivalist. Quiet.

-4 SC. A demolition/explosives expert, placed on the crew for unknown reasons. 


If I somehow manage to fill up these 16 slots, there is a 5th helicopter that will arrive during the story so you can always join that if you miss these.  


Hopefully this makes sense! As always ask me if you have any questions! 

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So I just thought of this, and its a bit odd, but in case you were wondering, and I'm sure you weren't, I'm just going to make a list of the songs that I am going to listen to as I write this, hopefully starting this weekend. Since its set near Sweden, I'm digging up some of my favourite Swedish and Scandinavian bands. I think this list should fit well with the theme of the story too. 

All or Nothing by Elliphant, Diplo, Bunji Garlin. FIFA 2015 soundtrack/Look like You Love It

One More Shy Girls Remix by Elliphant, MO/, Shy Girls. One More Remixes.

Something for your M.I.N.D. el_der remix by Superorganism, Ryan Elder. Something for your M.I.N.D. remixes. 

Secrets Diplo Remix by Tiesto, KSHMR, VASSY, and Diplo. Secrets remixes. 

Thunderclouds by Labrinth Sia Diplo. Mountains EP.

Humility Superorganism Remix by Gorillaz, Superorganism, and George Benson. Humility Remixes.

Zu Asche Zu Staub Parov Stellar remix by Severija and Parov Stellar. Zu Asche Zu Staub remixes.

No Money no Love by David Guetta, Showtek, Elliphant, and Ms. Dynamite. Listen.

Smile by Jungle. For Ever.

En La Cara Major Lazer Remix by Karol G and Major Lazer. En La Cara remix.

Blow That Smoke by Tove Love and Major Lazer. 

Puppet Theater by Beter Bjorn and John and Claptone. Puppet Theatre. 

Thats it for now, hopefully this was at least somewhat interesting! 

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Here you go! If you need anything else, just let me know

Character Sheet:
Name: Nailah Brine
Age: (18-22): 20
What Slot are They Filling: Heli 4, MC
Gender and Pronouns: Female, she/her
Appearance: 2nd generation immigrant from Puerto Rico. Nailah's complexion is gentle brown, with round dark eyes, thin lips, and messy dark brown hair. She's on the shorter end, and slightly overweight, two problems that have given her a lifetime of teasing. During work hours, she wears a trench coat, a black turtleneck, and black tights, with long, black heeled boots. At home, Nailah's usually in a rock band crop top, shorts, and leggings, with a messy bun. She secretly wears a braided pride bracelet, hidden under her sleeves or on her ankle.
Personality: Nailah is witty, observative, and highly intelligent. Yet when provoked, she is quote "savage" and sassy. When it comes to friends and teen brother, this girl will drop everything and work out the most logical solutions. She struggles with sometimes being too sassy - especially when dealing with brat coworkers - stubborn, and opinionated.
Possessions Brought: Detective gear, her bracelet, twinkies and fresh cherries (two favorite snacks), Sherlock books, fluffy house blanket for Netflix or binge reading, and her notebook and pen for her favorite pastime - people watching.
Fears, especially of animals: Terrified of cats (wild and domestic), the color/name red, and the fear of being smashed by a falling building. These odd phobias all originated from her childhood experiences. Between being attacked by her grandma's cat, an earthquake knocking down an old skyscraper, and being bullied by a ginger-haired boy who always dressed in red (who, sadly enough was named Eric Red), Nailah didn't have the best luck.

Other: Nailah grew up learning both Spanish and English, and taught herself sign language, Greek, and Latin. She is secretly pansexual, but only her little brother knows. Besides reading, Netflix, and people watching, Nailah is really into guitar and hip-hop music. An odd mix, sure, but that's what happens when you are half raised by your native Puerto Rican grandparents. 

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I’m going to start writing this tomorrow using whoever I have. I just wanted to let you know. 

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Actually, would it be too much of a problem for you to use my charrie? If it is, you don't have to but i really like her. thanks!

