Trail to Eden.

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Trail to Eden.

Trail to Eden.


Hello lifeforms. And welcome to a post-apocalyptic RP!

Don't we already have a apocalyp-

That's a zombie one. I mean a nuclear one because Bethesda has lost my faith thanks to fallout 76 and The Outer Worlds by Obsidian has yet to be released so this is my way of coping till then!


The year was 2577 when a new fuel sorce was discovered. Hydrozen. A powerful,  long-lasting, wasteless, compound that seems to be abundant. Due to fossil fuels running out and renewable energy not reaching the needs of the people. This resource was sought out for by the most powerful countries. Agreements couldn't be made on how to distribute between The United States, Great Britain, Russia, China, Afghanistan, and Japan and tension was on the rise. In 2682. World War IV, dubbed The Hydrozen War, began. With the USA, Japan, and Britain on one side. And Russia, China, and the Middle East on the other. 

A stupid, pointless, war....

Hydrozen; what began as a hope for humanity soon became it's demise. As new Hydrozen technologies were made to make life easier at home. Weapons were made for the war. First the Hydrogen weaponry like the EM7 and the EAR-45 and the DRC .22 and with it the invention of the Infusers. A mix of Hydrozen and chemicals that add effects like fire or poison. Then came the Androids, what started as servents soon became war machines. The US and Japan invented the Vessel Assault Scout, or V.A.S. For short. Machines e break the laws of robotics to kill enemies. Designs were stolen and restolen as more deadly troops were trained and built. Power Armor, Hydrozen Katanas, the war went on and on. The First Hydrozen nuke, called the Joy-Killer, was built and tested in 2723.

All heck broke loose.

Increased AI, Deadlier weapons, more powerful bombs, underground city bunkers built.

The war went on without end.

In 2745 at the peak of the war. All the Nukes went off at once.

No one knows who launched the first one. But it didn't matter, Billions died, cities destroyed. Death everywhere.

But life remained.

Those who were in the bunkers won't come out til another 300 years. Any creatures who survived the blasts outside were either killed due to the engineered unstable Hydrozen or were mutated.

The wastelands became a deadly place. The creatures outside either became savage beasts, or intelligent humaniods that formed tribes and made due with humanity's leftover technology and weapons. V.A.S.'s and other androids were rebooted, some are still dormant. And in 3026, the bunkers opened and the last humans stepped foot into this new world.

a chaotic, deadly, unforgiving world.

But legends says somewhere in western Canada, lies Eden. A land untouched by the bombs and war. Where no beasts are there to hunt you and plenty of food and clean water.

You are one of those who believe.

This is your story.


Ok, how was that? Good?

The point of this rp is simple, find Eden. Should be easy in this blood thirsty world.

Your character will start in the eastern USA.

Some rules.

any kind of character is allowed. Yes that includes plant based mutants and any kind of  Android, you don't have to be a V.A.S.

androids can NOT get mutations, they are robots and don't have organic cells

If you choose for your ORGANIC character to have/develop a mutation, it has to be scientificly explainable. NO magic! If your character can summon fire in their plams, they must have glands in their hands or something for example.

Androids are fueled by Hydrozen, they don't need food or water but to save energy can enter "sleep" mode, they are also more resistant to unstable Hydrozen but it can fry their circuits.

if you are human, you are either leaving your bunker for the first time or your bunker has already opened a while ago and are living in a settlement.

Only weapons with live ammo can have infuser modules to insert Infusers. Melee Weapons that aren't made of energy can also use infusers. 

The year is 3067.

The currency is soda tabs

Please, if you want to join, bookmark so this thread won't sink. You can com!ent after the "sink" comment is posted. 

character sheet



Species or Model:




Reason to go to Eden




Name: V.A.S-531 or Sel.

Gender: Male by design.

Species or Model: V.A.S.

Appearance: Pale white "Skin", blonde "Hair", green eyes. Wears blue sweatpants, black A-shirt, and a blue cap with white front that says "VAS" on it.

