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Yeah you heard me right, a dragon RP. A mysterious villain has stolen the souls of almost every in the Refuge, the last home of all magical beings. Dragons being the only thing that can exist without their souls, countless empty shells of dragons haunt the land, air, and sea, with their only wish to kill and regain a soul.

Your soul wasn't taken because you're not like the other dragons. You're different. You're stronger than them.




NAME: Flicker Gleaminghorn
AGE: An older juvenile, just over the appropriate mating age, so about 20 in dragon years, 500 in human years.
GENDER: Female
EYE COLOR: Green-grey
SCALE PATTERN AND SHAPE: Thin leaf shape, Fibbonocci pattern.
FRILL: Black and arched.
TAIL: Long, thin, with spikes at the end in a frill-like position. She can fan them out or close them up like a peacock's tail.
HORNS: Long, blak, straight, and smooth, gracefully leaning away from her forehead and framing her neck and jaw.
GENERIC BODY SHAPE: Strong, but curved, built for strength and agility.
WING SHAPE: Huge, and batlike, with three claws at the joint for hanging onto sheer rock faces or trees.
SPECIAL ABILITY: Can summon and control a crystal-like substance.
ROYALTY, NOBILITY, SOLDIER, OR COMMON: Royalty, the Gleaminghorns control North Refuge.

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Top! Why hasn't my post showed up yet?

It probably has by now. I was busy with other things earlier this evening. Sometimes you just have to wait.


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No, the one I posted before the "first" post on this thread somehow didn't go through. It said my comment had been created. Odd. Oh well, in the first post I asked if my charrie's (Flicker's) horn color could be changed to black. 

Oh, that one! I changed the color to black then deleted the comment requesting the change because I'd done it.


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OOOH that makes sense. Thanks Admin! :)

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NAME: Eagna Gromfiacail
AGE: 120 (30 in wyvern years, they don't live as long as normal dragons)
FIRE COLOR: It's not fire. It's an poisonous gas (green) or a healing one (light blue) 
SCALE PATTERN AND SHAPE: Overlapping diamond shaped.
FRILL: Small, trianglar, and two rows
TAIL: At the end where there would be the wyvern's Barb it was cut off.
HORNS: Two horns that point to the back
GENERIC BODY SHAPE: Bipedal. Where there would be arms are instead wings.
WING SHAPE: Bat-like
SPECIAL ABILITY: He can breathe two gases, one kind poisonous. The other heals. Due to living up to this point. He can breathe the poisonous gas almost instantly, but his healing requires only ten minutes and is more pontant than when he was younger.
ROYALTY, NOBILITY, SOLDIER, OR COMMON: He had been a soldier in the past as a medic but is nowadays a commoner. He's an arthor to several books. One being "The Quest for the Empires' Jewels." He's also a teacher.
OTHER: Open to shipping I guess.

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I may join this later, but I way not have time.

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NAME: Mevina Stravoska (Call her Mevi)
AGE: 23 in dragon years, 575 in dragon years (Based on Rouge's math)
GENDER: female
EYE COLOR: emerald green
SCALE COLOR: iridescent blue and green
FIRE COLOR: white and blue in her mouth, orange outside
SCALE PATTERN AND SHAPE:staggered rows of teardrop-shaped scales
FRILL: her head is sort of shaped like a kite; she has a sort of crown of little horns around her headat the points on the sides near the top. 
TAIL: long and thin, with smaller scales
HORNS: gleaming bronze running down her back and tail, getting smaller as they go once they reach her tail.
GENERIC BODY SHAPE: sort of flat and like a rectangle rounded off at the corners.
WING SHAPE: much like a bats', but the sort of hook is smaler and closer to her body.
SPECIAL ABILITY: her loud roar can temporarily deafen humans,mammals, and birds.
OTHER: you didn't say personality, so I'll put a bit here: Mevi is couragous, friendly, stubborn, and loud, and can never keep a secret. She always speaks her mind, even if it gets her in trouble. She lacks proper manners and likes to make others laugh. she has two very deep fears: drowning and lonliness. She's also gay and open to shipping. 

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We'll start once we have five charries. Other charries will still be accepted.

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(January 14, 2019 - 8:42 pm)

I'm a little too busy to join, but I'm just gonna say this is a really cool idea. 

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Name: Cloudancer

Age: Young adult

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Sky blue

Scale Color: White

Fire Color: pale lavender

Scale Pattern and Shape: Small, pebbly scales. So small you can barely tell the difference, so she looks smooth.

Frill: She doesn't have one.

Tail: Long, slender, with a tuft of darker white feathers on the tip that she can fan out when scared or flying.

Horns: Small delicate horns, the point straight back and curl at the tips.

Generic Body Shape: Small, slender, delicate.

Wing Shape: She has feathered, darker white, wings. 

Special Ability: She can summon fog and mists, only for short periods though. And her dragon species are rarley seen, because they live high up in the mountains, over the cloud layer. So she's pretty immune to cold and can fly really high. (But only until she's older, an accident happened so she fell down to the ground layer. She's trying to find the tallest mountain so she can return home).

Royalty, Nobility, Soldier, or Common: Royaltiy, she's the princess of the Cloud Tribe. 

Other: Um... not much!  


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Cool idea Rogue! Reserving!

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To those who have reserved, please get your sheets in!

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I'm going to join this really neat-sounding RP to try and get back into the CB 

NAME: Astrida Hydor 
AGE: 30 in dragon years, 750 in human years based on rogue's math
GENDER: female
EYE COLOR: dark green
SCALE COLOR: deep blue, but very shiny and smooth
FIRE COLOR: stark white, and black
SCALE PATTERN AND SHAPE: teardrop-shaped and overlapping, but so small that her body has a leathery appearance and feel
FRILL: the same deep blue as her scales and long
TAIL: long and thick, with a fan at the end
HORNS: running down her spine, getting smaller all down to the tip of her tail
GENERIC BODY SHAPE: longer than average and muscular, large legs and feet, is strong rather than graceful
WING SHAPE: bat-like, with a large hook close to her body
SPECIAL ABILITY: can breathe ice (white) and fire (black)
ROYALTY, NOBILITY, SOLDIER, OR COMMON: nobility/soldier- she is a knight for the Dreamclaw family that reigns over the Southern Refuge
OTHER: though she was built for fighting, she has a knack and a thirst for reasearch. She wants to learn, not to destroy.

Do the dragons have hoards in this RP? I suppose that's a little irrelevant, but I'm still curious :)

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(January 21, 2019 - 11:34 am)