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In this realm of creativity filled with wonders abound, there exists another place shrouded by shadowed forms at the entrance to a cave that sits quietly, innocently, at the edge of the world. The cave is enticing, but behind it lies what you suspect to be an endless maze...Surely that place is filled with so many twists and turns that its wonders would be lost to you if you stumbled inside in search of the legends that you have heard swim within...If only you had a map, or some tool which you could use to navigate these intricate, treasure-filled caverns to the vast and extravagant world beyond...

Kyngdom is an expansive world that sits just on the other side of the Inkwell. It's been a part of the CB for more than three years, but over time, the land of Kyngdom has become more and more separate, its borders growing farther away from the rest of the CB. Its history is elaborate--a captivating story that is worth every drop of time you spend listening to it. Sadly, not many these days know its tales.

This is your ultimate guide to Kyngdom. There has never been a thread like it before. If you've ever had any questions or curiosities about Kyngdom, here is the place we will put them to rest.


Kyngdom is a world which vibrates with the life we have breathed into it; it's something special, like a clock with all the gears turning in sync. There's a place here for everyone--Kyngdom is open, its gates are flung wide, and it has so much color and depth, with genres for everyone.

Two twin peaks, on the top of which once sat a laboratory belonging to the Brazen Inquiry Guild. It was destroyed by a raging Gryphon and an angry Clawed Serpent.

A secret agency of animals whose base is underground. They seek to subdue the Powers for the good of Kyngdom & the animal world.

An army rising, headed by a boy who was once king of all the land. He has returned to take back what was once his, with a tormented past hanging behind him like a gaunt, torturous shadow. Who is he, and who will he become?

Six Powers and their mistakes at the root of the problem, fighting a neverending battle. Who will reign supreme? Is there even such a thing as good and evil anymore?

Travelers caught in the fray, who still find the time to admire the little things in life and observe the chaos around them from a distance. 

There are lands far off on the edges of Kyngdom too. Places even the most intrepid explorers haven't dared to go. Will you be the first to find these lands? Your dedication will be rewarded. 

Maybe you don't have time to join the world. That's understandable! But as a Chatterboxer, discovering more about this integral piece of the CB is a valuable experience.

Maybe you like how Kyngdom sounds, but it's all too confusing to leap into. Well, this thread is here for you! The Kyngdom Academy will answer any and all questions you have.

So, what is Kyngdom? Kyngdom is the roleplay that's lived for three years. Kyngdom is the roleplay that never sinks to the back pages. What better place to express your creativity than here?

Let the lesson commence. A lot of hard work from many Kyngdomers has gone into this guide, so we hope you enjoy it!

~Hazel C. and the Kyngdomers

To be continued. 

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**A GLOSSARY OF TERMS will be provided, either before or with the plot summary, for reference during reading.**


Kyngdom was added to the Chatterbox in January 2016, two years after the end of Crowd Sorcery. (Fun fact, if you visit Crowd Sorcery, you can see the conversation that may have actually inspired Kyngdom!) At the start, Kyngdom was met with some confusion, but soon enough, new Kyngdomers were flooding through its gates. Back then, Kyngdom was in a free format, resembling any other Chatterbox forum where anyone could post a thread. However, with so many people making so many threads, things got a little confusing, and a restructuring was called upon a few months later. That was when Kyngdom was altered into the format you still see today.

Kyngdom progressed in different chapters. Each chapter was defined by a different Power, one of six beings in Kyngdom's universe that the members created and voted upon. Kyngdom began with the Power of Wing, where the preliminaries of the other Powers were hashed out and the main plot was exposed.

After four of the six Powers had progressed, the Admins and Editors handed the reigns of the plot to the Kyngdomers. Now, instead of going by Admin-guided events, Kyngdom is organized by the members themselves.

Up until this point in time, Kyngdom had been featured in Cricket Magazine. After the fourth Power chapter, however, Kyngdom's special pages were no longer printed in the magazine.

Starting January 2019, posts from Kyngdom were included in the Cricket's Letterbox! 


Kyngdom began with two different paths for characters to go down.

In-story, a revolutionary device called a Cypher had been invented. It allowed animals and humans to communicate. This device was invented by a team of young scientists at a place called Cypher Labs. And this invention is what started it all...

A rival lab, the Brazen Inquiry Guild (BIG for short; a group of scientists that likes to research on animals) had recently acquired a unique ancient whistle which they knew nothing about. They took it from the nest of a crow, and then kidnapped the crow (whose name was Zephyra) in hopes of learning more about this instrument. Because they needed young cypher-related scientists to help them interrogate the crow, BIG sent out invitations to all the Cypher labs scientists, hoping they would join.

