Another RP... yeah.

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Another RP... yeah.

Another RP... yeah.

Okay, I know there are a lot of RPs out there right now, but hear me out. 

A long time ago, Hospital RPs were kind of a big thing. St. Owl made one, Brookeria made one, Inktail made one, and others probably did too. I, looking through the depths of the Inkwell, found a few and thought that the concept was really interesting. Essentially, your character is someone who is in a hospital for an illness or injury, and ends up making friends with other people while there. I'm going to be sort of copying Inktail's character sheet for this (sorry), and just to make sure too many people don't confuse this thread, I'll say we can have twenty characters maximum. Each person can have up to two, male or female.

Ready?? Okay!



Age (between 9-16):




Amount of Time in Hospital (opt.):




Name: Chloe Murphy

Age (between 9-16):14

Apperance: Thick, frizzy, tightly curled light brown hair that falls down to her chest, olive skin tone, bright blue eyes, normally wears anything warm or comfortable with her large black glasses and has a dark green hospital band

Personality: Tries to be outgoing, but gets tired easily, very cautions, and a caring friend

Condition: Hemophilia 

Amount of Time in Hospital (opt.): 9 months

Friends: We'll see!

Crushes: I guess we'll see about this too!


Name: Elijah Baldwin

Age (between 6-14): 12

Appearance: Pale and thin, with light brown eyes and hair, normally wears polo shirts and jeans, has a blue hospital band and a breathing tube

Personality: Shy, bookish and computer smart, tends to latch on to people he considers friends, very analytical (especially of people)

Condition: Acute COPD

Amount of Time in Hospital( opt.): 1 year

Friends: Enjoys spending time with Chloe

Crushes: We'll see, haha

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Reserving one boy and one girl!

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Before I fully commit, may I ask the premise/plot of said RP?

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I was thinking something along the lines of "reluctant kids are drawn together by overenthusiastic nurses and end up forming friendships along the way". Like, the nurses or whoever have a bright idea to create a support group of a sort, where all the kids are invited to hang out for an hour every day or so- and awkwardness and surprising kinship ensues.

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Sorry. I'd love to join this, but I'm kinda booked for a TON of other RP's right now, and I know joining another is going to give me a major migraine on top of my school stuff (Which I'm WAY behind on). I love the concept, though!  

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Reserving one spot!

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Ooh, this sounds fun. Reserving one spot!

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Sorry, but I really don't have time to join this RP. Your idea is really great, but I'm dropping my spot. 


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Ohohoh I joined one of these!!! It was,, awhile ago wow. I'll make a charrie tommorow, im not really feeling that well.

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Ooh, this is intriguing. I'd like to reserve one spot. Also, what types of diseases and stuff would be found at this hospital? Mostly, are mental disorders things like anxiety or insanity and stuff treated at this hospital?

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I was imagining different wings at this hospital. Diseases would be treated in one wing, injuries in another, and mental disorders in yet another. I'd imagine the characters would be more involved and have deeper relationships with those in their own wing, but the overall goal of the program being put into place is to bring them all together.

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This looks like so much fun! I've never done a realistic fiction RP. I am really busy in the next few months, so I am so so sorry if I won't post much or drop out. 

Name: Alex "Lex" Park (male)

Age: Maybe 14? I might change it. 

Appearance: He is half Korean and half British. He has blackish brown hair that is short on the sides and longer on the top. Alex has a slender build, and very coordinated considering his illness. His skin is very pale, and he has several freckles. His eyes are hazel coloured. He doesn't smile much and has a permanent scowl. 

Personality: Overall, he is not an incredible nice person. Arrogant and blunt, he doesn't really care about other people and tends to be a bit (very) dramatic. He's very antisocial and isn't very open to making friends. He doesn't like to show emotion, but he's a very emotional person. He tends to get angry really easily, and it doesn't take much to set him off.

Condition: Huntington's disease. He was diagnosed when he was nine and is predicted to die in ten or so years.

Amount of time in the hospital: He stays in the hospital whenever his condition is bad. He's been in the hospital for three weeks now, but he's staying indefinitely. 

Friends: To be decided, but he doesn't make friends that easily. 

Crushes: I'm always open to shipping him, but he'll probably be wary of a relationship.

<3 Fidelity 



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Name: Nadine Valetina 

Age: 15

Appearance: In a wheelchair, missing most of her fingers. Her eyes are sad and dark brown. Her hair is long, straight and dark brown. Her skin is tan. She wears baggy clothing and a hospital band.

Personality: Low self-esteem, she believes that she is unable to do things. She's actually quite observant and smart. She has potential she refuses to unlock. Before she lost most of her fingers, she was an amazing artist and writer. 

Condition: She was in a car crash, and  was paralyzed from the waist down. She also lost the majority of her fingers. She also developed depression and extremely low self confidence. 

Amount of time  in hospital: She's been at the hospital for a little over a week. They're waiting for her prosthetic fingers to arrive, and she's been going through several types of therapy. She's expected to stay at the hospital for about five months.

Friends: None currently.

Crushes: TBD. 


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