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Superpower RP
The age of superheroes ended 20 years ago. Since that time, all new powers have been minimal, allowing the police to easily deal with villains even in the absence of heroes. But then, one day, 48 teenagers across the world receive a letter, which reads:
Greetings and Salutations!
My name is Daniel Storm. You may know me as CEO of Void Corp., the premier superpower research firm. If you didn’t know me, now you do! Introductions are not the reason for this letter, though. I am pleased to offer you a spot in my new private high school. Located in the eastern United State “dead zone” (an area not covered by any satellite), it boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including its own movie theater, water park, and other amenities in addition to top-notch dorms, meals, and classrooms. I don’t neglect the actual teaching, either. I have pulled some of the greatest teachers I could find to staff this high school. Now you may be thinking “so this sounds like a really good school, but I can’t afford anything like that.” Well, it may be expensive, but I’m paying. Yes, you read that right. Void Corp. will pay all expenses, including a private jet to the school, room and board, and meals. Now I bet you’re thinking “Wow! How do I join?” That’s simple. One week after receiving this letter, a Void Corp. private jet will land at the nearest airport to your home. To enroll, just get on that plane! No parents or siblings allowed, though (even I don’t have that much money). I hope to see you all there!

Daniel Storm
The people receiving this mysterious letter are from all backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. However, all of them have one thing in common: they all have superpowers, powers of a level not seen for 20 years. And their powers will be needed.
Hello! This is my first time creating an RP, so hopefully that introduction made sense. All our characters join Daniel’s school and learn about their powers in the process. Other than that, this can go in any direction. Again, I’m new at this, so please feel free to correct anything I mess up.
Character sheet:
Anything extra:
My character:
Name: Damion
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Damion is about 6’ 1’’, with red eyes and short black hair. His skin is very pale, and glows slightly in the dark. He generally wears casual clothing, but often wears a black cloak to hide his unnatural skin. He also usually carries a small, hand-carved wooden flute with him.
Personality: Damion is a loner, preferring to be by himself. He is indifferent to many things, and tends to be curt and to the point when he does interact with people. However, he is always observing other people and the environment, and knows much more than he lets on. He loves to compose music and play it on his flute, but only does it in private.
Background: Damion does not remember his parents, except that he ran away from them some time ago and that he carved his flue with them. He has lived on his own, drifting across the country and taking odd-jobs for money. When Daniel’s letter (somehow) reached him, he joined the school more for the free dorm and meals provided than for the education. However, he also saw it as an opportunity to learn and increase his chances of finding stable work. He knows he has a superpower, but doesn’t know his true potential.
Power: Damion can control and create light. Basic uses of this power include making directed beams or flashes of light. However, Damion is also able to “harden” light he is in contact with (which he can turn back into normal light). Hardened light acts like a solid material, essentially allowing him to create things like walls and beams out of thin air. In addition, Damion can turn his own body and some other things  (such as clothing he’s wearing) into light. While transformed into light, Damion still retains complete control of his body and powers, allowing him to move extremely quickly. In case people think Damion is OP, his power has three main weaknesses: darkness limits the amount of light he can create, any light he creates or controls has to move in a straight line, and normal light must move at light-speed, while hardened light acts like a normal material (e.g. Damion can not create flashes of hardened light, he must continually move while turned into light).
Anything extra: N/A

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I missed that. Thanks.

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I have to embrace my weakness? That was the whole reason why I hid my power away! Like Terra said it had villainous capacity for chaos! I sigh and walk down the hall with Adria.

"I don't want to be a hero." I mutter.

Adira stops and turns to me "What do you mean?" I can't read her expression.

I blush embarrassed "Just did you see me today? Yesterday? I-I'm not a hero!"

"Connor don't say that! You can be a hero!"

"Yeah right." I mutter again. We walk in silence until we reach our dorms.

"See you in the morning!" She says and then enters her room.

"Bye." I say and walk into my dorm. Damion is lying awake.

"Hey." HE says.

