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Superpower RP
The age of superheroes ended 20 years ago. Since that time, all new powers have been minimal, allowing the police to easily deal with villains even in the absence of heroes. But then, one day, 48 teenagers across the world receive a letter, which reads:
Greetings and Salutations!
My name is Daniel Storm. You may know me as CEO of Void Corp., the premier superpower research firm. If you didn’t know me, now you do! Introductions are not the reason for this letter, though. I am pleased to offer you a spot in my new private high school. Located in the eastern United State “dead zone” (an area not covered by any satellite), it boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including its own movie theater, water park, and other amenities in addition to top-notch dorms, meals, and classrooms. I don’t neglect the actual teaching, either. I have pulled some of the greatest teachers I could find to staff this high school. Now you may be thinking “so this sounds like a really good school, but I can’t afford anything like that.” Well, it may be expensive, but I’m paying. Yes, you read that right. Void Corp. will pay all expenses, including a private jet to the school, room and board, and meals. Now I bet you’re thinking “Wow! How do I join?” That’s simple. One week after receiving this letter, a Void Corp. private jet will land at the nearest airport to your home. To enroll, just get on that plane! No parents or siblings allowed, though (even I don’t have that much money). I hope to see you all there!

Daniel Storm
The people receiving this mysterious letter are from all backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. However, all of them have one thing in common: they all have superpowers, powers of a level not seen for 20 years. And their powers will be needed.
Hello! This is my first time creating an RP, so hopefully that introduction made sense. All our characters join Daniel’s school and learn about their powers in the process. Other than that, this can go in any direction. Again, I’m new at this, so please feel free to correct anything I mess up.
Character sheet:
Anything extra:
My character:
Name: Damion
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Damion is about 6’ 1’’, with red eyes and short black hair. His skin is very pale, and glows slightly in the dark. He generally wears casual clothing, but often wears a black cloak to hide his unnatural skin. He also usually carries a small, hand-carved wooden flute with him.
Personality: Damion is a loner, preferring to be by himself. He is indifferent to many things, and tends to be curt and to the point when he does interact with people. However, he is always observing other people and the environment, and knows much more than he lets on. He loves to compose music and play it on his flute, but only does it in private.
Background: Damion does not remember his parents, except that he ran away from them some time ago and that he carved his flue with them. He has lived on his own, drifting across the country and taking odd-jobs for money. When Daniel’s letter (somehow) reached him, he joined the school more for the free dorm and meals provided than for the education. However, he also saw it as an opportunity to learn and increase his chances of finding stable work. He knows he has a superpower, but doesn’t know his true potential.
Power: Damion can control and create light. Basic uses of this power include making directed beams or flashes of light. However, Damion is also able to “harden” light he is in contact with (which he can turn back into normal light). Hardened light acts like a solid material, essentially allowing him to create things like walls and beams out of thin air. In addition, Damion can turn his own body and some other things  (such as clothing he’s wearing) into light. While transformed into light, Damion still retains complete control of his body and powers, allowing him to move extremely quickly. In case people think Damion is OP, his power has three main weaknesses: darkness limits the amount of light he can create, any light he creates or controls has to move in a straight line, and normal light must move at light-speed, while hardened light acts like a normal material (e.g. Damion can not create flashes of hardened light, he must continually move while turned into light).
Anything extra: N/A

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Ah, okay. Thanks!

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I don't have too much time, so this post is a bit short. I'll post more ASAP. 


"I'll do my best to explain," I said, giving Connor a short summary of what happened last night. "So, based on what I know, that was Void Walker. I thought all the heroes were dead, but no one else could mimic his power so accurately. Scythe was one of his signiture moves, if I remember correctly. As for the villian, I don't remember him from anywhere. His power seemed to allow him to 'Link' things together. He Linked Alex's senses to his own so he could monitor us, and I bet he Linked his appearance to Geigue's for his disguise. My guess is that there's something about all of us students that Mr. Storm noticed and wanted to protect. His dad was good friends with Void Walker (that's why Void Corp. is named that), so he probably convinced him and the other couple heroes Void Walker mentioned to help out. ... Shoot! We'd better get going. Mr. Storm's commencment is in 30 minutes. I'll bet he will explain everything there, though he probably won't mention the villian to prevent panic. Let's go."