That was the first option for characters. But the letters had been stamped with an ominous pawprint saying "don't take the job"...

Now, at the very same time, another letter was sent out. This one was sent by Zephyra's nephew--Little Crow. In this letter it was revealed that he wanted your help rescuing her. He also accidentally revealed that Zephyra was a spy for a secret animal organization.

So, the second option for characters was to help Little Crow rescue his aunt from BIG! Most characters chose to help Zephyra in some way, either by rescue squad or becoming spies at BIG. Others really did want to become a part of BIG.

As it turned out, Zephyra was a member of an organization called F.A.F.A.--the Fur and Feathers Association. FAFA is a spy agency that was mostly focuses around monitoring BIG and protecting the Powers. (It was FAFA who put pawprints on BIG's letters.) FAFA and their allies helped to rescue Zephyra from the clutches of BIG, and at the end of this adventure, Kyngdomers learned what exactly that mysterious whistle really was...

It was the magical instrument containing the Power of Wing, a legendary creature that, as myths explained, could wreak massive destruction upon the land. Zephyra was the Guardian of this instrument.

The whistle was activated at the end of the adventure, releasing a rampaging Gryphon that destroyed much of BIG's lab.

But rumor had it that there were other instruments out there, and BIG set out to find them...

Meanwhile, it was FAFA's job to find them before BIG did!

And so Kyngdom's plot unfolded.

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Notice: Below is the summary of Kyngdom's plot is a GLOSSARY OF TERMS which can be referenced for potential questions or confusions you may have! You can use Ctrl-F to find specific words or phrases in the glossary.

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1) what is the conflict

2) what's going on right now

3) thanks so much for this thread 

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You're very welcome, Jithkeeper! This guide is many months in the making, and I'm hoping it will help out a lot of people.

A summary is coming soon, but here's what I have for your questions on the conflict: 

The conflict was originally between BIG and FaFA as they battled for information on the Power of Wing and the other instruments scattered through Kyngdom.

However, as more instruments were discovered and activated, it became apparent that Kyngdom's history had been hiding something. Catastrophe, a child-turned-tyrant-king who overtook Kyngdom centuries before, was brought back to life with one of the Powers. In this new age, he has set out to finish what he started, and is now trying to once more claim Kyngdom for his own.

As of right now, Catastrophe and his army are growing ever closer to taking control of Kyngdom. An organization called the Resistance is trying to stop him. FaFA and the Powers are trying to team together to stop the war, and there's a lot of drama involved there.

That's just a basic overview, but specifics are coming soon! 

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Hold on to your hats. Here's the entire summary of Kyngdom's events so far, from the past to the present. We'll start with the Power Origins, and go on from there. It's a really unique and interesting story, so enjoy!

This is a mishmash of summaries by Hazel C. (me), Sybill, an unknown author, and Viola?. 

*Disclaimer: This summary is very basic in comparison to the events that actually occurred. EVERYTHING is NOT included in this summary; it is an overview. The good news is, if you're itching for details, a LIBRARY of the actual summarized roleplays will be provided towards the end of this guide!*

The summary is, understandably, lengthy, and will be posted in pieces. The glossary is also lengthy and I feel like it would just be confusing at this point, so I'm going to hold off from providing it until later.

The Beginning

-Before Kyngdom was even thought of; before the land and the sea or anything, a giant flower bloomed in the darkness. It had six petals.

-When the flower was grown, six baby creatures emerged from the flower, one for each petal. One was a gryphon; one was a clawed serpent; one was a sea dragon; one was a winged wolf; one was a unicorn, and one was a dragon. These were the Powers.

-From behind the Powers emerged a blue fairy, the PowerFriend, who acted as a sort of mother to them as they grew. Her name was Celesti.

-The Powers created Kyngdom as we know it--Caelani, (the gryphon; Power of Wing), created the skies and gave winged creatures their joy for the skies. The clawed serpent (Power of Claw; his name was Ecio) created the ground, and was ruler of all animals under the earth. The sea dragon made the seas (Power of Fin; Ayearth). The winged wolf, named Lunee, was the Power of Howl. She made the moon and the night and gave creatures their voices. The unicorn, Sylvia, who was the Power of hoof, created life, including animals and plants. The dragon, Power of Fang, gave creatures the ability to bite and kill for their food. Her name was Claaws, and she controlled some of the impulses that led to biting and killing--namely the darker ones, greed and such.

