Hello! I'm Dusk,

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Hello! I'm Dusk,

Hello! I'm Dusk, and this is my first RP on Inkwell. So, this is how I'm picturing it... (Oh, and I'm gonna try and ACTUALLY start this up in a few months, maybe September or October) 

A long time ago, when the universe was created, four Gems were created to balance and support it. 

 One was the blue Water Gem, which had waves and fish on it to represent the ocean life. There was also a thundercloud up above to represent the dangers the sea had as well. 

Another white Air Gem had clouds and birds, as well as wind. The clouds and birds represented the beauty and freedom of air while like the Water Gem, the winds represent the dangers that come with this beautiful air.

Another is the green Earth gem, which had grass with animals, fruit, and a lake with a clear blue sky up above. Right below the sky is two mountains which had a crack between them. The grass with animals, fruit, and a lake, with the sky above not only represents the other gems but represents life. The mountains with the crack obviously represents earthquakes and the earth's dangers.

The last, the Space gem, is so mysterious that almost no one has ever seen it. 

If these four gems come into the possession of anyone, that person has the power of the elements the gems possess. To keep this from happening, magical creatures were created to protect them. The gems also allow magical creatures to control a tiny bit of the weather.

Krakens, selkies, part of the dragons, and other sea creatures protect the Water Gem. 

Gryphons, parts of the dragons, and other flying creatures guard the Air Gem. 

Manticores, fairies, unicorns, parts of the dragons, and other land creatures guard the Earth Gem.

 There's only one unknown guardian of the space stone. These creatures live on an island that can never be entered by unmagical beings. 

But danger strikes! One day, the orbs shattered each into ten pieces that spread out across the earth! There's five weeks before the orbs, not united, lose their power and the earth is in chaos! You must search for these orbs. But will you put it back with the magical creatures, or will you keep it for yourself? You can be a magical creature, heading out into the earth to search, or you can be a human, trying to save your home or desiring for power! You can also be a villain in this RP!

 My charrie: (use this as example) 

 Name: Silverwind 

 Gender: F

 Species: Gryphon

 Age group: adult

 Gem tribe: Air

 Personality: positive, nurturing, but weak in regards to power, social, can have a temper sometimes 

Job: cloud control (basically figuring out what clouds and what shapes to put out. She also works with a sea creature to get this job done.)

friends: Scales the sea serpent (as of yet)   

Anyway, sorry this took so long, but hopefully it was worth it! Comment if you have any suggestions and questions! Hopefully, we can get this up and running soon! Also, one of you will get to play as the Space Gem guardian... in due time. I'll tell you when it's available. Let's all have fun guys!   



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Things I forgot to mention: 

1. you need an appearance for your charrie too! Here's Silverwinds... 

large light gray round head, large blue eyes, body is a black panther, eagle-like black wings   

2. the barrier keeping unmagical creatures out of the island also kept magical creature in. However, the gems created that power, and since that was broken, the island can now be passable for both kinds of creatures.  

3. Friends could either be your own creation or you could ask other people to be your friend. Scales is my own creation btw.

4.you can also add what pets you have to your charrie if you have one. 

5. Why are dragons part of every tribe? Because lately, a lot of stories have not only shown fire-breathing dragons, but elemental dragons! Also, I feel like not many people are going to pick the Water Gem Tribe. 

6. I'm going to change the Water Gem's name to Sea Gem. The name water doesn't work with the other gems. 

7. Assume the first part of how the gems were created and the magical creatures were sent to protect them was part of common human mythology. 

 Thats's about it. Looking forward to playing with you!

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Top this thread!

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Name: Celestian

Age: Doesn't really matter. Cosmoguards don't age after they reach 50, and the only way to kill them is to... destroy the Space Gem. Huh. We're now in a bit of a dillema here. >:3

Species: Cosmoguard (Literally Protector of the Space Gem)

Appearance: A bipedal creature with sparkly black scales covering her entire body. A mane of white fur runs from her forehead, down the curve of her neck, all the way down to the tip of her long, whip-like tail, ending in a silken tuft. As though there was no gravity, this fur always floats etherially. Her claws are shiny and black, curved wickedly and as sharp as anything. Encased by pearly white fangs, she has a blueish-black tongue that DOES NOT FORK. Black horns curve away from her head, and just under those are her ears, curled and usually flattened against the side of her head, like folded deer's.

Not all Cosmoguards look like this.

Personality: Regal, doesn't waste her breath, commanding, confident, stubborn, feirce. Would make an excellent queen, as she has a strong sense of justice and knows well what is right and wrong. EXTREMELY mature.

Other: Open to shipping with another reptillian being (MALE). 

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Oh, sorry Dusk! I didn't see the last paragraph of the thread. I guess I should ask now...

Could I please have the Space Gem Guardian charrie? If not, then I can remake Celestian, but she'll be a less-well-thought-through character... I have no other ideas for a charrie at the moment.

Again, sorry for disregarding your words, I didn't see them, and that was my mistake.

An extra note: RPs will sink if you wait months to start them. Do you think starting sooner would be okay? 

