I'm gonna try

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I'm gonna try

I'm gonna try to start a dragon rp, just to see if I can. Well, not really, I actually want this to work. So lets see if I can actually pull this off. 


Once, there were two dragon tribes. 

The SkyTribe.

And the SeaTribe.

The SkyTribe dragons had huge wings, made for flying, and they made their homes on land. The SeaTribe dragons had slightly smaller wings, strong, powerful legs with webbed paws, and gills, and they lived in the rivers and seas. The two tribes occasionally fought, but, without much in common, they didn't have much to fight about, and kept to their respective homes. 

But then.......
Several young dragonlets were hatched, and were soon discovered to be half-tribe: half SkyTribe, half SeaTribe. These dragonlets had traits from both tribes, but instead of being a reason for the two tribes to draw together, they beacame a reason for war.

The tribes have now fought for four years, and the dragonlets, now young adult dragons, are starting to realize that they might possibly have a say in this war. 

But in order for them to get the attention of the tribe leaders, and stop the war, the young dragons must come together and journey to SkeaTribe clearing, where the tribes must meet for a truce at the new moon. This is the only way to end the war, but the young dragons must also get along, for if they are not united during the new moon, their mission will fail.

Here's the charrie sheet:




Appearance (remember your charrie is half-tribe, so he/she would have traits from both tribes):
Appearance must include-
Back scales-
Underbelly scales-
General body shape-
Placement of gills-
Any other adornments-





Your charries are all four years old, so young adults, and, important to mention, they all have gills.

Also, the first two people to claim the position of tribe leader, may also roleplay as the king or queen of either tribe. 

Also, you can roleplay up to two of the special young dragons, and the spots will be filled once we have fourteen characters, not CBers, characters, other than mine. I claim the fiveteenth and sixteenth charries.

I can't remember if I missed anything, so feel free to ask questions, and I will post my charries when this pops up.

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Sounds amazing!

Name: Ekkel

Gender: Male

Personality: Bold and usually kindhearted, patient, not a leader

Back scales: gold with a few black scales

Underbelly scales: white

Eyes: shimmering tan layered on off white, triangular black markings above eyes

General body shape: small and slim

Horns: two long white horns with a gold diamond pattern on the sides

Claws: white

Gills: he has 5 triangular gills on either side of his neck

Any other adornments: he has a scar on his tail

Abilities/powers: average at anything athletic, good at lying, climbing and hiding

Shipping: uh suuuuure . . . . . .

Other: he is obsessed with eggs 

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Name: Ryn (Pronounced Rin)

Gender: Female

Personality: Stubborn, confident, lonely, loyal, brave, courageous, irritable (sometimes), likes to be in a small group of friends if social contact is necessary.

Tribal appearance: Ryn has four HUGE wings with spiked "frames" (the bone that the skin is attached to), giving her a feirce look and the illusion that she's bigger than she is. Her tail has a diamond shaped frill on the end, aiding her steering in the water. Her large wings give her speed in water and in the air, but on earth, unless she has the time to fold them right, they're a bit cumbersome. 

Back scales- Metallic light brown

Underbelly scales- Metallic off-white

Eyes- Striking green

General body shape- Strong but curvy, average size

Horns- Shiny, straight, and a pleasant light brownlike her back scales, perched upon her forehead like a crown, leaning back

Claws- The same light brown as her horns and back scales

Placement of gills- Her gills are hidden under flexible flaps of muscle on her neck. These flaps open to allow her to breathe under water, but when they are closed, they hug the rest of her flesh so perfectly the flaps are invisible to the naked eye.

Any other adornments- Ryn has a frill arching from her neck that runs the course of her back, and ends at the base of her tail. Ryn's ear frills are peirced with small stud diamond earrings, as are the bases of her wings.

Abilities/powers: Ryn can distort reality. However, she isn't good at returning it to it's former state.


