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Superpower RP

Superpower RP
The age of superheroes ended 20 years ago. Since that time, all new powers have been minimal, allowing the police to easily deal with villains even in the absence of heroes. But then, one day, 48 teenagers across the world receive a letter, which reads:
Greetings and Salutations!
My name is Daniel Storm. You may know me as CEO of Void Corp., the premier superpower research firm. If you didn’t know me, now you do! Introductions are not the reason for this letter, though. I am pleased to offer you a spot in my new private high school. Located in the eastern United State “dead zone” (an area not covered by any satellite), it boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including its own movie theater, water park, and other amenities in addition to top-notch dorms, meals, and classrooms. I don’t neglect the actual teaching, either. I have pulled some of the greatest teachers I could find to staff this high school. Now you may be thinking “so this sounds like a really good school, but I can’t afford anything like that.” Well, it may be expensive, but I’m paying. Yes, you read that right. Void Corp. will pay all expenses, including a private jet to the school, room and board, and meals. Now I bet you’re thinking “Wow! How do I join?” That’s simple. One week after receiving this letter, a Void Corp. private jet will land at the nearest airport to your home. To enroll, just get on that plane! No parents or siblings allowed, though (even I don’t have that much money). I hope to see you all there!

Daniel Storm
The people receiving this mysterious letter are from all backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. However, all of them have one thing in common: they all have superpowers, powers of a level not seen for 20 years. And their powers will be needed.
Hello! This is my first time creating an RP, so hopefully that introduction made sense. All our characters join Daniel’s school and learn about their powers in the process. Other than that, this can go in any direction. Again, I’m new at this, so please feel free to correct anything I mess up.
Character sheet:
Anything extra:
My character:
Name: Damion
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Damion is about 6’ 1’’, with red eyes and short black hair. His skin is very pale, and glows slightly in the dark. He generally wears casual clothing, but often wears a black cloak to hide his unnatural skin. He also usually carries a small, hand-carved wooden flute with him.
Personality: Damion is a loner, preferring to be by himself. He is indifferent to many things, and tends to be curt and to the point when he does interact with people. However, he is always observing other people and the environment, and knows much more than he lets on. He loves to compose music and play it on his flute, but only does it in private.
Background: Damion does not remember his parents, except that he ran away from them some time ago and that he carved his flue with them. He has lived on his own, drifting across the country and taking odd-jobs for money. When Daniel’s letter (somehow) reached him, he joined the school more for the free dorm and meals provided than for the education. However, he also saw it as an opportunity to learn and increase his chances of finding stable work. He knows he has a superpower, but doesn’t know his true potential.
Power: Damion can control and create light. Basic uses of this power include making directed beams or flashes of light. However, Damion is also able to “harden” light he is in contact with (which he can turn back into normal light). Hardened light acts like a solid material, essentially allowing him to create things like walls and beams out of thin air. In addition, Damion can turn his own body and some other things  (such as clothing he’s wearing) into light. While transformed into light, Damion still retains complete control of his body and powers, allowing him to move extremely quickly. In case people think Damion is OP, his power has three main weaknesses: darkness limits the amount of light he can create, any light he creates or controls has to move in a straight line, and normal light must move at light-speed, while hardened light acts like a normal material (e.g. Damion can not create flashes of hardened light, he must continually move while turned into light).
Anything extra: N/A

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I nod. "Agreed. Let's go to my dorm, I changed it to have reinforced walls and a back-up lockdown system." I catch Connor looking at me like I had some knowledge beforehand. "Hey, we've been attached before. I do what I can." Connor gives a dissatisfied nod. Damion waves it aside, and reaches out to me. When he puts his hand on my shoulder, my heart flutters.

"I like your plan. Let's go." He smiles down at me.

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Damion flashes away leaving us alone. I sigh. I can't do this. I'm no hero. Damion is strong, Adira is strong, Alex is strong, and I'm i'm nothing. 

"I-" Adira starts but I never hear the end of that statement because another bright purple flash blinds me and I teleport to the dark and empty training room.  

"Poor Connor" a female voice says "You are without your friends! you're deffencless."

"Who are you?" I yell into the darkness.

"Oh that doesn't matter. What does matter is you. You can't be a hero! You've said it before. You arn't srong enough, you arn't brave enough. In fact Terra said you have a villanous capacity for chaos! You could be one of us."

I shake my head trying to get rid of the memories that pop up. "No" I whisper "I can't"

"Oh but you can. No one has ever loved you. In fact they won't care to lose you!"

