In Kacey's basement

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In Kacey's basement

In Kacey's basement (though she doesn't know about it) is a secret lab. Pets from all over the States congregate there, for it is the Salvation Lab.

The pets know that somewhere among the stars is a hidden kingdom where they belong. This world of humans - violence, crime, war - isn't really their home. They need to save themselves before it's too late.

But some of them are reluctant to leave their humans in this mess . . . 


Oy! Just a crazy RP idea I had. Hope you enjoy (I'll post my charrie later. . . if there are any questions just ask! I might not be around for the next week or so though.)






Job as a Salvationeer(you can come up with this!):

Name of Owner:



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Name: Cookie Dough (Goes by Cookie)

Species: Capuchin monkey

Gender: Female

Personality: Cookie is bad at making friends, and is often shy and reclusive to others. If you hurt her or upset her, she will stand up to you without hesitation. Will do anything for her friends, but it's very hard to become one. She is naturally distrusting of others, and won't bother anyone unless they bother her. She is hard-working, dilligent and can't fight very well, as well as getting scared easily.

Appearance: About the size of a handsoap bottle, the regular colors of a Capuchin Monkey with emerald eyes. When she cooks, she wears a white apron with a chocolate chip cookie on the front, with a lot of stains on it. Wears a denim fisherman's hat with a lilac in it, except for when she cooks.

Job: Cook

Name of Owner:  Heathcliffe Smenders, the crazy man on Kacey's street.

Shipping: YES! Not with anyone 2 years older or younger, AND I have permission to decline anyone.

Other: Has been through a lot of not-so-good owners, but Heathcliffe treats her very well.  14 in human years, 


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Forgot to say this: Cookie does NOT want to leave Heathcliffe alone. They need each other, and her life with him is better than anything she could ever wish for. Also, thank you Admins!

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This is really weird... and I probably won't have a lot of time to post... but it's really compelling! Since spiffycat is such a good author, I know this will go interesting places. And I definitely want to be a part of that! So here we go. 

Name: Grace, though her current owner has named her Razor

Species: Dog, pit bull to be exact

Gender: Female

Personality: She had the potential to become a very sweet dog, but her current owner adopted her for guard dog purposes and would rather have a tough dog than a naturally sweet dog like Grace. Thanks to him, Grace has become very wary around others, and won't trust anyone. And she will almost always say she's fine when she's not, so no one really understands her situation. Maybe she'll make a friend with one of the Salvationeers. 

Appearance: She has a sturdy build, and is very strong despite being skinny. She has a lot of scars on her back, and if asked about them she'll likely growl at you. She's dark gray, with light blue eyes from her husky mom, and her ears are cropped way too short and end up looking like horns.

Job as a Salvationeer(you can come up with this!): Security

Name of Owner: Mark Shax, but she just calls him Man

Shipping? Oh that would be interesting... sure! With boys only though... which is probably obvious since she's a dog?

Other: Wants badly to leave her owner, but is reluctant to because she knows he's dangerous and would chase her down, and she doesn't want to harm the other Salvationeers when he does that. 

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Name: Medley

Species: Alaskan Noble Companion Dog

Gender: Female

Personality: Ambivert, slow to trust, loyal, hostile to almost all adults.

Appearance: Basically a black wolf with blue-green eyes.

Job as a Salvationeer: Advocate to bring animals to Salvation.

Name of Owner: None. Haunts the neighborhood via dark alleys. Many have tried to cage her, and the few who have succeded have earned great wounds for their efforts. She has always escaped from her captors, usually by suddenly and violently breaking from them as they bring her to euthanasia.


Other: Her backstory is that she was been subject to neglect in her puppy life, and she was nearly dead by the time other animals found her and revived her. She owes her life to the members of the Salvationeers.

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I'm reserving a chameleon!

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Name: Snowball

Species: cat

Gender: female

Personality: energetic, dramatic, extroverted, and very friendly. Brave until she is actually in any danger.

Appearance: She is a small, fluffy white cat and has very bright blue eyes. Wears a bright red collar with a heart-shaped tag.

Job as a Salvationeer: she is in training to be a doctor, but has a lot yet to learn

Name of Owner: a six-year-old girl named Lilli

Shipping? sure, with a male feline

Other: Lilli loves Snowball very much, and Snowball would be very reluctant to leave her. Snowball is 4 in human years and has only ever had one owner.  


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Seems like there’s a lot of tough females here, so ima balance things out 

Name: Max 

Species: a Labrador retriever (another dog. I know I said I would balance stuff out but I love dogs so much that I couldn’t resist) 

Gender: male

Personality: Sweet. Loves every animal. Can actually fight really good, but doesn’t usually use that strength, preferring to be peaceful. A bit oblivious to things, and is not extremely smart. Playful. He will try to help anyone, no matter the occasion. Optimistic. 

Appearance: there is not much to describe. He has yellowish-white fur. Tall. Has soft, brown eyes and a black nose. Tail long and furry. Legs long and paws have short black claws. Ears have a slightly darker shade of brown on the edges. Mouth almost always looks like he’s smiling. 

Job as a Salvationeer: Usually Max tries to tell other animals to join the Salvationeers. He also tries to keep peace within the Salvation Group.

Name of owner: Hannah Williams. Hannah and Max have a loving relationship, and Max wants to stay with her. However, he wants to help the animals who want to leave go to the hidden world, so he joined the Salvationeers. He plans to come back to Hannah after all the animals arrive at the hidden world.

Shipping?: Sure!  






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Hey, this looks fun!

Name: Coconut

Species: cat

Gender: female

Personality: quiet, intelligent, calm, introverted. She prefers to distance herself from the rest of the Salvationeers, but if she makes a friend, she'll be fiercely loyal.

Appearance: fluffy and white, with brown patches and light brown eyes.

Job: Cocunut works in maps and intelligence, trying to locate the hidden kingdom.

Name of owner: Patrick and Mary Ann Rigby, and their two teenage kids, Skye and Larry. Larry likes to tease Coconut, but Skye is kinder. Coconut feels reluctant to leave Skye, but she understands that it's for the greater good.

Shipping: maybe with a male feline, if he can break down the walls she's built around herself.

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Name: Stone

Species: Maned Wolf, (search it)

Gender: Male

Personality: Shy, very clumsy, and quiet.

Appearance: White fur, fading into grey at the tip of her tail. Blue eyes.

Name of owner: Clarissa Matthews, though she is only 20, she is a great owner.

Shipping?: Sure. Only with other wolves, foxes or deer. -3-

Other: Was abused by first owner, so she is missing a front leg. 

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Is Stone male or female?

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Female. I don’t know WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD. HAPPENED.

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MALE FOR SURE. My friend stole my iPad. She then posted “female.” He is male.

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