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Okay, first of all, thanks whoever voted for my rp ideas, it was nice to see how many people liked them. I can't pretend i wasn't hoping a little bit for this one to win, but i decided to let y'all help choose. 

But enough of me. 




A science lab exploded.


Four scientists were killed in the explosion, and the remaining three found that numerous chemicals had spilled into a container and somehow survived the explosion. Upon testing the mixture, they identified the chemicals and recreated it. The scientists tried to find out what the solution did by testing it on a rat, but nothing happened. They weren't sure what to do with the chemicals, but then one of them had an idea:

What would happen if they mixed animal DNA with the chemicals?

They mixed lizard DNA--that being what was on hand right then--with their chemical solution, but before they could test it on the rat, it splashed back onto two of the scientists. They immediately mutated into strange, lizardlike creatures. Still vaguely humanoid, they had rough scaly skin, small sharp teeth, hooked claws, and tails. The remaining scientist, instead of being terrified, was fascinated by the mutation. Unfortunately, he was very greedy, and instead of sharing his discovery with others, he killed the mutant scientists, and kept the secret to himself. Over the next few years, the lone scientist experimented with his chemicals, testing them on human victims instead of animals, and becoming ever greedier and more twisted in the process. Eventually, for no specific reason, he created a huge amount of his mutation chemical, and combined it with DNA from hundreds of animals.





The apocalypse.


The lone scientist, having killed hundreds of animals for their DNA, created an enormous bomb, filled with enough mutation chemicals to spread across the entire continent. When he set it off, he was killed in the initial explosion, but thousands of people were mutated across North America. The chemicals somehow seeped into the ocean, and over the years, the mutation spread over the entire planet. 





The wasteland.


For three years now, the world has been a barren wasteland, only the strongest and the cleverest surviving, searching for the few oasisis remaining in the endless deserts. The endless search for water has driven many mad, adding to the dangers. But now, a strange sickness is spreading, traveling from person to person at an alarming, almost impossible rate. The illness is caused by traces of the mutation chemicals remaining in the water, and the only cure lies in the minerals of the oasis waters. To save the mutants, a select few mutants with strange and unique abilities must find each other, travel to the oasis, and find the cure. These mutants have never met each other however, and the hardship they have encountered has hardened them, to the point of hostility rising to impossible heights. They must overcome their misgivings and travel the wasteland, dodging insane mutants and sickness, to reach their goal. But, if they catch the sickness, they will slowly weaken, and eventually they will die.


You can have a maximum of three characters, and a maximum of three powers/abilities.

Here's the charrie sheet:




Mutation: (What animal your charrie has mutated into)




Special powers/abilities: 




Here are my charries: 

Name: Silvia

Age: 16

Gender: female

Mutation: black widow spider

Weapon(S): none, she feels no need to carry them 

Personality: extremely skittish and hostile, but if you earn her trust, she will defend you even at the cost of her own life.

Appearance: humanoid, she has smooth black skin except for a scarlet hourglass-shaped mark between her shoulder blades. She only has two eyes, but they are completely black, without a hint of another color. She has two pairs of spiderlegs along her torso to aid in climbing, and venomous fangs instead of teeth. She has dark brown hair. 

Special powers/abilities: She is able to spin webs from her fingertips, and she can shapeshift into a black widow spider.

Background(optional): Don't ask.

Other: n/a


Name: Karen

Age: 17

Gender: female

Mutation: wolf

Weapon(S): two daggers strapped to her waist

Personality: fiercely loyal to anyone she loves, but is not inclined to listen to you before attacking unless you surrender

Appearance: has fine brown fur over her entire body, a long tail, sharp claws on her fingertips, pointed ears, light hazel hair, and piercing yellow eyes. She wears a black t-shirt, camo-patterned cargo shorts, and brown hiking boots.

Special powers/abilities: able to make a piercing howl that sets your ears ringing and works as an amazing distraction, plus, its pretty intimidating, she also has increased speed, strength, and endurance.

Background(optional): she refuses to talk about it

Other: she is currently loyal only to her friend Logan, she is open to shipping with boys only, and it would be really cool if someone's charrie was like, her long-lost brother or sister.


Name: Logan

Age: 17

Gender: male

Mutation: timber wolf

Weapon(S): a seven-foot metal staff strapped to his back, and a dagger hidden in his boot

Personality: fiercely loyal to those he loves, but he will listen if his quarry has something to tell him. He also has an air of sadness about him. Ask him about it when you get to know him well.

Appearance: same as Karen except his fur is gray with a silver sheen.

Special powers/abilities: same as Karen

Background(optional): ask him once you know him well, but tread lightly

Other: currently loyal only to his close friend Karen, and is not currently open to shipping with anyone, but that may change.


We will start rping as soon as five CBers other than me have joined, but you can still join after that. I suggest you read through the rping if its started.

Also, let me know if i missed anything. 

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Name: Silkk Spinner 


Gender: F

Mutation: Spider

Weapon(S): Sword!

Personality: Tbd

Special powers/abilities: extrudes spider silk through her fingers, poison bite, four spider legs.


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*Jumping spider

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Whoops! I forgot to mention one thing:

On the charrie sheet where it says: 

Mutation: (What your charrie has mutated into)

It would be nice, not necessary, but nice, if you could specify what type of that animal it is. So like, with my charrie Silvia, i specify that she mutated into a black widow spider. If you don't want to specify, or if you don't know what the breed of animal is, that's just fine.