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@Ella: Pepper is a Great Green Macaw (Google will give you pictures). Kiana rescued him from a smuggler in Honduras who was going to sell him illegally in the States, nursed him back to health, and ended up keeping him. He's a little skittish and can be noisy, but Kiana's trained him, and he's fairly well-behaved now.

Also, I forgot to mention that Kiana speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Name: Flavius Romano

Age: 22

What Slot are They Filling: Heli 4, P 1. Background villain.

Gender and Pronouns: Male; he/him

Appearance: Of moderate height and slightly overweight, Flavius looks like a pretty normal guy. He has unremarkable brown hair cut in a neat, short style; his brown eyes are equally dismissable. He likes dressing in formal suit-and-tie outfits with carefully polished shoes.

Personality: Though Flavius looks official, he's a bit of a wimp. Most of his negotiations and business deals are left to his employees, because if he was in charge, he would concede to whatever someone else tells him to do. He's used to living a comfortable life in all respects and gets very whiny and annoying when his living conditions don't meet those standards, or when something doesn't go his way in general. However, he does get some very good ideas - hence why he's a CEO.

Possessions Brought: Spare clothes; toiletries; food; a briefcase containing lots of paperwork; his cell phone; a laptop

Fears, especially of animals: Does not like the outdoors in general. Is afraid of most animals that could even potentially hurt him. Is also afraid of thunder, the dark, heights . . .

Other: Second-generation immigrant from Italy, Rome specifically. Speaks fluent Italian and loves Italian cuisine. He's hoping to secure land on the island for either real estate purposes (read: CONDOS) or to "take advantage of" the local flora and fauna. Lives in LA.

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Name: Svaskia

Age: (18-22): 22

What Slot are They Filling: V

Gender and Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Sharp features, back-length black hair in a slick ponytail always, blazing green eyes and slightly tanned fair skin. Fake nails, fake smile. Pays close attention to the detail of her makeup. 

Personality: quiet but cunning, pretents to be an innocent bystander but is always curious. Smooth with words. Probably has good intentions (like she has a sick friend and needs money or something.)

Possessions Brought: umm.. you know normal spy-y things...

Fears, especially of animals: she’s afraid of the ocean and things with wings, mostly because she hates when things are above her and the unknown. 

Other: is into girls! Can she talk in a Russian accent? 

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Omgosh-I'm sorry, am I too late to add these characters in, or no? If not, then here are my characters sheets: (I apologize in advance for the lengthiness. I know they are background characters, but I really wanted to flesh them out, and once I started, I couldn't stop because it was so fun! Anyways, here are my characters:)

BC #1 Heli1 P3

Name: Alice Audrey Calloway

Called “Ally” or “A. A.” by her friends.

Age: 19 ½.

Appearance: Wavy short blond hair that goes just below her ears with brown streaks. Wants to let it grow out. Shining light blue eyes, but often change color to green, or cloudy gray. She’s short, about 5’. Her skin tans easily. She wears boots, a brown/tannish vest, and dark jeans. The shirt she wears is maroon/brownish color. She wears a tattered/worn black cadet army cap that her Mom gave to her from her Dad who died earlier in the year.

Personality: Bright, can think quickly on her feet in a crisis, especially when someone is in danger. But she freezes if there is to much pressure/stress on her. Smiles a lot. Kind of a flirt.  Doesn’t really like attention, but if needed she’ll stand to help others, and come up with solutions. Deep thinker. Loses herself in thought most of the time.

Possessions brought: A picture of her family, which includes her brother Sam, her Mom, and her father who died earlier in the year. A cadet hat, owned by her father. And a small dagger that her brother gave to her before she left. Keeps the dagger in her boot, and the picture in her left pocket of her vest.

Fears, especially of animals: Snakes, and mice. ESPECIALLY mice. Had a couple of bad experiences when she was younger that she still remembers having to do with mice. Is ok with spiders. Hates to kill them if needed. She’s also afraid of hurting someone emotionally, especially if it’s her fault, and she’s afraid that something will happen to her family while she’s gone.

