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   Fear, an overpowering feeling of fear, I can hardly breath through the tight feeling in my chest. Fear so strong I can smell it and I can feel it trying to paralyze me in place. But I resit the fear as I run through a hallway, it’s lit up with flashing red lights that reveal the hallway in short flashes. Loud alarms are sounding everywhere, filling the halls with the annoyingly loud whooooooo whoooo whooos sounds. I run as quickly as I can, but the hallways’ lighting is making it hard to see. When it’s dark, I’m waiting for red blobs to fade from my vision and when I can see I’m too blinded by the sudden light to function. The hallways appear red, then go black, red then black, in between the flashes of light I can spot doors locked and open. I’m speeding along, but what am I doing? All I know is that I need to hurry, as fast as I can out of the burning building. Then, suddenly someone is in front of me, blocking my path. I can see an outline, but I can’t make out any details. Almost without thinking, I find myself in a defensive stance, my eyes narrowed to slits as I track the person not by sight, but with hearing and smell.

“Five! What are you doing?” the outline, a male, shouts.

“What? Who are you?” I yell, “Where am I?”

The smoke is thicker here, I break down coughing in that terrible hallway. A sudden headache flares up, I feel like I should recognize the person… but I don’t. I can hear him talking, but I’m tired of standing in this hallway. I race forward, knocking the person out of the way… and that’s when it happens. Something strong and heavy makes contact with my head and a hollow thud echos through the hallway. I slowly sink to the floor, my limbs not responding to my frantic shouts to MOVE. And slowly I give in to the darkness that seems to be creeping up on me. I think I hear, just before I pass out, a whisper apology… but it’s gone before I can reply.


So, here I am with a story I'm working on! I want you guys to tell me what you think, sujustions, grammer edits, anything you want! I would appreciate some constructive critisism as well. Also, feel free to share any theories you have! I love theories, they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside! 

Holly says "youw". Aww! She's so telling you all to enjoy the story!  

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I really like it! Okay I just realized how late it is here, but mind that. *yawns typing half asleep*


I'm just a little confused; is Five his or her name? Or is it some sort of label/social status?  I really like your way of desccribing the scene, and it flows together really well! Just in the first paragraph, is he or she legitimately escaping a room with fire englufing the ground behind them, or is their a flashing light in the room? I feel like that's a kind of dumb question. Also my little theroy; she's being chased by a fire breathing dragon! But the dragon isn't trying to hurt him or her, it simply can't speak english, and keeps sneezing. I know that's probably not what's happening, but it could be. :)

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Don't worry, you arne't supposed to find out if Five is their name or not, it'll be revieled as the story progresses. Also the flashing lights are from the alarms going off in the building. Also, great theories! How ever I hate to tell you that it isn't a dragon (although that would be cool!). The story is sci-fi so no mythical beast sadly. 

Here'sthe next part! It'll be coming out paragraph by paragraph, daily hopefully! Until I catch up with what hasn't been written, then it'll slow down.

Chapter One

I gasp awake, my heart thudding from the nightmare I just had. I take deep calming breaths, trying to calm down… but I can’t relax. I jerk to my feet, sending the wet, rumpled, and twisted blanket flying. I look around in a panic, where am I? I frown, trying to remember… but there's nothing there. Whatever memories I had are gone, wiped clean by whatever traumatic events transpired. I pull my hair away from my face, it’s damp with sweat. I begin to pace, feeling my bare feet slap against the cold tile is slightly comforting. I pace back and forth, trying to recall anything, anything at all! But the only thing I can think about is the dream… and I don’t want to think about that. I feel a growing sense of panic, what if  I’ll never discover who I am? I peer around the room, looking for any clues, but it’s frustratingly empty. The only things I see is a plain white bed, a dresser, a desk and chair, and two closed doors, one of them I suspect leads to the bathroom. Curious, I walk over to door number one and try to open it… it’s locked tight! I stumble back… if it’s locked then I’m not alone! That means someone was here to lock the door… but who? I let out a little groan, why can’t I remember anything! Sighing, I sit down on the floor, enjoying how quickly it cools me off. I get up, grab a pillow, and lay down on the floor. I watch the door, but I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up later by the sound of a lock opening.

A click jolts me awake and I’m on my feet in a flash. Slightly confused, I watch the door as it slowly creeps open. A head peeks in and is soon followed by a body. I narrow my eyes as he slowly closes the door behind him. The boy has black hair, cut short, but right now it’s messy and all over the place. He has icy blue eyes and pale skin and he’s wearing a black leather jacket. He leans casually on the wall and looks at me.