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Yeah... I was going to wait for that decision... but that's totally fine. Now that I think of it, the space creature would look for the shards of the gem he's protecting, right? But I'm warning you... the Space Gem shards will be the hardest to find. And it's totally alright you messed up. I messed up a lot of stuff, all seen in the things I forgot to mention comment I made. 

Also, sure we can start up sooner! I was worried I wouldn't be giving enough time to people who want to join. If we do it earlier, it can't be in this month. July is actually my busiest month right now, and I made this RP now so people could come and join while I'm out doing busy things. July 13 and onward, you will not see me as much.

I WILL start this up though. It makes me so sad seeing people's hard work in their characters and stories wasted... But this will not be one of them.

Thanks btw for joining my RP, Rogue!  

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*Claps happily* Thank you for understanding!

I'll try to keep this alive while you're gone. I will also be gone for a week during the last days of July and the first days of August, jut a heads up.

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Well, I think the last week of July, I'll have a few days where I'm not over-the-top busy, so that'll work out perfectly. I think that I'll start this sometime in the middle of August (unless enough people tell me otherwise) and I'll only postpone it if there are less than five people, including me and you. And that would be really great if you kept this up while I'm gone. This will probably be the last thing I write on this thread for right now. See you roughly in the middle of August! 

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Name: Chikyū

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsune

Age Group: Young Adult

Gem Tribe: Earth

Personality: Trickster, extremely clever and intelligent. He wants the Earth Gem and any other gems for himself, but he can be convinced to the side of good if offered the proper payment.

Appearance: Fox Form: Cream-colored fur with green accents and markings. He was green ears, tail tips, and paws, and green markings under his eyes. His eyes are a very dark brown. He has five tails.  Human Form: Fair skin, with strange green markings under eyes. His eyes look exactly like fox eyes and are narrow. His hair is cream-colored. He wears an aviator jacket and dark colored jeans. He typically prefers his fox form.

Job: He does not have a job. Kitsunes are mischievous spirits, so he wasn't trusted with a job.

Friends: None, currently. 

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May I have two charries? If not, just let me know.

Name: Sparkle

Gender: Female

Species: dragon

Age group: between adolescent and young adult

Gem tribe: Sea

Personality: Sparkle is rather timid when it comes to new things, but when she has experienced it once, she is bold and confident. There is, however, one exeption: if she or someone she knows is in danger, her personality seems to change completely, and she attacks furiously, with a rage that causes many to say, "that dragon is mad. She does not seem so, but don't let that fool you. Stay away from her."

Appearance: she is not a large dragon. She is in fact, pretty small, but by no means tiny. She has a long, serpentine body, long neck and tail, and long, skinny legs, for a dragon at least. her scales are white and translucent, with a thin border of silver around each individual scale. The translucency causes her scales the sparkle like gems in the light. she has short, thin gold spikes along her back and neck, and large white wings with gold flecks, that catch the light when spread, veritably blinding anyone unfortunate enough to look right at them. her eyes are cloudy and dim, since she is actually blind, but when she, "goes mad", black starts creeping in around the edges, slowly enveloping the white. The closest she has ever come to complete madness was when there was only a small sliver of white left in her eyes, and she works hard to make sure she never goes completely mad, because she might not be able to pull back if that happens.

Job: no one will work with her because they are "afraid she will go crazy", but she suspects they just think her blindness renders her useless.

friends: none, as of now. 

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Sure ,if you're ready to play two characters.

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Name: Scarr

Gender: Male

Species: dragon

Age group: adolescent/young adult

Gem tribe: formerly Air

Personality: Scarr is bold, fierce, and rarely hesitates to attack, but he also carries an air of lonliness that, though hard to notice, weighs greatly on him.

Appearance: he is pretty large. He has a long body, neck, and tail, but he has a thicker and stronger build, rather than serpentine. He has long, thick, and strong legs, and huge wings that are nearly as big as the rest of his body. There is a long scar that runs from the base of his neck, down between his wings and twisting around to trace the slightly softer scales on his foreleg, ending on his paw. His scales are a deep purple, so dark that they are almost black. The membrane of his wings is a light emerald green, contrasting with the dark color of the scales covering the bones of his wings. His long, sharp claws are also green, and he has medium-length thick dark green spikes running along his neck and back. His eyes are a startling dark lime green color, with a light blue-green snakelike pupil, and the scales on his underbelly are the same dark lime green as his eyes. Overall, Scarr is beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Job: none. Scarr is a loner.

friends: none, as of yet.

other/background(I added this bc I plan to do something with Scarr that may or may not be anticipated, and I didn't want it to be completely out of the blue.): Scarr is a villain. His original name is Sunset. When Sunset was young, he encountered an evil person when he was out with his parents. The person killed both of his parents unawares, and Sunset killed him as revenge. When some of the griffins came upon him, they thought he had killed his own parents and the human. Sunset was drivin out of the tribe, receving his scar in the process. He renamed himself Scarr, and became a vengeful, villainious creature, wandering the realms of the world alone. Once, not long ago, he saw young Sparkle being teased by some of the others of her tribe for her blindness. Scarr immediately had a crush on her, but he couldn't go near her. Almost everyone knew who he was. When he heard that the four Gems had shattered, he decided to go hunt for them. Maybe if he gifted a fragment of one of the Gems to Sparkle, she would believe he wasn't the vengeful criminal others made him out to be. Even if he was............

