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Soo, basically I wanted to know your guys' thoughts on habits to help you in your writing. I often feel like the reason I hardly ever finish things is because I'm doing something wrong, or something. Like for example many times I will have something that I am writing on the computer and it never gets finished, as opposed to things that i write out on paper and then do the rest of the drafts on the computer. Have you guys ever noticed anything like that, like you write better on paper than on a computer? And how does your lifestyle affect when and how and why you write? Like do you keep a journal, and do you do writing exercises to purposely make your writing better, or do you just have one thing on a time that you work on? I'm just curious. This is a thread for discussing these kinds of things. 

Also Happy New Year! And Happy New Decade! I hope for a blessed and fun new year for you all. ;D

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Oh my goodness, if I start rambling, I'm so sorry. Also if I type something wrong, I am also sorry for that. I'm typing extremely fast. If I start rambling, I'm going to just put the sentence in; {Blah blah blah.} Did I ramble a lot? PROBABLY. Thank you to whoever actually took the time and read this.

{I didn't have time to read over this, so I'm sorry if anything is spelled or typed wrong.} Look! My first ramble.

"Have you guys every noticed anything like that, like you write better on paper than a computer?": 

Personally, yes. I do think I write better on paper or a journal than a computer or anything like that. For me, personally, I think it's because I can maybe more remember more writing the story down rather than typing it. Writing stuff down makes me remember something more than just trying to remember with typing or reciting it to myself to remember.

"And how does your lifestyle affect when and how and why you write?":

How I live is probably a "normal" life. I have plenty of time to do schoolwork on the bus I ride home. I normally have a lot of time to myself. My parents usually work most of the night, so I have time to just think to myself and stuff. How and why I write is probably to take time off my hands. It's also to escape reality and find my own world in my own stories.

How I write stories?: I guess very descriptive and more detailed than other people's stories. For example; I more base the beginning on how the character of the story acts or how they look. I personally like writing in third person, but I'm getting better of second person. First person isn't my personal style for stories I write to myself, but I usually write in second person just to get better. I also write small stories, such as "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle". (A little Sherlock Holmes obsessed? Yes.) I don't normally get into writing stories with chapters because I often lose interest into it. {I've left a bunch of stories.}

Why I write stories?: As I said earlier, I write stories because it's just to take time off of my hands. I love escaping from reality and kind of transforming my "dream world" into a reality through writing. {I find writing stories makes others kind of like me more? They like reading my stories and commenting on them. I personally don't like sharing my stories, but if someone sees it, I don't mind giving them the rest of the story.}

When I write stories?: I write stories all of the time. I feel like it's now a hobby of mine. Most of my hobbies are reading, drawing, and now writing stories. Most of the time for writing stories are when I have an idea for the plot, which I get the idea most of the time, or when I'm "inspired". {When I'm inspired to write, I mean I've either read a book and started getting ideas off the book, or when I'm just in the mood for writing.}

"Like do you keep a journal, and do you do writing exercises to purposely make your writing better, or do you just have one thing on a time that you work on?":

Do I keep a journal?: No. No I don't. Well maybe. {In school, we have a journal write (in a composition notebook) and do small stories to get our brains functioning. I write in notebooks when I'm writing on paper, so I guess?}

Do I do writing exercises to purposely make your writing better, or do I just have one thing at a time to work on: I kind of do an exercise? I personally need to get better at writing in second person, so I purposely write stories in second person just to get better. I work on stories individually? Well I mean like I work on a story, and only that story. I don't like to skip to a few different stories, writing them at once. {It's difficult, sometimes to get the idea, sometimes to remember, or just to concentrate on one story.}

Last minute advice:

I guess, if you're struggling with writing in a perspective, try to get someone who writes a lot to look over stories you wrote in the perspective and try to accept constructive criticism.

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I definitely write differently on paper than on the computer. I find that when I write on the computer, I can't keep myslef from going back over every sentence and rewriting it over and over again. Also, when I write on paper, it takes up more space than it does on the computer, so it feels like I'm making more progress.

My favorite kind of "writing" is when I'm not actually putting words on paper or computer screen but just making up stories and scenarios in my head. When I get so into a story I'm writing that I continue mulling it over and making up scenarios even when I'm not actively working on it, that's when I know it's a good story.

I don't know if this helped, sorry! 

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Well, first off, I'd suggest reading Dear Ally, How Do You Write a Book?, which is a book about, you guessed it, writing a book. The author, Ally Carter, has written several YA novels, and she went and got input from a bunch of other novelists, so it's interesting and really informative and helpful.

Also, yeah, I get the thing about writing on paper. I don't really know why I prefer it to the computer, when in reality a computer is more practical, because of ease of editing. I've tried writing stuff on Google Docs, but I honestly just prefer a good ol' notebook. 

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Ok, so i don't need help exactly. This thread is just for discussing these things. So don't direct your comments at me. ;P

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(January 4, 2020 - 8:18 pm)

Okay, cool! I'd still recommend that book to anyone who's interested.

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(January 5, 2020 - 11:28 pm)

I prefer writing on computer over pen-and-paper, because it gives me more freedom to copy/paste things and mess around with wording and stuff as I go. My writing process is super patchy, un-chronological, and generally messy. I'll write whatever comes to mind and then fill in the gaps later. A lot of my WIPs are just indecipherable pages with a paragraph there, two words three rows down, half a sentence there, another half paragraph... if I leave them for too long I'll come back and have no idea where I was going with it!

I will admit that it's easier to get distracted when writing on a computer. I have a browser extension called Cold Turkey Writer that will shut off everything else on your computer for a certain length of time or until you've written however many words. It does wonders for my focus. 

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