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Superpower RP

Superpower RP
The age of superheroes ended 20 years ago. Since that time, all new powers have been minimal, allowing the police to easily deal with villains even in the absence of heroes. But then, one day, 48 teenagers across the world receive a letter, which reads:
Greetings and Salutations!
My name is Daniel Storm. You may know me as CEO of Void Corp., the premier superpower research firm. If you didn’t know me, now you do! Introductions are not the reason for this letter, though. I am pleased to offer you a spot in my new private high school. Located in the eastern United State “dead zone” (an area not covered by any satellite), it boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including its own movie theater, water park, and other amenities in addition to top-notch dorms, meals, and classrooms. I don’t neglect the actual teaching, either. I have pulled some of the greatest teachers I could find to staff this high school. Now you may be thinking “so this sounds like a really good school, but I can’t afford anything like that.” Well, it may be expensive, but I’m paying. Yes, you read that right. Void Corp. will pay all expenses, including a private jet to the school, room and board, and meals. Now I bet you’re thinking “Wow! How do I join?” That’s simple. One week after receiving this letter, a Void Corp. private jet will land at the nearest airport to your home. To enroll, just get on that plane! No parents or siblings allowed, though (even I don’t have that much money). I hope to see you all there!

Daniel Storm
The people receiving this mysterious letter are from all backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. However, all of them have one thing in common: they all have superpowers, powers of a level not seen for 20 years. And their powers will be needed.
Hello! This is my first time creating an RP, so hopefully that introduction made sense. All our characters join Daniel’s school and learn about their powers in the process. Other than that, this can go in any direction. Again, I’m new at this, so please feel free to correct anything I mess up.
Character sheet:
Anything extra:
My character:
Name: Damion
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Damion is about 6’ 1’’, with red eyes and short black hair. His skin is very pale, and glows slightly in the dark. He generally wears casual clothing, but often wears a black cloak to hide his unnatural skin. He also usually carries a small, hand-carved wooden flute with him.
Personality: Damion is a loner, preferring to be by himself. He is indifferent to many things, and tends to be curt and to the point when he does interact with people. However, he is always observing other people and the environment, and knows much more than he lets on. He loves to compose music and play it on his flute, but only does it in private.
Background: Damion does not remember his parents, except that he ran away from them some time ago and that he carved his flue with them. He has lived on his own, drifting across the country and taking odd-jobs for money. When Daniel’s letter (somehow) reached him, he joined the school more for the free dorm and meals provided than for the education. However, he also saw it as an opportunity to learn and increase his chances of finding stable work. He knows he has a superpower, but doesn’t know his true potential.
Power: Damion can control and create light. Basic uses of this power include making directed beams or flashes of light. However, Damion is also able to “harden” light he is in contact with (which he can turn back into normal light). Hardened light acts like a solid material, essentially allowing him to create things like walls and beams out of thin air. In addition, Damion can turn his own body and some other things  (such as clothing he’s wearing) into light. While transformed into light, Damion still retains complete control of his body and powers, allowing him to move extremely quickly. In case people think Damion is OP, his power has three main weaknesses: darkness limits the amount of light he can create, any light he creates or controls has to move in a straight line, and normal light must move at light-speed, while hardened light acts like a normal material (e.g. Damion can not create flashes of hardened light, he must continually move while turned into light).
Anything extra: N/A

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Just in case people missed it, we have started. New people (including the reserves) are still welcome to join, though.

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Just making sure this doesn't disappear before people start (which you all can do now!).

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Alex walked briskly off the plane, carrying their suitcase in one hand and their invitation in the other. When they reach the building that presumably houses the dorms, they stop, unsure. 

"Um, excuse me?" they ask the lady at the door.

"New student, huh? Name?"

"Alex Carson."

"Alex... Carson, yeah. Dorm 11. You'll be rooming with Adira. Have fun!"

She hands them the keys and pushes them through the door. They slowly navigate to dorm 11, lost in thought. I'll be rooming with a girl. Hope this isn't awkward!


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@ Kitten

Yes! Someone actually came! I thought this was going to die. Now to keep it on the first page... 

Damion ~

Well, that was interesting, I thought, sitting on top of a large tree near the dorm building, my cloak billowing in the wind. So even with all his money, Mr. Storm can't build individual dorms. I just hope that my assigned roommate doesn't show up. I really don't want to live with someone else... My stream of thoughts was interuppted by the noise of another plane touching down. I wonder who's on that one. I can swing by there on my way to the cafeteria. I got ready to jump down from the tree, but stopped when I saw someone in one of the dorm windows. One of the other students, I guess. Pink hair, but in a male style; average build; yoga pants? Whoever it is better hope this place doesn't get as much snow as I'm predicting. Let's see ... that window is dorm 11. Right across the hall from my dorm, 14. I guess I'll be seeing more of ... I suddenly realized that the newcomer had nodicted me, and was staring out the window with a confused expression. I quickly looked away and jumped down from the tree, walking swiftly towards the private airstrip. Ugh. I messed that one up. Doesn't matter much, but now I'm going to have to hear the "creepy kid" stories. Anyway, hope I'll get there in time to see the new student.


