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(inspired by Punzie, who is a better artist than me XD)

So, I know I already have a picturings thread, but it's basically dead, so I'm starting a new thread specifically dedicated to drawing you guys' OCs! They can be from stories, RPs, solo writes, etc. One thing though-- if you want me to draw an Æ, Captcha, or CBer, then please request a picturing on  my other picturings thread. The reason this is on Inkwell is because it's for characters from stories or RPs. Thanks! 

Okay, without further ado, here's the form:


Age range:

Species (if you created the species, please describe it): 


Personality (it can be basic or detailed):

Appearance (detailed please!): 

Story setting: 

Pose (optional): 

Character's favorite color: 

Ink (black and white), ink and color, pencil and color, or digital: 


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Name: Raven White

Age range: 19

Species: Human


Personility: She is shy but also friendly and loves to be by the ocean.

Appearance: She wears a short black skirt with blue jeans under it and she also wears a black t-shirt that has a pic of the ocean on the front. She likes to go barefoot. She also has black hiar with blue streaks and has lue eyes and blue lipstick.. She also has tan skin.

Story setting: She won't tell.

Pose: She likes to stand and has a friendly and also shy smile

Characters favorite color: Blue and black.

Ink and color plz.

Other: none

I hope I did this right! 

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(February 5, 2020 - 2:17 pm)

TOP! (also, you filled out the sheet correctly, but for the story setting I meant where/when the story takes place: for example, medieval England, modern day California, a sci-fi city, etc.)

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Name: Davina Starr

Age Range: She's 19 ish.

Species: Sanukan (Descendents of giants. They're just tall, dark skinned humans. Probably about 6-7 ft.)

Gender: Female

Personality:  Gung-ho style character. She's bold, and won't back down from a fight. Big ego.

Appearance: Tall, about 6'10 and a half. Very dark skin and eyes. Her hair is black and braided. It's usually pulled back in some 'fancy' updo, like a bun or ponytail.  She has a lot of ear piercings. Usually wears a black leather jacket, a red sweater, and black pants and hiking boots. Typically carries some form of weaponry on her.

Story Setting: Northeastern Kyngdom, a land of snow and spruce forests.

Pose: Uh, not sure. Something "cool", I guess, like one hand on hips or crossed arms or something.

Character's Favorite Color: Red.

I'll take either ink and color or digital art.

Other: None. 

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(February 5, 2020 - 4:44 pm)

I'll have one! I'll do my character from that mountain hiking rp. 

Name: Kate

Age range: Shes a teenager, 13.

Species: human

Gender: female

Personality:  adventure loving, kind, determined, sometimes can be impatient, tries to think ahead, loves animals and welcomes any new friends, sometimes puts her goal ahead of anything else, sometimes reckless. 

Appearance:  Slightly tanned skin. Short, curled, but messy hair that only goes to the beginning of the neck. Dark brown eyes with a generally determined look. Light pink plain t-shirt. Denim blue shorts. Slightly worn brown sneakers.

Story setting: The mountains, since the rp is about mountain trailing.

Character's favorite color: green. 

Ink (black and white), ink and color, Pencil and color, or digital: Digital, please. 

Other: She does have a female pet fox named Vixen that you have the option to put in the picture. I'm fine either way, honestly, but if you do decide to put her in the picture, Vixen has a slender body form and crimson red fur. Her legs are long and graceful. Her underbelly is pure white, though most of the time its dirty and the white looks faded and brown-ish. Her eyes are lime green, and they usually have a laid back look. Has pricked triangle-shaped alert ears with black on the tips of it (they have those on regular foxes too, you can look up a picture of them if you're having trouble imagining them). Her tail is pretty normal... just a thin long tail with white on the end. If you don't decide to include her thats fine, just wanted to describe her.

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@Emekittycon K Here's Raven! I have to apologize-- I know you asked for tan skin, but I realized I don't have a single tan marker! So I just used one of my usual skin tone markers, which is way too pale, but it's all I had. If you want me to change the skin tone digitally, though, I can easily do that! 

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Name: Ashley Sofia Alonzo

Age range: 12

Species (if you created the species, please describe it): hooman

Gender: female, she/her

Personality (it can be basic or detailed): cool and confident, realistic yet still optimistic, bold, unafriad, impatient, emotional, observant, calm under pressure, much more mature than anyone but her closest friends could ever guess. Modern and charismatic, passionate, nosey and gossipy. Intuitive, considerate, talkative, more sensitive and insecure than she lets on. ENFP-A.

