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RP! I have


I have seen a severe inactivity of RPs in the last few months. The only other active one is Cerithe's, so. . . here goes nothing. 

In the world of Azeir (pronounced Ey-ZEE-air), monarchs are not present. The supreme leader is the Timekeeper. The Timekeeper controls all aspects of time: curfews, hours of play, school, or work, and the calander. He can literally cut a year in half. He also controls births and deaths by fanshioning clocks for every citizen and breaking them when he believes their time is up (citizens' times can run out from natrual causes as well). Some citizens though, undocument their children. These "undocuments" are illegal citizens and must lie low. One undocument who goes by the codename "Clockwork" starts a secret cult of undocuments who want to riot against the Timekeeper. 

Your charrie can be an undocument or a servant/gaurd of the Timekeeper. You can have two charries max. 

Charrie Sheet~  


Role (undocument or gaurd/servant): 

Age (13 to 20): 





Why they dislike the Timekeeper:



Here's mine: 

Name: Alicia Demeir, goes by Ali 

Role: Undocument

Age: Nineteen 

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ali has short brown hair that goes to her chin. It's never brushed and sticks out. She has big, soft brown eyes and a smile planted on her face. She has a slight tan from living in a slum. Ali has cuts or bruises from living in the previously mentioned slum. She is usually wearing a simple brown tunic and pants and is barefoot. 

Personality: Despite being raised in a slum, Ali trys has a happy smile and is warm and welcoming. She loves to be in the main city center, where people are bustling about. This makes it easy to peek around and go down hidden alleyways or pickpocket. Ali only steals if she has to, she usually relies on other people in the slum. If Ali is asked questions about her family, she quickly changes the subject. 

Backstory: Ali's family has been the people in her slum. She lives in a tent on her own. She relys on a family by the last name of Merrin (someone can have their charrie as one of them) for food and clothing. Her father and brother died for protesting against the Timekeeper before Ali was born, which is why she's undocumentated. Her mother was devasted by this and died shortly later. The Merrins took her in until she was fifteen, she still lives near them. 

Why they dislike the Timekeeper: Her father and brother were killed when he smashed their clocks in front of them and her mother. 

Shipping: Nah.

Other: This isn't related to Ali, but nobody can role play as Clockwork, but they can be mentioned or portrayed in a post. Clockwork is mysterious and can only be described vagely (basically, nothing of his appearance can be described, except for something like "his eyes shone", or "he swept his hair to the side") Clockwork is male. 

This is extremley irrelevant, but this is the longest post I've ever written.  

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Name: Uma

Role: Undocument

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Apperence: Uma likes the color teal so she has teal shorts, teal shoes and a teal shirt. She also has black hair with streaks of teal in it. She has blue eyes and pale skin. She also has pink lipstick on.

Personility: She is very adventurious and loves to help other people and does not like the Timakeeper.

Backstory: Her mother died when Uma was only 16 and since then Uma is not a big fan of the Timekeeper and wants to get rid of him because she is so mad at him!

Why they dislike the Timekeeper: Uma's mom did something wrong in front of the Timekeeper and thats why Uma's mom died.

Shipping: What does that mean? 

Other: Is it ok that Uma becomes friends with Ali later in the story?

Shipping indicates availability to form a friendship/relationship with another character.

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@Emekittycon k: Yes, Uma and Ali can be friends! And shipping is when you pair two characters to in a romantic relationship

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Ok thx! :)

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Can I have my charrie be a servant for the Timekeeper, but secretly a spy for the Undocuments? Or would that not work... and be too over powered... I don't know. Yodel!

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Yes! That's totally fine! That's a super awesome idea, actually. 

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I have a question.

Can the Timekeeper possibly speed up a clock to someone's death? I know that he can kill people by breaking a clock that was meant for the undocument.

(Also, I reserve a spot.) 

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The Timekeeper can speed up a clock, though it is against the Timekeeper's Code. 

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Here's mine!

