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Superpower RP
The age of superheroes ended 20 years ago. Since that time, all new powers have been minimal, allowing the police to easily deal with villains even in the absence of heroes. But then, one day, 48 teenagers across the world receive a letter, which reads:
Greetings and Salutations!
My name is Daniel Storm. You may know me as CEO of Void Corp., the premier superpower research firm. If you didn’t know me, now you do! Introductions are not the reason for this letter, though. I am pleased to offer you a spot in my new private high school. Located in the eastern United State “dead zone” (an area not covered by any satellite), it boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including its own movie theater, water park, and other amenities in addition to top-notch dorms, meals, and classrooms. I don’t neglect the actual teaching, either. I have pulled some of the greatest teachers I could find to staff this high school. Now you may be thinking “so this sounds like a really good school, but I can’t afford anything like that.” Well, it may be expensive, but I’m paying. Yes, you read that right. Void Corp. will pay all expenses, including a private jet to the school, room and board, and meals. Now I bet you’re thinking “Wow! How do I join?” That’s simple. One week after receiving this letter, a Void Corp. private jet will land at the nearest airport to your home. To enroll, just get on that plane! No parents or siblings allowed, though (even I don’t have that much money). I hope to see you all there!

Daniel Storm
The people receiving this mysterious letter are from all backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. However, all of them have one thing in common: they all have superpowers, powers of a level not seen for 20 years. And their powers will be needed.
Hello! This is my first time creating an RP, so hopefully that introduction made sense. All our characters join Daniel’s school and learn about their powers in the process. Other than that, this can go in any direction. Again, I’m new at this, so please feel free to correct anything I mess up.
Character sheet:
Anything extra:
My character:
Name: Damion
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Damion is about 6’ 1’’, with red eyes and short black hair. His skin is very pale, and glows slightly in the dark. He generally wears casual clothing, but often wears a black cloak to hide his unnatural skin. He also usually carries a small, hand-carved wooden flute with him.
Personality: Damion is a loner, preferring to be by himself. He is indifferent to many things, and tends to be curt and to the point when he does interact with people. However, he is always observing other people and the environment, and knows much more than he lets on. He loves to compose music and play it on his flute, but only does it in private.
Background: Damion does not remember his parents, except that he ran away from them some time ago and that he carved his flue with them. He has lived on his own, drifting across the country and taking odd-jobs for money. When Daniel’s letter (somehow) reached him, he joined the school more for the free dorm and meals provided than for the education. However, he also saw it as an opportunity to learn and increase his chances of finding stable work. He knows he has a superpower, but doesn’t know his true potential.
Power: Damion can control and create light. Basic uses of this power include making directed beams or flashes of light. However, Damion is also able to “harden” light he is in contact with (which he can turn back into normal light). Hardened light acts like a solid material, essentially allowing him to create things like walls and beams out of thin air. In addition, Damion can turn his own body and some other things  (such as clothing he’s wearing) into light. While transformed into light, Damion still retains complete control of his body and powers, allowing him to move extremely quickly. In case people think Damion is OP, his power has three main weaknesses: darkness limits the amount of light he can create, any light he creates or controls has to move in a straight line, and normal light must move at light-speed, while hardened light acts like a normal material (e.g. Damion can not create flashes of hardened light, he must continually move while turned into light).
Anything extra: N/A

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And top again!

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-- Alex --

Alex followed Adira silently as the two crept across the field. Or, rather, they thought they were silent. If they had actually paid attention to themself, they would have realized that they were making quite a bit of noise. They hadn't had too much experience sneaking around, after all. 

Suddenly, Adira stopped walking and turned to face them. "We've just reached the training ground," she whispered, "so please be quiet and move with great caution. It might be rigged."

As Alex opened their mouth to reply, a voice sounded from behind them. It was Damion. 

"Move with great caution," he mocked. "Like you were doing that before. Any fool could have seen you. Where are you going, anyway?"

"The training grounds," Adira responded curtly. 

"Any particular reason?"

"We haven't had any training sessions yet. Something isn't right." With that, Adira turned again and walked into the building, her walk showing her extreme annoyance.

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Normally I'm good at being stealthy, but with Alex it was practically impossible. I'm surprised we didn't get noticed by anybody in a higher rank than Damion, which, admittedly, isn't a very high bar.

"SO what are we going to do now?" Alex whispers.

"Train. Obviously." I smile, eyes narrowing. Damion follows us in.

"Psh. Yeah, good luck with that."

"Oh hush. It's not like we've got anything better to do." I reply.

"Uh, yeah we do. Like, STAYING WHERE WE ARE MEANT TO BE??" Damion reaches out to me. I brush him off.

