ES Prologue RP 

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ES Prologue RP 

ES Prologue RP 

This is it. The moment you have all been waiting for. It's time to start this prologue RP! And we're starting out with five players, which was my vague goal! Me, Rogue Wildering, Sybill, Nyx, and Void. You know all the rules, right? If not, you can refer back to the old thread and look for the rules. Anyway, let's get started!

(If you have no idea what an ES thread is, and don't know the story or conflict of this or anything, refer to my ES Charrie and Q and A thread. That has the information ya need. If you need extra rules, refer to my "Hello, I'm Dusk" thread, which is closed but you still can get info from there. Just read pretty much all my posts :P) 


"Hey, Silverwind! Wake up!" I heard a rap at the door. My eyes fluttered open. I looked out the window. It was still dark, with stars lighting up the night. It looked pretty, but why was he waking me up so soon? I felt a movement under my wing. It was an egg, sky blue, with speckled white. "Hush..." I said. "We don't want the guards to find you out."

I put it in my bag, which the guards think are essentials, and answered the door. I looked outside and saw Gnarly the Griffin with an ugly expression on his face. Gnarly wasn't his actual name, just a nickname, since everyone doesn't like him. "It isn't my morning shift yet, Gnarly. But you can get a nice long rest once it is." Gnarly snickered and said, "No. It's your shift too. And every other guard's too. I would have explained it to you if you actually slept in one of the dormitories." 

I looked around at my soft, fluffy but durable cloud room I made compared to the hard white alabaster stone of the rest of the castle. "Mine's better since its more private and comfortable compared to the others. Maybe one day I'll let you sleep in it." 

Gnarly rolled his eyes and said, "Come on. We don't have all day." I followed him but I wondered what was so serious about this situation. What could possibly be going on? 

Time before gems explode: 2 hours (I'm going to wait until everybody posts before I change the time)    


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~in the background~ Should I introduce myself? ~still in the background~ Yeah. ~Void walks up to the screen~ Hey, Internet, fellow RolePlayers, and just random wanderers. I’m Void. And I’m going to walk you through my charrie(s) :3 Here we go.


Name: Hybrid

Gender: Male

Species: Hybrid (aka a mix of 3 or more animals) 

Job: Traveler. He’s been traveling almost all of his life!

Age Group: Teenager. 13 years old.

Personality: Quiet, Short-Fused, Gets into a daze easily, Curious, Not Very Friendly, His Only Friend Is A Fox-Deer, His Fox-Deer’s Name Is Link.

Appearance: A Fox Head that is blue with yellow highlights. A yellow body that has blue stripes.

Yellow and white marbled large wings, dragon talons for feet, also, to wrap it up, Elk Antlers and Five Kitsune Tails!

Background: ??? Files Couldn’t Load ???  

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these are tribes right? darn, i forgot.

also, does the sea tribe live underwater, or...... 


I shrink away from the group of tribemates that are taunting me. At least I think I shrink away, until a chunk of rock hits my flank. I twist toward the blow, striking out blindly with my claws, hitting nothing. A collective guffaw of laughter erupts around me. Anger and embarresment heats my scales. My blindness stops me from even knowing what my tormentors are. They could be griffins for all i know, except then they wouldn't be tribemates. I strike out with my claws again, and the laughter comes again, this time peppered with insults.
"Oh no! Here comes the vicious warrior!"
"Vicious? Ha!"
"She's blind, and yet she still tries to get us."
"Come and get me, blind warrior!"
"At least I try to be a warrior." I snarl. "If there ever came the need for fighting, you all know you'd run home and hide with your tails between your legs." I try tails, to see if I can get a clue as to what my tormenters are, but racous laughter drowns all my thoughts. 

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Sparkle is the type of person that Celestian would do anything to protect, due to her background. Which I'm posting after I post this.

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Yeah they live underwater. They have an option to stay NEAR the water, but on land. The reason they have to live near the water is that first of all, they obviously like going swimming, and second, they can't last too long without water or they'll die. They're a bit more vulnerable to dying of thirst since they spend so much time in water. Sea tribe creatures who are adventurers keep a supply of water just in case. If you want more info, you can ask!  

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“Come on, Link,” I said to my furry little friend, otherwise my pet fox-deer, Link. “Let’s get somewhere before sunset.” Link obeyed. He got up and followed me. As we walked I started to read a scroll. “Hmph.” A voice said from behind me.~~~

New Charrie!~

Name: Aztec

Gender: Female

Age Group: Child, she is 8 years old. 

Gem Tribe: None, she is a loner

Species: Gryphon 

Personality: Extroverted, energetic, happy, really annoying... and CHILDISH.

