A few questions. 

Chatterbox: Inkwell

A few questions. 

A few questions. 

1. What's your favorite thing about the Chatterbox?

2. What's your favorite memory (one memory, though I'm not too strict on that rule. I highly recommend The Writer's memories thread on DtE if you'd like to post more, or perhaps The Hearth) of the CB?

3. What do you want to see in future threads?

4. What do you like in threads?

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(June 9, 2019 - 9:07 pm)

1) How supportive everyone is. People genuinely care about what's going on, and I love that.

2) Wow. This is hard. I can't really think of one specific memory, but I think I'll just generalize the feeling of being so excited to post a new thread or comment on an RP that I'm on the CB typing every chance I get. Does that make sense? I feel like it sounds like a weird ramble xD

3) Overall, I like the variety in threads, but it really depends on what kind it is. If it's a ski lodge or an RP, I like a good plot that inspires you, but if it's something on the DtE about real world issues, I like the discussions we have.

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