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Hiya! Okay, this is a magical roleplay! Everyone's a witch/wizard/familiar, and if you're a witch/wizard, you can get a familiar from the Magical Familiar Emporium! And this place is just like Earth, but the world is called E-erth, and it's got magic and advanced technology.

Magic can be all sorts of magic (8 schools of magic, elemental magic, magic spells, etc.), but you need a wand to channel it. If you're a witch/wizard, you'll probably go to a magic school of some sorts (can they all go to the same school?), and if you're a familiar, you pair up with a witch/wizard and accompany them to school.



Age (10-18):





Magic (type of magic): 




My Charrie! 

Name: Loli DiBella

Age (10-18): 12

Gender: Female

Personality: She's a tsundere, and acts really cute and kawaii. When she gets angry (not that often), she will never apologize, and she tries her best to make the person she got angry at apologize to her (she usually succeeds). Strong-willed but nice about it. She is rather self conscious, but she hides it behind her acting. Loves theater, skilled liar. Afraid of people discovering her secrets, and she's also afraid of the dark. Plays the harmonica. She's mostly cheerful, but when her friends are sad, she has no idea what to do (usually resorts to asking them if they want food to help them). Quick thinker.

Appearance: Light brown hair in two curly shoulder-length pigtails. Pale skin, golden eyes, and light freckles. She wears a preppy white blouse with her student ID card tucked into the pocket, a shin-length pink-and-green plaid skirt, white knee-high socks, and mint-green running shoes. Overlarge dusty pink rain jacket.

Familiar: No familiar yet

Magic (type of magic): Specializes in jinxes

Shipping: Nope



Max of 2 charries


:) First roleplay I'm making, hopefully it turns out good! 


However many people who want to join may join 

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(January 1, 2020 - 11:43 am)

For familiars, do we make them a hybrid of human and animal, an animal, a human, or like can we make them mystical creatures like... I don't know... Elves or satyrs?

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(January 1, 2020 - 3:20 pm)

Animals + mystical animals (dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, etc.) :)

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(January 1, 2020 - 4:22 pm)

Okay! Thank you!

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(January 1, 2020 - 5:23 pm)

Sure, I'll join... My apologies if I did this wrong! (I'm so sorry I'm British and I'm using a few terms.) I'm also sorry for specifying SO MANY things. Gosh I could make a huge list of everything I'm sorry for. I should stop rambling.


Name: Gwendoline Scarletwound (She likes to go by Gwennie, Gwenna, or Gwen for short).

Age (10-18): Age ten.

Gender: Female.

Personality: She's the timid type of girl. She's usually quiet but she's quite a handful. She usually stutters, and she's extremely clumsy. She's normally curious, awkward, anxious, skittish, jumpy, and she's very insecure. She apoligizes maybe too many times. She has claustrophobia and arachnophobia. She can't usually sleep because of memories and she has anxiety disorder (meaning she has panic attacks at times). She gets flustered and distracted easily. She wanders away from things most of the times. She's afraid of most things, but mostly socializing, crowded spaces, loud noises, spiders, and dogs.

Appearance: She's very short. She usually has her dirty-blonde mess of hair in two space buns with a mess of bangs covering everything above her eyes. She wears huge, black glasses. Her eyes are a stormy grey colour. She wears a skirt; three inches above her natural break line of her knees. The colour of her skirt is off-white, she wears an oversized jumper that is a pastel rainbow, knee high tube socks, and white trainers. She wears a flower crown on her head, a pastel pink and white bracelet, and a lace choker.

Familiar: She found a black kitten with diamond pupils and bright teal-ish eyes. She named him "Lucky"—That's her familiar.

Magic (type of magic): She's great with healing.

Shipping: Alright... Maybe if she gets used to you.

Other: nOtHiNg.


Name: Saruman Scarletwood

Age (10-18): Eighteen.

Gender: Male.

Personality: Protective. He's very protective of who he knows. He could be very impulsive, but he's not normally. He's really overprotective of Gwendoline. He sticks by her side, and is a very loyal and trustworthy person in general. He has trust issues, and always helps his little sister with anything. He's comforting, yet kind of intimidating. He is a person who just jumps to conclusions, but apoligizes when he's wrong. (You usually have to go through an argument before he apoligizes, though.) He's impatient, and also quite a handful. Let's just say, he's a mix of emotions.

Appearance: He's average height. I mean like, average height for an eighteen year old. He has dirty-blonde hair just like his sister and dark stormy grey eyes. He wears some rough, ripped, and baggy jeans. He wears a dark grey short sleeved shirt with a black hoodie covering it. He usually has his sleeves rolled up, and black and white Converse for shoes. He wears an all black baseball cap. He wears a dog tag with the name of his mother, Annalise, and his father, Thipan, on it.

Familiar: A big, black, red-eyed, Dragonnet dragon.

Magic (type of magic): Best at Conjuration (making stuff appear).

Shipping: No thanks.


Other: Nothing.


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(January 1, 2020 - 8:37 pm)

Question, again. Sorry... Can we make a charrie but it's a familiar? Like the elf idea? No elves?

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(January 1, 2020 - 9:08 pm)

Yup! Don't be sorry for asking, I was pretty vague XD

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(January 2, 2020 - 11:25 am)

Name: Evie Daisydawn 

Age: 10

Gender: female

personality: energetic, social and an extrovert, can be a little reckless and quick thinking sometimes. Also doesn't read emotions well.

Appearance: Frizzy bright red hair in two braids reaching until just a bit below the neck. Has sky blue eyes and freckles on her cheeks. Short for her age, looking more like an eight year old than a ten year old. She has a white shirt with daisies on it, a light blue skirt, and a dark purple witch hat (she just wore it because she thought it would make her more witch-like). Wears white mary jane shoes.

