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Ok so I don't really know what I'm doing but you know what why not.

In the city of Jadaj, the ruler of the city, rather than a mayor, is the High Guildmaster. He controls the six guilds which make up the city's economy. These guilds are:

The Artesan's Guild

The Artifact Guild

The Potions Guild, sometimes known as the Alchemyst's Guild

The Jewel Guild

The Herbs & Spices Guild

The Textiles Guild

The Guildmaster rules them all, alongside being the city's government leader. Beneath him are the Loremaster, the Quartermaster, and the Armsmaster. Each of them control two guilds plus an aspect of the city, but they are still underneath the High Guildmaster.

The Loremaster controls the Artifacts and Alchemy Guilds plus all the city's historical records and knowledge.

The Quartermaster controls the Jewels and Artesan's Guilds plus running the treasury and giving the High Guildmaster advice on economics.

The Armsmaster controls the Textile and Herbs/Spices Guilds, plus all aspects of law enforcement in the city.

The Guilds are divided into Divisions. For instance, within the Textiles Guild you might find the Silks and Satins Division and the Wool and Cotton Division. Richer merchants tend to deal in finer items as they move up the ranks. 

Your characters are all trusted guild members who have been given a special task:

In two weeks, the High Guildmaster is due to have a very important diplomatic meeting with a lord from another city-state. The meeting could be the difference between powerful allaiance borne from trade agreements and war. The entire city knows about the public meeting. Your characters are aware that, rich as Jadaj may be, they are not equipped nor prepared for war. It is in everyone's best interest that the meeting go ahead as planned. There's only one problem: the High Guildmaster has disappeared. Your characters have been summoned to speak with the Loremaster, Quartermaster, and Armsmaster and have been told that your mission is to find the High Guildmaster and recover him before the meeting. You are told two things: One, that the High Guildmaster was last seen entering his bedroom in the Guildmaster's mansion three days ago, on Tuesday evening. Two, that there was a note:


I know your little secret. 1,000 gold bars by midnight Monday, or you disappear. Be punctual.


You are told the High Guildmaster's name is Enzrio. No one knows who K is or what secret he was referring to. As your characters leave the room, you hear the three Masters speaking in low tones over your odds. The Armsmaster vouches for you, but the Quartermaster disagrees, saying "If that group were in a race to find Enzrio against the laziest, fattest hound you ever saw, I'd bet on the hound." The Loremaster says, in a queer tone, "There is historical precedent for both success and failure." You wonder what he means, but before you can hear any more the door swings shut.

I don't know what's gonna happen with this but hi welcome hows life?

Charrie sheet:


Age (generally young but do what you want):






Random stuff (quirks, random facts about them, backstory, etc etc):



Guild Ranks: Apprentice, Journeyman, Craftsman, Expert

Artesans Guild occupations: Potter, musician, artist, cook, smith, performer, merchant 


I used a generator for some of this charrie so it might seem random

My character:

Name:  Red 

Age: 18, born Sept. 1

Gender: Male

Guild: Artesan's Guild Journeyman Musician

Appearance: russet red hair, angular face, light freckles, pointy nose and mischevious grin. Usually seen in adventuring gear; a short olive-green cloak with a hood and ninja-style mask, tan tunic, brown leggings, brown leather belt, leather messenger bag, walking stick. long, nimble fingers, pirate-style leather boots. 

Personality: Honest, prone to feeling inadequate, generous, devoted, competitive, irresponsible, clever, intellectual, he loves adventuring and his lute. mostly along for the mystery and adventure, but still somewhat invested in the cause. Spontaneus and cheerful, has a talent for bargaining.

Skills/talents: basic first aid, lying, bargaining, lock-picking, adventuring, playing lute.

Random: sticks his tongue out when thinking, very fidgety with his hands, very active, jokester. 

Shipping: open for everyone

Alright then have fun and stuff

I don't know what I'm doing

I'll just quietly leave now


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Hi! Here's my charrie:

Name: Jasmine

Age: 20, born on March 6.

Gender: Female

Guild: Loremaster's Potion Guild

Appearance: Jasmine has hair that is a dark pink that turns blue towards the end and she has purple eyes. She has pink lipstick on the top lip, and blue lipstick on her bottom lip. She has a pink tank top with thin blue stripes, and blue pants with pink hsoes and she also has a blue purse that she hilds potions in.

Personality: She is out going, and loves to help other people and she always goes first in a confusing or dangerous sitiuation. (I have no idea how to spell that word. It's always the long ones that trip me up.)

Skills/talents: Singing to stun bad guys, potion making, dancing, and helping people make decisions.

Random: She attacks trees when she is going crazy, which is usually when she's had WAY too much sugar.

Shipping: Cute boys only please.


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Hi! Thanks for joining I don't want this to die before it even starts :)

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woo! I'm joining. This is such an awesome rp/story idea...

Name: Tigris 

Age (generally young but do what you want): 19, 20. Around then. (TBH I haven't properly decided on an age) 

Gender: Female. 