I walked out the door. 

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Sorry for posting so late.


Arriving in the Administration Building, I managed to get a seat towards the front of the theater (which apparently doubled as a meeting hall). I had lost Connor on the way there, and I couldn't find him in the crowd of students. I counted almost 50 students of different ages, plus some adults in the front. Those are probably teachers, since Mr. Storm banned parents, I thought. After a couple minutes, the lights dimmed, and a middle-aged woman walked up on the stage.

"Good morning, everyone, and thank you all for accepting the invitation to join this schoolMy name is Terra, and I am the principal here. Mr. Storm is going to be a little late, so I'll handle teacher introductions. First off, we have our math teacher..."

The teacher and staff introductions went on for half an hour. Every so often, I would hear a famous name, and began to wonder how much Mr. Storm was paying these people to teach here. Eventually, the introductions were finished. "Thanks for sitting through that," Terra said. "I know this stuff is boring, but its important to know your teachers. ... And Mr. Storm isn't here. If he doesn't have a good excuse for being so late, I'll ... Anyway, I'll go over the schedule while we're waiting."

"Classes start at 10 am and run until noon in half hour increments. noon to 1 is a designated lunch break, after which class continue to 4 in hour increments. What classes you go to on any given day and time are different depending on your grade, so I won't go over those here. They are posted on your dorm boards. 4 to 5 is a dinner break. 5 to 7 ... I'll come back to that. Lights out is at 10, but you can stay up and out past then if you want. All non-residential buildings are locked between 10 pm and 6 am for security reasons, although teachers and student groups can get permission to use them after-hours. Weekends have no scheduled classes, but I expect you will find activities to do those days. We may also sometimes schedule things over the weekend, but we'll try not to. Now, I should go over the 5 to 7 class..."

"Thank you Terra. I'll take it from here."

Turning with the rest of the students, I saw someone walking down the aisle. He was dressed perfectly in a blue suit. Black hair was braided into several short strands across his entire head. He wore small glasses, and stopped in the middle of the aisle to push them back up. I recognized him immediately from the news as Daniel Storm, CEO of Void Corp.

Reaching the stage, he took the microphone from Terra. "Sorry I was late. I had to go though even more security checks than usual. Geigue, the security chief here, is still dealing with some of that stuff. Anyway, the 5 to 7 class. Its hero training." The entire theater erupted with cries of astonishment, and Terra sighed, saying to herself: "I knew this would happen. Daniel was never good at public speaking." After the theater had quieted down a bit, Mr. Storm continued. "Yes, that means what you think it does. Void Corp. does DNA testing for governments, for power registration and stuff. I noticed an unusual pattern in some of the tests, so I found out how that DNA belonged to. How, you ask? I'm not going go say! Anyway, I found out that the DNA belonged to you. I got some of my father's old hero contacts, and got them to work with me to build this school and train you to be heroes. Not all the heroes died 20 years ago, you know. A few survived and hid their powers, going back to normal lives. Terra was one of them, as was Giegue. Since then, all emergent powers have been minimal. There hasn't been a need for heroes. But now, strong powers, like yours, are emerging. And that means strong villians. The world needs heroes to fight those villians. All I want, is to help you become those heroes. ... That's all from me! I'll stick around if you have any questions. Otherwise, normal classes start tomorrow, but you will have a hero training class today. Geigue usually does those, but Terra is going to take over since he's busy. Goodbye!"

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After the meeting, Alex and I retreat back to our dorm, same with everybody else with their respective dorms. I flop onto my bed, silent like I have been since last night. Alex looks over at me.

"Hey, you alright?" They ask, getting as close to me as possible without coming into my personal space.

"I could say the same. Can you still feel the Link?"

"No, it's disappeared... What's up?" I look at them. Their face shows it's a kind question.