-The Powers walked the land for many years. But soon trouble arose, as Claaws began to grow unruly and jealous. Darkness grew within her heart, and she began to feed it. She spoke to it, and it spoke to her...

-Claaws's darkness soon grew so great that she was exiled by the other Powers. In order for this to be balanced, Claaws became the Power of Darkness, while Lunee became the Power of Light. Claaws was forced out of the Powers' abode.

-Alone, Claaws's darkness grew. She could not control it, and soon, it took on an actual form. This form was one of the first Sideaffected Powers. It was a dragon, just like Claaws, but Claaws was not aware that the dragon had been created.

-The Sideaffected Power was named Jaaws, and she held powers of great darkness. She was evil personified, and also a sort of punishment for Claaws, who had caved in to the darkness within her. Jaaws would do everything she could to destroy Kyngdom, and Jaaws went around Kyngdom putting true evil into the hearts of humans.

-The Powers decided that humans were too evil to keep on Kyngdom. They began to hate them. Soon, some Powers started killing off the human race, including Claaws.

-One poor innocent boy's family and town were destroyed by Claaws. The boy's name was Samson...but he soon changed it to Catastrophe from all that had happened to him.

-Catastrophe, orphaned and alone, went into the forest and befriended a wolf named Froststone. She pretty much adopted him, and nurtured him in his aloneness. Catastrophe also befriended other animals.

-Soon Claaws mastered her darkness and was able to rejoin the Powers. She was once again the Power of Fang; Lunee then returned to being the Power of Howl. (However, there is speculation that Claaws never changed back from being the Power of Darkness.)

-At this point, other Sideaffected Powers had been born. Here is a list of all Sideaffected Powers, to clear up any further confusion:
CAELANI'S SIDEAFFECTED POWERS: Aya/female/phoenix AND Leptomoris/male/manticore AND Enyo/male/Song of War Bird
ECIO'S SIDEAFFECTED POWER: Grondor/male/megatherium (a megatherium is a giant ground sloth)
AYEARTH'S SIDEAFFECTED POWER: Xiayou/female/Chinese Dragon: was once Ayearth's love but was killed; created hurricanes and bad weather, including snow
LUNEE'S SAP: She does not have any. Great job, Lunee.
SYLVIA'S SAP: Whist/female/deformed owl with scar over eye: has powers over the mist and can create mist animals; can hypnotize minds with her mist
CLAAWS'S SAP: Jaaws/female/black dragon with red eyes: power over evil and can turn people evil, breath purple flames, possess and hypnotize creatures, fade into shadows, speak to the evil part of people
(Sideaffected Powers are created from Powers' flaws and typically strive for destruction. They are not good.)

-This is where Catastrophe comes back in. One day, Caelani killed Froststone and Catastrophe's other animal friends. Catastrophe, broken and alone once more, fled.

-He came across Whist, who attempted to hypnotize him but only partially succeeded. Catastrophe then stumbled into Jaaws's cave. She sensed his darkness--the anger at the Powers for ruining his life, his ambitions to become something powerful, his thirst for revenge--and Jaaws spoke to those desires. She used her powers to turn him evil, into someone to destroy Kyngdom.

-Jaaws helped Catstrophe rise to power. According to legend, if you killed the monster of the mist you would become king. This monster was none other than Whist, and with Jaaws's help, Catastrophe killed Whist and subsequently became the 13-year-old ruler of ancient Kyngdom.

-While Catastrophe was trying to kill Whist, Whist tried to gain control of Catastrophe's mind to stop him from ending her life. Thus, as Catastrophe fought Whist, Jaaws and Whist also battled for control of his mind. Jaaws won, but a little bit of Whist's essence was left within Catastrophe's head. (This tidbit of info comes into importance later. When Catastrophe comes to life many years later, the tiny bit of Whist in his head escapes, bringing Whist back to life.)

-Catastrophe, as king of Kyngdom, went around using Brazen Goo to kill all the Powers. [Of course, it wasn't called that back then.] Brazen Goo is the only thing lethal to Powers, and it is derived from a flower. (Sylvia created this flower as a failsafe in case any Power went bad and became too dangerous to stay alive.)

-Around this time Catastrophe fell in love with the PowerFriend, whose name was Celesti. She disguised herself as human, so Catastrophe wasn't aware of her true identity. (After all, Catastrophe hated the Powers, and would never have fallen in love with Celesti if he knew she was their caretaker.)

-Now...it gets a little confusing here, so let me just say:
~Catastrophe had a son named Ronan.
~Celesti also had another child, but not with Catastrophe. This child carried the blood of the PowerFriend. Icy, a character belonging to Icy, also carries the blood of the PowerFriend.