Appearance: Beautiful lime green eyes, lavender lion ears, orange body with lime and yellow streaks, medium sized wings that are pink, blue, and terra-cotta colored.

Background: Abandoned by her parents while she was still an egg, Aztec still is trying to figure out how to live. She has some pretty good survival hacks, just they take too much time. And she eats once a week because she can’t hunt. So, pretty pathetic.~~

”Hmph,” A voice had said from behind me. “AHHHH!” I screamed running away. “Oh, hi Az.” 

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Here's some parts of Celestian's background.

Gem Destruction is in: +27 years~

I look out at the horizon, which really isn't that far. A couple miles, by what the Elders tell us. I look over to my right. My younger sister, Kosovi, her gorgeous, rare blue mane flowing in the light breeze, is stalking blazingflies, their bright red wings contrasting with her cloudy grey scales. The pattern of her hide ripples as she moves, like clouds floating across the surface of the water. Out of the corner of my eye, something moves. I flick my tail twice, thumping the ground gently. Kosovi turns, her pale eyes flickering.


TBC because I don't have any more time. 

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Yeah no I don't have time to finish this in detail basically Celestian's little sister was drowned by some other Cosmoguard who had hated vehemontly and commonly picked on Kosovi (the little sister) because of her beauty and her blind eye. Celestian had faught the attacker as they drowned Kosovi, but they had succeded by the time Celestian was able to fight them away. They were caught anyways, and Celestian, as according to Cosmoguard custom, slayed Kosovi's murderer in front of the entire tribe.

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I hiss, annoyed at my tormentors. I turn, pushing off the ground strongly with my hind legs, and swim upwards until I break through the surface of the water, flying through clear air. The breeze that blows under my wings is warm, but it has a nightly bite to it, so it must be early morning. I turn slowly and sniff the wind, determining which way it is blowng from, land or sea. Having found the direction of the forest, I turn and wing my way over the low trees, climbing until I'm sure the early morning sun is glittering on my scales. They are very warm. I fly leisurly, gliding around the edge of the water, just inside the borderline of the forest, until I smash into a tree, and slide to the ground, dazed. Apparently, despite my caution, I wasn't flying high enough to avoid the snagging branches. A bout of laughter erupts from the water. It seems my tribemates were watching me. Several spashes sound as they turn and dive back under, hurling a last few insults about my blindness.
"Bye, fierce warrior!"
"Oh, she's fierce all right!"
"She showed that tree who's boss.
"I kept waiting for someone to do that. Trees. Always getting ahead of themselves-s-s-ssssAAH-HA-HA-HA!"
The last comment explodes into laughter, slowly fading into bubbles. I sigh miserably.
Every day, I think to myself. Every day they torment me, and not just them. Almost everyone I known teases me nonstop about my blindness. I don't even know my parents, and I've heard rumors that they're too ashamed to claim me as their offspring! I gaze into the darkness of my blind eyes, the only view I have ever seen since the day of my hatching. I'd even leave my tribe, even join the Air Tribe, except I rely on water far too much. A sudden thought occurs to me. 
What if I didn't? What if............ What if I could change that? 
I had heard stories of the four Gems, that held the balance in the world. Maybe, just maybe, if I found a way to travel to the guardians of the Sea Gem, or even the Air Gem, I could get rid of my endless need for water, or even my blindness, for as much as my tribemates teased me, I would miss them if I left. 
My mind made up, I turn and head deeper into the forest, looking for other signs of life. I stiifen suddenly as a scent reaches me. It carries the scent of another dragon, and......... fainter, but unmistakeably Air Tribe. I whirl towards the scent just as the dragon crashes through the underbrush, almost on top of me, and it freezes as it realizes I knew it was there.
"Who are you?" I snarl.
It hesitates, and the replies, "My name's Sunset." 

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I slither through the forest, partly looking for prey to eat, and partly just looking for an excuse to kill something. I've been lonlier than usual, the last few days. Not looking where I'm going, I crash out of the trees and onto a strip of sandy beach, momentairily blinded by the rising sun. As my eyesight clears, I notice a splash as another dragon powers out of the water and leps into the air. She hovers for a moment, as if unsure of something, and then wheels quickly, flying over the outer edge of the forest. I stiffen, watching her, until she turns and the sunlight catches on her wings, blinding me again. I whip y head around, frusterated at the repeated blindings, and I almost miss it when the other dragon crashes into a tree trunk and slithers to the ground. 
"Huh?" I mutter. "Stupid dragon, didn't she see it?" I start towards her, only to freeze again as I notice a group of Sea Tribe creatures who have apparently been watching the other dragon's progress, and now they begin taunting her.
"Bye, fierce warrior!"
"Oh, she's fierce all right!"
"She showed that big tree who's boss."
"I kept waiting for someone to do that. Trees. Always getting ahead of themselves-s-s-ssssAAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!"
For some reason, their taunts ignite a fierce glow of protectiveness in me for the dragon, who I now know is blind. I can't understand it, but I know I can't let this dragon be tormented like that. Every day it seems, by her posture. She just sits there for a long time, but suddenly, as if she's made up her mind about something, she turns and marches back into the forest. I follow, quietly sneaking up on her, but she whirls around just as I break out of the brush, and I almost land on top of her in my surprise. I freeze, shocked that she can detect me that easily.
"Who are you?" She snarls. 
I pause. If I tell her that my name is Scarr, she'll probably avoid me. But...
Another name comes to me, one I gave up long ago.
I hesitate, and then reply, "My name's Sunset."
She relaxes slightly. "I'm Sparkle." 