"Aw, come on Addie," I narrow my eyes at them, "I can tell something's wrong." I sit up. Addie. A nickname. Huh. I assess myself, searching for an answer to Alex's question.

"I... I don't know." I crack an uncertain smile for a half-second. Something slips under the door. Both of us stand. Alex walks over and picks the something up. Two somethings, white and thin. Envelopes addresses to an Adira and an Alex. Alex hands mine to me. It's not even sealed.

"Student 11:Adira,

You are requested to come to a special session at the training center at 5 P.M. tonight. Do not bring anything, all things will be provided if you need it. If you do not come you will be ommitted for the rest of the year, as this meeting is extremely important." I look up at Alex.

"I'm going, you?" I smile slightly, more genuine than the last smile. Alex beams and nods enthusiastically.


I have no idea what I'm doing. 

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Sitting in the gym/training center, I tried to piece together what was going on. So, I thought, Mr. Storm found from DNA testing that the students here have powers. That means I have one too, but I'll come back to that. He then somehow gets our identity and sends letters to us about a new school. He also uses his father's contacts to find the surviving heroes and gets them to help train us. But that villain knew about all this. That means that there is another group that wants us, probably for something evil. That all makes sense. But how did the villain know about this? Why is Mr. Storm so interested in training us, beyond the obvious "I don't the world to be destroyed by some villain"? And, since Void Walker mentioned Guigue and Terra, he should be here too. But Mr. Storm didn't mention him. I wonder who he is. Anyway, back to my power.

Getting up, I checked the time. It was 4:15, so I had at least 15 minutes before anyone got here for the training. I had some time to learn about my power. Looking across the gym, I concentrated. My had used my power to quickly get away from Alex, so it might have something to do with speed. I tried to focus on what had caused me to unleash my power in the first place, anger, but I didn't have anyone to get angry at. Giving that idea up, I was about to try something else when I heard a voice behind me: "Look out!" I turned just in time to see a massive wave of earth heading towards me. I braced for the impact, when ...

Time stood still.

Well, not exactly. It looked like everythign was standing still, but then I looked at one of the windows. I could see the reflection changing, the deflected light moving. That was the first thing I noticed. The next thing I nocited was that I was moving right towards the earth wave. But when I hit it, I didn't fell anything. Instead, I "deflected?" off it and continued moving, this time up into the air! It was cool, but if I got any further up, the fall back down would be nasty. I tried to turn, but couldn't. I just kept moving in a straight line, like a beam of light. After realizing I couldn't turn, I calmed myself down, and thought about slowing down. Suddenly, I had stopped moving and was falling down. I didn't think that one through, I thought, when the earth shot up and grabbed me. "Are you okay?" A woman I recognized as Terra asked as the earth set me down. "Yeah, I think so." "I was terraforming the gym for the trainging session. I didn't think anyone was here. Sorry." "Its okay. I'll leave now." I started to walk away, but Terra called after me. "Wait! You used your power to escape, but I noticed that you seemed to have trouble controling it." Stopping, I said: "I don't even really know what my power is." "There's still 30 minutes until the training session. This session is a test anyway, a measure of how well people know their powers. Each person was going to go though a challenge designed to test their ability. But I assumed that everyone at least knew what their powers were. If you'd like, I can help you discover your power while the others work on their challenge. We'd  have the whole 2 hours, except for when I need to tell the students what to do." "Yes," I said after a moment, "That would be nice." "Alright, then. Come over here!"

I've never had someone offer to help me personally like that before. I guess that's part of what makes a hero. 

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He wants us-me-to become super heros? Uh not happening! I can't save the world! I sigh and look around. I had lost Damion on the way here and I can't seem to find him. I sigh and head over to the training area.

By the time I arrive the area is packed. And cue panic. I thought the announcments were bad. I can't handle people.

This is what they want me to be. A hero. popular. smart. But i can't go to the other side right? 

I find Damion after a bit and he looks kind of happy and confused.

"What happened?" I ask.

"I got some help from Terra." He says.

