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So, this is a RP which will take place at a cafe known as Sterling Dew Cafe, in the city of Rey. Your charries are the workers. Sterling Dew is run by Catherine Rhyneheart, my charrie, whose daughter has gone missing.

When she realizes this she starts looking for all new workers who have special powers, because she knows that Raul Ekers, the secretive and manipulative mayor of Rey, has stolen her child, Jenna, and she knows that he has special magic of his own.

If Raul manages to keep Jenna he will be able to force her to use her power, the power of controlling people, for horrible purposes. So Catherine knows she must get Jenna back as soon as possible, but she can't do it alone.

-------------Here's the charrie sheet. 2 charries max, please, and there is a maximum of 14 workers at SD. I'll post Catherine's later.


Age (16 - 26)




Power(s) (2 max)

Why they are working at SD




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Oh dear, I think I've been posting so much today. Might as well post again!


Name: Aaliyah Blossom

Age (16 - 26): Sixteen.

Gender: Female.

Personality: She's very quiet and mysterious. She could be kind of loud when she wants to, but not normally. She's very anxious, jumpy, and she shows her emotions maybe a little too much. She's very nice but kind of mischevious in a nice way? She's clumsy and not very bright. She's usually in the rain, and she runs out in the rain when it starts. She's also one with nature and animals. She's a person who gets outside easily but she doesn't communicate with people very good.

Appearance: She's shorter than a normal sixteen year old. She's 4'4". She's Japanese and has pale skin, emerald green eyes, and silky black hair. If there's a dress code for the Sterling Dew Cafe, she wears that. For normal attire, she wears an oversized jumper with black leggings underneath. She wears grey cat socks and pink and white trainers. She wears an oversized yellow raincoat either over her clothes or tied to her waist. When she has her raincoat on, she usually has the hood on, too. She wears a baby blue satin bow choker, and a pastel rainbow string bracelet.

Power(s) (2 max): She can grow anything from nature with a wave of her hand and she can communicate with animals.

Why they are working at SD: She works at Sterling Dew Cafe because she needs the money to support her family. She also needs work experience.

Shipping?: No thank you.

Other: Her older sister is Victoria Blossom. She's the adopted sister.


Name: Victoria Blossom

Age (16 - 26): Twenty.

Gender: Female.

Personality: She's responsible and owns up to anything she needs to. She can't be fooled easily and tends to always protect Aaliyah. She's always by her. She's an extrovert, but not a party type. She's very loyal and everything like that. She's French, but she can't speak French because she was only there when she was born a month early.

Appearance: She's average height. 5'4". She has hazelnut brown hair, ocean blue eyes, and fair skin. She wears the dress code for Sterling Dew Cafe if there is one. Her normal attire is a normal, white t-shirt with a jean jacket over it. She wears black jeans with white socks and black trainers. She usually wears a white snapback. She wears a white and black beaded bracelet and a heart locket necklace with the pickure of her family in the inside.

Power(s) (2 max): Illusions and Mind Reading.

Why they are working at SD: She works there to also support her family and to watch over her younger sister. 

Shipping?: No thank you, also.

Other: Her younger sister is Aaliyah Blossom.

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Oh cool! I can't promise I won't drop out, but I'll join. 

Name: Estelle Crest

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Estelle is closed up to most of the world, except to close friends. She had a sad childhood and ended up on her own two years ago, after her beloved father got sick and passed away. She doesn't prefer to talk to most people, and when they get too chatty, she gets uncomfterable and leaves. She can be kind, and she somewhat likes to be around children because they remind her of herself before things got rocky (can Estelle be friends with Catherine and babysit for Jenna? Is that okay?). She works for herself and herself only, and will snap at you or close up if you ask her about her parents.

Appearance: Estelle has an olive complexion with dark brown hair and green eyes. Her hair is short and thin, and she wears it in thin braids. She wears the dress code for the Sterling Dew Cafe when she's working, and when she's not, she wears a black baseball cap, a navy blue sweater and a black miniskirt, white tights, and white converse. She has a charm bracelet on her right arm that her mother made. 

