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JithRP The


The volcano erupted.

Marana rose, flexing her wings. "Did you hear that?"

Havimar, her mate and the ruler of the Scarflame Mountains, lifted his head and gazed out at the billowing smaoke rising in the near south.

His amber eyes portrayed no emotion at first, but as his mind continued to work he smiled. 

"It's Galdayr. He has returned."

Marana was silent in ecstasy for a moment, then said, "So we can carry out our plan sooner than we expected. And we don't need Damoviel's help after all."

"Well, I'd still like him to help, that is, support us," said Havimar, always reluctant to imply that he was not in control, however slightly. "Who knows what hidden potential he might have - and if he doesn't, it will mean a hundred more pounds of meat in the storeroom."

"Of course," purred Marana. "Will you go and find him? I must inform Cravaman and Inagurel."

Havimar rose, unfolded his large wings, which were a dull, dusty orange (quite unlike his character), and nodded to Marana. "Yes, I shall go. Tell the servants to prepare a place for him - and dinner."

The King of Dragons (as some knew him in Scarflame) took off into the sky, which was rapidly filling with ash. Not that he cared; fire, and all things pertaining to it, were his elements.

Lurking behind a boulder, Barrow, a pygmy fire dragon and the head servant of Havimar's Stronghold in the Valley of Vutures, shivered. He knew of Master and Mistress's plan, a plan to take Jetal and make it a land of savage dragons and cruelty, as it had been, so many centuries ago, before the humans came across The Ocean of Ayplayd. Galdayr, the only white fire dragon in history and a deadly one (if reckless), wuld assist Master and Mistress far more than he, Barrow, and many others in Jetal, would like.

Then he knew. To tell the truth, he had always known, ever since the times when he (illegally) had first heard Havimar and Marana discussing it one long year ago. He must call some others - preferably dragons, as humans were fools when it came to these things - they had trapped Galdayr in a volcano, of all things! - to defeat, or attempt to defeat, the Fire Dragons of the Scarflame Mountains.


OK hello, I really hope this RP will work out because it's my first one - in this, you get to be a dragon - there are 7 spots available. The objective is to defeat Marana and Havimar oh never mind I guess that's obvious. I'll start out the RPing with my character (who is not actually Barrow - he's not actaully going to come into the story that much) and we'll go from there. The types of dragons available are Fire, Ice, Sea (though make sure f it's Sea it can still live on land plz), Desert (not recomended), Mountain, Lightning/Electricity, Wind Rock, Sky, Cave, River, Lake, Flower, Coniferous Forest. You can go more specific with these if you want (for example:  Sky = night sky dragon, Flower = rose dragon or even faded yellow rose dragon Rock = mossy stone dragon) Oh and yes, you can be a bad guy (3 spots available), for which Fire is recomended.



Name:(Please no human names; this is a fantasy world!)



Good or bad: 



Special Abilities/Talents ( this is not required but it would be best if only Wind, Sky, and Lightning only had actual magical powers):

Here's mine:

Name: Mona

Gender: F

Type: Waterskimmer Iceberg dragon

G or B: G

Appearance: White head and neck, cerulean body and tail. Two pale blue horns, medium sized wings, and beautiful black eye markings 

Personality: Very controlled; that is, she's good at not letting her feelings show. Many Ice dragons are good at this. Loves fun and is a trickster, though she can go too far. Loves music and looking cool; sort of flirty at times and very manipulative, but compassionate with her friends and family. 

Special Abilities/Talents: good at going fast, catching things in midair; a very acrobatic dragon 


Thanks? Oh and there's just one more thing: please do not put your dragon's history or make them connected to any other characters; this is MY fantasy world, and I shall take care of all that! (but if you wnat me to write a history for yours you can give me the basic idea OF COURSE)





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IN reserving for now. Ha, I made a Dragon RP (With a different plot) just hours before this!

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Name: North

Gender: Female

Type: Stormriser Sky dragon

G or B: She's a good girl! *Chibi face*

Appearance: Completely black, with glassy black eyes that reflect the stars and the moon, but strangely not the sun. Has two main horns that spike off into littler horns. Huge wings and a long tail. Looks like she used to have manacles around her forepaws.

Personality: Introverted, and can be anti-social but for the most part she's okay with others being around as long as they aren't annoying her. Very smart, clever, and even a bit cunning/manipulative. Tends to listen to people's conversations, and has a sort of file system of her memories, sorted by who the memories are pertinent to. Loyal to the people she thinks are doing the right thing. Doesn't cope with strong emotions well, stifles them as best she can, but would really like someone to listen to her when she needs to vent. She's secretive, though, and people often think they know a ton about her, but then they sometimes realize that she doesn't talk about herself much and doesn't freely tell someone her interests unless they, too, are interested in that sort of thing.