"Really? cool!" I say.

"Alright everyone! Calme down! Listen up!" We all look up to find Terra standing on a piece of the earth that is like levetating. "Today we will work on harnessing our powers!"

A bunch of excited whispers floated through the crowd.

"Some of you already know them but try and tame them!"

My hands get sweaty. I take deep breaths but I know that whatever I do I will never tame the flaming beast.

"Please split up into groups of four or five!"

Damion and I try and lok for Adria and Alex. We find them and they come over.

"Group?" Damion asks

We all nod in response.

"Okay now try and harness your power. Think powerfull thoughts! Try and make something that you can hold or show."

I hesitate. I can't do it now. There are too many people. Someone will get hurt. I should have never listened to my parents.

As I think a flame apears in my hand. I gasp. It isn't doing anything. Not harming or burning. I can feel it but it isn't huting me. A couple others get it I look at Adria Damion and Alex to see how they are doing.

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Taking a plane has always been weird for me. It's a bit like taking an escalator, or that time I broke my leg playing soccer on the tennis courts and the school nurse insisted I be wheeled in a chair instead of just flying. I think she was a little scared about the idea of me flying so easily. I usually try not to be so open about it, for that reason. That's another reason this school will be good for me. Everyone will be like me. But anyway. Flying in a plane is strange. If normal people think this is anything like real flying, they're missing out. Real flying is the sky in all directions, not just out of a tiny window. Real flying is having nearly complete control, feeling the wind in your hair, so loud you have to speak directly in someone's ear. Not that I've flown with others very often. Just my sister.

So arriving at this Void Corp Training Thing, or whatever it's called (was that in the letter? I can't remember,) is surreal for many reasons. It looks even fancier than I expected, set up more like a college. I hope I don't get homesick. I hope I can get along with other students. I hope they're not all scary and already great at their powers instead of using them only for everyday help and barely being able to control my little breezes....


Sorry I haven't been posting-- I kind of forgot about this! I'll try to post more now. If they are free, would either Jacob or Adira be interested in shipping with Adrian? 

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-- Alex --

Alex walked with Adira down to the training hall in silence. They knew that both they and Adira were nervous, but they somehow managed to avoid the emotion, as if they were standing back from their brain. They knew that this was probably going to be difficult, but at the same time, it was probably going to be fun and useful. 

Lost in thought, Alex almost walked past the training hall, only stopped from doing so by Adira's hand on their elbow. Blushing, they followed her into the hall. It was empty except for two people at the very end. Alex squinted to see - Damion and Terra? 

"Lucky Damion," Adira said, "getting some chance to train before the rest of us." 

At that, the boy in question turned around to see them.

"Oh, uh, hi, guys! It's only 4:45. You're early."

"So are you, by the look of it," replied Alex.

"Yeah, Terra's helping me figure out what my power is."

"You don't know?" Adira asked, astonished.

"Um, no, I guess I don't. I would assume you do?" 

Terra broke in at this point. "Guys, let's not be too aggressive. It's only the first day."

"Second," Adira corrected. 

"First, second, whatever. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you guys learn to use your powers, okay?"


Yeah, I totally didn't develop anything there. And I might have screwed up Terra's personality - I'm really not sure what she's like. :) 

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I always imagine earth-related characters to be some really smooth, really chill person that has a well-kept temper that only shows itself in the face of pure mental breakdown material.

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@Stardust That's okay! Everyone forgets stuff. I'll put your charrie in this so you can get into the story.


"Your power looked like teleportation," Terra said to me. "But you say its not?" "Definitely," I replied. "I could see other things moving as well, just really slowly. It was more like super speed, except that I couldn't turn. I just kept moving straight." "Hmm." Terra paused for a moment, and checked something on her phone. "Just as I thought. Void Corp. has files on all the students' powers, but some are more complete than others. We don't have any information on your power, except for a note: 'Possible elemential?' I don't know if that helps..." "Light," I said. "What element moves so fast that other things seem to stand still? What element can only move in straight lines and deflects off surfaces? That was the missing piece. I'm pretty sure my power is the ability to turn into light ... that doesn't seem like a strong power, though." "Its certainly stronger than most of hte powers out there. And that's probably only part of your power. You don't learn everything about your power at once. For example, I thought for a long time that my power could only shift earth around me. But it can also make earth levitate, and affect earth far away from me, as long as there is an unbroken line of earth between me and it. The more you practice your power, the more you will learn about it. Knowing what it is just gives you a head start, that's all."