"What's the fun in that? Listen, if you aren't going to train then leave me here." I lower my voice to a mumble. "At least I need the practise."


So I was thinking that Adira is secretly insecure about her powers...? Oh and also, Tafinx? I was looking at Damion's personality sheet and I think that Adira and Damion would do well together as a couple. Thoughts? 

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Yeah, that might be a good idea. She's certainly the most person for that position. also, I'll probably post later today, but I can't right now.

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-- Alex --

Alex shrugged at Damion and followed Adira into the middle of the training ground. She turned to face them, her face showing some kind of negative emotion that they couldn't identify.

"Okay, you first. Let's see how you stand against my amazing powers." Was Alex wrong, or was there a hint of worry in her voice? Ah, it didn't matter. They pulled a pen and notebook out of their pocket and quickly drew a black circle. They stared at the paper, and the circle slowly rose out of it. But it wasn't a circle but rather a sphere.

Alex grabbed the sphere and threw it straight at Adira's face, catching her by surprise. She concentrated for a moment and reality changed, deflecting the sphere and throwing it back at Alex. They caught it easily and began to throw it again.

But before they could finish the motion, they froze as a voice echoed from behind them.


I was thinking Mr. Storm or one of the teachers shows up and barges in on them. Perhaps they don't get in trouble, and instead, he tries to tempt them into doing something they shouldn't? I don't know.

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"Well, how did you get in here?" Turning at the voice, I noticed that someone was standing by the door. He was neatly dressed, but a large-brimmed hat, gloves, and sunglasses hid his features. What was more disturbing, though, was that I was keeping one eye on the door the whole time, and I didn't notice him. "Who are you?" I asked, my voice showing no signs of my concern.

"My name is Geigue. I used to be Mr. Storm's personal bodyguard until me appionted me head of security for Void Corp. However, that job involved too much paperwork and too little fighting, so I asked to work as the PE teacher and night guard here. Really though, how did you get in here? All non-residential buildings are locked from 10 pm to 6 am for security reasons."

Alex smiled and held out a keycard they had drawn. "I drew a way in." "Not bad, but you still shouldn't be here." Geigue suddenly appeared behind Alex, moving faster than I could see. "Training is fine and all, but rules are rules. Are you going to leave now, or will I have to make you?" Geigue's voice is calm and unexpressive, but I could still hear the threat in it. "Its alright," I said, grabbing Adria's arm. "We'll leave now."

Dragging Adria, I pulled her outside and all the way back to the dorm with Alex following me, tuning out her repeated compliants. Once I had gotten her in her dorm, I let go. "What did you do that for? I was going to just stay!" "Neither of you would have lasted five seconds," I said. "That guy was able to move faster than I could see. I've never seen anyone with a superpower of that strength. If he's the security here, there's no way we're getting into a building after hours." "Well then, what are we going to do?" Alex asked. "We still havn't had any training yet." "Mr. Storm is coming tomorrow. Hopefully he can clear that up. I need to get back to Connor, my roommate. I'll see you tomorrow." So saying, I walked back to my dorm.



"What is it, Geigue?"

"I caught three students in the gym after hours. One of them has a creation power. They could be trouble."

"You worry too much, Geigue. If they were that dangerous, Daniel would have said something. But just the same, keep an eye on them."

"I've already planted a Link in the creation power kid. if anything happens, I'll know. ... Terra, is this really a good idea? I know what Daniel said, but ... how can we know for sure?"

"We can't, Geigue. That's why the students' can't know about it.   Knowing that they all have strong powers and that we're going to train them is one thing, but if they knew the reason why we were doing this or who we are, do you think any of them would help us?"

"Probably not. Well the, goodnight, Principal Terra. I have to make sure Daniel's flight here is uneventful."

"When is anything involving Daniel uneventful? Good luck, Geigue." 

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damion comes back deep in thought.

"So what were they doing?" I ask

"Oh..... Sorry" He says "They said they were training but some guy caught us."

"What?" I ask trying to get more informstion.

"IT was nothing. He just gave us a warming." 

"Oh well okay" I yell at myself in my head. Why was I asking so many questions? Damion was obviously uncomfortable.

"So why are you here?"  


"I mean your powers"

"Oh sorry well, I have fire powers...." I say quietly.

"Why are you ashamed of them?" He asked suprised

"It's just my-" I cut myself off before I can say more. I like Damion but I don't really know him. He shouldn't have to know what happened. Yet somehow I end up saying "They control me more then I control them" a blue fire apears in my hand. "It happens off of emotions and how I feel. I can't fight it off."