-All of that aside, the Powers fell to Catastrophe's hand one by one. The last Power to remain alive was Claaws, along with Celesti, Catastrophe's love. If you can believe it, Catastrophe killed Celesti after finally discovering her true identity.

-Note: Powers do not truly die. When they 'die', they simply turn into an instrument, which holds their essence. As each Power fell by Catastrophe's hand, returning to their instrument form, he assigned an animal to guard it. These animals were instructed NEVER TO PLAY THE INSTRUMENTS, or the Powers would get out. These became the Guardians. More about them later on.

-Finally Catastrophe killed Claaws, but in that battle between the two of them, Claaws struck Catastrophe down, and he died as well. As Claaws succumbed to her instrument form, Catastrophe was sucked inside as well. Ronan was present at this battle, too, and was also somehow attached to Claaws's instrument. (When Claaws was awakened hundreds of years later, Ronan and Catastrophe would return to life.)

-Since the Powers were all dormant, some if not all of the remaining Sideaffected Powers fell into a deep sleep for the next hundred+ years.


That's about it for Kyngdom's origins. This all took place hundreds if not thousands of years ago in Kyngdom's past. The Powers' instruments were passed down from guardian to guardian during that time, so the Powers remained dormant for a very long time.

* Since the Powers each have a 'normal' animal form that they can shapeshift to, Celesti had a human form. It was then that she was in a relationship with Catastrophe. He had no idea of her true status, until the end, which led her to be murdered.

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The Power of Wing

Part two of the Kyngdom summary. We pick up many centuries after the previous summary takes place.

-The Powers and Catastrophe were gone. Centuries passed, and over time, knowledge and memory of them were lost. As the instruments were passed down from guardian to guardian, they forgot what exactly they were guarding, only that they must never trigger the instruments. However, some guardians still knew who and what they were guarding.

-Sylvia, Power of Hoof, was summoned out of curiosity by the horses guarding her instrument. She made them forget what they did, gave them a fake instrument to protect, and retreated to the farthest reaches of Kyngdom. (No one knows she is active through all the following events.)

-The Brazen Inquiry Guild (BIG) was formed. BIG did research on animals and other things, and, as their name suggested, they were bold and without shame in what they did. Many creatures didn't like how BIG treated animals. Lots of them had reason to hate BIG.

-Shortly thereafter, it is presumed that an organization called Fur and Feathers Association (FaFA) was formed. Nobody really knows when FaFA was founded; all we know is they are a group of animal spies that spend their time monitoring BIG's activities.

-Claaws was summoned, BUT it is unknown at which time this happened. She too spent her time sneaking around in the quiet shadows. At the same time, Catastrophe came back to life, as well as his son Ronan. Both spent time gaining their bearings. Ronan lost his memory.  

-The Cypher was invented at a place called Cypher labs. The Cypher can translate animal speech into human speech. Someone named Charlie W. worked at Cypher Labs. He was a 'good guy' NPC made by the editors/Admins; Charlie kept all the characters who were working against BIG organized.

-BIG made a huge discovery; in the nest of a crow they found the Power of Wing instrument. BIG stole it but had no idea what it was; they only knew that it held very powerful magic. (They didn't even know it was an instrument; it was a stone flute that could only be played by someone with the beak of a bird. To them it looked like a rock with holes in it.)

-Now, just a quick note. Each Power has the ability to transform from their original form into a 'disguised' form. Caelani can become a crow. Ecio can become a badger. Ayearth: dolphin. Lunee: normal wolf. Sylvia: horse. Claaws: panther. The animals who guard the Powers' instruments are the same kind their Power can turn into. (ex. The guardian of the Power of Wing is a crow.)

-Zephyra, the instrument's guardian/FAFA member/a frequenter of the Bog and Burrow Inn, was kidnapped by BIG. BIG knew she was linked to the instrument somehow, and Zephyra was one of the few guardians who actually knew what was inside the flute.

-BIG has the instrument. They have the crow who can tell them about it. But BIG has no way to understand what Zephyra says, so they send letters out to the young scientists who helped invent the Cypher at Cypher Labs. BIG knows that these young scientists are smart and will be able to use the Cypher to understand Zephyra's speech as well as their wits to research the Power of Wing.

-However, at the bottom of every letter BIG sends is a warning--a muddy pawprint accompanied by writing that says 'don't take the job!' This warning was placed there by FaFA, who knows that BIG is meddling with things that ought not to be meddled with.

