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You work at a small science lab, just farther south of a small park. The whole city you lived in is now crashed. Abandoned. Awful. You live and work at the science lab, and come across a small room while searching for someone very important. The small room is closed off with wood planks. You stay determined to find what was behind that door. You grab the planks, the planks split and broke off the wall. There you are. Standing in front of a door that leads to somewhere.

You don't care if you're going to get in trouble, you work with many others. They all life in the lab, too. You walk up to the door. Just an inch away from the knob... What? The door opened? You walk inside and find a room with different...portals. You walk to a portal, it's blue with purple speck in it. You stand right close to it. An arm reaches through the portal and grabs your arm. It drags you into the portal.

You fell, unconcious for a few minutes. You wake up and find a flashing light of...wait. What? There's two faces in front of you. One of a little girl, and one of an elder boy. Early adult age. They're pale, and then they smiled with a...warming wlecome. You see that they have fangs. Where am I? A paper drags through the wind, and you look at it. The glimpse of the words on the paper said, "Agh! You're in an awful time period. This is the...Dark Ages. Whatever you do may affect the time period that comes later!" You look back at the people and-oh. They're gone...


Sorry that this may be confusing. This is placed when Vampires and Werewolves existed. Kinda. For anyone who wants to be a vampire, try to put them in medieval clothes. First time posting! Anywho! Here is the charrie sheet:




Vampire, Werewolf, or Human:



Backstory (Optional):



Here is my charries:

Name: Annabel

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Vampire, Werewolf, or Human: Vampire

Personality: Curious. She's always happy, and always bouncy. She never likes to stand still, and she thinks that everything is boring. She's naive, and oblivious to everything. She's sweet, sensitive, and really smart for her age. She's forgetful.

Appearance: Bleached-blond hair. Her hair is long and flows. She has a little black dress, with small ruffles and purple diamond shapes on the bottom. She has knee-high socks, and black dress shoes. Her eyes are a light purple color.

Backstory: She never gives it away.

Other: Her brother is named Reddit. (Next charrie)


Name: Reddit

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Vampire, Werewolf, or Human: Vampire

Personality: Smart and responsible. He never gets in troublbe, and stays out of trouble. He is caring, and loving.

Appearance: Bleach-blond hair. His hair is short, but tidy. He wears a suit, and is really tall. His suit is a plain black. He eyes are a deep blood-red color.

Backstory: He took care of Annabel...and his loved one.

Other: His younger sister is Annabel, and his loved a lilac flower.


Name: Edgar

Age: He doesn't have an age, but he looks to be around 35.

Gender: Male

Vampire, Werewolf, or Human: Vampire

Personality: Controlling, but once you get to know him, he's really kind to you. He has a scratchy voice like nails on a chalk board, but once he clears his thoat, he sounds like a pretty nice guy. He likes to lurk in the shadow.

Appearance: Tall, and skinny. Pale skin. Jet black hair. He wears a suit, and his eyes are a deep red color.

Backstory: He keeps it hidden. He also had a loved one.

Other: He's all of the vampire's boss.


Have fun! We'll start rping once a few CBers join. You can make up to four charries. By the way, you CBers can make a boss of the werewolves. There is no boss of the humans, and the boss can't be so strict and tell everyone what to do. They're kind of the leader of a pack. But less important? Okay, I'll stop talking. Have fun!

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Name: Adya Cyan

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Vampire, Werewolf, or Human: Werewolf

Personality: Cautious, smart, cunning/clever, loyal, kind (most of the time), competitive, lonely.

Appearance: About 5'6'', with light brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Fair skin and some freckles, strong but curved build. Has barely any eye-whites, as her limbal rings are thick, like a wolf's. She usually wears some sort of veil to hide her eyes. Always wears pants, be it under her dresses/skirts (because of the times) or no (because of adventures).

Backstory (Optional): Meh.

Other: Has full control of her powers and three phases, Human, Half, and Wolf. ALSO OPEN TO SHIPPING WITH A BOY HER AGE

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Name: Loralie

Age: Since she is a vampire, she stopped aging at 8 years old.

Gender: Female

Vampire, Werewolf, or Human: Vampire

Personality: Shy, kind, kinda creepy when she follows you. 

Appearance: Strinkingly white hair, very skinny and small. Around 3'11, she has very pale skin and her eyes are a beautiful topaz.

Backstory: She forgot it all when she was bitten.

Other: @Umi, can Edgar be like a older brother to Loralie? 

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@La’crosse, sure! Edgar would love a sister to boss around.


Also, I’d like to say that Edgar is a short-tempered person, and he doesn’t like to wait for things. He’s impatient.

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Name: Sarah 

Age: 15 

Gender: female

Vampire, werewolf, or human: Human

Perosnality: Caring. Cautious. Hardworking. Untrusting of other vampires and werewolves (except for her brother Michael.) Loyal to anyone that gains her trust.

Appearance: Long, hazel brown hair. Wears blue glasses. Wears a red sweater and brown jeans. Wears white sneakers. Wears a necklace given to her by her mother on her 13th birthday. 

Backstory: Ever since Michael was bitten by a werewolf when he was young, Sarah helps keep his transformation secret away from everyone, even their parents. After seeing the damage done on Michael by the creatures, Sarah came to hate werewolves and vampires.

Other: N/A 


Name: Michael

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Vampire, werewolf, or human: Werewolf

Personality: Energetic. However, he is nervous and shy when he meets new people. Curious. Hardly ever gets angry. Can be brutally honest.

Appearance: A little skinny. Has a bit of freckles all over his face. Messy, short dark brown hair. Wears a yellow shirt with a hound on it and blue denim jeans. Wears blue slip-on shoes. 