Name: West

Role: Timekeeper guard, but secretly a spy for the Undocuments!

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown hair that swoops across his forehead, hiding his awkward hairline. Tall and semi-skinny. Gorgeous blue eyes and a thin, slightly crooked nose from when he broke it once as a kid.

Personality: Brave and headstrong, but capable of moving quietly and sneakily (is that a word?).  Great at coming up with lies or excuses on the spot. Also very kind to everyone he meets.

Backstory: West's dad was a guard and his mom was a maid. They fell in love, but did not want their child to fall into the hands of the Timekeeper, so instead they undocumented him. They raised him in secret until he was old enough to live on his own. Shortly after joining the cult of Undocuments, he wanted return to the Timekeeper's castle to riot. However, he instead decided to kill one of the guards, take his uniform, and become an undercover spy for the Undocuments while acting as a guard for the Timekeeper.

Why they dislike the Timekeeper: His mother and father were killed by the Timekeeper shortly after he went to live on his own.

Shipping: Uhh, sure. Anyone is fine

Other: West has a rat named Bugsy that he found while on guard duty, and now takes him everywhere. 

I'm sorry if the backstory doesn't make sense. It makes sense in my head. 

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Actually... I think West should be 15 instead of 14. Mmmk? Mmmk.

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oooh, this looks cool!

Name: Naomi Willom, though perfers to be called just Naomi, like really, really perfers.

Role (undocument or gaurd/servant): undocument

Age (13 to 20): 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Naomi has crystal blue eyes. She has olive skin and cute freckles on her nose and cheeks. Medium length jet-black hair with blue streaks to match her eyes. She is muscly. She likes to wear khaki or ripped jean shorts with a plain white top and black leather jacket. She has knee-high brown leather boots and a black choker necklace. Double ear piercings-a hoop and a black stud connected by a chain in one ear and a hoop around the top of her ear with a long, black, diamond-type-thing in the other.(I will post a picture bc that sounded really confusing)

Personality: she is tough, very tough. She is inventive and creative and clever. She is brave and strong and a bit manipulative. She doesn't trust anyone and doesn't really like being around lots of people/being stuck in a crowd. She doesn't have many fears, though she is afraid of the timekeeper. She is agile and graceful, both on her feet and with a weapon. She carries a small dagger in her pocket.

Backstory: When Naomi was 7 years old, her brothers were 10, 12, and 15. All of them were undocumants because her parents were against the ways of the Timekeeper. The Timekeeper found the Willoms, and Naomi's parents told her and her brothers to run, and she did as she was told. But the Timekeeper stopped her brothers, who understood more about what was going because they were older. Naomi hid and watched. The Timekeeper killed the parents without a second thought, then he asked each brother if they would rather die or live and become his servant. Every single person in Naomi's family died that day, and she's hated the Timekeeper ever since. 

Why they dislike the Timekeeper: Because he kills innocent people like her parents and older brothers.

Shipping: Yes!!!!She is open to either gender around her age, though I'll probably ship her with Arabella, my other charrie.

Other: not really.

Name: Arabella Pearshall, but likes to go by Ari, Bella, or Belle

Role (undocument or gaurd/servant): servant

Age (13 to 20): 13

Gender: female

Appearance: Tan skin covered with freckles. Long, wavy dirty blonde hair, usually pulled up in a pony tail or in a half up-half down style. She has light brown/amber eyes. She is short and skinny. For clothes, a faded, baggy cream colored skirt and rippedjeans that stop at her knees. Barefoot. Both girls are covered with bruises and some blood stains.

Personality: Kind and adventerous. She wants to break free, but she is also scared. She wants to give everyone a second chance, everyone except the Timekeeper. She doesn't give up, and she doesn't usually loose hope. She's encouraging and smart. She is clever, but is too afraid to put her smarts to use in breaking her out.