"hey" I respond. Maybe I could run away. All I know is that I can't be a hero.

"How was Terra?" He asks me.

"Not bad" I say "She had like a speech prepared for us."

"well okay." He says

"Goodnight." I say

"Goodnight" He responds.

I go get ready for bed and when I come back from the bathroom, Damion is asleep.

Tomorrow I will leave. I think I'll just give this place a chance. 

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Top again!

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-- Alex --

Alex woke up suddenly, not entirely sure why. They sat up in bed and saw Adira on the other side of the room. Ah, that would explain it, they thought. 

"Oh, did I wake you up? Sorry! I was trying so hard not to."

"Nah, that's okay. Um... where were you?"

"Terra wanted to meet with me and Connor."

"What about?'

"You know. Our powers and stuff." Adira crossed the room to sit on her bed. "I don't really care, honestly. I'm not really a pep talk kind of person."


They sat in silence for a few moments. Alex was about to go back to sleep when Adira spoke up again.

"Did you have trouble mastering your powers?"

"Um, not really. My power's pretty easy, right? All I have to do is draw something, concentrate a moment, and it'll come to life. It's always been something I'm pretty skilled with. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, I don't know. It's just, I'm kind of scared to use mine..." She trailed off, staring at a random spot on the wall.

"I think I'll go back to sleep now, if you don't mind. Good night."

"'night," she responded. Alex fell back and closed their eyes, but they were pretty sure that, across the room, Adira was still staring into space.


So I know I haven't been particularly good in keeping up with this, and neither have many of you guys, but it would be cool if we could actually finish this or at least get past the first two days... 

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Umm, Adira wouldn't have talked for the rest of the night. She would've just stared into space, probably muttering to herself every few moments. But it's okay! You're good!

I'll post for Adira soon. 

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Ah, okay. I always have a hard time writing other peoples' characters. :)

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@Kitten Yeah! I should probably move the story along a bit...


Its been almost a week since classes started, and I've settled into a routine. Morning and afternoon classes are normal high school stuff - math, history, science, english, etc. Nothing special, but the teachers Mr. Storm got are much better than I've had before. After dinner, I have hero training. Terra brought in another former hero with the power to clone himself, so we've been getting individual lessons. After training and on weekends, I practice alone, read, study, or play my flute in the park trees. I've learned a lot about my power in just one week. I can now easilly switch between normal, moving light, and solid light. I've also finally figured out how to create beams of light, but I don't think that's very useful yet. Terra just recently complemented me on how far I've gotten in such a short time. I've almost caught up to some of the other students, like Alex.

After todays' training, Terra announced that Void Walker was coming to the school for a lesson in practical hero work. Stunned by the sudden and almost casual way Terra said this, I nearly ran into Adira. before she could say anything, though, I "blinked" (what I mentally called moving at light-speed) across the grounds. I've been purposely since the test, but I don't really know why. Maybe, its because I'm afraid she'll ask about my actions during her test. Actions I can't explain.


And as promised, there's nothing here other than plot advancement. 

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I was writing Alex in third person past tense, but I'm switching to first person present tense, which is what I normally use for RPs anyway. 

-- Alex --

I love this new school, but it's hard sometimes. It's hard to keep up with the classes - school has never been my strong suit - and it's hard to fit in with the other students - their powers are all so good! - and it's hard to keep from staring at all the famous superheroes Mr. Storm brings in.

Especially when it's announced that Void Walker, who's been my role model as long as I can remember, will be visiting. He probably won't even notice me, what with everyone else being so much stronger and smarter and better.

But the time until the visit rushes by in a heartbeat, and before I know it, I'm standing in the back of the crowd of students in the gathering space. I'm especially anxious because I've had 13 minutes to build up my nerves, 13 minutes since he was supposed to arrive and hasn't. I'm starting to worry that something happened to him.

