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You're hanging out

You're hanging out with your AEs (or alone, if you don't have any.) Things in the CB have been boring lately. Not a ton of new threads. All of a sudden, a swirling blue portal opens up and you are pushed inside. After falling for what seems like forever, you land on top of a hill with unfamiliar surroundings. Everything feels... different, but you can't put your finger on how. Then you realize: You don't have any fingers! You've been transformed into a mythical animal? How? Why? Find out in...


Post a brief description of yourself and then get RPing! 

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If this is still going, I'd like to join!

I am a indigo-colored dragon, while my horns and claws and underwings are a slightly lighter shade of blue. My eyes still retain my brown color that I had in my human form. I have a slender and thin body, and my wings are large and aerodynamic. 

Is this a CBer story (a story in which you as a CBer are rping)? It looks like it, but I just want to make sure. 


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