Backstory: The Pearshalls had been followers of the Timekeeper for a long time, until he killed their close friends, the Willoms(yes, they were friends). The Pearshalls had known they were undocuments, and didn't agree with them, but knew they were good people. They didn't tell anyone until the Timekeeper found out that they were friends with the Willoms. He questioned them and then took them captive to be his servants. Ari's parents died of sickness, leaving her alone with the most evil man she's ever met.

Why they dislike the Timekeeper: He killed innocent and took her and her parents captive. He treats his servants like trash, too.

Shipping: yeah, like I said, I'll probably ship her with Naomi.

Other: Uhmm, I don't think so.

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I love specifying everything, it's great. (Sorry if everthing is annoying to read.) I didn't have much time to look at it to make sure if everything is properly spelled and typed out. Sorry!


Name: Sprout Channing

Role: Undoctument.

Age: Thirteen.

Gender: Female, please and thank you.

Appearance: Sprout has auburn coloured hair, green eyes, extremely pale skin, and a lot of lighter freckles scattered all over her nasal bridge, spreading onto her cheeks.  She has a small nose.  She has huge, black, rounded glasses that she depends on for her sight.  Without her glasses, she can practically see nothing.  She's very scrawny.  Her hair is usually in low pig-tails or braided pig-tails.  She normally has either a black baseball cap or a hood to a hoodie on, covering the top of her head.  She's usually seen in a plain coloured, long-sleeved hoodie with animal details on it with a hood with a pair of cloth animal ears sewn onto it.  She's usually wearing overalls over it, and she normally doesn't wear shoes, only socks.  She wears a small backpack carrying a small sketchbook, pencils, erasers, a star chart, a telescope, a Sherlock Holmes book (a smaller compilation of some books), spare change - all added up to five dollars, a water bottle, and a few torches.  (If there's pets allowed, she usually has a baggie of cat food in her bag.)

Personality: She's very formal and she's British.  She's very happy and playful.  She's responsible when she needs to be, but she can be very childish.  She's adventurous, caring, and very loving.  She loves animals and nature, and treats them very well.  She can get sensitive a lot, especially when you'd talk about her family.  She stays quiet, and sometimes never talks.  She tends to stutter when she talks.  She can't communicate with people very good.  She always tends to want to sleep on the ground, she's always hanging around in trees or in the library, and she's always tired.  She can fall asleep easily in the day, but never at night.  She freaks out whenever she would see a clock, or would ever hear something ticking.

Backstory: *Ahem* Sprout's family consisted of a mother, a father, an older brother, and an older sister.  Sprout was about four when her parents died, having died from the Timekeeper.  Before they died, they named their children as undocumented.  Her older sister left Sprout and her brother unexpectedly.  She was normally out with nature and caring for animals most of the time when she was growing up.  Her older brother always took care of her.  A few of her friends had made fun of her for not having any parents, and would give her a paper with a clock drawn onto it.  A boy named Oliver Adler cared for her and they became really cose friends.

She later grew up with her brother, and formally was able to care for herself.  Her brother died later when she was old enough to care for herself (ten years old).  Her sister later came back for Sprout, knowing that her brother died.  She despised her sister and ran away, wanting to have nothing to do with her.  Her sister regretted leaving her ever since.  Sprout later came home to apoligize to her sister, but the Timekeeper had already gotten to her.  She now has forever hated the Timekeeper.  She thankfully has Oliver Adler to take care of her.

Why they dislike the Timekeeper: The Timekeeper killed off all the people Sprout loved and he also killed others while at it.

Shipping: Sure! Either gender will be fine.

Other: Are we allowed to have pets?  If so, she has a black, fluffy, Norwegian Forest Cat.  Her cat is a male and his name is Ember.  He's trained well, he's very tame, he loves all people, he's very quiet, very friendly, extremely playful, very smart, extremely energetic, may shed a lot, and he wears a collar.  He has green eyes.  By the way, he's a kitten.  He's usually on a harness with a leash connected to it.  She's great friends with Oliver Adler.