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Even if no one else posts, I will continue RPing!

-- Alex --

They stood in the window of their dorm, gazing out at the wide open fields. Among the trees, they spotted another student, gazing up at them. Tilting their head in confusion, they turned back inside and flopped on their bed. 

They stared at the pages of a book, not actually reading, but trying to calm their thoughts. What will the others think of me? What is this place, anyway? Who is this Storm guy, and what are his plans?

Setting the book aside frustratedly, they picked up a pen and drew themself a cookie. It wasn't as good as the ones their mom used to make, but it did distract them for a moment.

Upon finishing the cookie, they noticed someone standing in the doorway. It appeared to be the observer from outside. They stood up and walked over.

"Hi, I'm Alex. And you are?"

'Hi, Alex! Damion. Nice to meet you. Er, sorry about the staring-through-the-window thing."

"Oh, no, that's fine. I like to observe weirdly too."

"Oh, great!

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"That's fine." I said, obviously uncomfortable speaking as I pull my cloak tighter so Alex can't see my skin. "I live across the hall. I just needed to clear the spying thing up. I don't want anyone to see me as creepy. Can't talk anymore, I'm late for something." Turning, I jog/run down the hall. That's cleared up at least, I thought. Hopefully I can still reach the airstrip in time to see the new arrivals. Then maybe I can finally go over and eat lunch.

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I just realized that what I wrote earlier was wrong. So let's pretend Alex gave the correct explanation.

{not related to any of this, they just decided that we'll have a snow day tomorrow, which is the third one in a row, plus two last week, and so overall I am incredibly annoyed} 

-- Alex --

Damion ducked out and headed off, probably back to his room. Alex decided to follow him because one sort-of-friend-that's-really-awkward is better than none, right? Actually, maybe not. But Alex decided to make this into a spying exercise and sneak after him. Clearly he would be fine with such behavior, having done it himself.


Sorry for the short post! 

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I reluctantly walk off the plane. The school is humongous! I already hate it! I pull on my bangs, a bad habit.

"Hello there sir! Your dorm is room 14! You'll be rooming with Damion!" A woman hands me a room key.

"Great." I say with a forced smile. I walk away and pull up my hood. There are so many people! Under stress I typically send a fireball somwhere. It is taking all of my concentration to not burst into flames.

I walk into the dorms and there are so many doors. I find number 14 and enter. The inside is enourmous! There is like a lounge area, two king sized beds, one black, and one white, two bathrooms, a tv, and a digital whiteboard that says "Welcome to Void Corp High School!" in glowing white letters. 

I drop my stuff on the black bed. I look back over at the board and it says "Lunch is in fifteen minutes!" I sigh and walk out wondering who Damion is.

I hope this is okay! I kind of wanted to have the rooms be like not super fancy but nice and big and comfy so if there is anything that should ebe changed please just change it! 

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Woo! Now there are three people! Also, I don't have much time, so sorry if this is terrible.


I was starting to get annoyed after the other student - Alex - had followed me for over 15 minutes. After heading to the airstrip to try and see the newest student (which I missed, unfortunately), I wandered around the school grounds, partly to check them out and party to shake off Alex, but they just kept following me. I had had enough. "Cut it out," I said, without turning, "Stop following me. Just ... leave me alone." "You're the one who started this," Alex replied, stepping out of their hiding place. "I thought you might want to talk some more or ..." "Stop!" I shouted, my impatience reaching its limit. "I don't want to talk, I don't want to do anything with you! Just leave ME ALONE!" Then, something unbelievable happened. I was standing in front of the cafeteria, on the other side of the grounds. How did I get here? I thought. No, wait. I had just turned around and walked over here. But then why does something feel off? Where is Alex?  I turned around, but didn't see Alex anywhere. Checking my wach, I realized what was wrong. No time has passed since I blew up at Alex! It takes at least 5 minutes to walk this distance! What ... what did I do? Lost in thought, I walked into the cafeteria, got some lunch, and sat down in the corner, all without noticing anyone.

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I got lost on my way to my dorm, but corrected myself promptly. Still, I hope my roomie won't mind. Dorm 11. Two people are talking inside. "I'm Adira. You?"


"Damion. What are you here for?"

"I've got reality powers. You?" Damion laughs.