Power(s) (max 2): She can breathe underwater and is able to manipulate small amounts of water (like making ripples of water in ponds, or making a small wave in the ocean). 

Why they are working at SD: To provide enough for herself. 

Shipping?: Maybe with a girl. . .*smiles sneakily*

Other: Nothing!   

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Estelle is open to shipping with girls between 17 and 20, so anyone who meets that criteria, we can ship! 

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Reserving for one charrie!

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Haha, I may have regrets about joining two roleplays later, but here goes nothing!

Name: Felix DiBella

Age (16 - 26): 17

Gender: Male 

Personality: Really smart and he knows it. Enjoys showing off and flaunting his intelligence. He has photographic memory + he's a big fan of Sherlock Holmes (so he's working on his deduction skills). Pretty nice, and he often has to choose between being kind or being right (it's a 50/50 chance, depending on the situation). Quick learner. Not particularly athletic but quite agile, and is socially inept. He knows more than he should in practically everything, and this leads to him being constantly paranoid. He's not one for blending in, always has to draw attention to himself.

Appearance: Short, straight red hair. Green eyes, pale skin, glasses. He normally wears a white dress shirt paired with blue/black jeans, and a bright pink baseball jacket. Pink nikes.

Power(s) (2 max): Perfect balance

Why they are working at SD: They have a year between high school and college, and they're working to be able to get through college without student debt.

Shipping?: Free to be shipped with anyone if they can get past his insufferable know-it-allness

Other: Photographic memory  

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Here's Catherine's sheet:

Name: Catherine Rhyneheart

Age: 25 or so

Gender: Female

Personality: TBD

Appearance: Dark brown shoulder length hair, pretty face, green eyes, medium height, likes to wear miniskirts (though her dress code does not allow that so she usually adds leggings) and flannel shirts and necklaces.

Power: She can understand any human code or language 

Why are they working at SD: She owns it to support her daughter, and was given it by her aging sister

Shipping? Maaaaybe. For 26 year old guys if there are any.

Other: none for now


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I have actually changed my mind. My mind is going through so much, that it's practically dead by now. I'll make both of my charries shippable. (Aaliyah Blossom and Victoria Blossom. I'm so sorry for changing my mind. I'm also sorry, Admin, I've been posting so much.)

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Might as well join this. I'm probably going to regret this but oh well. I'm going to probably regret making two charries, but who cares?


Name: Daylee Abbington (Day or Lee for short)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Daylee can sometimes talk in a different decade. (Art, thee, thy, thou, etc.) She likes to quote different quotes from historical people had said. She's fidgets a lot and she's always moving. She's short tempered, though and can snap at any moment. She doesn't do much when she snaps, though. All she does is kind of ignores the person. She smiles a bit too much, making herself kind of cheerful. She doesn't talk about her life a lot. She hides her sadness on the inside. (That took a turn..)

Appearance: Daylee has carrot orange hair, extremely pale skin, pale blue eyes, and a bunch of freckles. She wears a light blue sundress with small sunflowers at the bottom, a white cardigan over it, white tights, black flat shoes, and a straw sun hat with a light blue hat band and a sunflower pinned to the side.

Power(s): She can travel through time and stop time.

Why they are working at SD: She works to support for herself and her two border collies. (Dogs.)

Shipping: Yesh! My cinnamon bun shall get shipped. 

Other: Can she be "fond" of Estelle? (GAHHH! I can't take it! Can she be extremely fond of Estelle? Like... ya'know... Interested...) She's also friends with Phoenix Chance.


Name: Phoenix Chance

Age: (We'll make him old...) 26

Gender: Male

Personality: Phoenix is a literal living prince. Most people in the age range of 24-26 that are female are attracted to him. He's “handsome”, he's heroic and charming, he's flirtatious and kind, extremely kind. He, like, flips his hair around or straightens his clothing. He normally acts like a regular person, kind to others. He tends to wink at females in the age range 24-26 when looking at them or talking with them. He's smart, I guess. He's an extrovert and very talkitive. He likes to playfully tease Daylee.