Name: Oliver Adler (He likes to go by Oli/Ollie, Olive, or he normally goes by Adler.)

Role: Undocument.

Age: Sixteen.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: He's pretty scrawny, he has pale skin, and blue eyes that sparkle like water reflections.  He has ashy blonde hair, usually really messy, and his roots are black.  His nose is probably normal sized.  He normally wears baggy jeans.  He almost always has a black short-sleeved shirt on, and an unbuttoned flannel shirt over it.  He wears white trainers.  He usually has a black and white snapback on.  ([This is for pets.]  He usually carries a black drawstring bag and he usually carries a water dish, dog food, and a bottle of water in it.)

Personality: He's very adventerous, sly, and brave.  He never turns back an adventure.  He's very kind and caring to animals.  He can communicate to people a little better than Sprout can.  He's really responsible, and can always get the job done.  He's very strong, and kind of mysterious.  He never really talks about his family execpt to Sprout.  He's very friendly, and he normally wants to become friends with a lot of people.  He is really helpful, and he's really caring to others.  He cares a lot for Sprout, and treats her like she's his little sister.  He can get a little too protective of Sprout.

Backstory: Oliver Alder grew up pretty normally, but he was always cautious at making friends.  Sometimes, he couldn't become friends with anyone because most of his friends died because of the Timekeeper.  He became Sprouts closest friend, and he's very protective of her.  His whole family died from the Timekeeper except his grandmother.  When he was eleven, his grandmother died from a clock being broken for her.  Oliver had always believed that it was never her time.

Why they dislike the Timekeeper: Oliver Adler dislikes the Timekeeper because the Timekeeper killed off all of his family, and he also killed off friends he cared about.

Shipping: sUrE. Females, preferably.

Other: If pets are allowed, he has a black and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  His dog is a male and his dog's name is Windsor, nicknamed Wind. He's very clumsy, playful, loud-ish, active, sweet, loveable, and extremely funny.  He's usually kept on a collar and a leash. 


Thank gosh my hands survived after all this. 

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I'm going to change Oliver's shipping situation. He'll be shipped with either gender. Maybe a male a little more? 

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This sounds cool!

Name: Jacob Altain

Role (undocument or guard/servant): Timekeeper’s guard - he’s pretty close to the Timekeeper, but he’s low down the chain of command

Age (13 to 20): 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jacob has smooth black hair, which he keeps cut neatly and shortly. His eyes are almond-spaped and an average shade of brown, and he’s part-Asian through his mom. (Is Asia a thing in this world? That’s how he looks, anyway.) He’s an average height, and he always wears the standard uniform for the Timekeeper’s guards.

Personality: Jacob is very quiet and never questions orders, which is why he’s so close to the Timekeeper. He values order and takes comfort in being told what to do, but he also has thoughts of his own.

Backstory: He grew up in a noble family that respected the Timekeeper. They died when he was six of natural causes (or so he assumes), and because of their position, he was enscripted into the Timekeeper’s guards. He has grown and excelled quickly, but his quietness keeps him from being promoted. 

Why they dislike the Timekeeper: He doesn’t actually dislike the Timekeeper at the beginning, at least. I was thinking something horrible might happen in front of him that causes him to change his alliances early on in the RP.

Shipping: Sure, he’ll go with any gender character! I don’t have much experience with writing romance, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Other: Let me know if his backstory/position is okay, or if I should change it to be opposed to the Timekeeper.

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Can I reserve a spot? This sounds awesome! Also, completely unrelated, but @Emikittycom K, is your name short for Emikittycomkima? (My school chorus sang that song one year so I was just wondering lol)

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I like cats and I really want to be a YouTuber when I'm older so one day I just said aloud "Emekittycon K, Princess of Kitten Kingdom here and welcome back to Minecraft" and I'm like "That's a pretty good name" because when I imagine myself doing a video on YouTube, I say it out loud. (blushes because I'm shy) Do you like it?

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