"Human glowstick." Alex looks up nervously.

"I can draw this and make them come to life."

"So, in a way, reality powers again?" Alex squints. After a brief pause they smile.

"Yeah, I guess so!"


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OKay. THAT WAS CUT DOWN A LOT. @Admins, why'd you cut it?

I cant' really tell to what you refer at this point, RW. We're just doing our best to abide by Chatterbox guidelines.


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Oh... I'll try to post, but i can only post on weekends, so...

Name: Jax Allen
Age: 15
Gender: M
Appearance:6'2'', of Mexican descent, with dark eyes and black hair. He usually wears a black hoodie trimmed with grey, a blue tee-shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers with white soles.
Personality: Eh, think Lance from Voltron.
Background: His mom disappeared six years ago, and his stepmom is nice, but... not the same. Other than that, nothing of interest.
Power: Martial powers, meaning he has superspeed, superstrength, and superjumping, though he can't use more than one power within ten seconds of each other.
Anything extra: His mom had a wierd amulet thing she left him.
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Name: Jacob Driscoll

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: he is tan, short but muscular, poofy brown hair with a bright yellow stripe through it, his eyes are electric blue and he has freckles that look like little white sparks dotted across his face. More often than not he wears a tank top with jeans that have holes in the knees and he always wears a pair of biker gloves that are laced with plastic so he can touch things without electrocuting them instantly.

Personality: Jacob is a friendly and energetic person who tends to be quite creative and who's smile is very contagious. He has his fair share of secrets and when he gets angry you do not want to be nearby, his eyes cloud over like a storm and will cackle with electricity.

Background: His father left him, his mother, and his little sister when he was eight and she was four. Their mother became despondent and lonely until Jacob gave him a bit of advice. Her son's talking too snapped Marie Driscoll back into reality, she fell in love and married Pixie Bornau about three years later. Now he and his sister Kacie live with their mother and stepmom, though all of them are happy Jacob feels as though he does not belong. When he got his letter for the school he accepted because it was something different and he wanted to learn how to help people instead of destroying things with his power. 

Power: Electricity, he can control and manipulate electricity though this causes him to have to stay away from most electronics and metal things since he can cause them to explode or electrocute someone when he's nearby so he tends to be wary around electrical outputs.

Anything extra: He has a drivers licence and a motorcycle because he can, open to ships with all genders!

Additional family info:

Mother(Marie): Elf(+ 20 years to life)

Father(Denis): Unknown if he has one or not

Sister(Kacie): None

Stepmom(Pixie): Empathy(emotions)

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I step out of the jet and onto Void Corp. campus with relief, it's not like I don't like planes but I'd rather stay on the ground than fall from the sky because I sneezed. I collect my luggage and head towards the dorms where I collect my room key and number from the woman at the desk. Room 16 then, I wonder if my roommate is here yet.

I walk up the stairs to get to my room and stand outside the door for a bit, waiting for a few minutes before opening the door. It's a nice room with two beds and a curtain in the middle for privacy. I take a seat on the left bed and am immediately thankful that the beds are wooden here. I lean over to the lamp and quickly put it in the corner, along with any other removable metal objects in my half of the room, just in case. Then I begin to unpack my belongings but before I finish the door swings open and I turn around as my roommate steps in.


I tried to make it open-ended so that Jacob's roomie can be basically anybody

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I'm in a hurry but I want to at least throw my charrie into the mix.  I'll post more later, sorry it's not very good!


Paige stood atop the stairway leading off the plane, her arms outsretched to each rail in an elegantly powerful stance.

All of these kids had barely any luggage- what were they, poor?  This school was supposed to be high end.

They'd probably respect me more if a carry my own suitcase, she considered, glancing back at the two attendants piled high with designer luggage. Paige swung a duffle bag over her shoulder, gripped a rollerbag, and proceeded down the stairs quickly but stabley, hiding the fact that the bags were a little too heavy.  There would be time for looking helpless later.

Paige strode into the entrance hall, and was immediatly greeted by a woman with a room key and a map.

"You'll be in dorm 10, once you get settled head down to the lunch hall" she said with a friendly smile.

"Thank you very much!" Paige smiled brightly.  I hope to God that I don't have to room with some loser.

Paige made her way quickly to the dorm.  Just across the hall a couple of boys were unpacking.  No seperate floors for boys and girls?  Ooh, this should be interesting.  Tossing her bags onto the bed (the room wasn't as luxurious as she might have liked, but it was okay), Paige quickly fixed her hair from the flight before starting down to the cafeteria.


Darkking, would you like to ship Jacob and Paige? Feel free to say no. Her inward personality is off-putting, but thse acts very sweet on the ouside.

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