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I haven't seen a boarding school rp yet, so can we please try this >|0-0|<

SOOOOOO the name of the school is Climbing High K-12 :D have funnnnnnn


Name: Griffin "Treetop" Talonn

Age: 14

Siblings?: Yes, (you can have up to 5 charries) Renaissance "Shakespeare" Talonn, and Periwinkle "Stardust" Talonn.

Appearance: Treetop is 6'1 and has yellow-green eyes, beautiful short dishwater blonde/brown hair, white cropped tank top, and camo cargo pants on the weekends she can wear whatever she wants. In the school uniform, she has to wear a red and navy plaid skirt, and a white blouse with black dress shoes. Golden wings and the same for a tail. 

Gender: Female

Personality: Bubbly and very bouncy, hyper and veeeeery quick to speak. Gets in trouble often for talking in class.

GPA so far?: 3.2

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Name: Renaissance "Shakespeare" Talonn

Age: 17

Siblings: Griffin "Treetop" Talonn and Periwinkle "Stardust" Talonn

Apperance: Nothing like his sister, blonde curly hair, making all the girls blush as he walks through the hallway, beautiful green eyes, always wears the collared shirt for school with khaki pants or shorts and black or brown dress shoes.

Gender: Male

Personality: Smart as heck. Quiet and snobby, thinks too highly of himself.

GPA so far: 3.9

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Name: Periwinkle "Stardust" Talonn

Age: 5

Siblings?: Griffin "Treetop" Talonn, and Renaissance "Shakespeare" Talonn

Appearance: Her light blue hair is pulled back with a white headband with yellow stars glued to the it, her blue eyes are set in her pale face. She is fragile, with a pretty pale yellow dress with light blue frills. White leggings and beautiful pale pink devil horns and a tail.

Gender: female

Personality: Shy, quiet, adorable though. Very well loved by everyone at the school.

GPA so far: (she in kindergarten bro she don't have one XD)

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I'm in as soon as I'm home from vacay!

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LA'CROSSE!!! I haven't seen you on here like AT ALL lately! It's so good to see you back!

I'ma make a charrie of my very first OC, though she's changed maybe twice since she was created. She has an interesting history as my OC... Lmk anyone if you think I should post it on Inkwell sometime.


Name: Sparrowhawk, currently. No last name that I've thougt of.

Age: About 17

Siblings: None known.

Apperance: MY CB appearance, minus the huge white wings, replace the ponytail with a braid, and add a scar over her left eye.

Gender: Female

Personality: Ohh..... TBD. I don't feel like going into that rn.

GPA so far: I don't know what the smoke that means. It has to do with school, doesn't it? UGH I GET LEFT OUT OF EVERYTHING!!! *fake crying*

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Sounds good. BTW. SHIPPING?

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Hello, La’Crosse. It's amazing to see you back!! I'll post a little later, but may I reserve a spot?

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Sure. Man its hard to type on the wii u !!!

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Ooh, this looks GREAT!

Name: Richard Trailfeather

Age: 14

Siblings: He has no siblings but he has cousins, Beverly and Ashola Smith-Gonzla

Appearance: sleek black hair, dark olive skin, hazel eyes, very adorable, medium height, VERY strong, quick moving, slightly pointed features

Gender: Male

Personality: sensitive and caring, but also sassy and humorous, fairly popular, very accepting and friendly, not really "smart" but very athletic (he is a dancer) 

GPA: uh idk 


Beverly will just be an NPC if thats okay, but heres her sheet anyway

Name: Beverly Smith-Gonzla  

Age: 14

Siblings: Ashola Smith-Gonzla, cousin is Richard Trailfeather

Appearance: tanned skin, short and kinda pudgy, bright blue-green eyes and brown hair she usually keeps in a high ponytail, very glamorous

Gender: Female

Personality: very exuberant, friendly, and mischievous, hyper and optomistic, rarely in a bad mood (but when she is WATCH OUT), also can be very very revengeful and carries a grudge, very defensive of her friends/family

GPA: idk


Name: Ashola Smith-Gonzla

Age: 16

Siblings: Beverly Smith-Gonzla, cousin is Richard Trailfeather

Appearance: long silky brown hair, olive skin, pale green eyes, tall and graceful

Gender: Female

Personality: Very introverted but not shy, if that makes sense. She has confidence but rarely tries to use it - she prefers the company of her closest friends and is always slightly wary/hostile to anyone else, so she's hard to make friends with, but at heart she is very compassionate. Has a strong sense of self-esteem and is very ambitious. A dancer like Richard. 