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Name: Kaylee (Kay for short)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Mutation: White Bengal Tiger

Weapon(S): three daggers concealed in her clothing

Personality: Seems vicious, but is actually a very gentle person and a great friend, if you overlook her emotional unstableness. She suffers from panic attacks and mental breakdowns, especially after a battle. Even with all that she's still a 16 year old girl, and a helpless romantic.

Appearance: Her skin is almost albino pale, with black tiger stripes on her arms, legs, and face and has a tail. Her hair is black  and falls down to her thighs. In place of fingernails she has long, deadly claws. Her eyes are electric blue and kind of creepy, especially when she states off in to space. Her teeth are fangs, and she has cat-like whiskers. Running down her face, arms, and legs are scars, but she won't say how she got them. She wears a violet, kimono-like robe and grey leggings. Most of the time she goes barefoot.

Special powers/abilities: Her claws a incredibly sharp, so are her fangs. She's very agile and can run pretty fast with tons of endurance. She's also skilled in martial arts, singing, and healing.

Background: Mysterious, but we will get to it!

Other: Open for shipping with boys only. 






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Name: Willow

Age: 15

Gender: female

Mutation: red fox

Weapon(s): bow and arrows that she wears across her back

Personality: Quiet, cautious, and rarely takes risks. She is hard to get to know, and would almost never help someone unless she got something in return.

Appearance: has a red fox tail and fox-like ears, as well as fine red hair on her back and shoulders. She has thick red hair that she wears in a braid.

Special Powers/Abilities: Strong senses of smell, hearing, and vision. She is also a very fast runner

Backround(optional): she keeps her backround private




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I'm making one more charrie! This is fun!!!


Name: Graham

Age: 17

Gender: male

Mutation: Cougar

Weapon(S): double bladed axe, probably a few throwing stars.

Personality: Very brave, would gladly die to save his friends. He's also sensitive andahe sings. Sometimes he's a bit of a boaster and a flirt.

Appearance: Strong looking, very muscular. He's got dark brown hair that's spiked just a little bit. He has a small amount of facial hair, but he's pretty clean shaven. His eyes are hazel, and he's got a smirk that melts hearts (or so he says). He's got claws, fangs, and a tail too. He wears a plain, black t-shirt, a brown leather jacket, jeans, and hiking boots.

Special powers/abilities: He's really good at climbing and running long distance. His teeth and claws are sharp and really handy in combat. He's super strong and also skilled in combat. 

Background: Nothing traumatic, he doesn't remember his parents, he grew up in a gang of older boys who stole for a living.

Other: He's super flirtatious, so he's open for shipping with girl characters. (But he's most likely going to end up with Kaylee in the end.)  






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@Admins: Hi! I made a post here a few hours ago, and while comments that were submitted after mine have showed up, mine hasn't yet. Was there an issue with it?

I'm sorry. I don't know. I'm only on this evening. Another Admin may have been reviewing comments earlier today. Feel free to resubmit it if you think it may have been lost. 


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ugh, me too. really stinks.

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Name: Lilah Argent 

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Mutation: Swan

Weapon(s): Many concealed knives, and other sevret goodies

Personality: Pretty withdrawn and suspicious, but very much the Mom Friend when you get to know her

Appearance: Lilah has very short, platinum blonde hair, dark, dark brown eyes, and a strangely beaky nose.  Her mutation causes her to have small feathers all down her arms and legs, as well as along her hairline.  She also has swan wings (in addition to her arms)

Special Powers/Abilities: She can fly, and can use her singing abilities in a 'swan song,' totally incapacitating anyone nearby with no protection, and making those with protection very weak and dizzy.

Background: She had a brother who mutated also, but he was killed soon after.  

Other: Down for shipping, but boys only please!

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Name: Nikolas Iosif

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Mutation: Raccoon

Weapon(s): Many small throwing knives

Personality: Seems fairly mellow, but is usually muttering some sarcastic remark under his breath. He has a dark sense of human. Charismatic, but untrusting. Extremely intelligent.

Appearance: Rather short, with very pale skin. His hair is dark and shaved on the sides. It's tall in the center, like a mane, and usually pulled back in a very short ponytail. His eyes are very small and dark. He has many ear piercings. His nails are sharp and he has very thin, long fingers. He wears black fingerless gloves. He doesn't wear shoes, because his feet are like paws. They have long black claws and are covered in grey fur. His ears are pointed, and covered in grey fur. He looks as if he is wearing eyeliner, but those are actually markings. He has a small raccoon tail.

Special Powers/ Abilities: Freakishly intelligent, has an amazing sense of hearing and smell,night vision. Also extremely agile.

Background: He won't tell anyone, not even his closest friends. However, I will say that his parents were killed when he was very young and he spent much of his life living on his own.

Other: He doesn't make friends easily, nor does he want to. However, he is open to shipping. 


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We need more boys!

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ALRIGHT i've looked through the bios posted and we have reached five CBers! Rping is officially started, but i'd like one of you guys to start 'cuz i'd like to see what y'all think!


Khai says oozz. no, Khai, apocalypse, not Oz. 

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Is it too late for me to join? 

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