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Camp Half-Blood RP

So, the description is basically in the title: A Camp Half-Blood Rp. Please remember that Hera, Hestia and Artemis DO NOT have children. Therefore you cannot be their child. Anyway, you can be a hunter, etc, i don't really care. Don't go outside your category of power, if that makes sense. For instance, if you are a child of, say, Apollo, you can't have water powers. That's both illogical and confusing.

With that, on to the charrie sheet!




Godly parent:





My charries:

Name: Marcus Livingston

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Godly parent: Apollo

Appearance: Tall, Black hair, Blue eyes, gray Dallas Stars hoodie, jeans, running shoes. Usually has his saxophone, either in his case or attached to the neckstrap

Personality: friendly, easygoing, and competitive

Powers:  plays a mean saxophone. Good with missile weapons. Occasionally helps Will in the infirmary, but not with anything major.

Other: Open to shipping. Twin: Tiberius Livingston

Name: Tiberius ‘Ty’ Livingston

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Godly parent: Apollo

Appearance: Maybe a half-inch shorter than Marcus, spiky black hair, blue eyes, blue Tampa Bay Lightning hockey jersey, jeans, running shoes. Keeps his drumsticks in his back pocket

Personality: quicker to anger than Marcus, sharp-tongued, competitive, and loyal

Powers: percussionist, occasionally uses drumsticks to fight :P, good with missile weapons

Other: open to shipping. Twin: Marcus Livingston

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a hockey fan. :D Go Dallas Stars! Also, let me know if you play an instrument. (Clarinet for me)


Uh, so, anyway, have fun! 

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Ee, my first RP!  Don't mind if I do...

Sorry that it's on the long side!

Name: Livia Red

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Godly parent: Nemesis (Goddess of revenge, especially against people who slight the gods.  She also sometimes cursed people who were "too happy.")

Appearance: On the short side of average, fit but still slender no matter how much she excersies.  A fluffy bob dyed coral frames her thin face and high cheekbones, with a strikingly sharp chin.  Her eyes are very dark brown, almost black.  This does not help the fact that Livia always has dark circles under her eyes.

Personality: Livia is rather shy and quite fearful.  She never liked fighting very much, and could be described as average in her skills.  Unlike her mother in a twist of irony, Lyvia is incredibly forgiving to an almost serious fault.  With one of the strongest senses of empathy, once she makes a friend (which may take a while as she is shy), they can forge a stunningly deep and meaningful relationship.  She really truly loves company, friendship, and good conversation.  But she is always stressed under the pressure of not really being able to be a hero or follow her mother, to the point that it causes insomnia.  Sometimes she spaces out at important (and unimportant) times, and she also is prone to passing out or silent nearly-petrifying panic fits.

Powers:  Livia has a set of darts that, when thrown with even a smidge of accuracy, will always result in a perfect shot if the target has insulted or offended the gods.  They return to her, but only at the end of battle.

Other:  If somebody would like to be a longtime friend/boyfriend//girlfriend of Livia I'd really like that!


Also, if you're enacting a scenario in which Livia is there, feel free to make her pass out of panic or lose.  The poor girl is pretty weak '^^

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Welcome! :D

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Name: Hazel Chesnut

Gender: girl

Age: 12

Godly parent: Demeter

Appearance: Asian, short hazel hair with a black streak,round face, blue eyes, five feet, t-shirt with a solid color and a symbol, jeans, skinny.

Personality: happy-go-lucky with a side of adventure, pure, extrovert, REALLY afriad of Apollo and Ares kids.

Powers: ability to tell if a plant is poison just by looking at it, good people skills, reversal of plants' effects (Poison Ivy's rash reversed, for example), herbal medicine master, can make plants grow and move, can harness life from plants.

Other: plant right activist, HATES deer and woodpeckers, PETRIFIED of Apollo and Ares's kids, Margot's step-sister(Margot's mom and Hazel's dad married), clumsy, ADHD, too trusting, naive.

(I am so nervous aabout playing her because cliches and upset people who hate cliches AAAAAAAAAAAA)


Name: Margot Whoist 

Gender: Female


Godly parent: Hades

Appearance: long, dark choclate hair with a long scarlett streak.

Personality: Despite her dark past, she sacrifices everything she has for others, especially her sister. On first look, most are afraid of her, but she imeadiately helps them, a trait she always had, but came free with Hazel. She is quick with her tounge, and can DESTROY you if you mess with her. Like her sister, she loves to adventure, but is REALLY bad at it. In all, she's selfless, quick with her tounge, adventourous, reckless, and weak.

Powers: she can make fire in her hands, and command hell creatures. That's about it.

Other: Extremely weak, but VERY RECKLESS, and Hazel is ALWAYS KEEPING TRACK OF HER!


