It was 12:00

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It was 12:00

It was 12:00 A.M. A shadowy figure rushed through the shadows of the buildings, like she was looking for something. "Diamond? Where are you?" Someone said. "Oh, Emerald, you scared the lif out of me!" Diamond said, pulling back her hood to show her rich, blue hair. And, because of her name, it had tiny diamonds in it. She took off her cloak, revealing her diamond blue out fit complete with blue boots, a blue body suit and a diamond necklace. Emerald had green hair, with emeralds in it with the same kind of outfit that Diamond had on, except it was green. "We need to find the others! Earth will be doomed if we can't find them." Diamond said, her blue eyes shimmering in the moon light. "Well, I found this map. It has a brief description on it to where the others are."Emerald said, handing Diamond the map."Where is Amythist? He's the only one who can combine our powers!" Diamond said, looking at the map. Amythist was Diamond and Emerald's friend. "Well, he will be here somewhere. Come on, we need to find the others." Emerald said, as Diamond ran behind her.



You can make a charrie, and one person can be Amythist, and the charries can have names after gems. Here is the charrie sheet:









Name: Diamond

Age: 19

Gender: female

Apperance: She has blue hair with diamonds sprinkled in it and had a blue body suit and has blue boots and a diamond necklace.

Personility: she is really kind and commpassionite and she will beat the Night Crawlers who are destroying the earth piece by piece and she is wanting to save everyone on Earth.

Shipping: Amethyst only please.

Other: Although Emerald and Diamond act like sisters, they are actually best friends.



Age: 19

Gender: female

Apperance: She has the same outfit as Diamond but its green and she has green hair with emeralds in it and an emerald necklace.

Personility: She is brave and will protect everyone and she really likes cake and sweets. You could say that she has a sweet tooth.

Shipping: cute guy who likes her back please

Other: Diamond and Emerald LOVE sweets.

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This looks really cool, Emekittycon k!

Name: Opal

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: hair dyed many pastel colors and a shimmery outfit like theirs except masculine. Also I'm kind of imagining him to look like Jimin from BTS so ya know super cute

Personality: TBD 

Shipping: sure

Other: I will post personality later. :) 

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Would you consider OpalxSapphire?

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May I join? (Sorry I like specifying things.)


Name: Aquamarine

Age: Sixteen.

Gender: Female, please!

Appearance: She's pretty decent sized, maybe a little on the shorter side. Her hair is long and always flowing in the wind. Her hair colour is a light aquamarine colour with darker aqua streaks. She's always wearing aqua colours, no shoes or socks, a thin black headband, a seashell choker, a white string bracelet, and she's always seen with an oversized jean jacket over her. She has bright aqua eyes and they always seem to shine.

Personality: She's very quiet but very childish, loving, caring, and smart. She can be very hesitant, though. She always spends her time either reading a book by a body of water or at a marine life centere. She is always encouraging people to never use plastic (not a vsco girl, thank you very much), and to always save the turtles and marine life. She never encourages to fish or harm any marine life. She tends to always stick around her friends and she doesn't usually make friends, being very quiet. She's always sticking around Sunstone (other charrie).

Shipping?: Sure! Any gender!

Other: Nope!


Name: Sunstone

Age: Twenty.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: He has rustic red hair, fading into a more white. His hair is always ruffled up. He's usually seen in the colours and shades of red, orange, rustic browns, and pinks. He's usually wearing a white watch.

Personality: He's very affectionate for those he loves and for his friends. He's really close friends to Aquamarine and tends to always stick by her side when she needs someone. He's very outgoing and he's very kind. He's very protective over whom he knows, and he never hesitates to fight back. He loves making friends and he can be quite troublesome in a good way. He's very flirtatious in a good way, he tends to wink at girls he's intrested in, tends to always bow when meeting a girl, or he smiles. He always smiles.

Shipping?: Sure! Any gender.

Other: Nada.

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Name: Onyx

Age: 17, probably the youngest and also newest of the team

Gender: male

Appearance: Black hair, pale skin that you usually can't see because it's hidden by the mask he wears over the lower half of his face. Black bodysuit like the others, but the gemstones are less noticeable and necklace, black fingerless gloves, &black leather pirate-style boots that rise just below his knees. black utility belt with useful items and possibly a knife or two stashed inside.

Personality: The jokester of the crew, somewhat hardheaded and reckless, quite stubborn. he's certainly not afraid of danger and tends to always be looking for a fight. Aka, if there's a fight option and a diplomacy option, he'll usually go with fight, which often gets him into trouble. he probably fights a lot with one of the other male members of the team. but he's also goofy, loyal, and commmited to doing... whatever this team does. definitely commited to forcing the group to have fun along the way. he's been on the team for about six months and in that time probably gotten them into more scrapes than any of the rest of the team combined. he's good-hearted though, and an awesome fighter. basically, he'll be a great member of the team as soon as someone or something comes along and teaches him some caution. that day hasn't happened yet.

Shipping: Sure! he's probably a bit of a flirt...

other: pretty much addicted to chocolate. usually found in the process of pranking someone. (if he's not, he's either planning to or being yelled at for doing it)

So, what's the goal of this RP? also do they have powers? powers would be cool. 

