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For Warriors Fans

Finsh the story: 

"Leave me alone!" Clovertoe screeched. Several cats looked up to see what the racket was all about, several were already watching.

"No! Not until you tell me!" Quickwing yowls.

The cats begin to take sides.

"She shouldn't have to share private information!"

"He deserves to know!"

Suddenly, Heatherstar emerges from his den.

"What is the meaning of this?!" 

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Do we just continue the story?

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top please, admins

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"You coward!" Quickwing seethed, deliberately ignoring their leader. "Tell me why you would hurt my family like this!" 

"I dont need to tell you a thing!" Clovertoe spat, her fur pricked on her back, as she crouched in a defensive position. 

Heatherstar, insulted by their indignation harshly cried, "Stop it! Both of you! What on this good earth is going on?"

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Quickwing looked up at Heatherstar. "Clovertoe-- she-- I--" He seemed unable to form words through his anger. "She-- she-- she--"
Heatherstar adressed Clovertoe next. His voice was gentle, but firm. "What happened, Clovertoe?"
Clovertoe's voice was sullen as she replied, "Quickwing's mate, Willowleap, insulted me at the fresh-kill pile. I told her I'd get back at her, but she tossed off the threat like I wasn't even serious, so while she was eating, I invited her kits to come for a walk with me. Rabbitkit, Gorsekit, and Breezekit came with me outside the camp, and I led them over to the cliff. Once we got there, I took Gorsekit by the scruff and swung him out onto a branch that was hanging over the edge, making them all think I was trying to kill him. I had giving them a good scare and figured I'd gotten back at Willowleap sufficiently, so I was about to get Gorsekit off the branch and bring the kits back, when Birdfoot found me and thought I was actually trying to kill Gorsekit. I explained to her what I was actually doing, but when we got back the fool told Quickwing from her point of view, and the kits turned me into a bloodthirsty monster!" She hissed at Willowleap, curled around her kits, as she said this.

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Wow, guys... I didn't actually think I'd get any replies! And I certainly wasn't expecting this! Thank you so much!


Also, this doesn't mean the story's over. Feel free to continue! 

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"Clovertoe." Heatherstar was clearly trying to control his anger, but his tail steadily lashed back and forth, and his voice was like ice.

"These kits did not deserve to be punished for you and Willowleap's problem, and that was very extreme. For now, you two make up, and I shall think about your punishment.

Their leader stalked of to his den, and the group dissipated. Clovertoe felt as though she'd burst of fury, but then what Heatherstar had said sunk in.

Punishment? Would she be confined to the camp? Deteriorated to apprentice duties? Made an elder early? Or, worst of all, banished from the clan? If that happened, what she do?

Stunned, Clovertoe went to the warrior's den. Many of the cats already there left as she entered, with discusted looks or nervous flicks of their tails, until only her sister, Petalheart, remained.

"Is Redear angry with me too?" She asked, referring to her brother.

"No, out hunting."

Clovertoe sighed and sank into her bedding.

What now? 

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Hmm. @Clovertoe, may I add the POV of a cat from another Clan? If that's not okay, just ignore this post.


Snakepaw could hardly contain his exitement. Today was his and his brother's warrior assesment!
I hope Sleekpaw and I pass! 
Snakepaw and Sleekpaw's mentors, Frogfur and Nettlesting, beckoned them from the fresh-kill pile. Snakepaw bounced forward excitedly.
"Sleekpaw!" He batted his brother's ears. "Are you excited? I'm excited! What do you think my warrior name will be? I hope it's not something dull and usual, like Snakefur or Snakeclaw. I think something like Snakestrike would be really cool! What do you want your name to be?"
"I don't know," Sleekpaw answered calmly. "But you should settle down and focus on the assesment." 
Snakepaw nodded distractedly. But he was so excited! He just couldn't settle down. He bounded up to Frogfur, tail lashing back and forth.

"Okay," Frogfur mewed, once they had padded a little ways into the forest. "The first part of your assesment is hunting. I am going to be watching you, but you won't see me. Good luck." Snakepaw turned to thank his mentor, but she had melted into the shadows of the pine forest. He shrugged and crouched down, scenting the air. 
After a while, he finally scented squirrel. He looked around, trying to locate it. Where-- oh... The squirrel was perched on a high branch of the tree above him. He quailed. He had never done well in the trees, and after a few moments, he turned away from the oblivious squirrel and headed towards a patch of brambles, hearing rustling. There was a robin digging through the leaf litter, looking for bugs. Snakepaw found himself wishing that he had gone for the squirrel. The robin was paying way to much attention to it's surroundings.

Snake paw padded back into camp behind Frogfur, head drooping. He had fail his assesment, every part of it. He had spooked the alert robin, and gotten no prey for his troubles, and when he sparred with his mentor he had gotten almost no hits, and his fur was caked with dirt from all the times Frogfur had knocked him down. 
"Ravenstar," Frogfur mewed to their leader. "Snakepaw tried hard, but he failed his assesment." Her voice was tired.
Ravenstar looked down at Snakepaw with kind amber eyes. "I'm sorry to hear that," he mewed. "We'll try again in two moons or so, or when you feel like you were ready." Snakepaw's head hung lower, and his tail dragged in the dirt as he padded over to his brother Sleekpaw, who had passed his assesment and would recieve his warrior name at sunset.  

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