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two things:

A. Would like to change ages: Hazel 15 and Margot 16 

2. Open to shipping, gender doesn't matter!

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here's her ACTUAL description:

the same hair mentioned in the post,j oval face, brown eyes, black eyeliner, pale skin, leather jacket, scarlett t-shirt, ripped blue Jean's, also the shirt is ripped, red and white sneakers. 

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Name: Lyra Fortuna (literally Song of Chance/Luck/Fortune)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Godly parent: Tyche, mythical Greek goddess of destiny

Appearance: A beautiful young lady, with brown hair that burns with a golden-red tint in light, worn down, flowing just past her shoulders. Strikingly green ocean eyes, fringed with long, dark lashes. Very lightly tanned skin, with freckles over the bridge of her nose. Always dresses casual, uncomfortable in dresses, skirts, anything that doesn't encompass her legs.

Personality: Confident and strong, prefers not to interact with people, adores animals, loyal, very smart, stubborn, sometimes cold or indifferent, tries to be friendly and really wants to be loved/accepted.

Powers: Can control the future, change the present, and see the past, but only gets glimpses of the future, so she doesn't often know what she's changing. Brings good fortune with her wherever she goes. Doesn't know the full extent of her powers.

Other: Tyche was actually married to her father, but faked her own death because she was needed by Zeus.


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Oooh, cool!

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Uwiggles over*

are my two charries and their edits ok  

i was wonderin cuz

u kinda ignoren dem 

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So, um, I'm just gonna try and write a little to warm up to my charries, (and to kick start the thread) but anyone can still join. Also, I plan on inserting some random characters that are briefly mentioned in the books. (For example, Holly and Laurel Victor are twin daughters of Nike) 



Ty grinned to himself, drawing back an arrow on his bowstring and targeting the bright flashes of color that made up Laurel Victor's neon jacket, which was visible even under her armor.

He took aim directly at her, then swung the bow a half inch to the left, so the tripwire arrow would hit a tree just in front of her. He fired quickly, drew the other arrow, and aimed and fired it too. They struck at nearly the exact same time, snapping the tripwire taut across the daughter of Nike's path. He couldn't help but smirk watching her fall comically to the ground, though he supposed it was lucky she didn't fall on her spear and stab herself. 

As he watched, Harley from the Hephestaus cabin ran up and launched a golden net over her. His older sister Nyssa ruffled his hair and turned him away, back toward their hideout deeper in the woods. She spared Ty a nod before the two of them disappeared.

"Good shot," commented Marcus dryly from the tree across from him.

Ty nodded. "We should get moving toward the next place. You ready?" 

His twin grinned at him. "Always. Oh, and keep an eye out for Holly. I doubt she'll be happy to learn we got her sister."

From behind them, Cecil from the Hermes cabin grinned. "No need. We just got her down by the creek." 

Ty jumped down from his tree, high fived Cecil, said a polite thank you to the dryad who lived in said tree, then gestured impatiently for Marcus. His brother jumped down as well and thanked his dryad. 

"C'mon," Cecil said. "We got more things to screw up." 

Ty grinned at him. "I love our job." The son of Hermes nodded in agreement as Marcus just rolled his eyes. 

The three of them ran lightly through the woods, dodging trees, weaving around fallen logs, trying and failing miserably to avoid undergrowth. They arrived at the creek and jumped over into enemy territory. Ty slung his bow over his shoulder and pulled his drumsticks from his back pocket. He tried not to laugh at the apprehension in Cecil's eyes.

They slipped through the woods unchallenged, which made him nervous. The Ares and Hephestaus kids were going to cause a distraction while the three of them snuck into the enemy base and got the flag. A simple plan, but hopefully effective. The forest was too quiet for a game of capture the flag. There should be more noise, more motion. He figured it was some Athena plan, but that was neither helpful nor reassuring. The blue team had gotten the North woods, which had an outcropping of rock near the center. A logical place to hide the flag, which was why they were headed straight there. 

They slunk up to the rock. Sure enough, the flag was at the top, but the place was deserted. Not a single guard. "Trap," Marcus hissed in his ear. He nodded. Blue side consisted of Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite, Nemesis, Nike, Dionysus, and Hecate. The Hecate kids probably had themselves cloaked in Mist, making them look invisible. 

Ty glanced at Cecil. "Distraction?" 

The son of Hermes grinned. "My pleasure." He fished around in his back pocket and pulled out a small cylinder. He crouched and rolled it across the open ground to the base of the rock face. It exploded in a poof of light, smoke, and noise. Suddenly the Mist dropped away, revealing four Hecate kids in mix-and-match armor, all with alarmed expressions. 

