Mythical Creatures RP 

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Mythical Creatures RP 

Mythical Creatures RP 

Far away, in a distant world, lives all the mythical creatures you have read about and more. The ruler of which is a mighty red dragon named King. This land has been in peace and prosperity for many years. This land could never be reached by humans... 

Until one day, you and many other people get transported from your homes to this world, where you become a magical creature of your choosing. You now have a choice: you can stay here, or you could find a way home.

You can choose a familiar creature, like a griffin or a dragon, or you can make your own creature. Together, we will build this world to be a massive majestic land. 

You will find many magical items as well, to help you on your journey. Some are simple, like making you invisible. Others may have strength-boosting powers. But the most magical item of all can also be the most dangerous. 

You must work together to get through this world. You will face many challenges, but with skill and determination, you will go through them successfully! However, a darkness looms above...  

My charrie:  

Name: Rose

Gender: F 

Age: 13 

Species she turns into: dragon 

appearance (as the species she turns into. You may describe the human form later.): blue body, yellow serpentine eyes, yellow belly, horns and claws, long straight claws 

Personality: kind, but can be sarcastic a lot of the time, can have a temper, not very social 

Family that is transported with her: Lily, her younger sister (she's a dragon too, she is white with blue eyes, but has the same yellow horns, claws, and belly as her sister) 

Friends: none as of yet

Anyway, let's hopefully start this up soon! Please feel free to ask any questions or suggestions! Let's have fun guys!      

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Name: Holly

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Species turned into: Gryphon

Appearance: She has soft gray feathers and green eyes. And a light gray lion body with a feather tipped tail. 

Personality: TBD

Family: N/A

Friends: Rose! (If it's alright of course.)


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Sure that's alright! 

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