Appearance: Phoenix has luscious hazel skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a “gorgeous” smile, as girls would say. He keeps with hair neatly combed, clothes tidy, and everything like that. He, honestly, usually wears a black blazer over a white collared shirts with a tie. He wears casual dress pants, a belt, and dressy shoes. He wears a golden watch on his right wrist. 

Power(s): The power of charm and tychokinesis (probabaility manipulation, generating good or bad luck).

Why they are working at SD: “Might as well work there for the money, eh? Just kidding. It's to support my family.”

Shipping: Sure... Depends on how “lucky” you are.

Other: He's friends with Daylee Abbington.

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Name: Skylar Larson

Age (16 - 26): 17 almost 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Kind of sarcastic, but outwardly friendly once you get to know him. Can be loyal to a fault. Almost never forgets a wrong done to him, and hates to be unable to get revenge. Can be violent and morbid, but often represses anger for the benefit of someone else. When alone he can get bad-tempered and reclusive, and his temper can easily spike and emotions quickly get out of control.

Appearance: Shortish tousled pale blond hair, almost white, with reddish highlights. Light blue eyes. Light tanned skin, freckles, relatively tall, pretty strong, though he doesn't look like it. Often wears blue jeans, rather beat-up sneakers, and either an army green shortsleeved t-shirt or a navy blue/gray one. 

Power(s) (2 max): Can control and create a type of "cold flame", a blue fire that is so hot that on contact with skin, the initial feeling is that of extreme cold. Can also raise and lower his natural body temperature at will, which comes in handy when handling extreme heat or cold.

Why they are working at SD: His parents wanted him to have a job, "For some reason." 

Shipping?: Yes pleez


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Hmm, have you watched My Hero Academia?

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This looks awesome! I'm in.

Name: Charlotte Wills (she tries to get people to call her Char)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Very, very chaotic. She will deliberately do the opposite of what people want her to do, even if it's not in her best interest. She will not cooperate under any circumstances, but she's loyal to her friends and family.

Appearance: Always changing, due to her power of being able to change her appearance and outfit at will. However, she'd never be caught dead without a beanie.

Power: Metamorphing

Why she works at SD: Her father hates the food, so she works there just to spite him. Plus, the pay is good enough.

Shipping: You know what, sure.

Other: Nothing 

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- I am opening up 5 spots for Mayor Ekers's Agents, who are working for him. Their mission is to keep Catherine from finding Jenna, and to do this they will probably be spying at Sterling Dew.

The sheet is just the same minus the "why they are working at SD" part.



The symbol of those who have powers in Rey is two leaves crossed over each other. This symbol is hidden in Sterling Dew's logo, which is of a small tree, and that's how your charries decided to work there. People w/ Agent charries can decide on a symbol for the Agents/Ekers too. This symbol is what Catherine saw in Jenna's room after Jenna was taken, drawn in pencil in the book she was reading at the time. Ekers left it to mock Catherine, not knowing that with her power she could figure out what it meant. So like I said, you guys can decide what that would be.

Also one of Eker's agents probably kidnapped Jenna, so that can be one of the agents charries - whoever claims it first, let's say. And if anyone wants to have Jenna as a charrie u can do that! (10 or younger, please) 

I know that is a LOT, so tell me if you have questions.  

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@Secret | I don't know if you say my question in my charrie's Other. I asked if Daylee Abbington could be shipped with Estelle. I might've been at the outskirts of it, but generally meaning to ask is Daylee and Estelle could be a ship. It's quite fine if Estelle isn't done of Daylee. Daylee's 17.

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*SAW. Not say. SAW. Oh my goodness me. Sorry for the mistake. My brain is not functioning properly.

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