"Over there!" One yelled. Ty smirked. By now he and his companions were on the other side of the cliff. The guards were now all on the other side of the hill, trying to see what had caused the explosion. The three attackers ran up the hillside. Before the guards knew what was happening, Ty smacked one upside the head with his stick. The guy crumpled.

The others turned. One kid tried to draw his sword, fumbling to switch from the long, unwieldy throwing javelin he'd been holding. Cecil punched him in the gut. The kid turned and vomited over the cliff face. Ty raised an eyebrow at Cecil, then turned to the third guard. Lou Ellen, maybe? He couldn't be sure. She tried to smack him over the head with the pommel of her sword, but before she could do much more than lift the blade, Marcus yelled. "Treble!" Ty remembered to slacken his jaw before the sonic grenade hit the ground. A ridiculously high-pitched note screamed out from the grenade, making the two remaining guards drop their swords and grab their ears. Ty smpathized. The only thing that saved him and his comrades from the sound was their high-grade earplugs. 

Marcus grabbed the flag. There was no need to keep attacking the Hecate kids; the sonic grenade would leave them incapacitated for at least ten minutes. The three of them turned and ran through the woods. Ty kept an eye out for attackers. He could hear yelling and clashing blades nearby, but no one bothered them. For a moment, at least.

Then two Athena kids burst through the trees, weapons drawn.  Ty muttered an Ancient Greek curse under his breath and drew his bow. He managed to fire off an arrow, but he rushed and the shot went wide. Marcus ducked a jab from the blade, but caught a punch in the ribs from the other. He gasped for breath and tossed the flag to Cecil, apparently a move that the Blues weren't expecting. Ty returned his bow to his shoulder and rapped the Athena kid on the head, hard enough to hurt. He elbowed the kid in the back and helped his brother up. Marcus was still gasping like a fish out of water. "Go!" he hissed. "Get the flag!" Ty nodded and sped off, hurrying to catch up to Cecil, who seemed to have run into another little problem.

Ty hurried up to his friend, who was trying to block a sword stroke with the banner as his other hand fumbled with a knife. Ty kicked the kid's legs out from under him, but he fell on top of Cecil, drawing a dagger. Ty grabbed him by his armor straps and shoved him aside, but Cecil was obviously winded. Ty snatched up the flag and ran.

He was only a couple of strides from the creek now. Three more Blue team members emerged into his path. He plowed straight through them, catching a graze on the arm, but he didn't much care. He felt one of them grab his ankle as he jumped, dragging the kid with him across the creek. As soon as he hit the ground, the flag rippled, changing from the gray owl of Athena to bright, glittering gold, with a sun emblem across the front. A massive cheer went up from the Red team. Marcus joggged up and hugged him. As his teammates lifted him on their shoulders and Chiron blew the conch horn, all he could do was grin. 



Well, that was actually much longer than I expected, but yeah. Like I said, people can still join, I just wanted to get a feel for my characters. 

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This sounds fun, count me in!

Name: Charlotte Grace Stevens ("Char" to her friends)

Gender: Female


Godly parent: Poseidon

Appearance: Almost waist-length brown hair with golden streaks interwoven, a very small frame making her appear younger than she is, tanned, a spray of freckles across her nose, bright blue eyes that stand out against her other features, tends to wear tank tops and shorts with her hair half up, navy blue athletic shoes

Personality: Some will say she was the product of Poseidon on a stormy day and her older brother was from a sunny one; she has a short temper, hates being left out, is very competitive, tends to make rash decisions

Powers: Can manipulate water to her will, but she's learning to do it without getting as tired. She is a valuable asset in fights because her powers are rather powerful, but they drain her quickly and leave her needing a lot of time to recharge.

Other: Younger sister to Axel, open to shipping with guys or girls


Name: Axel Stevens

Gender: Male

Godly parent: Poseidon

Appearance: Touseled light blonde hair that can remind you of sand, tanned, shares his sister's nose and bright eyes, is very freckled, can always be found in an old t-shirt and athletic shorts, strong jawline, very tall and somewhat muscular

Personality: The lighter counterpart of his sister, he tends to be more carefree, open and flexible, laid-back, and generally more mellow, but is a major people-pleaser and can't be trusted to make decisions. He is also just as competitive as his sister

Powers: Can "control" horses and pegasi and turn into one himself, and he has the ability to control people (to an extent, since about 60% of the body and 73% of the brain is water, but this power drains him more quickly and he tries to avoid using it)

Other: Older brother to Char, open to shipping with guys or girls

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Cool! I like the idea that Axel can control the water in people's bodies. How old is he? 


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*Facepalm* Why did I forget to put that? 

He's 17 

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*slides on over* so I heard your open to shipping...

could Margot and Charlotte get together? Maybe even Axel X Margot once the age gets in...

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*Looks around shiftily* I think either could work... maybe we'll see how much chemistry they have once we begin

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