Other: One of her habits is that when she’s deep in thought, or solving a problem, she bites her lip and pulls her cadet hat down on her face. She also does that when she doesn’t want anyone to see that she’s crying. She also can regulate her body temperature to keep warm, even when frigid cold outside, which is why she prefers to wear short sleeves. Allergic to certain types of mosquitoes. Has a huge temper. Misses her brother Sam, who she has a close relationship with. Never has killed anyone, never wants to. Doesn’t know that her brother is also on this mission. Open to shipping with boys/males.

BC #2 Heli3 P2

Name: Samuel Mark Calloway

Called “Sam” by his family, especially his sister, and “Mark” by his friends.

Age: 21

Appearance: Really dark, wavy, long brown hair-appears to be black in the sun. Sweeps over his eyes a lot. Hazel eyes, that switch to forest green, or chocolate brown, but mostly stay in between. Unlike his sister, he sunburns easily, instead of tans, which is why he always looks like he’s blushing. Wears baggy green pants, and scuffed hiking boots. Wears a white/gray shirt, which is often coated in sweat. Tall, about 5’ 5, and bulky,

Personality: Calm, but also reckless. He does not have a temper like his sister. He often acts before he thinks. Speaks out about his opinions a lot, and is ok with attention. He prefers to stay in the shadows most of the time though. Doesn’t smile often. Really good at solving problems, and handles things well under stress. Hard worker.

Possessions brought: A ring hung on a chain around his neck, a picture of his family in his pocket, and a small pistol.

Fears: Snakes, and spiders. Scared of the past, because he blames himself for an experience in his youth involving the death of another brother of his, and because of other past experiences he wishes not to recall.

Other: Has a girlfriend at home, which explains the ring on his neck. He joined shortly after his sister did. Misses his sister-and tries to protect her as much as he can, even though she doesn’t know he’s there. One of his habits is to put his hands in his pockets, and bite his lip when he’s worried. He also whistles a lot.

(Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving Admins! Sorry I'm posting this on Thanksgiving... you guys deserve a break!) 

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Darn, I forgot my character's gender/pronouns!

Ok, so Alice's gender and pronouns is she/her-she's a female.

And Samuel's gender and pronouns are he/him-he's a male. Thanks!

(Again, sorry Admins for posting on Thanksgiving!)  

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Part 1, sorry its a bit short. 


Part 1:

In a dark rooftop garden, two figures walk in. The thin, vaguely sweet smelling night mist has almost entirely covered the rows of flowers, but neither figure seems to have any doubts, any cracks in their resolve.

“Do you have the details?” The first figure, an older man with short grey hair. “I have the location here.”

“Yes I understand,” The second said in a faint accent. “How many more of these do I need to do?”

“This will be the last one,” The man said darkly.

“Look at the view.”

The man walked to the edge and leaned over. The cars moved below like darting animals. He leaned slightly over to look where the second figure was pointing. He was pushed slightly, tried to grab on the thin rail, and fell.

The second figure walked towards the door leading to the stairs, passed a guard.

“He just went over there,” the second figure said, walked into the stairs, and locked the door behind her.


The military base in Sweden was not designed for heavy use. The massive helicopters that towered around the few buildings overfilled the tiny concrete and lead far into the snow.

Inside one of the helicopters, Nailah Brine was sitting expectantly for the roar of the blades to begin. They didn’t. Fragments of conversation echoed their way through the vehicle.

“Unexpected fog…” “Unusual readings…” “Urgent…”

Then, the blades switched on, and almost without pause, began to lift Nailah and the other inhabitants into the air. The windows began to cloud in the low hanging clouds, and the air grew dank and began to smell like mold.

With an almost vertical drop, the helicopter skidded to the ground again. It couldn’t have been much longer than 30 minutes total. As the blades slowed down, the mist began to part. The roar of a crowd clashed through the dampening fog.

Through the mists, it was easy to discern the bulk of what appeared to be a large, institutional building. It was gated. All around the thin, twisting wire of its fence, tents, helicopters, and most of all people stood.