Personality: Shy, but friendly does get nervous and "freezes" due to old circuits but can and will fight if need be. Mostly wants to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Quite literal.

Gear: Spare Hydrozen battery. A EM7 and EAR-45.

Reason to go to Eden: He heard from a transmission that his team was heading there.

Backstory: V.A.S-531 was sent with three others to retrieve information of a new type of Hydrozen Bomb and destroy the blueprints and the bomb back back in 2740. Fiive years before the peak of the War. However before the heli could cross the Atlantic Ocean. The Heli was shot out of the sky and crashed into the sea. In 3067, he reboots in what used to be Cape Cod in Massachusetts. With a transmission from V.A.S-733 that she was heading to western Canada in a place they call Eden and to meet her there.

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This looks neat. I'll reserve

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Sounds very interesting! Reserving a human.. 

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Wow, thanks for topping this

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This is one of my favorite designs for an alien/other supernatural, or, in this case, a radioactive mutant. 

Name: Amalgamation (goes by Gamma)

Gender: Female

Species or Model: Mutant

Appearance: A giant black wolf with vine/tentacle-like protrudences and a colorful frill behind her head. It almost looks like some sort of lion's mane. The protrudences pain her, and it feels like burning whenever they are touched, so she flinches away. She can speak to a degree from mutated vocal cords, but it's warbly and stuttery since she learned to talk from mimicking AIs. She's wearing a military vest full of supplies. At night she glows in the dark, brighter the more agitated she is. She walks on only three legs; the last one's broken, but within mending.

Personality: Doglike, but more regal. She only allows the people who she really trusts to pet her.

Gear: The supplies and weapons she has in her vest. These range from simple throwing knives to Last-Resorts, special bombs that can blow up anything within a ten-mile radius.

Reason to go to Eden: She hopes that, when she gets to Eden, the high-level radiation will seep from her and her prodrudences will stop hurting.

Backstory: She was abandoned by her pack when she broke her right foreleg. Gamma was found by a group of scouting AIs, and they fixed her up enough for her to keep her leg, but not enough for her to walk on it. When they first saw her, one of them put its hand to its chin and said 'It looks like some sort of amalgamation of different animals...', which is how she got her name. That AI was called ASCOUT-1, the very first scout AI. It and its group had survived for a long time, always taking the unbeaten path. Gamma and ASCOUT-1 were especially close. Gamma was off exploring when her friends were attacked and killed by some sort of other mutant. When Gamma came back, she found all of her friends in metallic peices, and took her vest from ASCOUT-1 as a memento. To this day she loves all AIs in rememberance of ASCOUT-1. 

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Name: Ki

Gender: Male

Species or model: Mutant 

Appearance: He (presumably, even he doesn't know) used to be human, but he has mutated to have many plant properties. 

On a surface level, he is about 5'10'' with an average build. His skin has a distinct green tint to it and he has medium-length messy hair vaguely the color of lichen. He wears a dark grey hoodie, jeans, and boots, which he has been wearing for as long as he can remember. He also has a simple scabbard around his waist in which he keeps his only weapon. His eyes are brown.

The cells in his body have all developed chloroplasts, which allows him to perform photosynthesis. This is also responsible for his green skin. Additionally, his cells have walls, making his skin more rigid and durable than that of a human. He does not need to eat, as he gets all his energy from the sun, but he is still capable of ingesting food. He also doesn't need to sleep, but he is much more sluggish at night. He believes that he is biologically immortal, or at least can live for several thousand years like a tree.

A lack of needing to do anything other than absorb sunlight combined with an extremely long lifespan has left Ki with the existential boredom a plant might feel if it were conscious.

Personality: Pretty "normal", actually. He's generally polite to everyone regardless of whether he likes them or not, but is unsure of how to act around people in more serious situations. At the same time, he hates being bored more than anything and is on a quest to find purpose in his life and find out more about his past.

Gear: A shortsword. That's pretty much it. 

Reason to go to Eden: It sounds interesting.