Backstory: Basically the same thing said on Sarah’s backstory. Gets bitten by a werewolf, and secret is hidden from everyone except Sarah. 

Other: A bit nervous around dogs because of the werewolf incident.  

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Is it okay if Adya is a bit fond of Michael? Definately not as in shipped, but more like she takes him under her wing. Like a little brother!

Also Adya was born a werewolf. She was never bitten, and she never bites. OOH CAN I MAKE WEREWOLF LORE I JUST GOT SO MANY GOOD IDEAAAAAAS

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Yeah, that would be great! 

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Totally forgot about the 'dress in medieval clothes' thing... Let me fix my charries' clothes a bit. 

For Sarah, she wears a simple red dress, with ruffs around the sleeves. She wears white stockings, with black shiny shoes.

For Michael, he wears a blue shirt with a brown vest on top. He wears black shoes too, but they are more worn and dirty. 


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We shall start the rp. I don't have currently while writing this... so whoever wants to start it. Go ahead!

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It was a beautiful evening. Me and Michael were outside, watching the sunset. Well, Michael was there because he wanted to see the stars as soon as they came out. Me and him had a competiton almost every night to see if we could find the most constellations first. Michael was squirming on the grass, probably getting impatient. I was just enjoying the colors streaking across the sky.

“Hey Sarah,” Michael suddenly said. “I’m going to beat you tonight.” I laughed. “Not likely. I’ve been on a three-night streak, and I am not planning to break it.” “We will see,” said Michael, smiling. Then he rolled over so he could face me and whispered, “How full is the moon going to be tonight?” I said, “I think it is going to be in its first quarter stage.” Michael’s face turned solemn. “Oh. Half full.” He rolled back over to face the darkening sky. 

“It’s going to be alright. It takes a week from now for the moon to become completely full. And besides, we can survive through this. We always have.” I gave Michael a warm smile. He replied, “I hope so. I wish there was a way to stop it forever though.... Hey look, a star!” A bright yellow star had appeared in the sky, and others soon appeared beside it. Soon we forgot all about werewolves in the midst of our own game. 


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I looked over at Annabel. She looked worried. "What's wrong?" I asked. She flinched and replied, "Oh! Nothing.." I forgot what we were talking about and said, "Well, we gotta report this to Edgar." Annabel had tears in here eyes. "Yeah..." Annabel and I walked together. She was carrying a small little clay pot with a lilac in it. "Big bother?" She tugged on my shirt. "Yeah?" I turned and faced her. "Are we going to be in trouble? Is....Edgar gonna be mad?" Tears were then pouring down Annabel's cheeks. I got down on one knee, wiped the tears off, and replied, "Of course not. We were just doing the right thing." She looked at me, "But we just left that person! Y-You pulled them through the portal!" I nodded, feelish a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry for that.. I just felt... a huge connectiom between the timeline and ours."

While walking, Annabel and I stayed silent the whole way to a huge, black building. I took hold of a door knocker and simply knocked. The door opened and Annabel and I wallked in. A scratchy voice said, "What brings YOU in here? Reddit." Annabel flinched at his voice. I bowed, "Sorry Sir. Um... you need to clear your voice." "Of course." A shadowy figure stood up from a huge chair. It cleared it's throat. "Sorry about that dear, Reddit and Annabel. I apoligize. Tea, anyone?"

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“Tea, anyone?” Edgar asked, with a bit of a smirk on his face. He looked down to see a little girl and said, “Ah, you brought a sibling! Is she trusted?” Reddit nodded and called me downstairs. I ran down the stairs and haulted to a stop in front of Reddit. “Hiya!” He smiled and bent down to say hello. “Edgar, can I have tea?” Edgar grabbed my hand and replied, “Yes, you may, Loralie.” He handed me a teacup and filled it with tea. “This is Annabel, my 9 year old sister.” I smiled and waved to her. Sipping my tea, I handed the empty teacup to Edgar, and with a sigh, he took and and said to go play with Annabel. “Come to my room!” We walked up the stairs, and opened the last door to the right. My room was a pastel pink and white pattern, faded from years of use. The striped pattern matched that of my canopy bed. I walked over to my left corner, filled with drawings. “How old are you, exactly?” 

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Name: Evan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Vampire, Werewolf, or Human: Human

Personality: Easy-going. He can easily be persuaded into something. He's loyal, and clever. He easily gets into trouble. He's not very patient, and he never likes to sit down. He's always moving.

Appearance: Around 6'1", maybe 6'2". He has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Tan-ish skin, and he wears ripped cargo pants. He has a normal white short-sleeved shirt on. He wears sneakers. He wears a backpack carrying medical needs. (Asprin, bandages, surgical tape, etc.)

Backstory (Optional): He has an older sister.

Other: I mean like, he's up for shipping-!!!No one over his age, and no one 3 ages below him.!!! He's good with medical care, I guess.


Name: Zoe

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Vampire, Werewolf, or Human: Human

Personality: She's loyal, and never leaves her friends' side. She jumps to conclusions, and never thinks about doing something first. She's adventerous. She's tense around others, but she loosens up after you gain her trust. She likes to tease Evan (in a sisterly way).

Appearance: She has dirty blond hair, and brown eyes. She's around 5'10". She wears ripped jeans and a white tank top. She has a dark, jean jacket. Tan skin. She wears some black Converse.

Backstory (Optional): Her younger brother is Evan.

Other: She's going to stay single until she loosens up a little. She's only going to be shipped with someone her age, or maybe a year older.

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Hello! Oh. Is this a rp that is still alive? When I join, will it revive? May I join, please? I bring the grapes, crackers, and cheese! Gosh, I have no time for now. I must post later, and leave with a bow. Sorry that I am in the rhyming mood. Gosh I'm hungry, where's the food?

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