Nailah was hustled off of the helicopter, clutching her bag. She looked around anxiously and then walked at a brisk trot towards the most official looking person: a tall man in a distinctively military uniform. The left side of their face had deep scratched.

“Hello?” Nailah asked hurriedly.

“Yes?” They replied.

“So I am the police detective… where am I supposed to go?” Naliah asked again.

“To that big hall,” Came the answer.

The ground was covered in tight-packed snow, with rows of evergreen trees ringing the hall. Nailah walked up the path, through the gates, and into the massive door. The inside of the building was empty. The windows at the top let through a dim light, which let one view the grey concrete of the floor.

In all the commotion of people rushing in, a disturbing sight could be seen. Soldiers were placing sandbags around the entrance to the room. Already, checkpoints seem to have been set up.

The tall man from earlier came in. Nailah ran up to them.

“Excuse me?” She asked. “When and where do we sleep?”

“Ha, you won’t sleep here much kid. I think you will understand why in a second.”

Nailah walked away shaken.

On the other end of the room, more guards were sliding large metal stakes through sliding doors into the ground. Sandbags were piled on these.

In her momentary distraction, Nailah bumped into someone. They were carrying a large box filled with mushrooms, which spewed across the floor.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry!” She blurted out.

“No its fine, these aren’t toxic I don’t think,” The person turned.

But before Nailah could reply, a shudder echoed through the room. The windows began to dim as more snow slid over them.

“Alright!” The man from earlier yelled. “I am General Joseph Walton, in case you didn’t know. So, groups. I have two forming. The first has Tory Wu, Svaska, Nailah, Kiana Santos, Riley Anderson, Karl Thurnson, and Ella Bromann. You will go east and follow the coast north. I have provided you with a van. Go now, while the forests are still relatively clear. “

Nailah stumbled towards a group forming. Someone with blue and purple hair stepped up and said, “I’ll drive.”

The group began to walk out to where a large truck stood. Presumably, the back had some manner of seats because the aforementioned people began to walk into it.  Nailah stepped into it and saw two rows of benches covered by canvas. The area between the driver's seat and these benches was covered in black clothes and metal chains which were padlocked.

The truck began to move away, and through a narrow slit in the back of the truck, the massive hall began to disappear into the tree branches.


Part 2 tomorrow, hopefully! 

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Awesome, I love the description at the beginning!


Your foe? I don't really have any foes... 

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Awesome writing! I'm in suspense for the next part!

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Aww, thank you! I'm glad you like it.

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Part Two


The truck rumbled along the fresh-packed snow. Then, it stopped. Nailah looked around, confused. The rumble of angry voices thundered across the empty ground. Nailah stepped out, and walked down the wooden steps, leaping lightly onto the ground, where the snow gave an echo-y “thud.”

As soon as she looked up, she froze. The trees had not only become denser, but huge rocks jutted formidably from the ground. Someone walked up to the rocks, tapped it, and exclaimed, “The rock is SOFT!”

Immediately, someone edged their way awkwardly out of the truck. They awkwardly clutched a bag in their arms, leaning it against their chest as if they were hugging it. They paused to shove their long black hair out of their face.

“Excuse me!?” The person blurted out in excitement. “I think the rocks are fungi!!”

“Yeah, and who are you?” The person who had initially made the discovery turned. She had short hair dyed blue and purple, and it was swept over one eye.

“Hi, I’m Tory Wu!” The person who had emerged most recently out of the truck said with almost tone deaf enthusiasm.

“Yeah, so what are you doing?” The person with blue and purple hair said flatly.

Tory shoved past them in haste and began to look at the rocks.


The ground shuddered slightly. Tory grabbed a small plastic box from their bag and slid a handful of the fungus they ripped from the large grey mound. Everyone was urged back into the truck. Back inside the damp canvas tent, the occupants were so silent that the crackling of a radio from behind whatever was locked in the black tarp could be faintly heard, the hissings and poppings sounding like a distant fire.