"Lucky Damion, getting some chance to train before the rest of us."


How am I going to make something physical? I can barely even use my power, and that only turns my body into light! I have no clue what to do! Looking around, I see Connor already has a flame, and Alex drew something into existance. I have no clue what Adria is doing, but she could figure something out quick. Realizing that anxiety wasn't getting me anywhere, I took a deep breath to calm down, and started thinking about some way to create something. Let's see, I can turn my body into light, so what if I transform only part of it? That should create a beam of light. That's not much, but its it least worth a shot ... Concentrating, I focused on the feeling I had gotten earlier. It only took a moment for me to reenter the state I had been in. Everything slowed down. Huh. Guess Terra was right about how benificial knowing your power could be. I now tried to slow down, but at the same time moving my hand. After a little bit, I turned back into a normal person. I didn't see a beam of light, but I felt my hand was still different. Looking down, I gasped. My hand was a transperent yellow in color. It had turned into solid light! Smiling in satisfaction, I looked around for my group, when I realized that I had been light for too long, and was now on the other side of the gym. At least I know what direction to go in, I thought, heading back towards my group. However, I stopped when I saw a brown-haired boy I didn't know (Adrian). He seemed to be having even more trouble than me. I didn't see his group anywhere, so I went over to him. "Hey. My name's Damion. What's the matter? I don't claim to be an expert on power usage, but I might be able to help anyway."


After this, Terra's going to have the students go through individual challenges that test how well they can apply their power to different circumstances. Telling everyone so people can start that when they're ready without having to wait for me to post.

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-- Alex --

Alex stood awkwardly in the middle of the training room, staring into space. Eventually, they pulled a pen out of their pocket and drew themself a large sign, on which they wrote, "What are we even doing here? I want answers!" 

Holding it up was more effective than yelling at the top of their lungs, they reasoned, and it certainly seemed to work, for walking over came Terra. 

"Hi, Alex. I see that you're ready."

"Uh, ready for what, exactly?"

"You'll see." Terra smiled mysteriously and motioned them to follow her over to the corner. She quickly sprung up walls around them and asked them to hand over their pens. Very confused at this point, Alex still complied.

Terra then walked out of the enclosure and brought the walls up higher. Just as Alex was about to ask what was going on, they heard a roar behind them. Spinning around, they saw a large lion ready to jump out at them. They groaned. A test, obviously, but what were they supposed to do without their pens?

The lion stepped closer and closer, growling as it eyed its meal. Refusing to give in to terror, Alex looked anxiously all around them. That's when they noticed something... the floor was dirt! Bending down, they quickly sketched a rough club on the ground with their finger. Pulling it out, they awkwardly hit the lion over the head. With a loud thud, it fell to the floor. 

Knowing this wouldn't work for long, Alex began to climb up the wall behind them, drawing handholds as they went. Finally, they rounded the top and saw the entire rest of the students clustered around a peephole in the enclosure, breaking into applause upon seeing them.

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I see a new kid amongst the crowd of students using their powers, he's talking to Damian who's glowing. I walk behind him and put my hand on his shoulder, being careful not to shock him. "Hey! Haven't seen you around here, you just get in today?" He turns to look at me and I feel my face heat up slightly, Oh no he's cute.

Before he can answer the crowd falls silent and a teacher beckons everyone to look at the walls that sprung up. It's the person who greeted me on the first day of school, they're being attacked by a lion, however, they nimbly escape and are greeted with cheers.

