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Common Ground

Common Ground

Hi. My NaNo novel this year is called Common Ground, and it's about 6 very different kids who start a drama club in their school district. I think I may have posted some of it last year, but this year's is a little different (hopefully better!). Would anyone like to read it? If so, I'll post some chapters on here as I finish them. :D


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Sure, I'd read it!

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It’s the middle of December in Breakwater Hill, New Jersey. Snow falls into the ocean, illuminated by tired yellow streetlights. Candles glisten through fogged-up windows. Menorahs and Christmas trees can be viewed in almost every house. There’s joy in the air, the hope and happiness that seemingly only comes during the winter holidays. Everything and everyone seems peaceful and content.

And the members of the middle school drama club will soon be starting the last performance of their first-ever production.

Their teacher looks around the dressing room, a hint of a smile glimmering in her hazel eyes and transforming her haggard face. She starts to speak, and all of the actors stop in their tracks to listen.

“I just wanted to say thank you to everybody for making this such an awesome production. All of you are extremely talented and I’m so glad I got to work with you this year.” All of her students smile at the sweetness and sincerity of the words. All, that is, but one, an irritable-looking girl with impeccable makeup and long, curly blonde hair. This girl turns away rudely, pretending to have heard none of the heartfelt speech that the director just gave.

The cast resumes their pre-show procedures in a flurry of color, sound, and motion- donning old-fashioned costumes, styling their hair, painting their faces to look like soldiers, beggars, and citizens of Paris in the 1800s. They talk excitedly, anticipating the moment when they will finally get to take the stage and perform these roles one last time.

A few students stand out from the rest. A tall redheaded girl painstakingly putting on a rather ridiculous blonde wig. Two kids, boy and girl, running lines in the corner, even though they must already know them by heart. A beautiful brunette, face smudged with dark makeup to represent dirt, looking pale and frightened. A tall, husky male student lifting a laughing little girl onto his shoulders. Amazing, really, that most of them are barely fourteen- in the director’s eyes, they seem so mature and experienced.

“Five minutes 'til curtain!”The door bursts open, and another student enters excitedly, his deep, melodic baritone voice filling the room. He wears a black jacket with two rows of antique-looking brass buttons fastening the front, and his large black hat reminds the director of one that might be worn by a pirate in a movie. 

Almost wordlessly, the students form two lines and are led backstage by the director. The stage manager, a tall, lean, high-school aged girl with a black ponytail and clothes to match, looks at the students with a mildly amused look on her face. She snaps her gum, and is immediately greeted by a disapproving stare from the teacher.

“Sorry,” mumbles the girl, spitting her gum into a nearby trash can.

At that moment, the full realization of being backstage comes across the students. The wings smell like a mixture of paint, sawdust, hairspray, and excitement, a very particular blend that can only be experienced backstage before a show. The muffled sounds of many voices in the auditorium can be heard through the thick, red, velvet curtain. The middle schoolers whisper excitedly.

As the house lights dim, the director's voice fills the auditorium through invisible stereo speakers. A single spotlight illuminates her onstage, wearing a black dress and high- heeled ankle boots. Her auburn hair clashes brilliantly with the bright red curtain.

"Hello everyone! My name is Celeste Rowan, and I have had the privilege, throughout the past few months, to be the director of Les Mis. I'd like to thank you all for coming out tonight to support the Breakwater Hill Public Schools' music program. As most of you probably know, this is our first-ever middle school production, and we are so excited to share it with you! The students have all worked incredibly hard, and their talent is unbelievable. So without any further ado, here's the Breakwater Hill Middle- Abercrombie Academy production of Les Miserables."

From the orchestra pit, the unmistakable beginning of the overture is struck up. The curtain opens, and the show begins. 


Hope you enjoy!


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Love this!!! <3 

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also thanks :)


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