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First of all, yes I did say I was busy. But I didn't know that I was going to have this time on my hands! But soon, I believe I'll be more busy. So enjoy this treat. Please share your questions now before I disappear into life!  


I've decided to pick July 30th as our starting date. I understand that many of you would go back to school a few days... But that's the earliest date I can start. It's after my busy days and right after my birthday (sort of like a birthday present to me huh?). However, be aware that once school starts, I might be prohibited to do anything here until the weekends. I might be able to persuade my parents to let me on here, but just a heads up in case they say no.


I've noticed so many people have chosen to have no jobs... quite hilarious actually. So if you're not going to have a job for whatever reason, you don't have to put it on your charrie at all. Same goes for friends (though actually having no friends is unlikely in real life. Still, I guess they could have friends and they're just not important in the story.)  


You can have a background if it's that major to the character's personality. Just something to answer the questions about how he/she got to be the way he/she is now. I'm not going to have a background for Silverwind because she doesn't have some FATE CHANGING THINGS in her story. If you want to add a background but you already had a charrie, no problem! Just comment on your charrie and add what you need to! (thank you btw for giving me the idea, Nyx!) I'd prefer it if you keep stuff like the purpose of getting the gems and what you did right before the gems shattered a surprise though (I know you did the purpose of getting the gems on one of your ocs, Nyx, but that's alright. You didn't know). Why should it be a surprise? Well, *drumroll please* 


Yes, we're going to do a prologue. My plan was that when the story starts, people are starting their search for the gem shards. But then my mind plagued me with thoughts like what happened when the gems shattered? Were they watching when it shattered? What was their motivation to help them look for the gem shards? So, I came up with this idea.

Basically in this thread, you are going to say what happened right about the time when the gems shattered, and how you got to be searching for the shards. Now, if you were watching, feel free to describe what happened to the gem you saw before it exploded. I want this to be everyone's RP, even if I came up with it. I'll only prohibit certain things, but besides that, you can create almost anything in this. The gems could even explode each in a unique way, it doesn't really matter to me. All I ask is that the gems must make a huge boom when it happened (nobody but Celestian can hear the space gem though). I want everyone to know it happened when it happened.

As for the date, I think I'll try and do it July 20th (in my local time). Don't worry about your local time. Just look around at the inkwell page every afternoon (or night). The only way you'll not see it is if I'm too busy and I can't make it. If that's the case it'll start July 30th. 


This will now be known as the ES RP (ES meaning Elemental shards). So look around for that when I post a thread about it.  

If you have any more questions about any of this, respond down below!      


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If the prologue thing starts July 20th, I can't start the actual story on July 30th. Theres absolutely NO way there would be much content if we end the RP in ten days. So, if we do this, the actual story will start either in Middle-Late August or September (depending on how long the prologue will be). 

Also, I know, Rogue Wildering, you're going to be too busy to play if the prologue starts on July 30th. But this really needs to start super soon. However, I think I'll be able to make it to July 20th. And even if I don't, maybe you can tell your backstory or type in a brief recap of what happened to your character in the main story thread. I want everyone to have fun in this, ok?


1. I will play another character in this RP (and in the main story as well) his name will be Nightclaw, so if you see a comment under his name, that's me. Also, hes not a super edgy type character. Is he a villain or a hero? Well... you'll see (but pls don't judge people by their name!) Will he have a charrie? No. I want him to be a mystery for right now. I'll describe him later in the story and you will soon figure out his personality. 

2. The beginning of the RP is roughly an hour before the gems go and explode. I will say when it becomes forty-five minutes, half hour, fifteen minutes and so on and so on. 

3. Keep in mind that this prologue could greatly affect the main story. The main story could even start in a way you didn't want it to. For example, you might have wanted to start alone, but you may bump into somebody in this prologue and travel with them. So, in that way, it's kind of like real life. You want things to turn out your way, but it turns out another way. Or iit may turn out that way, you don't know.

4. As soon as the prologue begins, this thread will be shut down. This means no one should be on this thread anymore. It would have served its purpose. But that doesn't mean people still can't join! At any part of the story, any new person could just go on a recent ES shards thread, insert a charrie, and start playing! It's that simple! (if any new person asks for a brief recap as well, we can provide it!) If anyone asks to join and hasn't read this, you or I could fill them in!  

Anyway, that's it for now. Now I'll keep my mouth shut in regards to rules (unless someone asks me a question about them of course) so let's have fun together guys!  









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What's an ES shards thread?

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ES stands for Elemental Shards. It's the name of our RP. And yes, I know, I made a typo technically saying an Elemental Shards shards thread. Apologies on that.

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