"Attention, students," comes Terra's voice from the front. "It appears Void Walker has been delayed. I thank you for your patience in waiting, but-" She stops talking suddenly as her eyes turn to the back of the room. Instantly, everyone else follows. I'm a bit slow to react, though, meaning that I see what no one else does. Void Walker isn't at the back of the room, where everyone's looking - no, he's at the front, next to Terra, who's managed to miraculously avert attention.

The two of them are having some sort of urgent conversation, which I can't hear, but want to, so I quickly draw up a sort of microphone/speaker apparatus (I've been practicing) and throw it over. Holding the speaker end to my ear, I can hear them like they're standing right next to me. But upon hearing what they're discussing, I wish I wasn't listening to the horribly frightening news. 

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Sorry I haven't been posting. I'll try to post tomorrow. Also, top!

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Another day of tough training. Therefore, another good day! However, Damion is still avoiding me. Maybe he's afraid of me asking why he wanted to catch my chains on orientation day or whatever. I can't blame him, but I miss him terribly. I don't know why, I just... Do.

"ADIRA!" Terra shouts at me from across the room. I walk over, and see that Damion is next to her, trying to avoid eye contact. Terra smiles. "Today I want to see how you do against another student. You'll be sparring with Damion. Keep in mind that you are not to go for any vital area, and keep injuries to a minimum. You're just trying to touch each other." I feel my cheeks grow hot. Damion's eyes flick to my downcast face, just as mine catch that he's blushing too. "To your arena!" Terra motions and a plot of ground rises up, a square plot about five feet off the ground and at least a good hundred square feet in area. Damion and I climb onto it. "Go!" There are multiple objects on this arena, including chains. Terra remembers. Nonchalantly, I wave my hand. Chains rattle as they circle the perimeter of the plot, filling the air with an unsettlingly raspy hiss. Damion looks at me, pretending to be exasperated.

"Must everything you do be terrifying?" I smile, give an unapologetic 'Sorry,' and Damion pretend to curse under his breath. I sit. Suddenly, Damion appears at my side, arm raised to give me a pretend punch with his fist of solid light. I don't move; don't blink. Before he can land the 'blow', chains wrap themselves around Damion, pinning his arms to his sides, but before the chains engulf him, he bursts out, breaking the chains as though they were nothing. Which they aren't, compared to his solid light. I close my eyes, still smiling.

"Damion, before we go on fighting, sit with me a moment."

"Ummm, okay." Confused, Damion sits next to me. Relaxing, he sighs. I open my eyes. Slowly, I raise a hand, and poke him with a finger.

"Boop! Gotcha." I laugh as Terra and a few other kids start applauding slowly, some laughing. Damion catches on and laughs too. My eyelids droop. As they should. Magic takes energy, and I haven't slept well for the past few nights due to various events. Unable to hold my head up any longer, I lay it on someone's shoulder, someone who's sitting right next to me, but I'm so tired that I can't... Remember... Who's next... To me.

I wake up on a bleacher. Class is still going. I rub one eye and amble over to Alex. They smile at me.

"That was cute, falling asleep."

"Hey, don't call me cute." I point warningly at them, but they don't seem to mind.

"You should've seen Damion's face when you laid your head on his shoulder-" Oh. OH. OH SHOOT. THAT WAS DAMION.

"Ohhhhh, no. I - where's Damion?" I look around. Alex laughs sweetly and points to where Damion usually trains, over on the far side of the building, with Terra. I walk over, trying to stifle a blush. Damion looks up from his training. Quickly, he rubs the back of his neck, blushing like I am.

"Hey Adira. What do you need?"

"Oh, I... I just want to say sorry... For, uh, falling asleep on you-" Dread dawns on me. "How long was I out?" Damion chuckles. A nice chuckle, not mean or anything.

"Five, ten minutes. Terra hand to lower the platform before we could move you to the bleachers, so I got stuck with you for a little." I can't help but hide my face.

"Ohhhhh, I'm so sorryyyy." Damion laughs this time.

"Hey, it's okay... It was kinda... Nice, actually. I felt like you finally trusted me a bit." His gaze falls to the ground. As his words sink in, I slowly lower my hands. I realize something.

