My name is

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My name is

My name is Captain Theodore Hart, and I am pleased to inform you that your application to journey to Mirandus V has been accepted.  You will be voyaging on my ship, the Omega 4. It is an expedition class ship with warping technologies. We will be traveling out to edge of the Solar System, then we will be warping to the Andromeda Galaxy. Once there, we will perform a smaller warp to the Mirandus Star System, and then we will land on the planet Mirandus V.

Mirandus V is a planet slightly smaller than Earth. It was the fifth planet to be discovered orbiting the star Mirandus. It is located in the Goldilocks Region, and we recently discovered it harbored life. This makes it, including Earth, the fourth known planet to have life. 

We request xenologists, which are people who study aliens, and crew members to join us. We will not be bringing any passengers with us.

Here are the files of our current crew members. You will use the same sheet as them to fill out your information.

Name: Theodore Hart

Role: Capatain of the Omega Four

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Appearance: Tall, with light brown hair and fair skin. Blue eyes. Has some slight stuble on chin and the starts of a beard. Generally wears a blue and white uniform and carries some small laser pistols.

Personality: Strong and confident. Caring, acts like a father to everyone on board.

Background (Optional): Will be revealed in-story.


Name: Tabatha Miles

Role: Head Xenologist, Xenobotanist. She studies plants, primarily for medical purposes. Also acts like a nurse. If you're injured, go to her.

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Appearance: Average height. Dark skin. Black, coily short hair in an afro. Warm, hazel eyes. Typically wears a blue and white uniform. Carries medical equipment and a scanner on her.

Personality: Calm, and kind. Acts like a mother to everyone on the ship. Has a stern side. 

Background (Optional): Will be revealed in-story.


Name: Edgar Hill

Role: Mechanic. Makes weapons and fixes equipment.

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: Young. Messy black hair and olive skin. Typically wears a rather beat-up white and blue uniform. Always carries a tool box. Dark eyes.

Personality: Charismatic, sometimes a little annoying. Willing to help. very smart.

Background (Optional): Will be revealed in-story.


Thank you for reading! This will be an extremely in-depth roleplay/solo write combo. You will create characters, according to the sheet above. As the story goes on, I will post updates. You will decide what you want your character to do.


1. Your role is to research the planet! Everyone has one laser pistol and one scanner. For every alien you kill, you will recieve some form of punishment. If you scan aliens, however, you will receive good things like new equipment.

2. You can only have one character each.

3. We will stop allowing new people as soon as I post the first part.

4. There is an underlying mystery and plot. Keep your eyes and ears open to clues!


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Assuming this is an SI, I will treat it as such. Let me know if I'm mistaken. 

Name: Yasmin Abdel Nour

Role: Electrician. Specializes in solar panals, but I guess you would call tham stellar panels here, because we're in a completely different galaxy with a completely different lightsource. Mirandal panels? Also appreciates motion powered electricity, where you might ride a bike or crank a lever to generate the energy.

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: Lightly tanned skin, hazel eyes, long hair tied back in a low ponytail. A little bit on the plumper side and a little self-concious. Mostly seen re-wiring or messing with old gadgets, such as iPhone 11s. 

Personality: Sweet and friendly, easily embarrassed. Laughs really hard and loudly when she thinks something is funny.

Background: Just out a college and very excited about this opportunity. A little nervous about the aliens though.

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It's not an SI, I'm just hiding my identity so it's easier for participants to feel in-story. However, if you want to hide your identity for the same purpose, go ahead!

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May I reserve? This looks like an absolutely awesome RP!

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Just don't take too long to post. I'll give you at least a week though, and I'll remind you if you take a really long time to make a character.

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Could I reserve a spot for this? It sounds awesome!

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Reserving, if that's okay.

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Name: Lavinia Bates

Role: Xenologist

Gender: female

Age: 31

Appearance: long blonde hair with dark purple streaks, usually kept in a neat bun. Wears slightly sqquare black glasses. Dark brown eyes, pale skin, tall, long fingernails, beaky nose. Fancy dress clothes.

Personality: Sarcastic, authoritive, efficient, extremely intelligent and not afraid of showing it off. Impatient, perserverant, logical, insensitive. Likes to act bold and create new things that go against what she has been told, but hates when others do so to her. In her eyes, everything should go along with her ideas, and she has lots of new (and sometimes rather unconventional) ideas. Unafraid of judgement, has a wuick temper and an attitude.Myers-Briggs type: ENTJ-A.

Background: Grew up in a rich and well-renound family who expected a lot from Lavinia. Her older brother, Laurence Bates, was more athletically inclined and rather disappointed their parents, so a lot of pressure was put on Lavinia to succeed. She became submissive but authoritive, insensitive and efficient as she continued through school. She graduated valedictorian from high school and summa cum laude from an Ivy League University. She was pressured into acheiving what she did, but she has learned to enjoy doing what she does.

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Please try to get a charrie sheet in as soon as possible. Thank you.

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I'm really sorry I have to drop out :(

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