"Um..." Ilook up as Damion is just staring there. 

'Ugh! I'm sorry I'll just go to bed!" I say then muttering under my breath I say "No one knows what it's like." I turn and head to my bathroom cursing as I go. This is worse than home.


@Tafinx I was thinking Damion and Connor could be like best friends? They kind of reflect eachother. After all they are in the same dorm! 

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-- Alex --

As Alex lay in bed, trying and failing to get to sleep, Adira spoke up from across the room. 

"I still think we should have stayed."

"Nah, that guy was creepy. We would have gotten in so much trouble."

"Our powers are a match for his. It was three on one!"

"No, like Damion said, his powers were really strong. And I think there's something off about him... I think he did something to me."

"Did something? Like what?"

"I don't know. I just feel... off. The only thing I can think of is, well, you know how in fantasy stories people always get marked? It feels somewhat like that."

"Alex. He couldn't have marked you or whatever. You're just feeling off because it's your first day at a new school. Now, good night. I'm tired of talking to you." 

And perhaps you're feeling off too. You really don't need to be so aggressive, Alex whispered to themself, lacking the courage to actually say it.

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I lay awake in my bed. Alex sleeps peacefully on the other side of the room. I checked. They're deeply asleep. An idea pops into my head. Slowly and silently, I slip out, locking the door behind me.

"Powers over reality, eh? Let's see how good I can try to be." I whisper to myself. Slowing time for everything else, I make my way over to the training grounds for the second time that night. Suddenly, I feel a pair of eyes watching me. I bend light to make myself invisible, and the feeling disappeared. I take a step. An echo of my footfall sounds just after my step, and it sounds heavier. It must be the guard from earlier. Somehow, he knows when I move. I look down. I'm treading on a thin layer of dirt. Of course. They dust the streets after dark. I mentally curse.

"Fine. I give up. What do you want?" I hiss, letting myself become visible. The guard steps out from behind a large tree.

"I'm surprised you detected me."

"Yeah, and I detected you Linking my... acquaintence earlier. What's that do?" The guard lowers his glasses. I fight a reaction when I see his eyes areblood red. Completely blood red.

"You are powerful, Adira. That's for sure. Mr. Snow will be pleased." I step away from him, assuming a casual but ready stance. Ready for anything. "A Link watches over the person it's attached to. It makes sure they are safe, and it keeps us guards from accidentally damaging the Linked person. We do that sometimes. A lot of us have quite rampant tempers. I should have Linked you. You're more valuable than the other."

"We're equal, thanks." I shoot back. "They've got powers, I've got powers. Nothing can change that." The amused look in the guard's bloody eyes says I may be wrong. I take another step back. "Right?" He chuckles.

"Ah, Adira. You haven't thought ahead enough. You've got reality powers, haven't you?" He looks up from his glasses, a broad smile on his face. Suddenly, I'm back in my dorm, breathing hard. Ah, yes. My lovely emergency teleportation. I could've gotten more out of the guard if I hadn't left! It wasn't even on purpose! I've got to train that out of myself sometime. Alex moans and sits up. Seeing me standing defensively and breathing a bit quickly, they fly out of bed.

"Adira! What's wrong??" They almost shout. I swear, they need to take it down a notch. A few notches. But I take their arm.

"We - I need to get Damion. Something's very wrong here."


And the plot advances. 

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I was just about to head over to Connor when adria and Alex burst into my dorm. "What is wrong with you two?" I asked, slightly annoyed. "Is probably past midnight already. can't I get some sleep before the commencement at 10?" "Something's very wrong here." Adria siad, obviously stressed and out of breath. "I just went over to the training grounds ..." "Again? Did you not learn your lesson the first time?" "Let me finish! I ran into the guard, Geigue, again. He 'Linked' Alex, and ... and ..." "Calm down, and tell me everything that happened." After Adria had finished, I thought for a second. "Yes, something's definitely wrong. But what are we going to do? Its not like we can just start fighting everyone. Besides the fact that we'd lose, we don't even know what's going on. We should probably ... Alex, is something wrong?"

As soon as I said that, noticing Alex's eyes flickering, everything went black for a second. Then, all three of us, plus Connor, were standing in the gym again, with Geigue right in front of us. "I thought you'd be trouble," he said, smiling. "But I know everything a Linked person knows. That's my power, you know. I can Link things together in different ways. I used an Observation Link on Alex, and now I can see though their eyes, hear through their ears. You kids are probably more trouble than you're worth, if you even suspect our secret. I guess I'll just kill you now ..."