"Yeah." I breathe in sharply, laughing, trying to cover my insecurity with a jest. "I guess I kinda do!" We both laugh at this, but deep down I know it's actually true. A moment of silence passes. Damion looks back at Terra.

"Well, I'd best be getting back to training. Nice talking to you." I agree, and turn to walk back to Alex. Damion goes back to training. When I arrive at Alex, they have an anime-girl  look on their face.

"What's up with you?" I ask them. They squeal.

"I ship it!!" They reply, still squealing. I'm taken aback.

"Come again?" Their face becomes smug.

"NOOOOOOTHING." I roll my eyes and am about to return to my training, but then a man dressed in black robes appears in the middle of the room.

Is it bad that I'm squealing along with Alex? 'Cause Damira is freaking adorable. 

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Alex is squealing happily at Damian and Adria when a man in black robes appears at the center of the room. He waits for everyone to stop talking, which doesn’t take long, before speaking. “Students in class 32,” his voice booms through the room. “find your roommate and go to your dorms immediately.” 

There is a bit murmuring through the gym at that but we reluctantly find our roomates, I walk to Jax and say ”What do you think is going on?”

He looks at the hero’s robes and says “I’m not sure, who do you think that is anyway?”

Terra then walks into the room and addresses the hooded and cloaked figure, we’re not close enough to hear what is said but as I’m looking at them something clocks in my mind. I whisper to Jax “That’s Taint the bioweapon, I thought he retired three years ago!”

Before Jax can respond we are whisked into our room by a gust of wind, unmistakable because of its distinct smell of the sea. “Monsoon’s here too? This must be big!” Jax exclaims. I try the door handle but only end up shocking myself. As I shake my hand I try to figure out what just happened.\


It's short I'm sorry, I'll try to post more later if I can

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"What's going on?" I whisper to Taint. "Void is late, and you come up here and tell my students to return to their dorms!" "We're under attack," Taint replied, as cold as ever. "Multiple villains are on their way here. Void sent me and Monsoon up ahead. The rest are with Geigue. That group can take care of most of the villains, but six got through and are on their way ... including him." I shuddered, hoping Taint didn't mean what I thought. "Are you sure? Void said he might be back, but we've never said any evidence..." "I'm sure. I was there 20 years ago. I recognize his power. Monsoon will get the students to their dorms. We need to meet up with Void." "Alright. But if he's here ... I hope the students will be alright." As Monsoon used his power to send the students to their dorms, I ran with Taint towards the villains, desperately hoping that everyone was wrong, that he hadn't returned. 20 years ago, he killed nearly all the heroes, except for me, Geigue, Void, Taint, and a few that were only tainees at the time. We barely beat him then, with way more numbers and Daniel's father's power-dainer. I honestly don't know how we'll beat him now.


Once the hero I guessed was Monsoon sent us back to our dorms, I sat down on my bed. "what's going on?" Connor asked me, as if I knew. "Whatever it is, it'd be best for us to follow Terrra's and Taint's orders and remain here. We don't want to get in the way." I prepared to follow my own advice, when a blast of purple light blinded me. When I could see again, I was standing beside the gym pool, a couple other students around me. "This isn't good," I said to myself.


I'll try to post more later. This is a busy week for me. 

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Top please.

I'll try to post either today or tomorrow. 

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I'm not going to post a lot right now, but hopefully other people can continue after this post.


"This isn't good," I said to myself. Looking around, I recognized two of the other students with me as Adira and Connor. I didn't know the third one. "Does anyone know what just happened?" Connor asked. "We were teleported," I said much calmer than I felt. "And I bet all the other students were as well, just to different parts of the school. I was suspecting that this was a villain attack, just like the first day we were here, and this confirms it. I'll bet the villains want the students divided and away from the heroes so they can do ... whatever they want to do. We'd better try to get to the dorms or somewhere else safe. But we'd better stay together. If the villains teleported us here, there's probably one of them nearby."

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