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Are CB houses

Are CB houses still a thing? If so, I'm making one! (If they're not a thing, just ignore this post.)

My CB house is on a peaceful cul de sac. It's a medium sized blue house with a white porch. There's a small garden in front, and the porch is decorated with a porch swing and a metal table with matching chairs. 

Inside, the first room you come to is the living room. It's painted pale blue, and there's a white brick fireplace in it, as well as an oak coffee table with gems built into the table surface. The living room's furnished with a white sofa, where you'll often find WILD CARD sitting and playing video games on the Xbox, and two mismatched armchairs-- a blue one with white polka dots, which matches the living room decor, and a dark green velvet one, which doesn't match anything but it's really comfortable. In front of the couches, there's the TV and Xbox. Various artworks hang on the walls, mainly Enigma's detailed sketches and WILD CARD's stylized paintings. 

If you keep walking straight, there will be a short hallway on your right, next to the living room. On the left side of the hallway there's the bathroom, which is spacious and nice, and on the right side of the hallway there's my study, which is painted teal and furnished with a white desk that's covered in papers as well as my laptop. A couple of slightly cluttered bookshelves are in various places around the room, and the big window has slightly see-through white curtains. At the end of the hallway, there's a medium-sized room that serves as the guest bedroom. It's furnished with a bed, a dark oak nightstand, and a painting of a sunset. 

To the left of the living room is the kitchen. It's painted pale green, and it has multiple windows, which all have white floral curtains on them. The fridge has photos of WILD CARD, Enigma, Taay, and me on it, as well as various random fridge magnets from various sources. There's a light blue rug on the floor, where you'll often find Taay napping.

There's a balcony with a white metal railing overlooking the downstairs, which is reached by white carpeted stairs. If you walk up the stairs, my bedroom will be right in front of you. It's got a window that's almost always open (for easy roof access), and is furnished with a loft bed, which has a desk attached. A Star Wars comforter is on the bed, and under the bed there's a cozy little nook with white Christmas lights and a bunch of cute pillows in it.

To the left of my room is WILD CARD's room. She decorated the walls herself. They're all covered in various stylized drawings which she's drawn impulsively with crayons. Most of them reflect whatever mood she was in while drawing them, but some are portraits of me, Taay, and Enigma. WILD CARD sleeps on a mattress on the floor, mostly so she has more room on the walls for her art. She also has a bulletin board on the wall, which is covered in her art as well as random stuff she's found. 

To the right of my room is Enigma's room. It's painted gray, and the baseboards are painted white. She has her favorite sketches taped up on the walls. She also has a dark oak desk, which has her laptop and her current sketchbook on it, as well as a Mason jar full of pencils and a couple of pens and erasers. Above the desk, there's a round mirror with a twisted black metal frame. Her bed, which has a black and navy blue striped comforter on it, is right under the window. You'll often find her sitting on her bed, or sometimes the roof, either sketching or staring pensively into space. On the floor, there's a black and blue oval-shaped rug, which is Taay's second-favorite place to sleep. At the end of the hall is another bathroom. 

The basement has been turned into a martial arts dojo. Punching bags are set up around the room, and there's a coat hook on the wall with handheld kicking targets hung up on it. (me and my AEs both do taekwondo) A couple of kicking shields (which are basically giant hard pillows that you kick) are leaning against the wall, and there's a crate of boxing gloves in one corner. Sparring gear is piled in another corner. The tenets of taekwondo (courtesy, integrity, perserverence, self-control, indomitable spirit) are written on the wall (WILD CARD did that). 

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Feel free to come visit! 


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Nice! But who is Taay?

(This is near my house, isn't it?) 

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(June 4, 2019 - 10:59 am)

Yes it is near your house, and Taay's my captcha. Sorry I forgot to mention that!

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Yeah, but I meant what kind of animal is Taay?

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(June 5, 2019 - 4:04 pm)

Oh, I see! Um, so Taay's kinda a creature I created... here's something I drew of her and me:

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I'm adding a new room: Glass' room. 

My CB house has a finished attic, which is very bright and feels like you're in a treehouse. It's been converted into two rooms-- one is the lounge, which has a TV, beanbag chairs, a small fridge, various board games in a couple of neat stacks and board game expansions in stacks against the opposite wall. The walls have been splatter-painted by WILD CARD, adding to the happy chaotic feel. Fandom posters are thumbtacked on the wall (though a couple are taped, a couple are glued, and a couple seem to be attached by sheer force of will). 

Across the attic, Glass has her little room. She doesn't like bigger rooms because they make her feel uncomfortable-- she feels like she's taking up too much room, which makes her feel like a burden. She has a mattress on the floor and a desk under the window. She has her favorite books stacked on her desk, and art instruction books are in a desk drawer. She has a glass of flowers on her desk as well, which she never neglects to replace. Her room is just big enough for her and a guest, if she ever has guests.  

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captcha says mydk. my darkking? um....

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