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Alright, let's talk about our NaNoWriMo stories. I'm really happy about the way mine's going so far. I think I might need to flesh the characters out a bit, and I'm not sure about the title. I want the title to make sense at the end, but I'm still debating.

Anyways, my story is called Evening Music. It's a strange sci-fi fantasy mishmash like I usually write. It's essentially about this one really, really untalented, bad-at-fighting-and-surviving girl who is the Chosen One, destined saviour of the realm. And it's up to two very talented people --who, by the way, have a rivalry and don't like each other --to work together to keep the Chosen One alive. 

So, yeah. Feel free to talk about anything NaNo-related-- brainstorming, characters, titles, etc.  

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(November 2, 2019 - 7:29 pm)

I’m attempting to write a book-y-thing-y this month! The working title is “The Society of Manipulators” - it’s about a secret society and things. (Not entirely fleshed out yet...)

Here’s what I’m wondering: what’s the benefit to getting a YWP account? Does it do anything other than monitor your word count? 

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I only have a YWP account. I know it has things like tutorial videos and writing prompt creators, and the word count is handy. I like it better because the YWP site is more colourful and pretty.

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I'm writing a book! It's called Common Ground. The writing quality is kind of trash, but here's the link if you want to read it:


<3 EG 

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Oooh yes, I'm really excited about my Nano story! This is my first time doing nano.

It's about a homeschooled girl who has a deep sense of poetics and an allergy to contractions (she always says "it matters not" instead of "it doesn't matter", which is really fun to write :D). Suddenly, she's sent to a public school and skips a grade cause she's really smart, plus she has a photographic memory. And then one day... *evil smile* the plot twist...

My goal is only 15,200, and I hope to keep increasing it year to year. 

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My goal is only 10,000. November is pretty busy for me so I usually try to keep my words count goal fairly low. 

Writing without contractions would probably be pretty difficult for me, actually, but it seems like a cool idea. 

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My word-count goal is 50,000, so I have to write about 1,500 words every day. I wrote a little extra, though, so I'm currently at about 12,000 or something. 

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Oh yes, I’m doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. My word count goal is only 10,000 because I don’t have much time to write, but hopefully I can increase it next year. My story is about an eight-year-old girl (because my maturity level is that of a really little kid, so it would be easier to write about one- anyways) who overcomes and helps others through poverty by telling stories.


Oh wow that summary sounded lame I need to get better at them


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I'm using my new ski lodge as my NaNoWriMo book this year! But I can't write until I get characters so go join ..., or the Caribbean Cruise Ski Lodge! (Yes, this is basically just an advertisement XD) 

Also, my name is not Amber, but if anyone does join my ski lodge because of this, I don't want to give myself away. XD
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(November 5, 2019 - 12:10 pm)

Ee, Nano! One of my favorite times of the year, which is...strange, because it's so stressful. 

This year I really wanted to try and tie the CB into my stories somehow, so I decided to write a story about Kyngdom. I'm a history nerd, so it was really fun going back and combing through all the old posts I barely remember to put the plot together. It's called Prequel-Act, and I was going to post it on the Kyngdom area before I realized all my NaNo writing is rushed trash and I don't want to expose that to the world. xc I'm also trying not to involve many characters that anyone else has created at all so that I can focus on the lighter, child-friendly aspects of Kyngdom from when it first started. It's a weird writing style to try and keep up.

It's been really fun so far. Going back and finding all the meaningless details from old posts of the CB (they mentioned a young red-tailed hawk delivering a message once? Great! We'll use that as one of the main characters!) and trying to write about all of the characters that never appear anymore. Who is one of my favorite characters to write about now, and I'm already working on a story arc that's focusing on a squirrel character mentioned once.

...aaand this has become an unintentional advertisement for Kyngdom again. The point is, Kyngdom or no Kyngdom, I'm really enjoying writing a fanfiction-y type book about a series of writing and events I really adore. Take any series--Steven Universe, for example, due to all the background gem characters you get at the end of Season5--and write about a character that has no speaking lines, or a character that's briefly in the background. You can do it with plays, too.

but lemme just finish this post before this becomes a full-on-essay-- 

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