Backstory: Ki woke up in a ravine at about the time the bunkers opened. At that point, the only thing in his head was his name, with no memories of his prior life. He eventually found a settlement of mostly normal humans, where he lived and worked for several years. During that time he also befriended a man who claimed to be a master swordsman, whom he trained with until he became quite adept at it himself (mainly, he was in need of a hobby).

One day, everyone in the settlement except for him suddenly died of a mysterious plague. In his time living there, he had learned of a place that was different from the homogeneous wasteland surrounding him. Since he had nothing better to do, he decided to start walking west and try to find it.

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Name: Jeka

Gender: Female

Species or Model: Mutation

Appearance: Jeka is thin with black hair, yellow slitted eyes, tan, a grey tank top, she has a snake tail instead of legs and clawlike fingers. Her tail is orange with black lines around red-colored splotch markings going down her back with a creamy white underside.

Personality: She's observant, friendly, loyal, and protective, there's not much else to her.

Gear: A heating blanket(battery powered), solar batteries, one hydrogen battery, and a toolbox that actually has tools in it, they are in surprisingly good condition since Jeka keeps them clean and rust free!

Reason to go to Eden: She thinks that maybe life will be better there

Backstory: She doesn't remember much about her past, just a soft light, and warmth surrounding her.

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Ok, I’ll just be putting an excerpt here and if the two reserves left could post their sheet that’ll be great, see ya in the wastelands!


“...and that’s why I should lead this team. Any questions? Yes Dom?” Mel, the V.A.S. in similar attire to mine except wearing yellow instead of blue points at the V.A.S. in red, Dom. Who was facepalming during Mel’s “Speech.”

“Well, for one 331, if you are going to keep this professional, I would suggest you start by calling us by our serial codes, not the stupid nicknames you gave us on our first mission.”


“Secondly, you never take anything seriously. Blasting “Moscow”on the intercoms during our first infiltration in Russia. Cracking jokes about being dismantled, not to mention all the other @#$% you do.” Dom bangs his fist against the Heli’s wall. “We are at WAR, 331! We are Saboteurs! Not to mention you can’t lead this mission even if we wanted to. Which I don’t. You are only Specialist rank. As Staff Sergeant and highest rank of this group. I should be leading.” Dom’s eyes go completely blue before going back to its original state. “Which I am. Did you read the briefing, 331?”

“Of course I did!”
As the two bicker, I look over to 733, or Jem.  She’s fiddling with the EUMP-30.

“Here they go again… when do you think they’ll get along Sel?”

“When Mel is a higher rank than Dom.”

We look at each other and laugh. We know that can’t happen.

“....besides Dom, We have personalities so we can get along with humans better. Jem, who’s our manufacturers?”

“Well…” Jem, thinks for a moment. “UStech and Japan’s Andoroido.”

Mel scowls.

“Those freaking weebs…”

“331, I told you not to visit the manga cafe back when we were visiting Japan.”

“That’s why I did Dom!”

“It’s 003 and you’ll call me that.”

“Whatever you say Dom.”

Dom sighs in frustration as he goes back to modifying his ammo piercer.

“Wait…” Dom looks up. “Do you hear that?”

“Dom, you’re the only one with increased heari-”

“Quiet Mel! I’m-”

There is the sound of glass breaking as the heli all of a sudden drops.

“We are under attack!” Dom gets up from his seat and goes into the cockpit. Both pilots are down. Dom grabs the controls.

“Looks like a heavily modified piercer.” Dom kinda smiles at this. “Those @#$%&* are overkilling it. 331, 531, and 733, Shoot them down! I’ll turn this heli around.” He grabs hold of the radio set. “Ground Control, this is V.A.S-003, We have been shot, I repeat, we have been shot. Mission D.A.T.A. has been compromised!”

As Dom is at the controls, we open the heli doors to find three helicopters.

“Eat this!”

Mel pushes me aside and launches his ERPG-2. A ball of blue energy flies at astounding speed and hits it instantly. Exploding on contact.

I quickly set up the laser cannon. An EAR-45 wouldn't do much against the helicopter. I started shooting and shoot down the other. Jem comes up to us.