-Zephyra's nephew sends out his own set of letters to the same batch of scientists. (I guess the kids at Cypher labs get a lot of mail from animals, since they're the only ones that can understand them.) He tells them about his plight, and asks for help rescuing Aunt Zephyra.

-BIG laboratories and its new recruits continue researching the Power of Wing. Gradually they learn more about it. However, FaFA is working hard behind the scenes to plan a rescue mission for Zephyra. On top of that, some of BIG's new recruits are human spies, who are working with FaFA to make sure BIG doesn't do anything awful.

-This goes on for a long time. Other organizations against BIG are formed; among them are The Animals and Capto Abolere (Capt'n O).

-Another organization that is founded around this time is the Society of Concerned Scientists. SOCS is basically BIG's darker counterpart; while BIG is bad, SOCS is evil. They have zoos and do crazy experiments on humans and animals alike. They also have a boarding school that's more of an army camp than anything; they train young girls to fight and kill each other. SOCS is run by Headmistress Luna Rigga.

-Zephyra is finally rescued. FaFA & co. attempt to steal back the Power of Wing, but they accidentally take a copy that BIG created. 

-A double agent spills FaFA's secrets about the Powers to BIG. 

-The Power of Wing is activated by Cornelia Hornshaw, CEO of BIG.

-The spies in BIG's lab get into trouble; their covers are blown and mayhem ensues in BIG's building.

-Caelani blasts out of the instrument and wreaks even further havoc on BIG's building. It's all hands on deck, we shall say, as BIG's lab gets destroyed. Capto Abolere is present, FaFA is present, the spies in BIG are present, and BIG's workers are present, all running around in the chaos.

-The Power of Wing is subdued and caged in a cave not too far away. FaFA agents and other animals are then sent to talk to the gryphon.

-As all this goes on, certain characters become active. Claaws becomes more active, and she takes up an apprentice named Eliyana Fur, a crazy arctic fox who is also member of Capto Abolere.

-Icy becomes active, and seeks out Claaws to learn more of her powers. Icy is a comrade to Capto Abolere and typically travels near Eliyana Fur, who is her best friend, and Claaws, whom she befriends. Icy is one of the only humans Claaws will trust.

-Caelani is freed from his cage by Claaws and Icy. They go off into the wilderness.

-Zephyra reveals a snippet of information about the Guardian of the Power of Claw, which contains the essence of Ecio. She urges FaFA and its allies to find the guardian--who is a badger--before BIG does!

~ ~ ~

And that brings the Power of Wing chapter to a close.

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Okay, I'm not too lost, but I have two questions...

1) Is Whist good or bad?

2) If I were to join Kyngdom, where would I make my first post? 

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Whist is bad. She and Jaaws are generally considered to be the most dangerous Sideaffected Powers. 

You'll want to introduce your character(s) on the Who's Here thread, which is on the main page of Kyngdom. When you're ready to make a roleplay post, you can create your own thread on the RP board (which can be accessed from the bottom of Kyngdom's main page) or read through & jump into an existing RP. If you need any help or have any questions, you can ask those anywhere! (But the Q & A thread might be a good place for that.)

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The Power of Claw

So. Here's what's happening at the beginning of the Power of Claw chapter.

Claaws and Caelani are traveling together with Icy and possibly Eliyana Fur. I think the Powers are at this point in their 'disguised forms' (Claaws is a panther and Caelani is a crow) and are hiding their true identities. They hang out at FaFA's base a lot of the time.

Most of the characters congeal into two main groups at this point. During the Power of Wing, things were fairly spread out and loose; now, in the second chapter, character arrangement begins to take on more pattern and form:

~There are those of BIG. They are seeking out the other Powers.

~Then there are those of FaFA. Granted, not all of these characters are members of FaFA, but they are pretty much the 'good guys' right now. During the Power of Claw segment they spend a lot of time working/traveling together.

Okay! With that settled, here's the summary:

-Following Zephyra's warning that BIG will be seeking out the Power of Claw, FaFA & Co. attempt to find the instrument and its guardian--a badger--before it's too late. They receive a code that tells them to 'dig underneath the stone tree', which they go on a mission and do.

-I think BIG is having a meeting at the tree or something when FaFA arrives. I couldn't find the thread on which this particular event took place, though, so I'm not sure. Just know that BIG had something to do with the stone tree.

-Those on the mission then manage to make their way into a cave beneath the stone tree. There they find the instrument of the Power of Claw as well as a badger (the guardian), who ends up having rabies and is crazy. FaFA & Co. use sleep darts to get it under control.