Suddenly, a transparent dome appeared around us and Geigue.  A figure also appeared in front of us, dressed in a completely concealing black and purple costume. A costume I recognized immediately. "Void Walker," I wispered to myself. "Chairman of the League of Heroes. I thought he was dead."

Ignoring us, Void Walker turned to Geigue. "You did a great job. Your clothes are perfect, your voice is perfect, even your power is close enough to fool Terra. You even got Geigue's eye color. However, you missed one thing: Geigue wasn't here today. He's on board Mr. Storm's flight." "I don't know who you are, but I'll kill you too!" The fake Geigue snarled, dissapearing. "You don't know me? How sad." Geigue appeared in front of Void Walker, a bolt of energy in his hand. But the energy and his hand went right through Void Walker. "My Room is deployed. If you knew who I was, then you'd know that, if you're within my Room, I've already won. Scythe." A chunk dissapeared from the fake Geigue's arm, and he fell down, howling. "Go now, and tell your master that I forsaw the rise of the new heroes and new villians. These children are under my protection, under Terra's, under Geiuge's. We will not allow you to harm them. Growling, the fake Geigue dissapeared. Void Walker then turned to us. "Recall." In an instant, we were back in our dorm. "What just ... how are you here?" I asked, confused. "Mr. Storm will explain everything in the morning. But be on your guard. If a villian already got here, then even this school may not be safe." So saying, Void Walker dissapeared. "So, what just happened?" Connor asked, probably the most confused of any of us. "No. No questions or anything." I said, walking over to my bed. "I can't even process how many things just happened right now. I need to sleep on it." I layed down on my bed and instantly fell asleep, oblivious to anything the other three did.

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I watch Damion collapse into his bed and the other two leave. I guess I'll get answers in the morning. I fall back in bed but I can't go to sleep. I've heard that name before. Scythe. I Don't get it. How would I know that? I slowley drift off to sleep. 

In the morning I wake up at 8:30. Damion is still out. I get ready and wear black pants, a fire shirt and a black sweatshirt with a flame symbol on it. I don't really want to meet the Storm guy but I guess I could alway run away.

Damion gets up at about 9:00 and I imeatietly question him.

"Dude what was that last night? With Scythe and was that really Void Walker? What does being Linked mean? Why were you even up?"

He looks at me and holds his hand up. "I'll tell you when I'm done getting ready." 

I sigh and wait.   

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Void Walker says blatantly "Recall" and I watch as the other students disappear, then I sneak away from the door and almost have a heart attack when I hear the hero state my name "Jakob." I turn around to face the man who had saved countless lives, probably ended some too.

"Y-yes?" I ask, internally cursing myself for the stutter in my voice.

"Why didn't you do anything?"

"There was too much metal."

He tilts his head to the side "What?" 

I look at my hands "If I did anything I could have killed them all."

"And you know this how?"

Suddenly the floor becomes more interesting than the hero standing in front of me "I-" memories cloud my mind and I force myself to speak, my voice barely more than a whisper "I didn't mean to."

Void Walker looks at me for a minute before reaching out his hand, I instinctively flinch away but all he does is pat my head. "I know." Then he waves his hand at me and says "Shoo, go sleep, you have classes in the morning." his voice is surprisingly gentle. 

I shoo. When I get back to my room I find Jax snoring his head off on his bed. I sigh and sit on my bed, watching the sparks dance between my fingertips. What do I do now?


*walks in 9 posts late with a hot chocolate and a piece of toast* Sorry I haven't been active on here guys *takes a sip of hot chocolate* I've had a bad bout of writer's block but I think I'm good now

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-- Alex --

Alex collapsed on their bed and stared up at the ceiling. Why had so much crazy stuff happened that night? First the Link, and then the guard wasn't actually a guard, but rather a villain, and then Void Walker showed up. Void Walker. Like, that guy was the center of bedtime stories! The ultimate hero! And he had come to them, to this school. What on Earth was going on here?

As the thoughts swarmed around their mind, Alex somehow sank into sleep. They were woken abruptly the next morning by Adora turning the lights on.

"Seriously? What was that for?" they asked.

"Alex, it's 8:00. We have classes in two hours, and I want to talk to the others before then. Now get up and come with me!"

Groaning, they pulled themself out of bed, threw some clothes on, and followed Adira out of the room.


So I was thinking, aren't Adira's powers kind of OP? I mean, she can become invisible, manipulate items, even teleport! Are there any limits on her powers?

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Yes. Every time she usues them she temporarily loses part of her mind. It takes a while for her to go insane, but she will if she uses her powers to much. Complete loss of her mind lasts for about an hour.

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(March 17, 2019 - 8:38 pm)