“I thought there were thr-”

Suddenly the helicopter is hit from the other side and we fall out. As Me, Mel, and Jem fall out, we see the heli smoke as it heads for the ocean.

To think I may never reach General like ASCOUT-1...

*BANG* Mel is down.

*BANG* Jem is down.

*BANG* I was-






I’m…. alive?

I look around. I’m on the shore, everywhere I look is barren and destroyed.

What happened?








At least I have my weapons… Though they seem to have rusted a bit. No matter, should still be operational.


“This is V.A.S-733, is anyone there?”

Jem it’s me!

“This is a message to any V.A.S. who took part in mission D.A.T.A”

Oh.. so it’s just a recording…

“If you receive this transmission. Please head to Western Canada. As of right now. You three are recognized as deactivated. So I programed a transmission to play in the event that you do activate…. Please receive this…. I’m heading for a place they called Eden. It’s interesting what happened after our failure…”

Wait… what?

“I reactivated in 2993. And a lot has changed… The Hydrozen War… is over…. But not in a good way… no one won. All the humans are gone…. According to the mutants. The “Ancients” as they called them have launched all the Hydrozen nukes at once. The unstable Hydrozen has changed everything… be careful… The world is a different place.

Hopefully we meet again…. See ya guys in Eden. This is V.A.S-733, AKA Jem, over and out.”

Well Jem wasn’t wrong. This place is destroyed….



I turn. Ready to fire.



I edited this somewhat to make the violence less explicit–remember, CB does not allow excessive violence. A more fantastical approach is generally allowed. --Admin  

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The AI turns around, weapon locked and loaded. I don't move as his "eyes" travel upwards to meet mine. He staggers backwards.

"Oh. My. Bullets. What ARE you??" I lower my head and take a step forward, sniffing slightly.

"Gam... Gam... Gamma." The AI scrambles to get behind something, which just so happens to be a nearby log.

"OH MY BULLETS YOU CAN TALK!!!!" He shreiks. My prodrudences shudder and I chirrup an affirmation. He eyes me suspiciously. "Well, you seem safe enough..." A recorded voice quietly sums me up, even though no one is talking. "Species: Unknown. Gender: Female. Approach with extreme caution. Insane levels of radiation, be wary of physical contact; creature seems very powerful. Readable emotions: Curious. Most usable physical weakness: Right foreleg is broken. Tech scan results: Has many dangerous weapons in vest. Do not engage in combat. Current condition: Safe." The AI relaxes some. "So, your name is Gamma? Where'd you get the - oh my gosh that's ASCOUT-1's vest! YOU KILLED ASCOUT-1??" He raises his weapon again, eyes blazing.

"N-No! ASCOUT-1 frien-n-d! Love ASCOUT-1! Miss ASCOUT-1! ASCOUT-1 frien-n-d!" I back away in fear.

"I don't believe you." The AI's hands tighten on the weapon. I brace for death. "ZZZZZT DO NOT KILL. TRACES OF RUST IN LIGHT STREAKS ON COAT. DEDUCTION: WAS CARED FOR BY AN OLD AI."


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Quite Interesting...

So this is the effects of unstable Hydrozen...

She's quite intelligent if she can speak...The wolf thing... Well she looks mostly like a wolf... If you exclude the frail and tentacles. Though if she's intelligent enough to speak, she can be intelligent enough to lie.

But her leg and the rust sways me otherwise. As I.N.F.O mentioned, it's most likely that ASCOUT-1 was the one who bandaged her leg. It's unlikely for animals to betray those who established trust. I also don't remember ASCOUTs having empathy...but ASCOUT-1 was always the interesting one.

i drop my EAR-45.

"I'm no-not going to hu-hu-hurt you."

Stupid vocals.

"You no hurt?"

"No, no I won't- I won't hurt you... Can I look at the vest?"

She quietly nods.

I kneel down slowly as I examine the vest. Four silver stars in a row under a golden nametag. The vest contans several things, some throwing knifes, a couple of clips, a...



I back away. 

"Where voice?"


"Voice said "Last Re-sorts De-tect-ed." and some gar-ble. Where voice?"