-Icy is on this mission and she suddenly feels the urge to summon Ecio. However, when she attempts to play Ecio's xylophone, nothing happens. BIG has already taken the instrument and this one is fake.

-(BIG rebuilt their lab after the first disaster with Caelani. They now take the instrument there.)

-FaFA immediately organizes a mission to retrieve the Power of Claw as well as rescue the animals BIG is experimenting on. They tunnel through BIG's base, but just before they can reach the instrument, one of BIG's ex-employees summons Ecio.

-As I'm sure you could've guessed, this does not end well! Ecio bursts out of the xylophone and starts destroying BIG's newly-restored laboratory! (How fun!)

-During the chaos, Claaws and Caelani fly in and greet their brother Ecio. They also help him destroy BIG's base.

-Cornelia Hornshaw (BIG's CEO) comes out armed with Brazen Goo in an attempt to save her building. She shoots Claaws with it.

-Claaws is now on the brink of death, but all is not lost for her. It turns out that Icy has a twin sister named Anwen, who also carries the blood of the PowerFriend. Both of them own one half of a locket that is revealed to have belonged to Celesti herself. Just as Claaws is about to die/go back to her instrument, Icy and Anwen, who (luckily enough) are both present at this time of need, put their lockets together, and Claaws is healed by the resulting magic.

-The Powers are now VERY angry. They continue destroying the building and BIG flees the scene. (Excellent idea, BIG. Shoulda done that sooner.)

-After BIG leaves...Catastrophe shows up. You can imagine the shock the Powers feel. I think FaFA & Co. witnesses his arrival, too.

-Another epic battle. Catastrophe and the Powers fight.

-Catastrophe leaves amid the confusion.

-FaFA & Co. leave.

-The Powers disappear for a while to talk about recent events, especially Catastrophe's sudden appearance.

-At this point there are three very angry Powers roaming around Kyngdom. As you can imagine, everyone--even BIG--wants to know more information about Ecio and how to potentially stop him. FaFA/crew also want to learn more general info about Ecio, since his guardian was rabid and thus couldn't talk to them.

-A new fragment of the map of Kyngdom is discovered, and southeastern Kyngdom is revealed. It's a rocky, mountainous place with many plateaus. A particular cluster of plateaus is labeled the 'labyrinth lands'.

-Charlie W, Little Crow, and some others discover a door at the base of the largest plateau in the 'labyrinth lands'. It has a message on it as well as a lock which requires a code to be opened. Charlie and the others meet a badger while poking around at this door. The badger gives them a piece of bark with the alphabet scrawled across it and sends them on their way.

-Charlie and Little Crow call for an expedition team to explore what's behind the door. FaFA & Co. take up his invitation and a very large exploration team consisting of both animals and humans begins to gather. They prepare to plunge into the maze of tunnels behind the magically locked door.

-Remember Jaaws? As the Powers progressively fell into their instruments, she fell into a deep sleep. Her resting place happens to be within the very same labyrinth FaFA is trying to get into. Just before Charlie, Little Crow, members of FaFA, and everyone else enter this maze, Catastrophe does. Since more Powers have awoken, Jaaws is nearing consciousness. Catastrophe wakes her up.

-Now, while Charlie/Little Crow/all the people attempt to get into the heart of the labyrinth by walking, BIG is on top of the plateau drilling into the center. It now becomes a race to whatever secrets lie within the labyrinth.

-There is Cypher code etched around the 1st door. The code forms a riddle, which the expedition team solves, and the labyrinth is opened.

-The badger that Charlie and Little Crow met appears and decides to inside with them.

-The team delves deeper and deeper into the labyrinth. Prior to entering, however, a cryptic message had been sent to them: Who is the spy? (If you recall, a double agent betrayed FAFA earlier in the story. No one knows the spy's identity.) As the team solves more riddles to pass through more doors, unease increases. A FaFA agent who happens to be an owl named Who is exploring the labyrinth with them. People begin to believe HE is the spy. The team begins to grow on edge.

-Someone (I believe it is either an owl named Storm Windwhisperer or an owl named Windswift) wanders down a side tunnel and discovers Jaaws, but does not get a good look at her. Jaaws attacks. The owl escapes alive, but everyone now know that something bad is lurking in the tunnels.

-The team must solve more clues to get through the many doors barring the way deeper. As they explore, flying animals such as Little Crow, Storm Windwhisperer, Windswift, and Who make trips out of the caves to retrieve supplies for everyone. (The badger traveling with the team often requests for these carriers to gather green stones for his tea. Nobody knows why.)

-Jaaws hypnotizes Little Crow, Icy, and Eliyana Fur.

