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ES Charrie and Q and A thread 

For people that have already joined:

Welcome back! if you want to post questions, do it here! if you want to make more characters: do it here! Want to discuss the ES RP? Do it here! This is basically a place where you can discuss and learn more about the world I've created and you will add to! If you want to add lore that's ok, too! THis thread will NEVER close, so you can come here anytime! And I will check here almost every day to look for questions, so don't be afraid to ask! Also, please put your charries you put in the original thread down here so new people could know who your character is!

For new people that don't know what this is: 

Welcome to the ES (Elemental Shards) RP! This is a fantasy RP, and anyone can join! Just type in a charrie, join a recent ES thread and play! If you want to know the story/conflict/how to make your charrie, heres my post I put in the thread called "Hello, I'm Dusk"


A long time ago, when the universe was created, four Gems were created to balance and support it. 


One was the blue Water Gem, which had waves and fish on it to represent the ocean life. There was also a thundercloud up above to represent the dangers the sea had as well. 


Another white Air Gem had clouds and birds, as well as wind. The clouds and birds represented the beauty and freedom of air while like the Water Gem, the winds represent the dangers that come with this beautiful air.


Another is the green Earth gem, which had grass with animals, fruit, and a lake with a clear blue sky up above. Right below the sky is two mountains which had a crack between them. The grass with animals, fruit, and a lake, with the sky above not only represents the other gems but represents life. The mountains with the crack obviously represents earthquakes and the earth's dangers.


The last, the Space gem, is so mysterious that almost no one has ever seen it. 


If these four gems come into the possession of anyone, that person has the power of the elements the gems possess. To keep this from happening, magical creatures were created to protect them. The gems also allow magical creatures to control a tiny bit of the weather.


Krakens, selkies, part of the dragons, and other sea creatures protect the Water Gem. 


Gryphons, parts of the dragons, and other flying creatures guard the Air Gem. 


Manticores, fairies, unicorns, parts of the dragons, and other land creatures guard the Earth Gem.


There's only one unknown guardian of the space stone. These creatures live on an island that can never be entered by unmagical beings. 


But danger strikes! One day, the orbs shattered each into ten pieces that spread out across the earth! There's five weeks before the orbs, not united, lose their power and the earth is in chaos! You must search for these orbs. But will you put it back with the magical creatures, or will you keep it for yourself? You can be a magical creature, heading out into the earth to search, or you can be a human, trying to save your home or desiring for power! You can also be a villain in this RP!


My charrie: (use this as example) 


Name: Silverwind 


Gender: F


Species: Gryphon


Age group: adult


Gem tribe: Air


Personality: positive, nurturing, but weak in regards to power, social, can have a temper sometimes 

appearance: large light gray round head, large blue eyes, body is a black panther, eagle-like black wings


Job: cloud control (basically figuring out what clouds and what shapes to put out. She also works with a sea creature to get this job done.)


friends: Scales the sea serpent (as of yet)

Anyway, that was the premise. If you ever want to know another character's charrie, you'll hopefully find them all down in the comments! Anyway, that's it! Have fun!  


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Hey, I'm really sorry, but I'm going to be dropping out of this roleplay. 

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Ok, that’s fine. We will continue with just four people. 

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I am on vacation now, I will be back with checking these threads in a few days

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I will take Sybill’s Charrie. If it’s alright...

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Hi guys! I am back from vacation. The main RP at this point will probably not have a certain date to start now. At the speed this is running, we will not be able to make it to August 20th with the prologue finished. But that is fine. A long rp is better than a short rp after all. And there is no rush. Plenty of time to have swollen thumbs healed and stuff like that. 


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