I see a

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I see a

I see a world ready to wake.

I see majestic lands, great and ancient civilizations, a multitude of species living in harmony.

I see war, destruction, a hidden history, discord and division.

I see heroes and villians, and those who seek only to survive.

But I cannot the forms of all these things.

Show me. Show me this world that I see dimly. Show me its history, its present, and its destiny.

Together, we can tell this world's story.



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And top.

And just in case anyone is wondering what this is:

I was part of the Give me life... World Waker thread (link: http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/inkwell/node/409953). It was a great idea but ... kindof died. So, I'm trying to make a World Waker thread of my own!

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I see a land called home by many magical creatures......elves, dwarves, griffyns, hippocampi, and plenty more. 


A land called Eventide. 

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Eventide is a world of islands. A universal ocean covers the whole world. The islands dotting the landscape range greatly in size, some barely large enough to hold a tree, some the size of small continents. No two islands are exactly the same; each one is unique in its own way. Most creatures, however, are found on many different islands, with only a few specific to only one island. Travel between islands is mainly by great sea ships, though magical transporters, underground dwarven highways, massive ocean-crossing bridges, underwater journeys, and even flight via griffyn or wyvern is possible. And not all the islands are on the sea. Far above the clouds floats the mysterious Sky Realm and its Draconic inhabitants, though most on the surface are unable to reach that height.


Thank you Sorrelshine, I thought this was going to die just like the other World Waker thread.

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There are two islands in particular- twins, one might call them. Once, long ago, they were one, but time has drawn them apart, wearing down their coastlines so that they no longer match. The larger of the two was a land lush and green with temperate forests and meadows. Here is the ancestral homeland of the elves. 
Elves are, if anything, some of the most diverse of the creatures that roam this world. Some are tall, some shorter, some fair, some dark, some mischievous, some noble, some clever, some foolish, some generous, some stubborn, some self-interested, some altruistic. They are as different as you or I, and none of their groups ever seem to get along. The life of the elves is often led by their political views, and almost no one stays in power long. Their technology is varying depending on which group of elves one looks at, and, like most things to do with the elves, it constantly fluctuates. Yet somehow, even through all their turmoil, there are three main elven cities that maintain more powerful relations and trade through to other islands and factions.
The first is called Ilran.
The second is Tyra.
The third is Aynmel. 
Always glad to help new stories be created. 
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I'll do a map!

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Thanks for your offer, Catsclaw! That'd be really cool. We don't really have much to make a map of yet, though.

Far above the clouds lies the Sky Realm, a group of floating islands surrounded by auroras. They are home to wyverns, who are only rarely found beneath the clouds and are the only creatures able to naturally fly to the Sky Realm. It is also home to the Dragons, an ancient race. They appear similar to humanoid dragons, but with four monochrome eyes, avain wings covered with long shimmering feathers, and shorter feathers interspersed between their scales. They are capable of flight, though they need to ride wyverns to fly between the ground and the Sky Realm, and each have power over one of five elements depending on their lineage: fire, water, earth, ice, and air. They are also the only creatures capable of using Sorcery, a form of magic. Their relationship with the rest of the world is generally neutral; they occasionally trade with other species, but so rarely that some think them to be only a legend. This rarity of contact is partially due to their culture and partially due to their lifespan (an average Dragon's lifespan is about 5000 years).


I have to leave, so I'll finish this later. 

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Magic in Eventide is based on gathering and manipulating Mana, an energy that permeates all matter. Different types of magic do this in different ways, but it generally involves creating symbols that force Mana to flow in specific patterns. Mana also can be concentrated, naturally or artificially, into objects, allowing creation of magical weapons and tools. Different races and locations use different methods to manipulate Mana, and so have different magic. But no matter who or where, Mana manipulation is the backbone of magic (and technology). Some forms of magic include:

Alchemy, which concentrates Mana into materials to create magical alloys, which can be forged into tolls and weapons.

Druidism, which takes advantage of the naturally high concentration of Mana in living creatures to preform rites.

Technomancy, which uses Mana as a subsitute for electricity to create "modern" technology.

Sorcery, which uses direct manipulation of Mana to create symbols in Mana itself. It is the most powerful form of magic (capable of doing anything the other forms can do and more), but requires hundreds of years to learn, making it suitable only for Dragons.

Many more forms of magic exist. What they are, that is up to you.

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