The Earth is

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The Earth is

The Earth is beautiful, isn't it?

Of course, it took hard work to keep it that way. Humanity slowly spread to space, in order to conserve Earth's beauties and materials. Their technology grew, creating all sorts of tech! They were in the future, with every known planet colonized, every known piece of their little solar system bright with life!

You are one of them, one of the people in this bright new era. People have begun to name their children after these new worlds. Eris, Mars, Maia... why not name someone after the beauty these once-barren places have become? They create works of art, they make certain planets dazzle with light.

But other places are left blank. They are unforgiving places, with simple metal walls and schedules that must be followed strictly, day after day. Fleets of small spacecraft patrol the skies, regulating them. People devote their lives to open space, spending their time toiling as regulators or as thieves, destroying or looting spacecraft.

Still, there's another option. The one that you chose. A large spacecraft exists, drifting further and further away from humanity's colonies. It's a research ship, filled with those who want to further the knowledge of humanity. Or maybe they just wanted money from their job on the ship, as a mechanic or whatnot. Who truly knows?

Of course, there is a catch. You see, the day before your shuttle, bearing you and the rest of the recruits, arrived, the captain of this ship was murdered. Lying in a puddle of blood. Dead. Dead, dead, dead.

You're trapped in the middle of space with a murderer aboard the ship. And it's up to you to discover who they are. 

The answer will change depending on your posts, your roleplay. So I suggest you'd hurry it up; wouldn't want another to die, would you? Tick tock. Clock's ticking, my friends. 

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Ooh, can I participate? I saw your other post, but I'm still unsure about what I need to do. Should I, like, make a character or something? Should I be asking these questions there instead of here?

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(July 5, 2019 - 10:39 pm)

I would also like to participate, is there a charrie sheet?

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Oh, sorry! Here's the charrie sheet:







What are you on this ship for? Ex. Mechanic, researcher, etc:


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Do we fill out this as ourselves, or do we make a charrie?

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You make a Charrie. :)

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I'd like to participate!

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Actually, now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't join, seeing as I'm about to be going away (as I announced here: Sorry!

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This looks like fun!


Name: Callisto

Age: 19

Appearance: Asian, 5'9, thin. Black, silky hair, bob haircut with bangs. Deep blue, almond shaped eyes. White business suit, high heels. 

Personality: Sympathetic, calm, collected, firm.

Skills: Psychology, mind manipulation (no evil intentions...maybe), logical thinking, making lists.

Weaknesses: Extremely queasy around blood, fear of insects, intense fear of hights, intense fear of choking.

What are you on this ship for?: Psychologist

Other: If there is any shipping she is open to shipping with guys her age. 

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Name: Mingzhu Huiling

Age: 23

Appearance: Looks to be of Asian origin. She's pretty short, only about 5'2. Her hair is long, straight and black. She wears baggy cargo pants, a white tank-top, black combat boots, and a baseball cap that's usually backwards. She has three ear piercings on each ear.

Personality: Loud, smart, bold. Daredevil.

Skills: Hacker, good with her hands, works well under pressure. 

Weaknesses: Doesn't always think things through, bad with emotional problems, tends to throw caution to the wind.

What are you on this ship for?: Software engineer.

Other: Open to shipping. 

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Name: Freya Gold

Age: 14

Appearance: Wavy blond hair, just past the shoulders. Pale blue eyes and tanned skinned. She's on the short side, about four and a half feet. She's sturdy and squat, not over weight but not supper skinny either. 

Personality: We'll see... I have such a hard time planning it before hand! 

Skills: She's small, so she can fit into small areas. Because of her age, people aren't really careful about what they say when she's near. She's great at easedropping! Not the best fighter, but she's smart and clever. Good at sneaking around too.

Weaknesses: Again, her age. She's not allowed every where on the ship! Her size, she can't reach the top shelves. She's not a good fighter either. A bit of a coward really. 

Reasson for being on the ship: She's here with her mom, who's a researcher. 

Other: She has a crystle necklace that she always wears. She's never seen without it.  

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Name: Darla "Ace" Holliday

Age: 22

Appearance: She has one blue eye and one brown eye, as well as dark brown hair with purple streaks. Her hair's shaved on the left side, and it falls over her right eye. She wears a black tank top, combat boots, an olive green army jacket with various patches on it, cargo shorts with lots of pockets, and black cat ears. She has a sentimental attachment to her cat ears-- her dad gave them to her when she was little.

Personality: She's very daring, and loves action. She has mild ADHD, and hates being on the sidelines. She's witty, and good at coming up with jokes on the spot. She never seems to run out of energy.

Skills: Relentless, determined, great shot, knows enough martial arts to hold her own in a fight (though she prefers using weapons). She's good with mechanics.

Weaknesses: Like I said, she has ADHD. Also, she's not great at strategy-- she's quite reckless and tends to just rush into things headfirst. She definitely has a temper, and if anyone asks her about her parents, she'll lose her temper.

What are you on this ship for? Ex. Mechanic, researcher, etc: She's originally on the ship as a mechanic, but she's really hoping to do something combat-related.

Other: Open to shipping. She has a sister-- can I make a charrie sheet for her too?

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Uh... hello? Are you gonna continue this???

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