GPA: idk 

This will be so funnn!! I would LOVE to ship Ashola... La'Crosse, could we do her and Shakespeare?  They'd be one stuck-up couple but they'd be cute anyway lol

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Name: Alexander Imeall 

Age: 14

Sibilings: Yes. Lukas (21), Lyla (18), Amy (14), Jack (5), and Jessie (5).

Appearence: Black hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes, scar under left eye, tall and strongly built. On the weekends he wears a leather jacket, dark blue tshirt, black jeans, and Vans. 

Gender: Male

Personality:  Rebellious, outgoing, friendly (to most people), and humerous. He does have a temper.

GPA: 3.2 

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Here are my other charries :P (btw guys its La'crosse filling this out for her, we know each other)

THESE CHARRIES ARE UP FOR ADOPTION!!! *execpt Jack and Jessie*

Name: Lukas

Age: 21 (a helper at the school)

Siblings: Lyla, Amy, Alexander, Jack & Jessie

Appearance: Dark ebony hair, hazy blue eyes that look like someone put a stormcloud mixed with the sky, set into his pale skin. He is an inch shorter than his younger brother, and always gets teased for it. Well, at least Griffin hovers above everyone else... anyways, he is supposed to wear his school uniform alway because he is a helper.

Gender: Male

Personality: A very brash and brazen person. He is strong-willed ans won't be bossed around. He is the upperclassman of gym class. 

GPA: He got out with a 3.5


Name: Lyla

Age: 18

Siblings: (listed above)

Appearance: Black waist length hair, light blue eyes, a beautiful pale skintone goes perfectly with her outfits for school

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy and observant, very quiet and keep-to-herself.

GPA: 2.9


Name: Amy

Age: 14

Siblings: Listed above

Appearance: Grey hair, cut into a pixie, a beautiful green eye, the other eye clawed shut from a  scar. Same pale skintone

Gender: Female

Personality: Like Griffin's

GPA: 3.3


ill do the rest later


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Sure! Can we have them already dating in the start? Like they started dating last year??

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Oh! I didn't think of that. Yeah, that works. 

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Dang, I haven't been on in a super long time, however I feel like I HAVE to join the boarding school RP because my first RP on cricket was BOARDING SCHOOL by Gared and I have so many amazing memories from that RP along with Gared, Ashley G, and Elmodaisy. 


Name: Beatrice (Bea) Turnleaf


Siblings?: A younger sister named Anabella (Idk if she's going to go to the school tho)

Appearence: Average height for her age with stirped blue blonde hair. a soft golden tannish skin with orange freckles across her nose and cheeks. soft icey violet eyes with flecks of dark blue mixed in. Ellie has long eyelashes and thin eyebrows, and a a light brown birthmark on her neck about the size of thumb. She wears a necklace a friend of her's gave her before she went to the school, a chain with three pendants hanging off them, the first two are circles, one with N W E S and a little arrow like a compus, the other engraved with the words, 'no matter where', the final is half a heart with the word 'best' carved into the metal. She typically wears high wasted light blue jeans with cropped hoodies and her doc

Gender: Female 

Personality: She's loyal. She'd go to the end of the earth for the one's she loves without a second thought. She's extraverted when she is around her friends, but in a room full of strangers by herself? She hopes someone comes up to her. she comes off a little mean sometimes, because she doesn't take anything from anyone, and won't hesitate to call people out on their cruelty, because of this, she isn't the most well liked in the school, but she's smart, Extremely smart. 

GPA: 4.2 


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Hello! May I reserve two spots for two of my characters?

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Name: Raven 

Age: 12 

Siblings?: No.

Appearance: Fair white skin. Long curly black hair that reaches just past the shoulders. Blue eyes. Clothes will vary throughout each day. Shoes will vary too, though she mostly wears her dark blue sneakers with white shoelaces. 

Gender: female.

Personality: Confident (most of the time). Has a big heart. Is creative and loves coming up with ideas. Her ideas can sometimes be a bit irrational though, and she often does action first, thoughts later. She is welcoming of friends, but she prefers people to talk to her first. Has her head in the clouds often. 

GPA so far: Ummm, I know what GPA is (I totally didn't just look it up on the internet just now) but I don't know how to figure the exact number... Raven would probably have a pretty average grade point average, I think. 

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