The teachers start to pull other students out to test their powers, they do quite well and seem very confident, but I am still nervous. What if they put me with water? What if there's too much metal? I fret as I watch my classmates complete their trial. It seems as though I'm not going soon. 

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Posting Adira's test soon! 

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I watched the other students go through their individual trials, waiting for my turn. Eventually, my name was called, and I walked inside the arena made by Terra. When I got inside, I noticed that it was just an empty arena. Maybe this won't be so bad, I thought, when I suddenly noticed the arena walls closing incredibly fast. Quickly turning into light, I shot above them just in time. however, the ground continued to shoot up at me. I repeatedly switched back and forth between normal and light state to change my direction, evading all the rock spires. Once rock stopped coming up to me, and shot down as light to avoid getting hurt from the fall. After finding the exit, I was about to leave when I noticed the arena contracting again, this time with the roof covered. I quickly moved to the most secure place and concentrated, turning my hand back into solid light. As the arena contracted, only a few spires headed to my location, the rest traveling different paths. As they reached me, I hit them with my solid-light hand. It was as effective as I thought, easily breaking the rock without harming me. When the bombardment was finally over, I left the arena smiling. That was easy! If I've improved this much in a couple hours, I wonder how much I can improve over the whole year.

"Good job, Damion ," Terra said as I walked by. "I didn't expect you to pass that last part, but you managed. Alright! Next!"

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"You! Over there in the corner fiddling with something! State your name and power!" Terra points an enthusiastic finger at me, smiling. I stand and walk over to her.

"Adira, I control reality." Terra's smile turns to a frown and she squints at me.

"Limitation?" She spits the question at me. What did I do wrong? Whatever I did, I suddenly don't like this girl. I get defensive.

"Come again?"

"Oh, don't be so simple, Adira. Every power has its weakness. Yours must have a big one, being so powerful." I narrow my eyes.

"Fine, you really want to know? I go mad. There. I said it. Cripplingly mad. It takes a massive amount of exertion, but I. Go. Insane." Raising my voice on that last word, I screw my face and flourish my hands for emphasis. Terra takes a step back. I drop the face. "Just give me my test already." I growl at her. She's exposed me enough, she might as well let me destroy something. She presses a button on a control board, and suddenly chains wrap around me, thick and slowly covering me completely. I stare at Terra placidly, giving my expression a sad, deranged, and deadpan look to it. I hear her clear her throat as I feel myself being raised up off the ground. In my makeshift iron maiden, I close my eyes. The machine lifting me up stalls, and faintly I hear the students down below gasp. The twinge of a breaking chainlink, then nothing. I open my eyes just in time to see the chain coffin fall to the ground from about seventy feet up. As the mass of chains, which is still holding the shape it was when I was in it, falls, I hear a few students scream. I glance at Terra's face. She looks mortified, probably thinking 'What have I done?' I don't care. I lean against the wall where I was before Terra called me out. To my surprise, I hear Damion's voice.

"ADIRA!!" Odd. I didn't think he'd care. Maybe Alex, but not Damion. I look for Alex in the crowd of kids. They're on their knees, spaced out. I can't help but smile. Sweet Alex. I see Damion dart forward, pushing kids out of the way just to get under the falling chains. Better hold him back. He stops abruptly, unable to move. He struggles. Too late. The chains reach the floor, shattering in their own special way. I release Damion.

"Hey guys. What's up?" The entire class whips around to face me, reclining in the corner of the room, smiling gently. Alex rushes for me, stumbling up from their knees. They tackle me in a huge hug, and Damion runs up but doesn't touch. Wise kid. I push Alex off of me. Terra walks up.

"How - how long have you been there?" She asks, stuttering. I smile broadly.

"Since the chains fell."

"OkAy." Terra clears her throat as if it would erase her voice-break from our minds. "Okay." She inhales deeply, then gathers herself up and moves back to the group. "Noted. Um, NEXT!"

I can't help but laugh quietly.


SO YEAH. Adira tends to terrify those who wrong her. Also showing Damion's subconscious soft spot for Adira. Now she's seen it, she's got one for Damion too. I love ships so much. 

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