Guild: Loremaster's Artifacts Guild

Appearance: Dark black hair, mixed with highlights of bronze, citrine yellow, hazel, and dark brown. Fierce gold eyes, no flecks, just gold. Tan skin. Usually wears loose beige or grey leggings and a white sleeveless shirt, with a rope belt. Wears a silver chain choker necklace and ear piercings. 

Personality: Focused, intense, and passionate about her guild and the things important to her. Defensive if provoked. Charismatic but not overly outgoing, and energetic most of the time, and a little aloof. Smart, and a bit of a perfectionist. 

Skills/talents: Photographic memory. Knows the first 500 digits of pi and the fibonacci sequence by heart. Fairly athletic but not outstandingly so. 

Random stuff (quirks, random facts about them, backstory, etc etc): A lot of these, sorry... she doesn't understand jokes exactly, but can be deadpan sometimes (usually unintentionally). Usually, she just ignores jokes, which sometimes makes people uncomfortable. Often unconcsiously switches conversation topics abruptly, which also makes people uncomfortable. Likes to count things or do math in her head when she's nervous. Likes math, and hates it when things are disorderly. 

Shipping: suuure why not. same age range pls 

btw can someone explain to me what the artifact's guild is? I guessed pretty much from the name but is it possible to have specifics? just wondering :)


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Sure! The artifacts guild is basically divided into 1) relic hunters and 2) archeologists studying the relics they bring back. 

Other clarifications: in the artesans guild i put a list of occupations for that guild in there somewhere but if you want to be something different that you think would fit just ask and I'll probably ok it. 
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ok thx.

I forgot to specify occupation so I guess it'll be...journeyman? Also, relic hunter. 

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Name: Tyra

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Guild: Artesan's Guild, Apprentice, Performer

Appearance: Long, bouncy, red-gold hair and bright green eyes. She has tanned skin and freckles. She is shorter than average, skinny, and wiry. Tyra hates being short, but makes up for it with her knee-high boots, which have 3-inch platforms. She usually wears a bright green, wool tunic that stops mid-thigh and black leggings. Her hair is worn in a high ponytail done in a fishtail braid, but strands are always escaping, which annoys her to no end.

Personality: Tyra is super exuberant and entergetic outside of the stage, but when she is getting ready to perform, she gets very calm and stops moving. Normally, though, she never stops moving, and is always tugging on her hair or bouncing around. She is very confident, both in herself and in others. She is also pretty mature for her age, although she is still very much nine years old.

Skills/Talents: Tyra is a great singer and dancer, but her most special talent is that she is a ventriliquist. (I think I spelled that right.) She can throw her vioce and mimic other sounds and voices, which comes in useful during one-woman shows.

Random: Her family wanted her to become part of the herbs and spices guild because "your father, his father, and all their forefathers were members of this most sacred guild." However, Tyra ran away when she was 7 years old and was adopted by a kind person who promised to let her follow her dreams.

Shipping: Too young.

~~~ If anyone wanted to be the person who adopted Tyra, that would be great. Any age is fine. Or she could band up with another runaway. Whichever.~~~ 

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Is this, ah, starting? :) 

Because the plot is SO GREAT I would really love to start.........

unless we are waiting for more people........ 

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Sure, we can start (although if more people joined that would be great, but I don't have time just now so if one of you guys wants to start it that's cool. I was thinking we start off looking for clues in the Guildmaster's mansion?

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Wanna ship Red + Maggie?

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Sure, why not?

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I can still join, correct?

Name: Maggie Avi

Age: 16, Born May 15

Gender: Female

Guild: Arteasan's Guild, Preformer, Expert. (This is like acting, singing, and dancing?)

Appearance: Auburn short hair, cut into a very choppy and messy haircut. Out in public, she'll wear a wig of curled dark red hair, that reaches her waist. A brown and navy jacket over a vintage faded cream corset with navy ribbons, a navy and brown skirt. Green eyes that can cut through you like a knife. Her shoes are brown clogs with heels and navy decals on the sides. Pretty short for her age, about 5'1.

Personality: She's always in the back of your mind, she makes friends easily, quiet stubborn, and very blunt. She probably would chase after something, and end up getting it in the end. Very persuasive. Has to be the center of attention, and loves to tease boys older than her. 

Skills/Talents: Acting, singing, dancing (Waltz, Line Dancing, Cakewalk, Pony, Foxtrot, others like this, she loves balls) She's a very good fighter, and loves to bake, even though she kinda sucks.

Random: Distracted easily, when given a teacup, she taps on the edge until she is done with it. Paints nails when bored, she can name any 1800's dance name.

Shipping: Sure, males only please. 


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Yes, people can still join. :) 

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I'll start us off!



I looked up at the large doors, of the Guildmaster's Mansion. I had to swallow the knife in my throat, and waited for someone else to open the door. I shook in my clogs, scared about breaking in. Red gripped my shoulder, and pushed me inside the mansion.

"WE'RE GONNA GET IN SO MUCH TROUBLE." Jasmine said. She stiffly walked over to the dining room.

"OOH!" I shouted, reaching out to touch the record player, but Tyra slapped my hand away.

"Oh right. Sorry!" I ran off to find more clues.

~ Sorry this is so short, I wanna watch some anime before school. 

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