"Please tell me

Chatterbox: Inkwell

"Please tell me

"Please tell me the makeup artist didn't quit."

"She's got a relative in the hospital. Nothing serious, they'll have a full recovery, but she wants to be with them."

"Who did Won's makeup?"

"She did."

"We have a strict policy when it comes to the lipstick. She should know that--we even outlined specific collections that were acceptable--"

"So purple lipstick isn't a good idea?"


"Should have told her that before she went on air."


The reporter stood in front of the camera, keeping a professional smile on her face. "Good evening, viewers." She greeted the camera. "My name is Won O. Gal, otherwise known as Gal. O. Won. I will be your reporter for this evening." She paused, then gestured to the screen behind her.

"Here we have footage of what appears to be a group of glitches, entering the Chatterbox on the edges of Soapbox's Grave, a site that many Chatterboxers revere." She informed the viewers, the video filling the screen as she spoke. She reappeared and gestured to the screen. The video paused, and she began to point to different features of the small group.

"While the Chatterbox has been getting many reports of glitches recently, both false and real, this footage, taken from an Admin surveillance camera, shows what appears to be a rarer species of glitch. The intentions of this group is not known. Back to you, Bill."

The video played once more in the transition, only this time, a second longer. In the space of that second, a girl appeared... Then the video ended, its brief glimpse of her gloved self cut short.

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Okay there Axy Fren


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Galowo! You're back!

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Okay that was dumb, but hey, people do dumb thigns when they're excited. 

Speaking of people being excited, Boo says yayt! Are you happy about Galowon's return too? 

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