“What was that about?” he asks.

I jerk, he’s the person from my dream! The strange outline who blocked my path… called me “Five”.

“What are you talking about? I have no idea who you are.” I snap.

He flinches and frowns, “You don’t have to pretend with me.”

“Pretend? What would I be pretending about?” I growl, “For all I know, you may have just kidnapped me.”

“Oh come on now! This is no time for jokes.” he grumbles.

I shake my head, wondering how his voice made it into my dream, and what he’s trying to get me to do.

“I don’t believe this! You really don't’ remember?”

He whips around and, before I can blink, he’s gone. The door clicks shut behind him and I’m left to wait… alone in my empty room. With nothing better to do I lay down and fall back asleep.


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Ooh, I love this so much! You are super good at describing emotions.

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Aww, thanks Jith! That made my day.

Also, tell me what you think about the description of the place, I always feel like I make them too long or don't give you enough information at all because I'm too scared of people getting bored with having the place being described.


When I wake up next I find that the strange boy has returned, and this time he has company. Two hulking men stand at either side of him. They’re wearing bullet proof armour and have big goggles on. And… they seem to be scared of the boy.

“Come with me.” he orders.

I shrug and follow them out of the room. What I see is nothing too exceptional. I appear to be in a hallway with dark green carpet and an off white wall. Every few steps is a door, each one with a number on it. 506, 507, 508, 509 too many to keep track of. We speed along the halls and I soon grow bored. They’re all the same, green carpet, white walls, and endless doors with countless amounts of numbers on them. We finally reach the end of the hall and we walk through two sets of double doors, I lean forwards… waiting to see what new things this held…. And was bitterly disappointed. More doors, more carpet, and sigh more doors. The boy walking ahead is getting impatient, he’s twiddling his thumbs and walking ever more quickly. Finally he stops and I almost run into his back.

“Really! This is ridiculous! At this pace it’ll take us five hours to get there.” he grumbles.

He frowns, deep in thought. Then he says, “Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to take her and run ahead, you two can try and keep up.”

“But, sir--” the guard chokes.

“Really, I think I can handle her.” he says.

“Uh… I’m right here you know! I can hear every word you’re saying.” I snap.      

“Forgive me, but if you’ll follow me please?” he says, “We’re going to have to run if we want to get their in a timely fashion.”

I cross my arms, “And what if I don’t want to?”

He shrugs and says, “Then you’ll be bored in your room.”

I open my mouth, and slowly close it, “Fine.”

He grins and motions with his hand. He races down the hallway, and like an obedient dog I follow. We fly through the halls, running so fast that the doors blend into each other and the lights seem to melt into the walls. The guards are small pinpricks behind us and they soon disappear from sight completely. As we run I have time to think, and think I do. I wonder how can I be running so fast? I don’t really think that people are supposed to run this fast and I can’t help but wonder how this happened. We seem to finally be getting somewhere. As we run the decor changes, it begins to look more modern and the carpet changes into light grey linoleum and strange pictures are on the walls every few feet. We’re still going too fast to be able to make out what the pictures are, all I know is that they’re mostly black. Soon we start to slow down, I look at the walls but I can no longer see the pictures that were hung in the halls. We soon are walking normally, and I spend the time looking at the new hall. This section of the building looks more like a hospital, with white walls and grey linoleum. The doors are few, and spread out, hinting that the rooms here are a lot bigger than the ‘living quarters’. Comfy chairs are set out near little tables, each one with a few books on it. Water fountains are set up nearby and potted plants are set next to the chairs and on tables; all of this creates a rather homey feeling in the hall.

“Why are there so many chairs set out in the hall?” I wonder.

The boy looks at me in surprise, almost as if he expected me to ‘drop the act’.

“The workers were complaining about the long walks and lack of water, so we set up rest areas so they would stop quitting.” he says.   

“Oh, of course.” I mumble.