The truck began to rumble away. While previously, the journey had been smooth and without much disturbance, now it rocked madly. This ride also began to take much longer than the previous leg had, and soon the pale light began to fade.

Just as darkness set on the truck, it stopped.

“We are here!” Someone yelled.

The yeller was tall and athletic looking. He had a ferociously messy mane of black hair.

Everyone walked out. The trees had left, leaving a slightly snowy, very gravelly ground. Ahead of the truck, a huge looming dome could be seen down a hill. But the most astonishing fact was the huge concrete bunker. It was merely a hallway set into a small hill, with Russain words spraypainted on the sides.

“What does it say?” The athletic man asked in an overly loud voice.

“I can speak Russian,” Someone said quietly.

“Yes, you, come here and tell me what that means!” The athletic man yelled again.

Someone walked up.

“My name is Svaska,” She said.

There was an awkward silence until the athletic man realized he was supposed to say his name.

“I am Karl,” He said.

“The words say “'Bunker 1,’” Svaska said.

Someone else walked up.

“Hi my name’s Ella,” The newcomer said. “Are we going to go in?”

There was no answer, so Ella began to walk towards the door. She looked at the lock. It was just a padlock.

“Does anyone have a hammer?” She asked.

Karl walked forward with a large sledgehammer. He offered to help her use the large, heavy object, and Ella responded by taking it and pretending to try to hit him with it. Karl took the point and ran back.

Ella took the hammer and hit the padlock where it connected with a chain. With a loud ‘crunch’ the lock broke open, and the chain slid to the ground. The two massive doors could be slid to the side, where they revealed a large circular room.

Karl yelled, “Let’s all go inside the bunker!” But he was slightly late, as everyone had already begun to walk inside. But he turned as a loud ‘bang’ sounded from somewhere near the trunk.

He turned towards Ella and loudly whispered, “Keep them inside here!”

Karl brandished his machete and walked out. He scanned the area nervously. Stepping out of the relative safety of the bunker, he ran briskly towards the truck. Then, he paused. Something seemed wrong.

The inside of the bunker was large, with huge pillars supporting the ceiling. The concrete podiums seemed to be intended for use with sandbags to fortify the interior against an enemy onslaught.

“Maybe,” Tory broke the silence. “It was from the Cold War and Soviet troops were stationed here?”

There was no reply.

Karl walked towards the truck. Something small and green was scuttling under it. He knelt down. Then, he reached for a small flashlight in his pocket and turned it on. He tried to crawl away, but something had grabbed him. He yelled.

“What was that?” Nailah exclaimed. She shoved the doors open again, using so much force that the massive, concrete and metal reinforced doors bounced off of the wall. She ran towards the truck.

Karl was gone.

Nailah ran up back into the truck and found the sledgehammer discarded on the bench. She picked it up.

She walked towards the strange black tarp.

She smashed the lock open.

With an almost mad fury, she ripped the tarp off and saw what she least expected. Rows and rows of tiny cages. They were empty and padded with straw at the bottom.

Somebody pulled her away.

“Quickly, we need to get back in the bunker!” Tory yelled.

“Aww, thanks for looking out for me, that's really sweet!” Nailah exclaimed.

“But we do really need to get back inside the bunker,” Tory guided.

Tory ran, pulling Nailah alongside them.

Nailah immediately saw why. There was a cluster of strange, neon coloured lizards standing under the truck. They seemed to be eating something.

Nailah picked up the pace and sprinted back into the bunker, panting with exhaustion and fear.

The mood inside was grim. Nobody was speaking much, if at all. However, Ella was able to find a generator and start up some electric lights hanging from the ceiling, as old and possibly dangerous as they looked.

Then, something slammed against the door.

Sorry about Karl. If the creator wants to make another character, I would like maybe a marine biologist specializing in molluscs (e.i. octopii, nautilus, that sort of thing)? I promise to try to add the rest of the characters soon. I might be super weird and do a second part today, I'm trying to go for about 5 to 6 pages per part, so its more readible. 

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