Other: Ryn hates

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uh, Rogue, can you tell me what you mean by "Ryn hates"?

also, i'd like to ship her with one of my charries, i'll post the bio in a little bit, his name is Rahn. 

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Oh, whoops. It must have cut off. it's supposed to be 'Ryn hates small spaces like tight passages, small caves, and cages because her huge wings don't allow for much movement in such circumstances.'

Let me see the bio before I make a decision, but it's most likely a yes. :) 

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kk, i'll post the bio in a little while!

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i forgot to mention that the appearance section should also include wings.


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Name: Keel

Gender: male

Personality: rather closed off, rarely hesitates to fight, he says he's a loner, but he's really just tired of being repeatedly kidnapped by both tribes, and he's afraid that sometime he will atack and kill some dragon, and then he will be in real trouble.

Back scales- dark green
Underbelly scales- very very light lime green, almost white
Eyes- black with white snakelike pupils nthat widen and narrowdepending on his mood
General body shape- long and thick. longthick neck, longthick tail, longthick body
Horns- long and thick(XD), dark green, curving back slightly towards his neck, sharpening to a deadly point.
Claws- long, deadly sharp, white colored
Wings- very large wings, wide wingspan, bone is dark green scaled, membrene is light lime green/white
Placement of gills- a set of three gills on either side of his neck, placed just behind his jawbone
Any other adornments- i didn't think this through. i guess long, sharp fangs count.

Abilities/powers: incredible fighter. Has a resounding roar, that while it doesn't do anything special, it sufficiantly startles most things. he can breathe both fire and ice at will.

Shipping?: yes

Other: nothing i can think of at the moment.


Name: Rahn

Gender: male

Personality: friendly, mostly, but sufficiently wary of most strangers, he's fiercely loyal, and will defend his friends with his life, but won't jump at the chance to fight.

Back scales- dark rust red, peppered with gold scales.
Underbelly scales- lighter red, scattered gold specks
Eyes- dark gray, with white snakelike pupils
General body shape- long and slender.
Horns- long and thin, very sharp points, dark rust red, curving back parallel to each other to a point about a foot above his neck
Claws- long and thin, very very sharp, very dark gray.
Placement of gills- right behind his jawbone, on either side of his neck, there is a set of four gills
Any other adornments- long, sharp fangs

Abilities/powers: very very good fighter. can breathe both ice and a superheated bluefire that can instantly incinerate almost anything except dragon scales. can give a startling shock, like an electric eel, but his shock doesn't kill.

Shipping?: probably with Ryn

Other: nothing currently


important to note, my charries do not know each other 

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Yeah, they would be good together, let's do it! Maybe we could get a love angle with Keel in in too? Like, Rahn and Keel both like Ryn but Rahn gets her? DRAMA

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i like it!

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Of course, I joined!

Name: Sagebrush

Gender: Female

Personality: Quiet, timid attitude, dislikes bloodshed, she will quote someone like a famous line from a book, or such. She is sort of like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.


Back Scales- White and dark teal scales scattered all over.

Underbelly Scales- Grey and cobalt blue scales in stripe pattern.

Eyes- One white eye one blue eye, half blind.

General Body Shape (GBS): She is slender, because she doesn’t eat much, she is VERY skinny.

Horns: They are like ram horns.

Claws: Like gryphon talons, she has clawed feet, with a strikingly beautiful white-and-aquamarine color.

Placement of Gills: Along her neck and near her eyes, she can fan them outward.

Any other Adornments: She has a beautiful crown made of pearls and cloud, she never wears it though, it brings back memories of her brother, who made it.

Shipping?: Yes!

Other: I hope I can use this as a background... Her brother was taken away for a crime he didn’t commit, and was killed. 


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I have one question about your charrie's brother, Void. 

Since everyone's charries are half-tribe, was her brother actually her half-brother, or.........?

Don't take this in a bad way, i'm just mildly confused. 

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He was her half-brother. He is from sea tribe.

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You forgot the abilities/powers on your charrie. Don't worry, I forgot it too on my charrie

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