Appearance (detailed please!): Mexican-American; has dark brown eyes; thin, floaty, long black hair hanging down a few inches short of her waist. Thin face and thin nose; tallish, skinny and lean. Thin eyebrows, long fingernails. Wears brightly colored t-shirts, yoga pants and Converse high-tops. Long legs, wears contacts.

Story setting: undecided city/state in the USA, modern times

Character's favorite color: sea foam green, probably

Ink (black and white), ink and color, pencil and color, or digital: ink and color

Other: Thank you so much for this!! <3

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(February 6, 2020 - 8:13 am)

@Sybill Here's Davina! I decided to do ink and color bc I thought it might look better on this particular character. But if you want me to color it digitally, let me know-- I have a scan of it with no color on my computer, so I could easily do digital color if you wanted me to. Anyway, hope you like it, let me know if you want anything changed! 

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(February 6, 2020 - 9:52 am)

I love it! She looks perfect, by the way.

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(February 6, 2020 - 5:54 pm)

@Dusk Here's Kate! I really hope you like it! I chose to include Vixen, but if you don't think it looks good, let me know and I can take her out, which is easy digitally. (you won't hurt my feelings if you don't like how Vixen looks! I know I can't draw foxes XD) Anyway, I hope you like it, and let me know if you want anything changed! 

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(February 6, 2020 - 10:41 am)

@Emekittycon K Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it. I had a lot of fun drawing Raven! 

@Luna-Starr Here's Ashley! I love her design, I had so much fun with this! I kinda messed up on the arms though, they're not very proportionate/well-drawn. But I love the rest of it! She is such a cool character! 

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(February 6, 2020 - 12:31 pm)

Thank you so much for this!! I love the rainbow on her shirt, and the smilies on her shoes XD.

Thank you! She's so much for to write with. <3 

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(February 6, 2020 - 6:28 pm)

Anyone else want their characters drawn? I can draw more than one character per person! I could even draw a group of characters if anyone wants that. Though it will obviously take longer. 

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(February 7, 2020 - 1:02 pm)

OOH! I'll take one! These two are from a story I'm writing w/ my friends (but they're completely my creation of course :D)

Name: Andaylia, often goes by just Daylia

Age range: about 15

Species: human

Gender: Female

Personality: outgoing and cheerful, bossy and slightly nerdy, but so cool that no one cares.... is a trendsetter not a trend follower (or however that works, I wouldn't know), and is very kind and caring but also wickedly mischievous.

Appearance: medium height, medium weight, suntanned & freckled skin, cerulean eyes with long lashes, long blonde hair (not very thick) with streaks of pine green in it, slightly snub nose. She likes to wear tight-fitting tunics and pants, (often bell bottoms) and always has at least three necklaces.

Story setting: Uh, it's fantasy? And she's the Princess of Destiny. So. yeah. That's important. (I mean I don't want to spoil it......)

Pose: Uh, well, maybe just waaaaalking? Or holding hands with Rydley (see below) 

Favorite color: Pine green, like in her hair, or warm red

Pencil and color.

Other: wow this character is basically a pretty, extroverted version of me.....


Name: Rydley

Age: 16

Species: half-dragon guardian.... so, think half-dragon. But the only way you can tell when he's in his human form is by the scales on his wrists.

Gender: Male

Personality: He's very brave, but not particularly skilled or smart, except in the matters of throwing stars and pie. He is OBSESSED with pie, and very very very very very very good with throwing stars. He loves Andaylia very much. :D He is also a prince, (not the crown prince), but he is not at all ambitious. His main qualities are probably patience, humility and love. So he's a nice person, very.

Appearance: He has kinda long-ish red-blonde hair with long bangs, dark blue eyes, pale skin, and is tall and broad shouldered. Being a prince he has very fine quality clothing, usually a black jacket with a high collar, diamond buttons and gold trimming, brown trousers and black boots. 

Story setting: Well, he's the prince of a fantasy kingdom... he is half dragon guardian...and he fell in love with a not-so-humble commoner named ANDAYLIA!!!!

Pose: Well, either just standing, or with Andaylia, OR throwing a throwing star towards the "camera" and like, winking or something. Ya know?.....

His favorite color is cerulean.

Pencil and color or ink and color, but if you do him with the throwing star then digital please..

Other: He's cute. Enough said.


Yay. I hope you have time to do all this. I'm so excited!!!!!!! 



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Oh sorry I misunderstood what you meant by setting! It can be, like, a park-kind of place near a forest (think Hogwarts grounds?) or in a palace.

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