Empty Seas RP!

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Empty Seas RP!

Empty Seas RP!

I know. *sigh* Another RP . . . more responsibility for me and others. But hey, they're super fun right? 


The ocean is everlastingly empty.

No gently waving anenomes, no flamboyant fish with all the rainbow trapped beneath their scales --

Perhaps it was here once; it's gone now. And they, that is, the children, have never known it. All they know is straight blue and dark rock under their scaly feet. That and the white-stuff, the only living thing besides them, that clings to the rocks. On this they and their families feed.

When the serpents come, as they know they will . . . . . There will be no hope for any of the tribes, not Kolet, not Brayza, not Taxad, not Jae.

Some of their children, their finned, sclay, but still humanoid children (not merrows! Akwin knows not merrows!) must depart, go far to the east, and seek the serpents' lair -- ask them not to come.

Or seek the shore. But which of the Ocean Ones would dare do that?


Heh yeah whatever I came up with all that just now . . . hope it's OK.

First of all, THE RULES (yeah this RP has rules, yo!)

1) No swearing, of course, even in small ways (but you can make up pretend swear words especially for Ocean Ones to use; "sharkscale!" "fishbite!", etc.)

2) A maximum of 2 characters from each tribe, and they must be between the ages of 10 and 18. 

The sheet is as follows:





Appearance (I hope what I gave above is enough for how they're supposed to look):



And here's my charrie:

Name: Ashva Orll

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Tribe: Taxad (which means only one more charrie for Taxad!!)

Appearnce: Light green/white scales, in fact almost minty. Long red wavy hair (it's hard to see he's a boy at first). Deep blue eyes, pointed chin, thin, large fins.

Personality: He doesn't like to let his feelings show. He can be pretty sharp, even among friends, and at other times he's really nice. He is quite proud and considers Taxad the best tribe of the Empty Seas.  

Other: He would rather search for the shores of didtant lands than beg for help "from wretched sea stalkers!" 


So long. See you in the Empty Seas. 


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I said "didtant"? I meant "distant"!!!

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Admins why did you delete one of my rules? Did I not --

never mind I think I understand.

But it would really make it easier for me if, um, you let it be a rule . . . . .Sorry :(

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Admins? Are you going to reply?

You said "Never mind. I think I understand." So I thought you didn't expect a reply. Chatterbox accepts diverse characters, but for all characters certain actions such as violence and romance are restricted. Admins will decide what will or will not be posted. We prefer people creating threads do not set restrictive guidelines.


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Name: Serpent

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Tribe: None, she's a rogue, and tends to stick to the deeper seas.

Appearance: Black scales cover her back, shoulders, arms, the backs of her hands, her legs, feet, and part of her chest. Her ears are frills, and her hair is brown. She has green eyes and her pupils are always large, which is why she hates bright light. Her feet are webbed. SHe always carries two spears that she fashioned out of bone. Her gills are lined up behind her frills. Her scales have marks on them that she can light up.

Personality: Curious but cautious, tends to stalk things. Quiet, loyal, courageous, stubborn, determined, smart, quick to catch on, etc.

Other: Open to shipping with a guy her age.

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(February 26, 2019 - 12:27 am)

Do ya wanna possibly ship her and Ashva . .  . . . . .

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Could you raise his age? We could make them both 15...

But yeah other than that they might be good together. OOH, we should make a love angle with another charrie too! 

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Yeah, I'll make him 15. I never really look at ages when it comes to shipping, :)

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This may sound a bit morbid but it might be from the dead fishpeoplethings if she's a serpent.

I'll post my sheet when I'm less busy so it may be in a few minutes or a few hours, I don't know.

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Cool! I’m joining!

Name: Polis Relacath

Age: 13

Gender: Female 

Tribe: Jae 

Appearance: Basically that of a sunset. Her hands and feet are pale gold, fading to pink as you get closer to her torso, and her chest, back, and head are the color of cotton candy. She has large, golden colored eyes and short, spiky, black hair. The backs of her hands have angelfish designs on them (think henna), because she believes that the ocean creatures will come back someday, she just has to be patient.

Personality: She is young and a bit naive. She makes friends easily, and she’s very loyal and kindhearted. She cannot keep a secret AT ALL. Exploring new places is very exciting to her, so she’s ecstatic that she was chosen for this mission.

Other: Nope, that’s it! 

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OOOH cool

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*finger guns in*

reserving a adventerous member of The Jae clan!

*finger guns out* 

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