----Hello, my friends.

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----Hello, my friends.

----Hello, my friends. I was planning to make an RP, and I still want to, but lack ideas. I decided to just start writing. This is the monstrosity that followed. Enjoy. *bows*----

I slammed the door as loudly as I could, running to my bed and hitting the pillow crazily. Punch, punch, punch. A cruel thought came to my mind. Maybe I should pretend it was my mom. I raised my hand as high as I could and punched the pillow even harder. My hand bounced off and hit the ceiling. I screamed like a child, as loudly as I found possible. That was pretty loud. My throat hurt, and I choked a little, as if showing off how much pain I was suffering to someone watching. Someone watching. It was day, but the thought frightened me and I hid under my covers. I forced my eyes to grow wet. Stupid mom. Stupid dad. Stupid brother. Stupid, stupid, STUPID. ...

"And, now, to crown the stupidest of all!" The announcer in my head shouted. The crowd roared. "And the award goes to... Marley Briggs!" He placed a heavy crown on my head. I tripped, and caught myself with one of my feet. The crown was leading to one side. I threw my head to that side, and the rest of my body followed. "No, no, no! Not my most precious possession!" Dream me thought, as she crazily tried to protect the crown from falling off her head in the clumsiest ways. But I always caught it slightly on the side of my head, and had to jump and lean to catch it. Eventuallay, somehow it was thrown into the air. I ran to catch it. With my head. A big bruise appeared. The crown bounced off the bruise and I continued catching it with my head. The injury grew steadily bigger. The crowd, who had been laughing, now were silent and looked worried. A few grabbed their phones despite the no-phone rules of this place. I think they we calling 911.

I continued trying to catch the crown. I wanted to use my hands, but apparently it was impossible because my brain was to stupid to control them. Or to stop trying to catch the crown. I realized, horrified, that my bruise was becoming a tower on the top of my head. Miniature people were using it for a hotel. The crown bounced off my head one more time. My bruise fell off and became another me, though slightly more purple. Purple Marley smiled at me, then suddenly my soul went inside her. It was the most real feeling I had ever felt in a dream. I quickly woke up and looked at my hands.



I forgot my foolish and momentary hatred of my family and was about to run out of my room, but then suddenly stopped in my tracks. I was way too proud to show anyone my purple self. It would have been okay if I was only purple, but Bruise Marley also had bumpy skin, as well as uneven coloring and also had a quite larger silouhette. At least in my dream... I hesitantly walked to the mirror, and revolted at the sight. I'm sorta cute, right? I thought. Boys didn't want perfect girls? But I was just barely keeping myself from puking at my reflection. I ran away from the mirror, and thought of my dilemma.

Maybe this was another dream?, I hoped. I pinched my arm and immediately howled at the pain. The first thought that came to my mind, instead of the proof this wasn't a dream, was the sheer pain of the slight pinch. So it was real. And I was extra sensitive? Great. What kind of disease did I have? Coronavirus? Definitely not. I decided, no, I was NOT letting my family see me like this. Where would I go? I would have to search for a cure. Suddenly my mind went blank and I couldn't think of anything. My vision blurred, though only very slightly, but I could not recognize my room. Suddenly it passed and I was more frightened than before. The only thing was to run away, avoid human contact until I found someone who could cure this. 

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Oh! My! That's...interesting Aqua! XD Are you going to keep going?.... I want to know what happens next...:)

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I was thinking of continuing it, and I think I will!

Yes... this story is very....unique, should I say? xD 

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