So she can hear I.N.F.O? Interesting.

"Just-just-just some soft-off-ware I have."


"It's's like...thoughts...but for-or A.I.s"

"No hear soft-ware from ASCOUT-1 and frien-n-nds"

"Diff-if-iferent A.I.s have diff-if-iferent soft-off-ware."

"......miss ASCOUT-1 and miss ASCOUT-1?"

"Well I ne-never met him...though he was qu-ite popular..."


"Well liked."

"...Gamma never pop-u-lar... Tribe leave when leg broke. But ASCOUT-1 fix leg. Like ASCOUT-1" 

"...You know the fast-est route to Eden?"

"Eden good place. Eden west and north, know that. But don't know best path. All paths bad. Strong mu-tants, bad glows...bad people..."

"Well I have friends too... Friends I lo-st long ago...Do you know anyone who can help?"

"Set-tle-ment near. But Set-tle-ment no like Gamma, think Gamma mon-ster. Shoot but always miss. Too quick for them. Set-tle-ment like A.I.s, can go with if they think we frien-n-nds. We frien-n-nds?"

"S-sure. A friend of ASCOUT-1 is a friend of mine."

She yips with joy as she runs off.

"Fol-low! Night soon. Night not safe. Set-tle-ment safe."

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I squat atop the remnant of what I think might be a very large boat, one of many in this particular settlement. My sword is out of its scabbard and laid across my lap, not because I'm expecting a fight, but because it would otherwise be slightly uncomfortable in this position. 

"Hey, sir? Hello?" I call down to a heavyset man with what appears to be a bluish mushroom emerging from his neck. He looks up at me with an intimidating scowl.

"What do you want, greeny? A loitering ticket?"

"I was wondering when the AI might show up. I was promised I would see one in this settlement but for some reason no one's talked to me since I got here."

"Well, excuse us for being just the smallest bit suspicious of outsiders. 'Specially ones flauntin' nothing but a medieval weapon around like that. What's your fascination with bots anyway?"

"I've never seen one. I heard that if I came here I would see one. So I came here."

"That it, huh?"

"Mm-hm. Should I have more than one reason?" 

The mushroom man grunts with exasperation. "Yeah, yeah, alright. You'll see one sooner or later. The local AI are practically gods to the people 'round here. I suppose that's their payoff for protectin' us from baddies on the occasion. They pass through here every day, mostly to show off. You know, to hear everyone sing their praises. Just goes to show even a bundle of nuts and bolts can have a little fame go to its head. Egomaniacs the whole bunch, I'll tell you something..."

"Oh, that's good. It's almost sunset and I was hoping to meet one before night. You see, when the sun isn't out I get a bit sluggi-"

The mushroom man shoves his calloused palm into my face. "Save it for the bots, greeny. I've got work to do."

As he lumbers off, I shrug, resuming my perched reconnaissance. Luckily enough, I don't have much longer to wait.

Over the crest of the hill, I spot a bipedal silhouette, glinting in the reddish sunlight of the twilit wasteland. It has to be an AI! It's accompanied by another figure as well, one with a pretty strange shape, but that doesn't exactly concern me. If it's with an AI, I should think it wouldn't be hostile.

Eager to introduce myself, I leap from my perch, landing into a pile of dried grass with what was probably less finesse than I would've liked. Brushing off my clothes, I ignore glares from the locals and stand my ground in the middle of the road, directly facing the settlement's entrance, which the AI should be reaching shortly.

This will be interesting. 

At least, I hope it will. 

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Finally, after about 10 edits, I think I'm done writing. Here we go, my character, after 7 days, will finally be seen.

 Name: Aries

Gender: Male by design

Species or Model: Delta Class Spartan, manufactured in Greece

Appearance: 7ft tall, looks a bit like Chappie*, but more humanoid and clad in Army Camouflage. Oh, and 2 auditory and radio receivers that are similar to ears, as they also provide balance. Lastly, he has a multitude of badges and medals for his work in the army and police force. Keep this a secret and never write about the fact that the Deltas were actually cyborgs, and very little of the cyborgs retained their memory. However, this is knowledge only Aries know now, for his superiors are dead. Do not mention this in the RP, ok guys?