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@Sorrelshine that sounds AWESOME!! Smile

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Name: Ruby

Age: 17

Gender: female

Appearance: long red hair with a headband made of rubies. Her eyes are sort of a red-brown. Wears a red bodysuit similar to the other's, but hers has rubies on it. Usually has on a red cape with a hood and short brown boots. 

Personality: independent and headstrong, will have to learn to listen to other people on the team. Has a temper. Very loyal to people she cares about.

Shipping: probably not


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Hey, everyone! Unfortiuntely, I have a cold today, so you guys can put in parts of the story if you want. Also yesterday was my once a week video game day, so I coundn't use computer yesterday.

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I am astonished nobody has used this name yet, since its a rock AND its a real name. But now I guess I'll use it. 

Name: Amber

Age: 13

Gender: female

Appearance: Yellowish-orange short hair that reaches just over the beginning of the neck. It also has little amber stones in it. Bright yellow eyes (its not possible in real life, but since these people seem a bit supernatural, I'll let a new eye color exist), and most of the time has a glowing smile. Clothes will vary, will tell what they are specifically day by day in the rp.

Personality: She is very cheerful and optimistic. She likes to make friends and cares for the friends she has. She is a bit sensitive, and sometimes will take things said very seriously. Kind. Extrovert. 

Shipping: Open with any boys around her age.

Other: N/A 

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You all know me. I JOIN EVERYTHING!

Name: Blue Lace (Agate)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Whiteish-light blueish hair that reaches her chest (OF COURSE WITH THE STONES XD) Pale blue eyes with yellow specks in them. A tired expression reaches through her face, making her look about 25. Tall and very beautiful. Light blue dress with a dragging train, but somehow shortens in a battle, or while running. A slip attached to her thigh to keep a knife for protection.

Personality: Motherly, and very welcoming. Just looks like she's always had to put up with alot. Understanding and friendly, she's a good ally to have. But watch your back if you get on her nerves, buddy...

Shipping: With boys, sure

Other?: Wellllllll uhm we'll see at this point idk


Name: Obsidian

Age: Can I put him down as a 7 year old? Seven year olds are so fun to rp as..

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jet black hair with purple/blacks stones in it. Purple shining eyes, a large smile and just plain jeans and a purple shirt with black stripes. :D Short, carries a small sword on his back.

Pesonality: Rambuctious, happy and carefree of everything. Loud. And I mean, LOUD. Anytime he whispers, I swear he's just talking like a normal person. Don't trust him with your secrets! XD

Shipping: Nope.. but ty

Other: I think he's halfway deaf .-.

Okie dokie I'll post later 


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I think I spelt your CB name wrong, oops.. But, wanna ship Blue Lace and Onyx?

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Name: Sapphire

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearence: A thin crown of deeply blue sapphires floats gently above her head at all times. Her hair is a blue so dark it seems black, and it carries tiny, highly reflective sapphires that shimmer like stars. Sapphire's facial features are strong, with high cheekbones, dark eyebrows, and an elegantly square jaw. However, her skin is fair, she has a multitude of freckles over her nose and cheeks, and her nose is curved like an upward-facing ski-slope, making her look more gentle. Her body is an hourglass figure, and is clothed with a bodysuit the color of her hair and a translucent, also royal blue, cloak. She has tiny, translucent, very blue and kinda squishy wings that grow when she uses her magic on them, making them look like fluid crystal.

Personality: She is a Christian, and it shows in her refusal to cuss and other things in her daily life. On one hand, she's kind, smart, loyal, courageous, loving, and calm. On the other, she's wild, free, fierce, fiery, prone to play with people's minds, and overall dangerous.

Shipping: YES! With a boy her age or a little older. Like, two years older max.

Other: Sapphire lore refers to it as a celestial stone, important in many religions and is praised in the Bible as something of great worth and beauty. Therefore, Sapphire's powers are mind reading and control (HARD TO KEEP CONTROL IF THEY TRY TO GET HER OUT), summoning sapphires of varying sizes, and she can fly by "unfolding" her wings, but she is NOT good at controlling the last power. Sapphire has issues with thrust when she flies, and is still getting the hang of it. She's a failry new hero.

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@ La'Crosse

Sounds fun, he would probably tease her constantly

Also can Onyx be like an older brother-type figure to Obsidian? I feel like that could be a really cute/funny dynamic, like Obsidian is his little partner in crime and he's training him to be a prankster

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Also I never really specified Onyx's powers and because i cannot make descisions i looked up 'onyx stone powers' and basically onyx is a protection stone sooooo

I guess he has this weird black energy that consumes negative energy and feeds it towards his team members' powers? And like absorbs shockwaves and stuff? idk

it also says something about strength and stamina, so maybe he like has those traits increased or he can impart strength to others or something? 


I'm bad at descisions ok 

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That sounds nice! i'm sure he could try and teach Obsidian to be a ittle less loud.. (Have fun with that) Oh... I forgot to specify their powers

Blue Lace: Inhanced Itelligence

Obsidian: Altering Reality 

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