"What would you

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"What would you

"What would you do?" Kione's eyes stared blankly at the insides of their respective eyelids. The abomination before her flinched, fearing its mistress' steely gaze, which, at the moment, was hidden from the world. Kione opened her eyes, but did not turn them on the creature. "I said, what would you do?" She repeated quietly.

"I-I am in no position to answer that f-for you, my Lady-" Kione closed her eyes again.

"Good answer, Leaf, you may go." With a bow, the creature scuttled out of the room, its feet tapping lightly on the polished-to-perfection oak wood. Kione looked up. Little puffs from ripe dandelions floated to the ground and danced slowly and dejectedly in a circle, the latter kept from the floor by an almost intangible air current. Kione opened her eyes and watched them. They were her favorites, a symbol of silence. She knew she could fix this world... But that so-called 'heros' would try to stop her. At the thought her swords, her two Thorns, materialized in her hands. Kione stood and held them out at arms' length. Suddenly, she swung them around, and with them she turned as well. She rose in the air. Her momentum spent, Kione kept her swords out at arms' length. They resisted the air and softened her fall. Still, her landing was heavy, but that couldn't be helped. She must get used to landing on the balls of her feet.

"My Lady!" Kione whirled around, one Thorn at her side, the other at her visitor's throat. Eyes closed and breathing quickened by adrenaline, Kione replied, "Yes?"


@Admins, are we allowed to keep what we write as our own or is it automatically the Cricket's? I'm kind of proud of this. I'm thinking I'll take this one way on here, another way in a Google Document. :P

When you submit writing to be posted on Chatterbox it does become part of our site, but you are still the author. If you need a more legally specific answer, we'll have to ask our Rights editor.


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Hmm. So, Rights Editor, could I potentially finish this story and publish it as a book or no? Also, if I mentioned in the dedication or something that I first wrote it on Cricket, would that do anything legally?


You're the original creator of the content, and you didn't sign a contract with Cricket, so you are free to do with your story as you please! Just as long as you keep us updated on the story of course...what happens next? ;) --Admin   

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@Admin, you'll see! TOP

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This is exciting, Rogue!! Your descriptions are great, you use so few words to get your meaning across. (Also, your question was a great one, I'd never thought about it before. XP)

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Thanks! You'll be seeing more of it!

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Well done, Rogue! I like this a lot; it was very well-written. I loved the description of the dandelion puffs ‘dancing in a circle’. I can’t wait to read more!

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The visitor crumpled to their knees.

"My Lady! Please don't kill me-" It was the voice of one of Kione's most trusted advisors. Kione's Thorns disappeared.

"Rise, Cockleburr." Cockleburr complied eagerly. "Report."

"Our spies say that the Queen has not yet figured out that-" Kione's chuckle cut him off.

"The Queen has not yet found my symbol?" She relished in the thought. The Queen wasn't too bright anyway, but it wasn't like her to neglect looking out the window.

"Yes, my Lady. You are correct. By now, the dandelions should be in a circle, surrounding the castle." Kione's eyes snapped open.

"That's not what I ordered." Malice crept into her voice. Cockleburr faltered, whimpering. Suddenly, the malice vanished. "BUT that's okay. Everybody makes mistakes now and then. Send troops to pull out all of the dandelions except the biggest, which shall be placed directly in front of the castle bridge. Got that?" She said, smiling. Cockleburr nodded.

"Y-Yes, my Lady." And, with a respectful bow, he turned to walk out of the throne room. Kione held up a finger.

"Oh, and give Leaf something nice for dinner tonight. He provided me with a good answer to a question I asked him." Cockleburr nodded again.

"My Lady." Then, he was gone, and Kione was once again alone in the throne room. 

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Yes, this is good!!!!!!!........................keep going!

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This is great, Rogue! Please continue!

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Aah! Sorry guys I was gone all day today. I'll try to post again soon with another part! Top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top-

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Another post is in progress; please hold...

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Morning came after a gloriously long night. The real Queen must have rested well. Still, Kione sighed and looked up longingly at the rising sun, wishing it would go away. With another sigh, she descended into a tunnel and shut the hatch. She could bear the sun, but her people couldn't. It comes with being the Queen of Shades. Eyes closed, as usual, she passed a few of her so-called 'subjects' and silently wished there was a better word for it. She never felt like their Queen, more like their General. That's why she insisted on being called 'My Lady' instead of 'Your Highness' or 'Majesty'. Kione didn't care much for politics. She never did, and probably never would. However, for some reason, her people feared her gaze as though it could kill. Kione knew it couldn't. Just because she was familiar with Her Radiance didn't mean that she had the power to, quite literally, kill on sight, but for her subjects' sake she kept her eyes and assumed a shambling walk to avoid bumping into her surroundings. The only thing her green eyes could do was see when they're open and rest when they're closed. She really wasn't as heartless as most thought but didn't want to be taken advantage of. She shivered to think of Her Radiance. For years, the Hollow Kingdom had suffered under Her negligent reign, something that would hopefully be over soon. The Queen of Shine would learn a lesson, and Hollow would finally be plunged into darkness. It would be a welcome change from the permanent fire that ripped through the souls of the Overpeople, those who served the Queen of Shine.

"My Lady." A smooth voice interrupted Kione's thoughts. The rustle of dry leaves and the clicking of twig feet on oak advanced steadily. Petal.

"Yes, Petal? What do you need?" Kione turned her head in the direction of the voice.

"My Lady, there are some people who would like to see you. They claim to be Overpeople hoping to join our ranks." Kione nods silently.

"Send them to the Throne Room... I'll be there waiting for them." With a bow, Petal leaves. Kione noted that Petal's dress, made from dry leaves, is not the most stealthy outfit. After a moment, Kione resumed her walk to the Throne Room.

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