Writer's Block

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Writer's Block

Writer's Block

Hi, everyone! I've been struggling with writer's block and artist's block for so long, and late last night I wrote an "I am so done with this relationship" letter to it. Here's mine, and if you have creator's block, I'd recommend writing a letter of your own. It helped me to at least have a better attitude towards my creator's block.


dear writer's block,

you fill up my life like an empty hole that sucks all my ideas down it. any ideas that have ever been in my mind or could be there, you have stolen for your own and destroyed, and made me feel like i can do nothing right. i compare myself to other writers and wonder why i can't write like them? you are the cause, you, you despicable thing that makes me feel like my work is worthless. i lose my words every time i try to do something, because you are lurking there behind me.

this goes for artist's block, too. creator's block. the same thing--i always, always feel like my art is horrible and wish i could draw whatever i wanted, whenever--but i can't--i wish i had an art style, like some people, that i was consistently good at. but i don't know how to get around you, you creator's block who stops me in my (nonexistent) tracks--oh, you.

but i feel so done with you ruling my life. i know, somehow, that i have to vanquish you--get over the way you stop me, discourage me about my work and my abilities. you stop me from really trying to, somehow, get better and writing and art. or even just making what i feel comfortable making.

and i know what i need to do--i need to start small and work up. do a little bit of writing, and especially not comparing my writing to others'--if i can just start, i can get better with practice, work, etc. and find something like that to do for art, too! i can do this. creator's block, i am done with you, and i. will. beat. you. back.

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(May 9, 2019 - 9:47 am)

*vigorous applause* Down with creator’s block! I’ve been struggling with the same thing off and on for awhile, too. Especially the comparing part. And I applaud you for fighting back. Maybe I’ll write one of these too. 

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(May 12, 2019 - 7:47 am)
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Yes! You can do this! And so can I... I think... if I can manage to actually dump words on the page even though they're bad and I can picture the scene perfectly in my mind but the words won't come and I write and delete and again and again. No matter how much I try I can't get anything good. I can't keep going after writing the first sentence and deciding it's horrible. I hate writer's block.

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(May 12, 2019 - 7:02 pm)