I have made

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I have made

I have made some poetry, and I wanted to share it with you before I post my RP. Here it is: 


As I listen to the record wind,

The static playing constantly throughout my mind.

Stay forever, in this room with a radio,

Everyone listen, while you do your math homework: ratios.

Listen to the music, get up and dance! 

Yes, even you, Lance. 

We will all listen, love and laugh,

While Grandma says that Daddy looks daft.

My name is Tetris Goldstein, the weirdest girl on the block.

This is my story, with all my friends, which ROCK! 


Hope you liked it! I wrote this on the side of my history homework. You can play as Tetris’ friends, AND one of her love interests. Here is a Charrie example:

Name: Tetris Goldstein

Gender: Female 

Age: 14 

Personality: Very outspoken, Loves to eat coconut cake, weird, very loyal to all of her friends.


Taken by: No one, NoT yEt.

Homeschooled or Public Schooled: Public schooled

Friends: WoRkInG oN iT!

Hobbies: Reading, listing to music, and skateboarding.

Tomboy or Girly girl: Tomboy.

(Just for boys): Tomgirl or Boyish boy?


Okie Dokie, artichokies! Hope you processed all that. You don’t have to have a poem, if you’re wondering. :3 have fun! 

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Name: Brileigh "Brayza" Samson

Gender: Female 

Age: 14 

Personality: Blunt, distrusting, VERY protective of her friends, Tough, Rude, hates jeans, antisocial, aggresive, humorous, trustworthy, short-fused, DON'T call her by her real name.

Taken by: No one, NoT yEt.

Homeschooled or Public Schooled: Public schooled

Friends: Only Tetris. Only recently became friends with her, and doesn't know a lot of her otther friends.

Hobbies: poking harmless fun, baking, playing with animals.

Tomboy or Girly girl: Tomboy.


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(August 9, 2019 - 4:54 pm)

If you add appearance to the charrie sheet, I'll definitely join!

submitted by Fleet@Void, dancing in the EDZ
(August 10, 2019 - 8:43 pm)

Yes! You can have appearances. I totally forgot. =3

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(August 11, 2019 - 8:00 am)

Name: Molly Roscoe

Gender: Female 

Age: 13

Personality: Introverted, definitely has anxiety. Takes a while for her to warm up to you but once she does she is very sweet, loyal, and understanding. Her family is not the richest, so she takes pretty much nothing for granted. 

Appearance: Medium height, short curly golden-brown hair and hazel eyes. She's very pretty but she doesn't think she is. She always wears a gold heart-shaped necklace from her parents.

Taken by: No one yet... she would be ADORABLE in a relationship...

Homeschooled or Public Schooled: Public schooled

Friends: Her family just moved into a house down the street from Tetris' house, and while there are a lot of kids on the block that are around Molly's age, she hasn't worked up the courage to try to make friends with any of them yet. 

Hobbies: Drawing (she's really good but of course she doesn't think she is), taking walks, listening to music, reading, riding her bike (she just got it at a yardsale and she's trying to teach herself how to ride it)

Tomboy or Girly girl: Somewhere in between?

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Hello! Of course I am gonna join this! 

Name: Kate Johnson 

Gender: Female

Age: 13 

Personality: Extrovert. Very brash, preferring to speak first and think later. Loves to cheer up and support all of her friends. Distracted very easily.  

Appearance: Red hair in long braids down a little bit past her neck. Green eyes. A little bit of freckles on her face. Body is slightly tanned. Slender body form. Her clothes I will describe in RP from day to day. 

Taken by: Nobody. 

Homeschooled or Public Schooled: Public Schooled. 

Friends: Has a lot of friends, but they are pretty unsignificant to the story we are having. She might be friends with one of the people who join this RP, but right now I will just wait. Obviously she has Tetris as a friend as well.

Hobbies: She plays a LOT of sports. But, as mentioned earlier, she is a bit of a bookworm as well. She likes video games as well.

Tomboy or Girly girl: You can just look at this charrie and tell. She is a tomboy.

She also has a male dog named Hunter and she has only one sibling, being a six year old sister named Sally. One question: What is the conflict of this story? It is fine if you want to make it a surprise, or will make it up as you go along. Just wondering.




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I’m going to answer your question, Dusk. The purpose of this story is going to be made up as we go along. Its pretty much how your charries help my charrie. I’m also gonna add my appearance.

Appearance: Dark brown, frizzy hair, dark tan skin, she has Heterochromia, which is, two different colored eyes, one is violet, the other light brown, she always wears her hair down, but it has a little ponytail sticking out the side. (I will leave a picture after this so you can understand what she looks like.) Tetris’ lip gloss collection is HUGE. Everyday she wears another color lip gloss. Her clothes vary from the 1970’s era to the 1990’s era. JUDGE ME FOR THIS, I DON’T CARE: ShE hAs A oLd wAlKmAn. =P. 

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Oh ok. I was just wondering. Thank you.

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I DREW IT! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Truly, I’m bad at art. So I had to bring this up in the internet. Here are the finished results:

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(August 12, 2019 - 7:35 pm)

Oh my gosh Void that is AMAZING! I drew Molly, but it's definitely not as good:

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(August 13, 2019 - 8:29 am)

Can I be one of her love interests?

Name: Eric Barns

Gender: Male


Personality: a natural leader, a cinamon roll, a little awkward around new people, smart

Apearence: longish wavy brownish redish hair, wide rimmed glasses with silver frames, light blue eyes, light skin, freckles, about 6'1", he typically wears a bandanna. His clothes will be described in RP.

Taken by: No one YET!

Homeschooled or Public schooled: Public schooled

Friends: A group of boys (You can make them)

Hobbies: Singing, and acting, he is also working on playing the guitar

Tomgirl or Boyish boy: Boyish boy kind of?

How many charries are we allowed to make? 

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(August 13, 2019 - 2:47 pm)

You can have as many charries as you want~! Also, yes, you can be one of her love interests.


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When are we starting?

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(August 16, 2019 - 3:09 pm)

Today, actually! Are you ready? I’m just going to let 2 people post, then I will.

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Are you guys dead in a ditch somewhere? Btw, I’m changing my name to La’Crosse. It’s me Void.

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