-A vampire named Elliot enters the labyrinth with his army of bats. He finds Jaaws and then a battle between him, some others, and Jaaws ensues.

-Who, the owl, (who is indeed a spy) has been carrying info to BIG as he travels to and from the labyrinth for supplies.

-Jaaws releases her hypnosis on Little Crow and sends him off with a message, which is never delivered.

-Eliyana Fur and Icy somehow make it back to FaFA's HQ, where Claaws is waiting. Jaaws speaks to Claaws through her hypnotized minions and promises to destroy Claaws. Jaaws is looking for Brazen Goo with which she can kill the Powers.

-The team finally reaches the center of the labyrinth and they can hear BIG tunneling above. However, where they thought they would find information they can only see smooth stone walls that make up a vast, empty chamber.

-Jaaws follows everyone to the center of the labyrinth, invisible.

-The badger has been marking letters off the bark he gave to Charlie during the whole adventure. Now there are only nine letters left on it. It is presumed these letters make up the final clue, but no one can unscramble them.

-Jaaws attacks by breathing fire on everyone from the roof of the cavern. 

-As the team ponders their dilemma, the badger eats one of his green stones. It is revealed that these stones grant him the ability to speak the human language, which he does. Everyone learns that this badger was the old Power of Claw guardian. He explains that he helped create these tunnels (but not the locks and doors), possibly to store the Power of Claw in. However, it is obvious that the Power of Claw's instrument did not remain within the labyrinth.

-BIG breaks through into the cavern. It is revealed to FaFA & Co. that Who really is the spy. BIG and FaFA trade insults for a minute before suddenly someone solves the clue--the letters unscramble to form the word 'megatherium'. (Megatherium is the scientific name for the giant ground sloth.)

-Suddenly the floor of the cavern breaks open and the megatherium emerges! This creature is Grondor, Ecio's sideaffected power! The badger apparently knows/knew this beast, and he leaps to embrace his old friend, but the megatherium, still groggy/angry from being awoken, doesn't see the poor badger, who falls to his death. :(

-Chaos ensues. Water rushes up from the newly-made hole in the cavern floor, and suddenly, those within the labyrinth find themselves being flooded out through a different tunnel. They wind up floating in the ocean of southwestern Kyngdom.

-A new map fragment is discovered and southwestern Kyngdom is then revealed. It's known for its waterways and oceans. Mer, the half-land half-water kingdom, is located here!

-All through that time it is presumed that Catastrophe has been working on growing an army.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...That's it for the Power of Claw! 

Just so you know, there were two different stories going on at the same time towards the end of the Power of Claw. I only included one half. (Believe me, it was more than a little confusing trying to put all these different roleplays into chronological order! xD)

submitted by Hazel C.
(March 21, 2019 - 12:35 pm)

A jump to the present, Whist and Jaaws have been confronted by a mysterious evil creature offering its aid in killing the Powers. Apparently it's made of some sort of living, metal-like ice. We don't know its powers yet, but I think this newcomer may be fairly... Helpful to the SAPs.

submitted by Rogue Wildling
(March 21, 2019 - 2:16 pm)

Here's the other half of what happened in the labyrinth...We're going back in time just a bit to start off.

Power of Claw II...What Happens Meanwhile, at FAFA

-So, Icy, Little Crow, and Eliyana Fur get hypnotized about halfway through the labyrinth tunnels.

-Shortly thereafter, Claaws and Caelani--in their disguised forms (black panther and gold/white crow)--enter the maze and begin to make their way to the group.

-Claaws can sense Jaaws's evil in the tunnels, but she does NOT know Jaaws exists yet. Thus, she mistakenly believes that Jaaws's aura belongs to a seventh Power no one has ever seen before.

-Jaaws sends Little Crow back to the group and he continues along with them. Nobody knows that he's actually hypnotized. 

-The tunnel adventure continues...and THEN comes the battle between Jaaws and everyone else. MoonRacer, an Icewater dragon, and some others decide to try and rescue Icy and Eli. They try to fight Jaaws, but fail. Jaaws retreats farther down the tunnel.

-Claaws and Caelani hunt Jaaws down. Claaws is mainly looking for her apprentice, Eliyana, and will do anything to rescue her.

-Little Crow and the other birds pass by Jaaws's cave on their way out for more supplies. Jaaws steers Little Crow towards her and frees him from hypnosis, sending him off with a message for the main group. The message does not arrive successfully.