Special abilities: North can create and control storms and their effects, but can't control wind and Lightening like their respective dragons. She's pretty good at it, though, and loves to play in the rain. 

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OOOOH I love her eyes; they sound really cool

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No one probably cares about this, but there is an inconsistency - Galdayr is NOT the only white fire dragon in history! Inagurel, Marana and Havimar's eldest daughter, is white too! Sorry, that's just really bugging me......

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Wait. Are they white in color? And do the other types of dragons have fire too?

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Havimar is dull orange and Marana is bright red (is that what you meant?). And most other dragons can breathe fire, but not any water-type dragons (Sea, Ice, etc.) 

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I was asking about Inagurel and Galadyr.

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Oh! Sorry. Yes, Inagurel is a sort of pearl color and Galdayr is a sickly white, I guess. Neither of them are exactly pure white, though.

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I sort of gave each type of dragon an element, (some have more than one) in case this helps:







Coniferous Forest









Fire (of course)










Sky (I guess????) 

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@Admins, could you put "JithRP" at the top of this post above "The volcano erupted" plz??

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Thank you. I'm beginning to doubt anyone will join this RP..... :(

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Oh I’ll join! This is a really good idea! Can we start after this posts or somethin? I dunno how long I’ll b with my phone, I sorta don’t have internet at home and there’s a fat chance I’m going back to the mental hospital. But I really like this idea!! And if I don’t post for a week or something feel free to throw my character around to keep things rolling. 

Oh, and I don’t think I’ve met you yet. I’m Claaws, the crazy, and I reaaally love dragons lol. Nice to see you here!!!

Oh and what do you mean by G or B? If it’s gender you already have the option up ;) And usually for RPs, the ones who make the charrie come up with their background so they better understand their own charrie and their personality/name/apperance/etc. If you don’t mind tying them in to everything before we start, that would be appreciated! <3 

Name: Jaeger 

Gender: non-binary. Goes between they-them and she-her. (Shipped with females) 

Type: Northern Auroran-Peak dragon

Appearance: Sleek white dragon with hints of different shades of pail teal, blue, and purple between their dimond-shaped scales. Has a thicker snout with bright amber eyes. Although their eye color shifts with her moods, Amber is the most common. They have two long, silvery white horns that like to reflect light, so it often seems like they change colors. Their snout and back of neck have more amber highlights then their underscales, and the shades darken as their tail goes on. They have a whip-thin tail that stings and cuts. Down their spine they have clusters of spikes that sort of resemble icicals, that thin by their wings and end of tail but are thicker at their neck and back. They have two delicate ears, and obsidian black claws and tips of wings. The underside of their wings often sparkle, like a snowstorm in broad daylight. The upperside of their wings reflect light very easily, like their horns, and often seem to give off an electric vibe. They have leopard-like spots all over that are more defined at their neck and tail and less defined at their wings and underscales and arms. They have scars on the undersides of their arms and under their tail. 

Personality: They’re a kind soul, really, but often comes off as cold and rude when dragons first meet them. That’s because they’re really defensive and was treated badly as a dragonet. They’re afraid of a lot of things, although they will never tell, and will start shaking violently if triggered. They’ll pass it off as ‘they’re cold’ but they never get cold, being from the north and all. They’re good at pushing their emotions away, cue the amber color their eyes almost always are. They are extroverted, but it takes a lot to get them comfortable. They would rather go by ‘they’ but won’t object if others call them ‘she’. They might if they’re feeling defensive or if they get to know the dragon in question better. Has a cold exterior, will provide every dragon with sarcastic comments, and always means the best. 

Abilities and talents: They can spark electricity from their black claws, and breath a lightning-like fire if the air is right. Otherwise, it’s just a dull blue flame. Being from the north and all they’re also in charge of auroras and can make one with the correct position of their wings, spark of their claws, and intensity of fire. 


Is anyone alright with shipping them with their dragon? If not, that’s totally okay. Maybe we can find them a ship as the story goes on?  

Noon says ibvi. I believe.... it is MLK day! 

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1) What is shipping

2) what do you mean by non-binary

3) G or B means good or bad

4) Great charrie!!!!!!!

5) If you wantt a background/history just tell me what you want it to be  

Shipping is putting two people into a relationship, friendship. Non-binary means feeiling neither male nor female. Both topics are very limited on Chatterbox.


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Really, shippings not to be discussed? What are we supposed to do with the AES then? 

Characters can they be neutral to begin and then just see where the plot takes us?


Uh well we don’t have to discuss her past let’s just have it so she has a bit of ptsd and has not yet recovered? Like she grew up in the northern mountains and curtain dragons weren’t exactly nice and she has problems with athoritive figures. 

Can I make another charrie since there’s still a few spots? I mean I just like making these haha they don’t have to do anything important.  

It depends upon the definition of "discussed" as the story develops.


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