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Underland Chronicles RP!

Underland Chronicles RP!

20 years after the war against the rats, the so-called "Peacemaker" (Ripred) fails. At least for a time. However, another prophecy is written upon the wall. The Prophecy of Five. It foretells of a time when five heroes will be needed to stop the so-called "Hunters" or wolverines, which come from a distant land, down a river, led by their own Bane, or "the Slayer". The prophecy goes;

When the Biters come, five stand against them,

the Rager, the Grower, the Vampire, the Speaker, the Thief;

Fighting the Slayer, they alone can defeat him, 

the Rager, the Grower, the Vampire, the Speaker, the Thief;

From the Over two of them come,

the Rager, the Grower, the Vampire, the Speaker, the Thief;

From Under come the rest,

the Rager, the Grower, the Vampire, the Speaker, the Thief;

All biters will fall before the five.*


-------------------------------------C H A R R I E   S H E E T -----------------------------------------------





SPECIES: (Gnawers, Crawlers, Killers[aka humans], Diggers, Fliers, and Spinners accepted.)

LAND: (over/under) 


PRIMARY/SECONDARY/BACKGROUND CHARACTER?: (please note: all primary characters must be members of the Five. Therefore, only 5 primary characters allowed)

POWER: (Members of the Five get the more powerful powers, though I'll accept one non-Five Rager. Also, I'll post down below what powers each of the five have.)

CODENAME: (Ex. the Rager, the Grower) 





So, the powers are; Normal rager powers for the Rager, control of plants for the Grower, the Vampire's wounds heal a bit if they hurt/kill something, the Speaker can talk to any living things, including plants, and the Thief can camoflage themself. The Five can each have minor powers beyond those shown here.


NAME: Kat Gaton

AGE: 13

GENDER/PRONOUNS: Female, she/her.

APPEARANCE: Her eyes are the color of garnets set into her pretty, dark-colored face, which is framed by violet and green hair that falls nearly to her waist. She has a kind look to her, but her face is marked by three years of constant worry and heartache since her mother disappeared and her scientist father is dead.

6'2'', she towers over most people her age, and many adults as well, though she doubts she'll get much taller (She's right, she'll end up 6'3''). Her hands are marked by scars, though she won't tell you what they're from.

In Underland, she usually wears an olive green cloak, held in place by a bronze maple leaf cloakpin, a white tunic and brown breeches. In battle, she wears a suit of black plate armor under the trademark cloak, with a olive-green plume sprouting from her helmet.

In the Overland, she wears a simple outfit; black jeans, a white tee-shirt, and a black hoodie. 

SPECIES: Killer/human

LAND: Overland

PERSONALITY: Heck, I have no idea, though I imagine her embittered, but a softy. 


POWER: When her wounds are bathed in the blood of others, or she consumes blood, her wounds heal. Also, she has a "vampy sense" as she calls it, being a hardcore marvel fan.

CODENAME: the Vampire.

BACKSTORY: A member of a happy, middle-class family until 2 years ago, Kat's family was fractured when her mother disappeared without a trace. Her father committed suicide five months later, and her and her 17 year old brother were put in a foster home. A year ago, the day before her brother turned 18 and became her legal guardian, she fell through the floor of a cave on her foster parents' property, and found herself in the Underland, where she has learned to fight.

TALENTS/SKILLS: Amazing with a sword, plays the piano, can bake a mean souffle.

SHIPPING: Heck yes. Preferably with a rager.






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I will join, fantasy is my thing.

NAME: Oliver Sans

AGE: 13


APPERANCE: His eyes are a startling bright yellow, with green invading the outer edge of the iris, these eyes are set somehow awkwardly into his pale face, as they are too big. His hair runs in an anime type style, like the guy with the red and white hair. (I forgot his name) Oliver’s hair color is a black and white mix. People call him, “Zebra” for that.

5’11, on the verge of six foot. He is quite short for his age, typically, a boy around thirteen is 6’0.

In Overland, he wears a sort of armor, it’s a thick hoodie, a sword attached to his back, and thick jeans.

In Underland, he wears a black long-sleeved shirt with brown trousers.

SPECIES:  Killer/Human

LAND: Underland.

PERSONALITY: Very sarcastic, he loves to laugh at dumb jokes, and he smiles a lot.


POWER: Oliver has unlocked the tounge to talk to all. Even plants. Other than that he’s pretty weak.

CODENAME: The Speaker

BACKSTORY!: When he was four, someone thought he had made an imaginary friend, when he was talking to a cactus. All the kids at school would laugh at recess when he would talk to the trees. So his mother pulled him out of public school, and put him in Special Education. She thought he was crazy. Oliver knew what was wrong, and what was right. So in his third year of private school, he walked out in the middle of math class, and walked until he was home. Talk about being called crazy!

TALENTS/SKILLS: He is very good at waltzing. Not walking, WALTZING, as in the dance. You know, the waltz. (When I was little, I used to say “walnut”.) He is also VERY good at public speaking.

SHIPPING: Yes, I want it to be one of the Five, too.

OTHER: He suffers from Asthma, and ADHD. 


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