"No they care Damion and Alex and Adira, they all care!" I yell. vines slowley wrap around my feet but I don't notice. I'm too angry.

"No they don't Damion is out of pity, Adira because Damion does and Alex because of Adira. No one cares. Not even your own family"

I freeze. That comment hit my heart. The vines are around my waist and start climbing up my arm. I shout in alarm and try to light my hands up but the vines smother the flames. I try to shout again but vines wrap around my mouth.

Help me! Anyone help! please!

I fall over trying to escape. The vines crawl over my vision and over my face.


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Top please.

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-- Alex --

There's a blinding flash of purple light, and suddenly, I'm standing in the middle of the training field at school. I don't see anyone else around me, and I honestly wouldn't be sure what to do if there was someone. As it is, I'm not sure what to do. After a moment of hesitation, however, I come to a decision.

Walking purposefully across the field, I'm about to make it back to my dorm when I see a person in the distance. They're wearing a dark robe and surrounded by a scary-looking force field. And, if I don't do something, they're going to see me any second.

I pull a pen out of my pocket - I always carry a few with me - and scribble on the nearest wall. A moment later, I have a simple grenade in my hand. I throw it as far away as I can and shelter against the wall as it detonates. The villain immediately turns in that direction, and I take advantage of their momentary distraction to run for the dorm building.

When I reach my room, out of breath, I find that I can't get in. I pound on the door, hoping that whoever locked it is inside and a friend. Luckily for me, it's both.

"Who's there?" asks Adira warily.

"It's me. Alex."

Adira quickly opens the door, ushers me in, and closes it again with a slam. Looking around, I see that inside the room are not only Adira and me but also Connor, Damion, and a third kid I don't recognize.

"So..." I say, "What are we supposed to do now?" 

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"So, what are we supposed to do now?"

I thought for a moment, looking out from Adira's dorm. Finally, I speak. "There are 48 students here. I've been watching them during the superhero training sessions. Most of them are nowhere near as good with their powers as we are with ours. And there are at least 2 villains out there, maybe more, trying to find them for who knows what purpose. All the teachers are gone, probably stopping even more villains from reaching the school. Normally, I would suggest that we stay here and wait for the teachers to get back. But if we do that, how many of the other students will be found by the villains?" I turned around to look at Alex, Adira, and Connor. "They need someone to help them. A hero. We are training to be heroes, aren't we? I'm not that good at making inspirational speeches, so all I can do is this. I'm going to go out there and help those students, either by getting them here or to another safe spot, or by defeating the villains after them. I don't care if you all stay here or go with me. But I've been training for this sort of thing, and those students out there need my help."

I walked over to the door, and paused for a moment, looking back at Adira. Then I blinked out of the dorms, searching for the other students.

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this seems like an awesome rp, and i'd really like to join, but y'all are godmodding like nobody's buiseness. 

godmodding is rping someone else's character without permission. so like, 

character 1: "do you want to do this?"

character 2: "sure!"

but the person who rps character 1 is also rping character 2 who belongs to someone else. thus, the other person just had their character's action done for them, even if they dont want it to happen. maybe the other person doesn't want their character to do that. does all that make sense? 

long story short, if someone said my character did something without my permission, i'd be really mad.  

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She crept around the grounds of the high school. It was strangely quiet. A wind, surging through the grass, blew her cloak up off her shoulders, and she absentmindedly pulled it back. Looking up, she thought she saw a face peering out of a window, and hastily wrapped her cape around her body, hiding her four arms and her tail. She wildly hoped the person in the window hadn't seen her deformities. Her head snapped to the side as a grenade exploded in the distance, and she raced to the nearest door, forcing her way inside. She wandered around for a while, then suddenly a person blinked into existence in front of her (Damion). Startled, she stumbled back, tripping over her tail. Her cloak unsnapped and fell from her shoulders, revealing her scaly tail and extra arms. Fear made her skin turn vivid blue, her eyes became blue with slitted snakelike pupils. She peeled back her lips to show her fangs, and hissed in what she hoped was an agressive manner. Inside, she was positivily terrified. 

Who are you?

She sent the thought question speeding towards the teen in front of her (still Damion), and, less than three feet away, the words echoed in his mind as clearly as if she had spoken aloud:

Who are you? 


i'm not going to godmode Tafinx's character, or anyone else's, unless they say its okay. and if its okay, if that's how y'all do things here, if it makes the roleplay faster, then okay. i'll think about giving y'all permission to godmode my character too. i just don't like it, bc 1, you can easily just say, "killed so-and-so", and 2, it just sometimes feels offending to have your character temporarily taken over by someone else. 

dont feel offended by what im saying, im just saying how i feel.  