Personality: Whatever he deems necessary for the moment.

Gear: He has 3 forms. Heavy form, Scout form, and Sniper form. In Heavy form he is stationary and transforms into a turret with a minigun. In Scout form, he has limited use of his built-in weapons, but can carry weapons and has more maneuverability. In Sniper form he is semi-stationary and only moves when his target is out of sight. Not to mention his arms turn into weapons. His right arm turns into an MPRG, and his left turns into an EGG that shoots a green lightning bolt of death. He also has rocket boots and a biofuel reactor. Finally, he has a blunderbuss with infusers, a revolver, a robo sidearm, a crossbow, and a fire axe.


Abilities: He can program entertainment for humans, this can range from a choose your own adventure to a AAA game, and has a means of replenishing his ammo by "eating" metal. He can fly, behave and learn almost as if he was human, change the sound of his voice, speak a multitude of languages, and basically do anything a person can and do it better. He also has reached Ascension, for his already powerful mind has become even more powerful, however his mutation is not yet known, for not even he knows what it is.

Reason to go to Eden: “It sounds.. Interesting.. Also, I would like to explore. We have more than enough people here to protect Mars while I’m traveling. I want to go sightseeing. I Hope Mars won’t fall into chaos while I’m gone! It would be hard and a shame to have to calm them down.”

Backstory: He was made for law enforcement, but was deployed in the American Army due to his outstanding work. While he was in the Army, he managed to perform so perfectly that he was the first Android to achieve the rank of Colonel, mostly because he single handedly put an end to the Great Gang War of Florida. However, while on a mission to find the HQ of the notorious gang that stayed out of the War, he was ambushed, and just like that, he and his platoon of assorted androids were deactivated in 2735 and forgotten about. Later, in 2904, He and his platoon rebooted and started building shacks and stuff. Until one day, in 2922, a mutant strolled in their hamlet. The mutant was a curious bugger. Literally. It was sentient beetle that could stand, wondering how some ancient like buildings were untouched and unlooted already. Aries and his splatoon drove him off.  . However, this time, they did not attack. The beetle, having seen how powerful Aries and his platoon were, told everyone he knew about them. The beetle came back 3 years later with an assortment other creatures they had never seen, had came to seek refuge from the beasts and dangers of the Wastelands. Over the next 100 years, the hamlet grew to a village, then a town, and finally a bustling city, so well known that it was almost unthinkable to never have heard of it. A prosperous city in which there is no ill intentions on anyone. The City of Mars.


I edited this character description lightly to take out the very specific real-world weapons. We generally encourage more fantastical or science fictional items. --Admin

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Just a heads up, I wont be posting as much this month because you know, the holidays. Theres usually a lull on here anyway.
Also sorry for the drastic delay! I have not been able to access a computer and when Ive tried to post my sheet on the phone it keeps getting deleted. Also I still have school :/
Ill be using a newer OC for this RP
Name: Carson (Have not decided on a last name)
Age: Mid to late thirties
Gender: Male
Species: Part human, I suppose.
Appearance: Brown short hair. Shaved on the sides and longer on the top. Strange blue, white, and black dilated eyes. Tan skin, about 5'11" or so. Some stubble. Leading up to his neck are bright blue veins that end around his left cheek bone. Also leading down to his wrists and hands. Wears a normal hoodie.
Personality: Pretty low key. He's got a good sense of humor. Although not exactly light hearted. Carson has a range of moods, although mostly he is social and likes to be around normal people (Unlike himself). Quite frankly, he's afraid of himself. When he feels threatened or some other extreme emotion he (unwillingly) turns into a sort of ice human/monster thing. He's pretty shook about that, but has made a few friends on the settlement that help him through it. He's not the bravest. But he is loyal and wont leave just because he is afraid.
Ack I have to go now, but hopefully I can finish this tomorrow... Also to be clear, he is a mutant.

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