-Claaws and Caelani finally catch up with Jaaws and Claaws sees her Sideaffected Power for the first time. She realizes that Jaaws is her own doing, and she and Caelani are afraid--Whist, Sideaffected Power of the most gentle Power of all (Sylvia) was hard enough to deal with. How much harder to defeat would the Sideaffected Power of Claaws be?

-Claaws and Jaaws fight for a little bit until Claaws finally snatches Icy and Eli out from underneath Jaaws's wings. Claaws and Caelani fly out of the tunnels. Ecio digs out of the ground as they are exiting the labyrinth and explains that Lunee would be able to cure Icy and Eli from Jaaws's hypnosis.

-While the rest of the group is going through the final labyrinth tunnels, the Powers and the hypnotized people are heading towards FaFA's base, which seems like a safe enough place to plan their next move. While they are there, some beavers build cages to contain Icy and Eli.

-The cages somehow explode and Icy and Eli escape. A giant battle occurs, in which lots of other people are hypnotized.

-During the battle, Catastrophe shows up. Jaaws controls Icy and makes her stand in front of Catastrophe, hoping the boy king will kill Celesti's descendant.

-But Icy, thanks to her PowerFriend powers, frees her mind from the hypnosis and grows wings, which she uses to escape from Catastrophe.

-Note: Ronan is also present during the battle. He does not realize, however, that Catastrophe is his father, because he lost his memory in the time jump.

-The Powers reveal their true forms to try and defeat Catastrophe. Catastrophe threatens to kill Eliyana if Icy and Ronan don't obey him. He wants to convince Kyngdom to let him take the throne without a fight. However, Eli frees herself from Jaaws's hypnosis, surprises Catastrophe by biting him, and the battle continues.

-Jaaws still wants Catastrophe to kill Icy, but Catastrophe does not wish to do so. So he only pretends to strike Icy down. Here it is revealed to readers that Catastrophe did not actually kill Celesti all those years ago--It turns out that Jaaws controlled him and made him do it.

-Jaaws discovers that Catastrophe has tricked her and is angry with him. Conversations between Jaaws, Catastrophe, and Icy occur. 

-Catastrophe leaves.

-Jaaws's presence receds from the scene. Although her physical self was present for the duration of the labyrinth adventure, she has also been present here by looking through the eyes of the hypnotized.

-Everyone tends to the wounded. Claaws requests a box of medicine to treat them.

-While they wait for the medicine, Claaws and Caelani find a newspaper in a back cave of FaFA's HQ. It talks about an underwater ball, where a new guardian of the Power of Fin will be elected.

-Claaws and Caelani are angry to see this kind of information in a newspaper. Catastrophe--or any enemy for that matter--would now know exactly where and when to find the Power of Fin. They could sneak into the underwater ball and steal it with no problems. So the Powers resolve to suspend their search for Lunee in order to attend the ball and protect/possibly take the Power of Fin.

-A group of beavers bring Claaws a box of medical supplies. However, these beavers are not the same beavers who helped build the cages for Icy and Eli. They are actually creations of BIG--GMOed animals with fangs and garbled voices. The fact that they are mutants goes unnoticed.

-When Claaws opens the box, vials of Brazen Goo shoot out! One splashes onto her tail.

-Thanks to her lightning fast reflexes, Claaws dodges the rest of the vials. She snatches Eliyana Fur and races out of the cave, heading to find a river in which she can rinse her tail. Caelani follows.

-Catastrophe, BIG, and Jaaws had teamed up briefly to acheive this trap. Jaaws now believes Claaws is dead.

-The story continues. The characters remaining at FaFA's base clean up, thinking over the events. Then they set off in the Powers' footsteps, preparing for the upcoming underwater ball.

And that truly concludes the Power of Claw! This part was sort of the link between the Power of Claw and the Power of Fin. Remember, those in the labyrinth tunnels were dealing with the Megatherium and being flooded away while all this was happening.

submitted by Hazel C.
(March 22, 2019 - 8:13 am)

Something makes me think that I would have really enjoyed Kyngdom when it was still alive. *Tears*

submitted by Night Whispers
(March 22, 2019 - 4:01 pm)

I really enjoyed it back then, but I also really enjoy it now. Things may be different, but I've loved getting to know you, Sybill, Raven, and the others, carrying on the storyline with our own unique characters and plots!

submitted by Hazel C.
(March 23, 2019 - 8:19 am)

is there a relation between claaws the CBEr and claaws the character?

submitted by Faith C., somewhere
(March 22, 2019 - 5:28 pm)

There is! Claaws the CBer created Claaws the dragon when she joined Kyngdom.

submitted by Hazel C.
(March 23, 2019 - 8:09 am)