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 Project K

 Project K

 It's 8:30 P.M. You're in the bathroom brushing your teeth when you here a tapping at the window. At first you ignore it, but it keeps on going, so you go over and look out. A little owl is making a dent in the window your dad just had replaced last summer. You open it to shew the bird away, but it flies in. It drops a sheet of paper and leaves. 

  You pick up the note and open it. 'Dear Cber,' it says in beautiful, red calligraphy, 'You and several other very extraordinary people have been chosen to form Project K. Project K will be a highly trained spy team. If you wish to join, be at Four Corners Farm at 3:30 on Saturday, March 28. Pack a suitcase and anything else you may want. Sincerley, Miranda Hawkins. P.S. Fill out the form below and bring it with you.' You are thrilled that someone would pick you to be on a spy team, so you fill out the form.

      Here's the form:



Special talents:


Hobbies or special interests:



  Dear CB, I will stop ecxepting people after, you guessed it, March 28. I will give you optians on what to do. If you do not respond to the latest update by the time it has been up a week, I willchoose for you based on past choices and you persnality. I will post every week, unless all of our computers crash, or I get grounded. I do not think that those things will happen. and only one character each, please. 

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Ohhh, I like it! Here's my charrie:

Name: Mae Hallisen

Gender: female

Special talents: Mae is a great climber. She can climb practically anything. She is also very quiet, and it's difficult to hear her coming.

Age: I don't know if there's and age limit, but if not, she is thirteen.

Hobbies or special interests: Rock climbing, mountain climbing, basically all climbing. She also likes to eat.

Appearance: Mae has straight brown hair past her shoulders, but it is always in a simple braid down her back. She is semi-tall and pretty skinny. She has super long limbs, but extremely tiny feet.

Personality: Often quiet, but if there is a converstaion going on, she will join in. Her remarks are funny, but few. If you see her gazing up at a tall structure, she is probably trying to think of a way top climb it. Her obsession with climbing can get annoying to other people. and people are constantly scared by her, because she is so quiet that when she shows up no one realizes she was coming. (boo!) 

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there's not an official age limit, but please no older than 20 for your character. thanks.

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wait sry, this is my first rp on the chatterbox. I can create a char separate from me right? I'm assuming so based on @above's post 

Name: Nightingale Walker ("Gale" – she's a bit touchy about her name...)  

Gender: F 

Special talents: Gale's hearing is good. Like, very good. She has perfect pitch, and she can hear sounds from an abnormally long distance.

Age: 14 or so. 

Hobbies or special interests: Music (she plays piano and flute), reading, some other random things like collecting erasers. 

Appearance: Black hair – maybe an inch past shoulder length. Fair skin, a few freckles across her nosebridge. Grey eyes. She's not particularly tall or short either. Her fingers are notably long, from playing piano. 

Personality: Smart, observant, but quiet, to the point that she sometimes appears snooty to strangers. Aloof and awkward in social situations but kind when she warms up to you.

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You are correct! the character is made up, not really you (unless you want to do it that way.) yo also wint the CORECT DEDUCTION prize!!!!

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(March 16, 2020 - 2:53 pm)

Name: Emekittycon K

Gender: Female

Special Talents: I can't do backflips or any of that stuff, but I can run super fast and I did take karate for a couple weeks a couple years ago.

Age: 11

Hobbies, or special interests: I LOVE to write so that's kinda my hobby.

Appearance: Well, I have wild, curly black hair, with a pink kitty cat ears headband with flowers on the ears. I also have a tiara, and I also have a black body suit and black boots that go up to my knees. I also have fingerless black gloves. 

Personailty: I can be brave, outgoing, friendly, and I'm kinda of a hot head, so I'm most likely to run into battle first.



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Name: Orchid Rollins

Gender: Female

Special Talents: Well, she's good at acting, and horseback riding.... She's bragging ;-; Reading, archery (Compound), singing as her mom says, and Just Dance. (It sounds dumb, but she owns every one) Hunting :D 

Age: 17

Hobbies or Special Intrests: Hunting, horseback riding and all the listed above

Appearance: Black long hair with purple tips and pretty much an emo outfit and appearance 

Personality: Shy, quiet, keep to hersef. 

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Name: Lelani Larson (Call him Lan, he thinks Lelani sounds like a girl's name.)

Gender: Male

Special talents: Can make high pitched chirps and whistles by sucking in air through an open mouth and pulling his tongue back. Talented at sleight of hand tricks, multitasking, and very good at problem solving. 

Age: 14

Hobbies or special interests: Reading, drawing and sketching, math. 

Appearance: 5'9", tanned skin, freckles, blue eyes, tousled blond hair.

Personality: Smart and cunning, kind of a smark aleck, likes to make jokes and play pranks, but when necesary is a very serious and down-to-earth person. 

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RESERVING (if that’s allowed)

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Okay, heres my character!! This looks really fun, I'm excited. 

Name: Ashley Kekai (she goes by Ash)

Gender: Female

Special talents: She's good at art and writing, and she's athletic. She's also a pretty good swimmer. 

Age: 14

Hobbies or special interests: Her main interests are writing, drawing, swimming, hiking/exploring, and photography. She's trying to learn calligraphy, but it often frustrates her. She's also working on tae-kwon-do, which she enjoys because she has very strong legs and can kick higher than a lot of people.

Appearance: She has short, messy black hair, which she keeps out of her face with customized hair clips. She has tanned skin and blue eyes, and she often wears jeans or short overalls with hoodies. She's always wearing her beloved hiking boots, and usually carries a bag (which doubles as a backpack) where she carries snacks and a sketchbook.

Personality: She's very tomboyish, and has a lot of energy. She's very creative and witty. She's also naturally very adventurous, which also means she tends to rush into things. She doesn't like sitting still for long periods of time, and gets impatient if she's not actively doing anything. 

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I like your name choice because my real name is Ashley.Smile

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Name: Marilee Harper

Gender: female, she/her

Special talents: very good at astronomy, gymnastics & public speaking; excels at science and English.

Age: 17

Hobbies or special interests: astronomy, community service, public speaking, playing the cello and french horn, gymnastics

Appearance: medium height; fair skin with light freckles; long, wavy blonde hair; hazel eyes; wears jeans and Converse often.

Personality: Outgoing, considerate, patient, optimistic, empathetic, spontaneous, perserverant. Strongly opinionated and doesn't care who knows it; she'll stand up firmly for her beliefs without hesitation. Confident on the outside, though she doubts herself often and believes others' wellbeings are more important are her own. Humble, disorganized, very brave and unafraid but easily overwhelmed. Emotional, selfless, unique and loves to be so. Myers-Briggs type: ENFP-T.

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Hey, guys, there are only 5 spaces left, so you need to get your sheets in soon.

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If I can still, I would love to do this!

Name: Alexia Rose Jacobson (Goes by Alex) 

Gender: Female (but a bit tomboy)

Special Talents: Can tell when someone is lying and can move around unoticed.

Age: 13

Hobbies: Trapize, basketball, and (dont tell ... kniting) 

Appearence: Long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, bright green eyes, always in a black benie, capris jeans, black t-shirt with trapize logo, open jean jacket, and black vans. (also has freckles that apear in the summer)

Personality: Realy intergetic, and always moving. Usaly happy and bouncy except when around her dad who always says that she is not the sun he wanted. 

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Hi it's me again, if you can, tell me if I am in this. Thanks. 

P.S. I am so excited

P.P.S. I am so SO excited 

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