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Ok, everyone has posted except for Sybill, I think? After she posts, I will post again and the time will change (not by much, just like ten minutes). 

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Ok. Sybill dropped out so... 


Gnarly led me to the guard training center, where there were all sorts of practices you can do to improve your skills, including basic things like target practice and sword fighting, but there were also stuff like fighting wind currents and avoiding lightning. The area there had a large dome surrounding it and there was plenty of room to fly around. But this time, the area was packed with every single guard there was. 

They were everywhere around the room, and they all looked sharp and determined. I was stuck at the back looking like a harmless breeze compared to the others mighty gusts. Then Blazewing, captain of the royal guard, came in.

She was a ferocious dragon, with shiny red scales. She had gold colored horns, claws, underbelly and spikes on her head and tail. And her intense yellow eyes could melt steel if she stared hard enough. She was practically the symbol of being patriotic and loyal to her kingdom. 

The guards instantly gave her enough room. She said in a loud voice, “Listen up! As you all know, the Earth Gem Tribe is visiting here today. If we fail to make sure this place isn’t safe and secure to them, they will think we are too weak and take our Gem. We will also become their sworn enemies.” 

There was a murmur among the crowd. I was astonished. A Gem Tribe was visiting here? And those stakes? Would the tribe really be that fierce? 

“We have built a stairway for the creatures to climb. We’ll need to put some guards around there to make sure there is a good first impression. Cloud, Speedwind...” She started listing off jobs for the guards to do. What I wouldn’t give for Gem Protection, I thought. I loved the Gem, and how it sparkled and shined through it’s white circular form. She only got to see it from time to time, and it would be wonderful if that were her job.

But before Gem protection was even called she said, “Every citizen needs to be here at this time, and guards will need to fetch them if they aren’t here. Silverwind, Thundercloud-“ 

“Wait! Aren’t I at least on cloud control? My usual job?”  I wanted at least to get a good job at this occasion. “No, I think you would be the perfect fit for this simple job. And don’t speak back to your leader, Silverwind.” 

I drooped my wings. Of course I forgot the rules. Again. I was just not a natural guard, or almost any job for that matter. The only reason I decided to stay a guard was because my adopted father, Tidewind, was also a guard and he could give me support through the day.

“Yes ma’am.” I said. Later, after all the announcements were done, everyone left to get ready while I tried to find Tidewind to see if he could make what I’m doing sound better somehow.


Quick appearance: Dragon. black body with purple horns and underbelly. Long wings with white under them. Horns curve backwards to the back of Nightclaw’s head. Claws are short, sharp, and white. Slim aerodynamic body (yes, he is an Air dragon. Ik I already have an Air character, but Air fits more with him than any other tribe so...) Yellow eyes with black slits for pupils, like a serpent.  Large tail with a white spike on the end. And that’s pretty much it. Starting now... 

I looked up at the temple above me. How majestic. So this is the center of my “home” huh? Everything about this kingdom seemed so big. Especially to the little cloud I was standing on. Very uncomfortable though. Cold and wet. I quickly flew over to one of the paths that were built on a large cloud. Much warmer. The town was in a buzz. They were walking quickly and making plans for some kind of event. The large hum that sounded in my ears kept getting louder. The sense of balance here is so strong. I’ve never seen a place so unchaotic. Maybe I should look at the cause of this balance. I looked at the temple. It wouldn’t hurt. So I flew off toward the temple. 

Time before gems explode: 1 hour and 45 minutes

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"Okay, Sparkle." I say slowly. "I take it you're a Sea Tribe dragon?"
"Yes. And you're Air Tribe?" She answers.
"How are you formerly from a tribe? Everyone has a tribe."
"Not me, anymore. Where are you going?" I ask, changing the subject.
"I'm going to try and find the Air Gem guardians, or the Sea Gem guardians, and see if they can either take away my blindness, or make it so I don't need to be near water all the time."


Ik this is short, but I'm kinda busy. 

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