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And top.

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eh, i'll join anyway. here's my character:


name: Vanessa (Vess) Grace

age: 17 years

gender: girl

appearance #1: tan skin, dark hair, brown eyes, about six feet tall, has four arms and a blue reptilian tail, wears a large black hooded cloak to hide her extra limbs, wears a black bodysuit with holes cut for her tail and second pair of arms, hiking boots.

appearance #2 (agitated, negative emotions): blue skin, eyes fiery blue with a black slit pupil like a snake's, venomous fangs instead of teeth, and forked tongue, all the rest same as appearance #1.

personality: outwardly negative in any way, but she hides an inner, softer personality that just dosn't want anyone to get hurt. 

powers: she cant read minds, but she can send thoughts to someone's mind, and if someone thinks at her she can hear it, so she is able to have a telephactic conversation with someone. and she can generate and manuipulate energy to create weapons.  

strengths: her fangs can deliver venom of any strength she wants.  

weaknesses: she has never tried to deliver venom potent enough to kill. she dosn't know of any of her powers.  

backstory: when she was twelve, she snuck into the lab where her father worked as a scientist. she got right behind him, and watched as he injected a rat first with anesthesia, and then with a strange serum that caused the rat to become deformed. horrified, she shreiked, and her father turned around and accidentally stabbed her with the needle, injecting the strange serum into her bloodstream. she blacked out, and woke up with her deformities. (ie, extra arms, tail, etc.) when she found out, she went insane, and attacked her father and his comrades. she still struggles with her insanity whenever she is overwhelmed by negative emotions, she attacks people, and afterwards has little or no memory of the incident. 


(if you have any questions about my character dont hesitate to ask.) 

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(May 31, 2019 - 9:14 pm)

adding to my character's powers:


she can shapeshift into any reptile, including the mythical ones. she also has enhanced speed and strength. she doesn't know of any of her powers except her telephactic abilities.  

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@Nyx about your godmodding comment, I don't think any of us care. I don't. If it goes too far, like if an apsect of a charrie's personality is ignored, then a slight 'Hey this wouldn't happen, just a heads up.' is all that's needed. And sometimes, godmodding has to happen for an RP to get ANYWHERE. If you're not okay with that, oh well. I guess our RPing doesn't suit you.

This is just my opinion. I'd just like to point out that your comment sounded incredibly rude to me, like you were saying this RP wasn't worth your while because we do things with one another's charries. If this is not the case, then could you pleae explain to me what you really meant?

But hey, welcome to the RP. 

 Rogue, please refer to Nyx's more recent comment about this. 


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I understand, Rogue Wildling. I didn't mean for my comment to sound rude. I'm sorry if it did, i was just sharing my opinion. Also, i should have stopped to consider that maybe you're all okay with using each other's charries before i posted my godmodding comment. I just was introduced to rp in a differant way, where we wern't supposed to do it. And that's okay. I am joining this rp, and i will do my best to ajust to your way. If i'm a little off on the way rp works here now and then, just let me know, and i'll try to fix it. 

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Thank you for understanding, and, reading my own comment, I realize that I probably sounded overly hostile. Sorry about that, I was having a horrible day that day, and had (still am) been sleep deprived for multiple days.

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(June 2, 2019 - 4:00 pm)

eeesh, sleep deprivation is awfuuuuul! 

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Hi Nyx!


I had just checked the park grounds, but couldn't find anyone. The empty school was starting to worrry me. I wasn't expecting a horde of villains, but I should have found a teacher or at least another student by now. Then, I noticed movement inside the science building. Almost opening the door, I hesitated. Sure, it looked like a student inside, but what if it was a villain? I didn't want to give away the advantage of suprise if I didn't need to. Looking around for another entrance, I noticed a window. Smiling, I stepped back, then blinked through the window. However, I hadn't noticed that the person was in front of that exact window. Initially, I only saw a black-cloaked figure. As soon as I materialized, the figure tripped, probably in suprise, and fell over. Its cloak fell off, revealing a blue-skinned, four-armed, reptilian girl. She hissed at me, and asked me who I was. At least, I think she spoke. It felt like she thought the question to me. Probably telepathy, I thought. But who is she? She's not a student or teacher, and she doesn't look like a villain... "My name is Damion," I finally said. "Who are you? You're not a student here, and I doubt you just found a superhero school in the 'dead zone' that's under attack by villains. You'd better tell me now, before I assume that you're one of them." As I said this, I light-hardened my hand, just in case she attacked.

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