We come to a fork in the building, the first ever fork I’ve seen in the whole place, and we take the left route. As we walk I notice that most of the plants are red, and, come to think of it, two red plants were set to either side of the left path. Thinking back to the other hall we were in, I realize that, even there, red plants were laid out among the normal green. I look up and notice for the first time that there are signs hanging on the ceiling, this one reads ‘Hospital Wing #1’. So that would explain the red plants, obviously they want ways to recognize where they are without signs or directions that are too obvious. Here, the doors are double, and many people are coming in and out of them. Some of them are pushing carts full of boxes and strange capsules. Most of them are wearing white lab coats, however some people are just wearing plain cream scrubs. All of them have name tags clipped onto their shirts, with ID and keys hanging on their belts. All of the people in the halls tend to leave a wide area for me and the boy to walk, not one of them dared to walk in front of us. We take a sharp turn to the right and walk into a room. This room looks just like any doctors’ office, with a computer on the desk, shelves and cabinets line one of the walls. An exam table is against one wall, covered with paper. The only difference that I notice is a single door, which I suspect leads to other equipment. A second later, a doctor enters the room. She has curly blonde hair, cut short, just above her shoulders. Underneath her white lab coat I can see that she’s wearing a light blue shirt with white pants. In her coat pockets I can see many different colored pens and sticky notes. She adjusts her purple cat eyed glasses as she stares at me. Her nose is rather pointy and her glasses showcase her light blue eyes. Her nails are long and pointy, painted blue. Too my surprise she’s wearing black boots with medium sized heels.

“You, out.” she orders, with a nasal voice.

Her sharp nail points at the boy and he hurriedly steps out of the room. Before I can react, she’s crossed the room and grabs onto my arm. Her fingernails dig into my skin and I react by slamming her onto the ground. I stare at her shocked, I had no idea what, or how, I did that. She glares up at me and I begin to back slowly towards the exit… I’m too slow. She leaps to her feet and grabs me in a tight grip. I wait for whatever instinct it was that led me to slamming her on the ground, but nothing happens. I have no choice but to be dragged to the back room and set into a chair. The instant I sit down, restraints pop out to hold my legs, arms, and head still. This room is full of strange devices that I have no idea as to what they could be. One wall is dedicated to huge monitors, with a single keyboard to control the whole mess.

“Calm down, this is just a standard procedure. The only thing I’ll be doing is checking your brain waves.” the doctor coos.

I struggle against the bonds but soon give up, they’re too strong for me to break out of. The doctor walks over to he monitors, and out of my line of sight. When she comes back I see that she’s holding a shot in her left hand. She grins at me and I feel a shiver of fright… her teeth are unnaturally sharp and her eyes’ pupils are slits, not orbs like usual. She lunges forwards and shoves the shot into my left arm, I can feel the sedative take effect immediately. I feel myself grow limp and soon I’m snoring in the chair, leaving the strange doctor to her own devices.


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When I come to, I find myself once more laying on a strange bed. I rise dizzily to my feet, the sedative has yet to wear off completely. My mouth is so dry and my tongue feels heavy. My left arm is sore and I look at it and see that a plain band aid is stuck on where the shot came in. A wave of dizziness comes through and I groan as I try to keep on my feet. I look down and see that my middle finger on my left hand has a band aid on it as well, they must have taken some blood to run tests on while I was unconscious. I look at my nightstand and am grateful to see that a glass of water is sitting there. I grab it and drink the whole glass down in one huge gulp. I look around and see a lamp and consider turning it on but decide against it… I can see in the dark perfectly fine. I look over at my dresser and see a new outfit laid out. It’s a plain light green, long sleeved shirt with jeans, new socks and shoes. I look down at my outfit and try to remember how it got so sooty and ripped. I give up after a while, after all I have no memory of it so why try and recall something not there? I grab the clothes and walk into door number 2, just as I thought, it leads to a bathroom. It’s simple, with nothing but a sink, a toilet, and a glass shower.  The walls are a plain cream-white and the tiles are white. A simple cream bath mat is laid out in front of the shower. I open up the sink cabinet and find a stack of fluffy white towels. I turn the shower on and wait for the water to heat up. While I wait, I quickly take off the soiled clothes and leave them in a pile on the floor. I hop into the shower and sigh as the hot, steamy, water flows over my head. I spend some time in the shower, washing myself. I only get out when the glass is covered in steam and I can no longer see out into the bathroom. I turn the water off, get out of the shower in a steamy cloud of fog, and wrap myself in the towel. Once I’m dry I pull on my new clothes and let out a little sigh, if I’m going to be confused in a strange new place, I might as well be clean. Curious, I walk over to the mirror and wipe the steam off. I look at my reflection and see what I look like. I appear to have dark red hair, but I’m not sure if that’s naturally my color or if it’s just wet. My eyes are a rather striking electric green and I have a spattering of freckles across my nose. I look like I’ve been through a lot of things, I have a naturally occuring frown and I don’t look like I would tolerate fun. A little freaked out by my appearance, I busy myself with poking through the drawers for a hairbrush. I find a red hairbrush and hold it triumphantly over my head. I wander back into the room and sit down on the chair, bored out of my mind, I spend the rest of my time brushing my hair. Waiting for something-anything! to happen.

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