Familiar: A small white (with sky blue on its horns, claws, and belly) female baby dragon. It is about the size of a full grown pug and is just learning to fly. Its name is Flurry.

Magic: specializes in ice and healing magic.  

Other: N/A 


Yeah I am making one of those optimistic characters. I will try and not make her overbearing or annoying though. 


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(January 2, 2020 - 11:08 am)

Wow i haven't done a RP in a while....

Name: Addison Mock

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Carefree & flirty, short temper, affectionate, likes to teach people things and be their mentor and wants to teach magic when she grows up. Very confident and honest, dislikes sarcasm, often hurts people's feeling because she's so blunt and always says what she thinks. Carries a grudge easily and forever. Good at organizing things. 

Appearance: She is very fashionable and looks way older than she is. Reddish-brown shoulder length hair, maybe a bit longer, tall, brown eyes. 

Familiar: She has a turtledove familiar named Lucius.

Magic: She specializes in talking to/controlling animals and plants, but she is not very powerful yet.

Shipping: Hmm maybe? Feel free to ask but I might say no. Males only.

Other: none 


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I hope this is one of my last questions. How old should I make my elf? I'd like to make her 8 years old, but the age restriction is 10-18.

(Pulled from the Google.)

"How old is an elf in human years?

"If you are 27 years old in human years, you would only be nine in elf years (2 + 7 = 9)! If you are 98 in human years, you would be 17 in elf years, an older elf but quite young nonetheless (9 + 8 = 17)! If you are nine or under in human years, you are the same age in elf years."

I'd like to take my charrie's, Zealotdk Finnder's, age and turn it into an elf year. So Zealotdk's 17 years old, making my elf, Juniper Destiny, 8 years old. 8 is pretty close to 10, so if I can't use the elf year, I'd just made her 10.

I apoligize for asking so many questions! Thank you for answering any of my questions.

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(January 2, 2020 - 12:54 pm)

Hmmm, I hadn't considered that! Whale, it makes sense soooo, sure! No problemo!

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(January 3, 2020 - 10:36 am)

This looks fun! I haven't done a roleplay in a really long time but I'll try my best :P I'm just reserving a spot right now because I don't have time to make a character at the moment. 

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(January 2, 2020 - 3:57 pm)

Name: Annie Woods

Age: 12

Gender: female

Personality: Quiet, kind, and absentminded. Usually daydreaming. She isn't exactly shy, but she prefers animals over people. Protective of the few friends she does have. 

Appearance: Petite, with shoulder-length blond hair and bangs. A couple of freckles on her nose and cheeks. Blue eyes. Wears light gray leggings, a leaf green sweater, and black rainboots with white polka dots.

Familiar: a brown, white, and black chickadee called pepper

Magic: communicating with animals and a little bit of healing magic, but she needs more practice with the healing

Shipping: nope

Other: nothing 




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(January 2, 2020 - 9:40 pm)

I'm reserving for one witch and one familiar!

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Name: Zealotdk Fender


Age: 17


Gender: Male


Personality: eDgE lOrD. Truthfully, he's very mischievous. Not really evil, but he's got some tricks up with sleeve. He's kind of emo, he likes to stick around in the shadows. He likes to be alone and in a quiet space. He stays away from people, and always threatens people if they're around him. He's quiet, but not like timid quiet. Like just... no talking involved. He talks occasionally and it's a surprise to hear him. He has a deep voice. He acts all tough and stuff, but really, he's secretly soft and cuddly. He acts all though and emo because of his... past, shall we say?


Appearance: His hair is a red-ish carrot mess. Splats of dark freckles all over his face, pale skin, dark emerald green eyes, a small black "tattoo" that's a shape of a X mark on his cheek, and a huge cut right on his left eye. Affects his eyesight, so he can only see out of his right eye. He wears ripped jeans, a few cuts where you can see from the rips in the jeans. A dark gray shirt and a black cloak that covers his shoulders, back, and head. (Hair and it shades his face.) He wears black Converse.


Familiar: An elf named Juniper Destiny.


Magic (type of magic): Necromancy (communication with the dead).


Shipping: I guess.


Other: Does the school have uniforms? This is what he normally wears, but if the school has uniforms, he wears the uniform. He just wears the cloak over the uniform. He never departs with his cloak.




Name: Juniper Destiny


Age: 8


Gender: Female


Personality: (Anime dweeb moment) She’s ahajidere, meaning that she can easily go red (blushes easily). She’s also a bakadere, meaning she’s clumsy and not so bright. She also has a mind of her own. She’s the type of elf who is really kind. She’s great with animals, and she always hangs out with animals when she’s not around Zealotdk. 


Appearance: She’s extremely small. She’s about…2’ tall. Her eyes are woodland brown. She has dark brown hair and mocha skin. She has small elf ears poking out of the sides of her rounded head. She wears a leaf in her hair that faintly changes color, emotion changing. She wears a small braided leather bracelet, and a necklace that has a few nacres on it. (Mother of Pearls.) She wears a small dress, made to look like it’s made of leaves and flowers, bound with a rope around her waist. The dress goes all the way to her knees. She wears small, brown, fuzzy boots.


Familiar: She’s Zealotdk’s familiar.


Magic (type of magic): Luck/Good Fortune and she can turn into any animal as she pleases.


Shipping: No thanks.


Other: …?

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(January 3, 2020 - 1:45 pm)

O H  I  S E E

The witches/wizards and familiars can each be their own characters. I thought you just made a witch or wizard and then gave them a random lil familiar. I get it now. So I'll make a witch/wizard and familiar! And probably soon. I can't right now though. 

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